December 30, 2014

An Interview with Alex Young from

Alex Yong is a staff writer for Small Business Trends and a freelance writer from New York. He focuses on event reporting and other special assignments.

Alex worked at Citigroup for about 5 years, providing phone alerts for department newsdesks and Radio FCN.
An Interview with Alex Young from : eAskme
An Interview with Alex Young
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Who Am I?

I'm Alex Yong, a journalist at and a blogger on LinkedIn. I also have a hobby blog named Techmania411 which highlights trends. When I wear my journalist hat, I report on announcements and unveiling from corporations like Facebook, Paychex, IHS, and Acer. When I blog on LinkedIn, I write about issues important to PR industry mavens, agencies, solo PR practitioners, event professionals, etc.

When and How did you start your first blog? 

I started in 2009 but didn't get really active with blogging until around late 2012. I use WordPress. I think it's super easy because I'm on community WordPress, not self-hosted WordPress which I hear is a pain. Maybe one day I'll switch to self-hosted but you need to be mentally ready for all the work that comes along with that decision.

Why did you choose blogging as career? 

My career isn't as a blogger, my title is journalist. I have respect for professional bloggers and I'm always open to hearing them speak with each other, because from what I understand, ultra-serious blogging is a commitment you can't take lightly if you want it to be a viable source of income. That's not me, but I do like associating with pro bloggers and absorbing their knowledge. I'm an autodidact.

What is the best way to make money blogging? 

I would say Jeff Bullas has the answers on that. Darren Rowse too. My general advice to anybody wanting to enter the blogosphere is this: It's crowded, it's noisy, so you better be 500 percent sure that you genuinely like blogging and bloggers; meaning, you're not just trying to make fast money, while deep down, you hate it. If you blog for the enjoyment of blogging itself, you won't feel pressured to make money from it, and you'll probably be blogging happily for years.

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