October 25, 2014

6 Awesome Tools To Find Long Tail Keywords For Any Niche

By Sonia
I have already talked a lot about Keyword research and the benefits of keyword research. I have seen people making mistakes by targeting direct keywords instead of long-tail keywords.
We explain to you what long-tail keywords are in the below example.
  • Long-Tail keywords - Monthly Search 40
  • Long Tail Keywords vs. Short tail keywords - Monthly search 15
  • Long Tail keywords Conversion rate - monthly search 13
Now you see that long-tail keywords have fewer searches than short-tail keywords, but competition for long-tail keywords is far lesser than short-tail keywords.
Also, Long-tail keywords drive targeted traffic and increase your conversion.

6 Awesome Tools To Find Long Tail Keywords For Any Niche: eAskme
6 Awesome Tools To Find Long Tail Keywords For Any Niche: eAskme
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So today, I am talking about the best tools to find long-tail keywords in any niche. Some of them are free, and some are paid.

Long tail Keywords Tool and Softwares:

Google Auto Complete Tool:

This is the first free tool that we use.

It allows you to find long-tail keywords in any niche.

It shows keyword results based on popularity. Just start typing your keyword, and it will suggest you are on the go.

When you decide your keyword from here, you can move to other keyword tools to find competition, CPC, number of searches and other details.

Google Auto-suggest:

Keywordtooldomniator has an excellent tool: Google Auto-suggestion, and it takes Google auto-suggestion to the next level.

It automatically suggests all the keywords and allows you to download keywords in .csv format.

Now you can use Google Keyword Planner or any other keyword suggestion tool to get more details about keywords.

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Hittail is a paid tool, but believe me, nothing can beat its features.

It is best for e-commerce sites, professional blogs and business blogs.

It helps you list Long tail keywords and bring better results.

Based on the keywords driving traffic to your site, HitTail suggests other long-tail keywords you should use. It will help you get more traffic.

WordTracker Keyword Tool:

WordTracker is one of the popular SEO keyword tools. You can easily find long-tail keywords by using this tool.

It also shows additional details like IAAT, KEI, competition and searches. With a free account, you can access 100 keyword results.

It is very effective.

It also give you 7 days free trail to use its advance features:

  • See 2000 search results.
  • Use related search tool
  • Access search engine data
  • Save lists
  • Get Competition details and KEI.
You just need to create a free account on WordTracker and start using it.

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Ubersuggest is a fantastic tool to research log tail keywords.

This tool does not show keyword details like search volume, competition etc.

But still, this helps generate long-tail keyword ideas.

Long tail pro:

Long tail pro is a desktop-based solution. This is a paid tool that offers a lot of features. You can grab its ten days free trial to use it and see its features.

 These are few of the best available free and paid keyword research tools I have ever used. Now that you have a list of keywords your next target is to write high-quality, keyword-rich articles. The content you write should target users.

Use these tools, and do let us know which you like. If you use any other tool share it with us in the comments.
If you still have any question, do share via comments.

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