October 12, 2014

5 Best Sources for Cydia on a Jailbroken iOS Device

If you have iPhone then you already know what is unlocking or jailbreaking. Foe newbie jailbreaking allow you to use your iPhone with any network and also remove all limitations.

As you jailbreak iPhone then it will ask to install Cydia. Jailbreaking is legal  but it void warranty of your iPhone. Cydia allow you to download utilities and tweaks. It is developed by Jay Freeman who is also known as @Saurik. You can download these utilities and tweaks from various Cydia resources. Here we are discussing a list of sources for Cydia for your iPhone. This will allow you to add more apps. Most of the apps on Cydia are free but some you can buy with PayPal account.

Best Sources for Cydia Jailbroken iOS Device : eAskme
Best Sources for Cydia Jailbroken iOS Device : eAskme

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First you need to add repositories or sources to Cydia. Without these sources you can`t enjoy your iPhone features. Cydia come preinstalled with Telesphoreo, MadMyi and BigBoss. Here we talk about other 5 best repositories for Cydia that allow you to find amazing themes, tweaks and much more.

How to Add New Sources for Cydia

It is easy to add sources in Cydia App. Just launch Cydia app, choose options from User, Hacker, Developer. It take some time to load Then click on Manage. Click on Sources to see installed sources.

Click on Edit=>ADD. New box open that show space to add following repositories. Enter address and repositories will get installed and you be able to access everything inside an installed Cydia repository.

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5 Best Sources for Cydia

Hackulo.us Repo:

This is a most searched sources for Cydia. This brink one most important app Installous and some useful tweaks. With Installous you can download any paid app for free. To add Hackulo.us Repo go to Cydia=>Manage=>Sources=>Edit=>Add: http://cydia.hackulo.us

iPhoneCake Repo:

iPhoneCake Repo allow you to get free and famous games rather then buying on App Store. It includes most popular games like FIFA, Asphalt, Need for Speed and so many more. It also have small games. to Add iPhoneCake repo go to Cydia=>Manage=>Sources=>Edit=>Add: http://cydia.iphonecake.com

Sinful iPhone Repo:

Sinful iPhone Repo contains a lot of tweaks, extensions and themes to customize you iOS device. It has some tweaks that you cannot find anywhere else. You can add Sinful iPhoen repo launch Cydia=>Manage=>Sources=>Edit=>Add: http://sinfuliphonerepo.com

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iSpazio Repo:

iSpazio Repo is full of italian mods an tweaks as it is from Italy. But it also have international games, wallpapers, themes and apps. It is higly recommended app. To add this app go to Cydia=>Manage=>Sources=>Edit=>Add: http://ispazioresitory.com

iModZone Repo:

iModZone Repo has amazing collection of unlock mods, themes, wallpapers etc. This is for wallpapers and themes. To add IModZone Pro go to Cydia=>Manage=>Sources=>Edit=>Add: http://cydia.imodzone.net

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So these are the top 5 must have Cydia sources that you should have for your iPhone. There are lot more resources available online. These repo gives you extensions and tweaks and also help you to unlock your device features. Try these and let us know. Subscribe eAskme feed to get updates in you inbox.