October 02, 2014

How to Use Upwork To Hire Freelancer for Your Online Tasks?

Earlier Getting your job done online or making money online at cheap price was not easy. But with the time and spread of technology and INTERNET it is easy to get jobs done.
Main issues when you are searching a freelancer is to hire a quality person. Hire someone from reliable and trusted source, who can work effectively and efficiently.
How to Use Upwork To Hire Freelancer for Your Online Tasks?: eAskme
How to Use Upwork To Hire Freelancer for Your Online Tasks?: eAskme

There are Lot many online portals available but my recommendation is Upwork. This is one of the largest job portal to find freelancers from software developer to project managers.
You can hire for long or short tasks also. You can also hire a team of people if you have good management skills.

Create Free Account on Upwork:

On You can register yourself as freelancer or can hire freelancers to get your job done. We use freelancers for tasks like
  • Creating slides

  • Creating Youtube video transcripts

  • Creating blog posts from Youtube videos.

  • Niche writing
You can easily hire freelancers for any task.
  • Create a free account on Upwork. Just fill details and get started.

  • Complete details and verify payment method. 

  • Create job profile
Now after listing you job details the next rigorous and daunting work is weeding out the right person from huge list of applicants.

Tips to Pick the Right Freelancer on Upwork for Task:

Assess resume thoroughly. Match with your job description. Do a study of his past projects. Do not hire anyone with no experience.
  • Find positive reviews. Check if there are any red flags. They can hide reviews but it still reflect as hidden review. Be careful of those people.

  • Fix Skype call. Talk through email or chat for small work. But I prefer to know face to face. Ask about his experience and check interpersonal and communication skills.

  • Shortlist 2 or 3 people and assign a small join and check their credibility.

  • After hiring right person for the job, keep communication going on. Make it two way communication. Provide feedbacks and necessary information. 

  • Keep track with Upwork work dairy. You can see screen-shots with this and also keep track of time invested in work. 

  • Get support from Upwork customer care if you are not able to find right person for the job. 
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How to Pay:

Payments can be made through Bank Account, Credit Card or PayPal. You can pay at the end of project or hourly basis. Upwork charge 10% of each payment you make.
I suggest that you pay according to milestone of work. Upwork also manages billing hours. You can also maintain a financial worksheet.


It is always good to find talent online. Make sure to hire quality worker. It is always good to offload your work to people who are better. It save time and energy.

Do share your experience with Upwork or any other freelancing site you use.