December 17, 2014

How to Fight with Blog Plagiarism

By Sonia
Blogging is a way to produce quality and original content. But many times some bloggers copy paste your hard work, without giving any credit to your hours of work. This is knows as plagiarism. Plagiarism means Illegal form of copying content. It is your duty to save your content and hard work from those people.

Usually Google itself penalize those site who do copy content of other sites. But you also have to check. Sometimes a copied content can outrank your original content. You should report such sites. Today we will discuss about Blog plagiarism, and what to do if someone copy your content.

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Plagiarism as a serious offense. DMCA is an authority which take down such copied articles.

How plagiarism affect your search engine ranking

Blog Plagiarism can be bad for your search engine ranking. Sometimes even copied articles rank higher in search results, which is bad for you. But usually search engines itself find copy content and penalize such sites.

How to know if someone is copying your content

Copyscape is the number one tool to check plagiarism. Just enter the url of your site and you will find if someone else has copied your content or not. The other way is that you should cope few words of your article and paste in Google search and search for the sites matching those exact phrase or words. You can check then if any of those sites have copied your content or not. Plagium is also a good tool to fight plagiarism.

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How to deal with such people

Search for the contact in their contact, about me page and send them and email informing that they have copied content which they should remove soon. If you don`t receive good reply, then you can do it hard way.

Fight Plagiarism in Hard Way:


Contact Google and report about plagiarism.


Contact webhosting company of that site and report such illegal activities. Webhosting company check itself and flagged whole site.

Advertising company

Contact advertising company like MediaBurst, AdSense or any other which that person using on his site and send them an Email with details of pilagiarism.

Click here: Report Adsense violation

Final Words:

Copy content is not blogging, it is calling stealing. If for any rason you have to copy content, then first you should write an email asking for permission and then you should give proper credit to that person. Do share if you have faced copy content issue? Don`t forget to subscribe us to get updates.