December 06, 2014

Common Mistake A New Blogger Frequently Make

We are soon going to enter in 2024. I coming year we are looking for more success in Blogging career. Things have changed so much in past few years and we need to work hard and also fix the issues and mistakes we have done in past.

Today we will discuss about some mistakes and will try to avoid such things in future.
Common Mistake A New Blogger Frequently Make
Common Mistake A New Blogger Frequently Make

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Think Big:

Thinking Big and setting high goal is good, but without dedication, those dreams can result only pain. The high goal you have the higher you have to work hard with dedication. Do not hurry in anything, we all want to make money but do not rush for it, First work to establish your blog in this Internet world.

"Give your love, life and soul to Blogging, and this will give you everything in return" : Gaurav Kumar

Spend Less But Earn More

It sound easy but this is the issue what most of bloggers face. Rather than wasting your money on unnecessary things, better to do hard work in writing and promoting your blog. Never stop no matter what. It is hard to work always, but if you love then you will love doing it.

Take Action Too Late

When I started blogging, same time few of my friends also purchased domains and started their blogs. They were working with full dedication and full time, where I was working in MNC and working on blog part time, sometimes not even single post in whole week. This lack of action make them step ahead faster and they started earning ample amount of money, before I realized it.
So thing is when you start blogging, do not wait for anything, every single minute is valuable for you.

Wrong Niche

In my very first blog I was writing about quotes. In quotes there was nothing much to elaborate so articles were very short. Then I have started making money also. But soon I started facing issues. That blog taken down because of spammy comments and too many links.So I have decided to work on choosing a niche as that is more important, before starting a blog.

Lack of  Concentration

I have purchased few domains and planned to focus on alltogether. That was mistake, different niche made me getting confuse to write and also I lost my concentration. Which was not good as blog traffic started going down.

So I decided to concentrate on one blog at a time. That is my choice.

That is my experience. I hope you know that you should avoid such mistakes. Do share your own experience in blogging. If you need any help or have any question feel free to ask me.