May 25, 2015

What is Anchor Text and Why Anchor Text is Important for SEO

SEO is changing every year with new updates and algorithms. Anchor Text is knows as one of the most important factor of SEO. Now you must have this question that What is Anchor text and what is the use of Anchor text.

Anchor text is that text which shows when you hover on a link.

Anchor Text

If you are  a regular visitor of EASKME, you must have seen that we link back to our old post using anchor text.
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How Anchor text helps in SEO:

Noe let`s discuss about the important advantages and disadvantages of Anchor text, in terms of SEO. I believe you already know that when we talk about writing a post then Keyword research and Onpage optimization is important part of that. Your blog must have 2 or 3 such keywords on which you can link your mainpage. Usually bloggers do mistake of linking back to old posts by using words like “more information here”, “read here” which has no value for search engines. When you use Anchor text, I recommend that you use targeted keywords to link back to your old post.

Not only for internal links but also from guest posts when you link back to your articles, make sure to use targeted keywords in Anchor text. But never do over optimization as than can penalize you. Always keep Goo ratio between text and anchor text.
For example, if my blog Keyword is "learn Blogging Online" and “Make money Online” and my brand name is “EASKME”, You will get suggestion to link back using "make money online" keyword. But I prefer using mix keywords like "learn blogging", "learn Blogging online", or “Make money online” “Make money from blog” “EASKME” “E ASK ME” “Gaurav Kumar” to get link back to my blog. I always make sure that links will be of high quality with targeted keywords. This will create a good mix of brand and backlinks.

Direct and Indirect benefits of Linking with Anchor Text Technique:

Readers :

The best benefit of this is that it allow readers to visit more internal links which will help to decrease bounce rate of your site.  It also improve blog page views and average time on site. When you linking articles then link according to relevancy of articles.

SEO Benefits:

Now you know that Anchor text play great role. I have personally seen increase in search engine position of one post, with just one Always set your targeted keywords of your anchor keyword in good proportion 50-20-20-10. Link back to internal pages also, not only to homepage.

Co-relation between similar content:

If you are using Google Aanalyticson your blog then you can easily check which page are ranking for which keyword. Always use that keyword as anchor text.

I have seen that mostly blogger don`t use  Anchor link technique for their popular pages. If you are on WordPress platform then you can use SEO Smart link Premium Plugin and WordPress Insights plugin for this purpose.

Final Words:

Anchor text now only hep you but also help search engine bots to better understand the content. What you think, let me know. What is your strategyto use anchor text? If you like this article do share on twiter and Google plus. Do subscribe eAskme feed to get updates. Happy Blogging!