March 21, 2015

Write Your Own Story

Write Your Own Story, Get World`s Attention and Be Famous. 

Writing your own story help you to interact with the world, no matter how bitter or good a story can be. It allow not only to interact with world,  but also get famous and get worldwide support. You never know if you can find your one in one of your followers.

Write Your Own Story : eAskme
Write Your Own Story : eAskme
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"You Have The Right to Write Your Own Story"

When you write your own story you will find many things that you never even cared about in your life. Those small things that were hidden in your daily routine are the part of your happiness and this way writing your own story help you to know what make you happy, and you know how to keep doing it and keep your smile always on those lips.

We always say our life is not good, we have issues, we cant write as there is nothing good in our life. But have you read any story where everything is good. Story take birth on the earth of troubles. It make you strong and your story give others strength.

What can be a great feeling then believing that your story giving strength to others to fight in their life. You not only write but get suggestions, friends and you never know when a columnist of some publication contact you to publish a book on your story. You can write love story, Struggle story any incident  of your life and see what it give you in return.

Write Your Own Love Story : eAskme
Write Your Own Love Story : eAskme
The live example of this is J.K Rowling the writer of "Harry Potter". She never thought when she write that it can be famous she just write to find happiness in her troubled life and now we see how those stories have changed her life.

We believe it takes great to tell great stories.

That’s why we have created this option to write your own story, to help writers tell awesome tales with no issues. We keeps your branching stories organized, so you can concentrate on what is important – the writing.

If you ever need any help writing your own story, do ask us in comments.

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