October 13, 2014

5 Free Online Virus Scan Sites For Quick Antivirus Scanning

By Sonia
Online Virus scanners are a trend of these days. They are preferred because they do not consume hard disk space and no installation. All you need to go is to go online on their site and run scan. But still many people do not know what is they function of online virus scanner. So here we discuss everything that you need to know about online virus scanners and also 5 online antivirus scanner sites.

Free Online Virus Scan Antivirus Scanning : eAskme
5 Free Online Virus Scan Sites For Quick Antivirus Scanning : eAskme

Encapsulation of an online virus scanner:

There are many people who still believe that using antivirus increase threat of getting virus in their pc, that is a total myth so they rely on online virus scanners that are fast and do job efficiently.

But remember nothing can take place of Anti-Virus software  that is installed on your pc and the features you get with installed antivirus no online virus scan tool can offer that much. The best of these free online virus scan sites is that you don`t need any settings.

Online virus scanners detect threats to your system and also sync your browser so if you get into some malicious site they will warn you about it.

Useful list of Free Online Virus scan Sites

Today we discuss abouit 5 free and best online antivirus scanners. Some ask you to download and install a small file and run and some offer Java based scanner.

5 Best Online Virus Scanner

McAfee FreeScan:

McAfee freescan  is one of the most popular online virus scanner. It has all latest features and compatible with almost all browsers. It display statistics that are easily understandable by anyone.

F-Secure Free Online Scanner:

F-Secure  is also a famous online virus scanner. But it has a drawback that it work best only with Internet explorer. It is a Java Based onlline scanner. You do not need to install Java.

Panda ActiveScan 2.0:

Panda ActiveScan 2.0  is not only an antivirus scanner but also detect spyware, freeware. it receives daily updates and you don`t need to pay anything for it.

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Trend Micro Housecall:

Trend Micro Housecall  requires you to download a small file. It allow you to even scan small folders.

BitDefender Online Scan:

BitDefender Online Scan  has simple interface. It has different modes you can choose. It also display number of files scanned and treats detected.

You can try any of these and you can buy desktop version of the same which one you like. Do share which antivirus you are using in comments.

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