January 25, 2017

Best Free iPhone Apps in 2019

iPhone users get millions of aps from App Store of iPhone. It is well known that a free app gives more pleasure than paid one. If you do not like paid app, you can`t ask for refund. But in free app you need not to worry as you don`t pay anything. So here we talk about best free iPhone Apps that are available in App Store.

Best Free iPhone Apps : eAskme
Best Free iPhone Apps : eAskme

Few things that you need to consider before looking for an app:

  • Interface: Apps must have easy to use interface. You might not like using app where you need to struggle to manage it.
  • Features: No matter which type of app you are searching, alway look for full feature app.
  • Graphics: Graphics should be according to the type of app.
  • Program : The size of program should not be large, so it do not use lot of memory.
  • Stability : Apps should be stable do not cause restart.
  • Price : We already talked about most expensive apps for iphone . You can choose app according to your need.

So here we talk about best free apps to download for iphone.

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List of Best free iPhone apps:

I explain apps here that you can see features and decide which one or all you want to use. To get apps from App Store you need to create an Apple ID, Here you can learn How to create Apple ID without credit card .


This is most commonly used iPhone App that allow you to connect with friends and family around the world. Its new versions have faster browsing and improved search. You can Bookmark apps and pages, Navigate, Play Games and do search. This is available for age 13 or over.


This app has many filtered effects. you can easily convert images to artwork and also share on with your friends and family. You also see new photos of people around the world. You can also share on your social networks.


This is official Twitter app for iPhone. It gives you updates from celebrities, experts and the people you follow. You can also configure multiple twitter accounts in it.


This app help you stay organized. You can easily create to do lists, make notes, record voice reminders. Its premium feature allow you to take notes offline. Evernote increase your productivity. This is also a free app.


PhotoSynth is an iOS panorama creation app. It allow you to capture and share panoramas of people and events. It allow you to capture full sphere. It also allow you sharing on twitter.


Flipboard is for reading new on iPhone. It brings images and news from social networks. You can fill it with any niche. You not only browse but also can share news.


Dropbox is awesome app that create a folder on your iPhone and computer that always sync. If you put a file in Dropbox of computer you will see it on Dropbox of your iPhone.

ESPN ScoreCenter:

If you are a sports person or sports fan this app is surely for you. It allows you to see multiple sports updates. You can also setup push alerts.

Temple Run:

This is for game addictive people. You play a character like Indiana Jones. It is easy to start but hard to be master in it. You can enjoy playing and spend more time on it.


Kayak is a travel app. Its easy to use interface help you to find flights and hotels on iphone. It shows flight results and multiple options. You can access airport info, airline numbers, manage trip itinerary and track your flight.


Pinterest is a social bookmarking site for images. You can get so many professional images from there.

There are lot more apps available on App store that you can choose. But this is the list of 10 best apps that are most widely used by iPhone users. You also need not to pay anything for using these apps. Do share your best iPhone apps in comments.

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