June 10, 2015

The Psychology of Conversions

There is tremendous amount of emphasis companies and individuals are putting on lead generation. Sales is the demand of time and, marketers are always trying to lure more people and to do that they are working to discover new ways. Marketing success is directly related to number of leads generated in a time span.

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This is a race which make companies to implement exceptionally exciting technologies like marketing automation: to utilize advanced reporting to perfect their marketing campaigns, streamline processes with lead scoring and capitalize on lead nurturing. There is one major idea that most of the time companies ignore is to understand the psychology of conversions.

The Psychology of Conversions : eAskme
The Psychology of Conversions : eAskme
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There is a relatively predictable pattern of decision making process, if you understand, influence and guide consumer behavior. This can change the way consumers see your marketing and help you make irresistible conversion.

Here is the helpful infographic "The Psychology of Conversions" for you to understand this.

Psychology is the thing that raise your influence on human behavior and make people follow you. So start increasing your influence.

If you have any question feel free ask to ask me. Do share how you influence others?

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