June 10, 2015

Why Keywords Matter for SEO

To start in the world of Websites or blogging you should learn SEO. Ans important thing is that you should learn Keyword Research. Why Keywords matter so much in SEO? Is it really important? Lets learn more about keywords and SEO.
Why Keywords Matter for SEO : eAskme
Why Keywords Matter for SEO : eAskme
Keywords are phrases and words which describe subject of article. You just need to learn how to use keywords for few reasons: 1. Keywords determine whether readers find your article easily and 2. keywords also determine how much money you will make.

3 Reasons Why Keywords are Important :

Determine Searchablity :

After publishing your article Google break your post into words and phrases according to search term and list your article in its index where search terms occur.

When some want to find specific information through search engines then search engine look through its index and find pages that are relevant to search query. the more specific keywords you have in article the more easy it be for search engines to show in result. So it increase the chances to get your article more readers.

Revenue :

Google Adsense  is a contextual ad network. The keywords you use throughout the article determines that which ad will show on your post. Relevant ads shows according to the content and chances are that readers click on them and you make more money.

What Makes a Good Keyword?

The key to find good keyword is to find that search query that mostly used by people to find something. Mostly people use three or four words queries to search anything on Google.
  • Keywords should be relevant to the article
  • frequently used by readers.
When you find good keywords than write article that emphasis on those keywords. This will help increase in number of readers and also increase your revenue. So if you thinking why Keywords are important read this also.
I hope this article have answered all queries why keywords matter so much in the field of online marketing. Feel free ask any query in comments.