December 30, 2014

An Interview with Jeffrey Romano from

Today we are going to publish second interview on It was great experience to get to know about Jeffrey Romano from WPlighthouse.

An Interview with Jeffrey Romano : eAskme
An Interview with Jeffrey Romano : eAskme
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Who are you?

My name is Jeffrey Romano and I blog at WP Lighthouse, which helps bloggers and online entrepreneurs protect and grow their website online. I also work as a marketing manager with an online accounting software startup, as well as a consultant for a few personal clients.

Online Marketing has been my passion for the last five years, though whereas I used to work mostly on other people’s projects, lately I have started focusing more on WP Lighthouse, which I plan to grow into a substantial business.

When and How you have started first blog? 

Although I have been doing corporate blogging and ghost writing on and off for the past five years, I consider WP Lighthouse as the first blog that is truly mine.

Originally I started the blog in late July, but my blogging was haphazard. I have now settled into a weekly routine. As a result, my traffic is increasing, as are my email subscribers.

Why you choose blogging as career? 

One of the best things about blogging is that it allows you to express your creativity. I love writing and I love helping others with their online marketing. So combining these two really created a dream job for me.

Another fantastic thing about blogging is that your success is entirely dependent on yourself. The roadmap to creating a successful blog is there for everyone to see, and so it’s just a matter of actually doing the work. If you succeed, it can be quite rewarding in many ways too.

Share your Blogging Journey? 

My blogging journey is still in its infancy. However, I can say that I plan to increase my blogging activity with weekly posts and I want to do more guest posts. I've already started guest blogging. One of my posts has been published on WP Mayor, which gets 100,000 visitors per month. I have also had a post be featured by Search Engine Land.

One other thing that I’m planning to do is be active in more Internet Marketing forums. I think this is very important if one wants to succeed in this competitive niche. The relationships you build will strongly affect your success as a blogger.

In the future, I'll also have to focus on ways of how to monetize my blog, though I'm not really worried about that for the moment. My primary priority is building up myself as a blogger who offers real value to his readers and subscribers. When I'm more established I can monetize through many ways, such as building my own products, offering training, offering consulting (which I already do), do affiliate marketing, or I could just focus on advertising on my website.

I'm sure there will be many challenges along the way but I'm living my dream and I'm determined to make this work.

What is the best way to make money blogging? 

I don’t think there is one best way to make money blogging. There are many ways to make money from a blog. One can do affiliate marketing, earn money from banner ads, carry out native advertising, sell one’s own products, and more.

I think it is important that the blogger enjoys his/her business and not everyone is cut out for every type of work. For example, some bloggers don’t enjoy product creation and so it’s perfectly fine for them to focus on affiliate marketing instead.

What is your message for other bloggers? 

My message to other bloggers is to commit yourselves, create a detailed yet flexible plan, and then follow through on it. Taking action is very important.

In the beginning, things won’t be perfect and that is why you must have an attitude of improving with every blog post published. When you’d have published a good number of posts and you’re attracting several thousand visitors each month, then you know that you are unto something good.

It was a great experience to publish interview with Jefferey Romano.
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