October 04, 2014

Firefox torrent addon for download freaks

What you do when you want to download a video game, movie or song? Usually you look for torrent and download using torrent client. Rather than using a torrent you can use Firefox browser addon Firefox torrent to download torrents. These addons will help you to download torrent files rather than using external torrent client such as BitTorrent or uTorrent.

Firefox torrent addon for download freaks : eAskme
Firefox torrent addon for download freaks : eAskme
These torrents make it easier and also you do not need to download any external client. They also make searching for torrent file easier. So today we discuss about top 3 Firefox Torrent addons:

List of FireFox Torrent Addon:

FireTorrent Addon:

This is one of the best addon, but this may not work with the latest Firefox versions. With this addon you can directly download torrent files without any external torrent client. You can pause, preview and do everything with this Firefox addon and can see download in downloads windows.
Download FireTorrent

Torrent Finder Toolbar:

This is another Firefox addon and one of the best Torrent Finder toolbar, as it ads toolbar with all top torrent sites. You can easily search for all torrents without any hassle. There are more than 180 torrent sites you can search with this toolbar and also you can open website in new window.
Download : Torrent Finder Toolbar

Torrent Search 

This work like Google search toolbar. When you make search on Torrent Search it take you to the page with updated torrents. It also have auto complete feature like Google which suggest you name of the torrent.
Download : Torrent Search

I recommend these 3 firefox torrent addon to take care of your torrent downloads. try these and let us know how they work for you.