March 20, 2015

Why & How To Add Sticky Ad in WordPress SideBar

Sidebar is one crucial aspect for lead generation and to get more conversion. I have seen many times bloggers don’t take advantage of sidebar. If you also don`t take full advantage of your sidebar, then it`s time for you to start taking optimum care of sidebar. In sidebar place those things which help you increase page-views and get more subscribers and add ads to make more money. But don`t add useless sidebar widgets.
Why & How To Add Sticky Ad in WordPress SideBar : eAskme
Why & How To Add Sticky Ad in WordPress SideBar : eAskme
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Today, I am sharing how you can can double your conversion or earning by optimizing your sidebar. Sticky sidebar is not a new concept. You might have noticed sticky widget on many sites.

When you scroll down, sidebar widget also floats with scrolling of the page. This helps you to get more attention to your sidebar widget.

Reasons to use sidebar widget:

  •     To get more clicks on one of ads.
  •     To get more subscribers.
  •     To get more Facebook likes or social followers.
There are many other ways to take benefit from sidebar.

Today I will share how you can add sticky sidebar widget in WordPress using plugin. This hardly take 4 or 5 minutes.

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WordPress Sidebar Sticky plugin To Make your Widget Sticky:

I am talking about two Wordpress plugins here which help you to add sticky widget to your blog sidebar.

Q2W3 Fixed Widget plugin (Sticky widget)

Q2W3 Fixed Widget plugin is a free plugin.  This offers a sticky widget. This is one of the simplest plugin.

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How to Install Q2W3 Fixed Widget plugin 

Click here to download Q2W3 Fixed Widget plugin
  • Go to Apperance 
  • Go to Widgets 
  • Now you can make any sidebar widget sticky.

Q2W3 Fixed Widget plugin
  • Click on the checkbox to select which sidebar you want to make sticky.
  • Add a checkbox in front of Fixed-widget
  • Sticky Widget WordPress plugin
  • Click on save selected sidebar widget gets sticky.
I recommend you to use it on the last sidebar widget to avoid overlapping.

Q2W3 Fixed Widget plugin

Fixed Widget WordPress plugin

How to make changes in plugin settings of Q2W3 Fixed Widget plugin
  • Go to Appearance
  • Click on fixed widget options
  • Make changes.

 Standard Widgets section:

Standard Widgets section allows you to add Sticky Widget effect with Accordion effect in sidebar widget. Click here to download this plugin.

Only use this plugin if you want accordion effect.

Note: Never make your AdSense ad widget sticky.

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What widgets should you make sticky?

  •     Promote any of your top content.
  •     Email subscription widget.
  •     CPC ads
  •     Affiliate ad
I recommend you to use it on your blog subscription widget, it will help you increase readership.

Do share how you are using this fixed widget? Which elements you are promoting?