December 17, 2014

Offenses Every Blogger Must Avoid

No doubt, blogging is one of the best money making business online. Everyone is joining blogosphere. But there are few thing you need to know. I believe that a blogger should do everything perfectly. Before you start with SEO and ad networks,  you should know few things that we will discuss today.
Blogging Offenses : eAskme
Blogging Offenses : eAskme
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I believe that there are few things you should know:

These are few important points that every blogger should focus. But before that everyone need to understand the Basic of Blogging.

Blogging offenses which you should avoid:

lack of “About” Page

An about me is very important part of a blog which contains introduction of your blog and yourself. About page is always the most visited page of any popular website or blog. About page describes what is blog all bout and introduction to the author.

Create an About page on the very first day when you create a new blog. Always update your about page with achievements and updates fo blog.

Syntax and Grammar Errors

Grammar and syntax errors are common in new bloggers. Errors in grammar can put your readers off. You should work on fixing these errors.

We all know that everyone is not an English speaking person. But you should not let this reason to stop you becoming a great blogger. You can ask some friends or family members to review you articles for grammatical errors.

When the other person read your articles, it is easy for them to find out mistakes. It`s just natural. Professional bloggers hire editors to check and proofread their articles.


Never copy paste work of someone else. If you ever have to use content of someone else, then first ask that person for permission and then give credit to that person..

This will establish you as a respectable blog and your blog gain authority in the blogging community.

Lack of Subscription options

Subscription button or subscription options are also necessary for the success of a blog or website. Add subscribe our feed link in every post to let your readers subscribe you, this will help them to get updates in their inbox.

Typography Rules

Always write content in right way. if you do this mistake even then I don`t blame you, as every blogger make this mistake. But you need to work on to fix all issues. Common typography mistakes are space and punctuation.

Final Words:

I hope this article help you to improve your skills in beginning of your blogging career. If you do have any question or suggestion, feel free to share via comments. Don`t forget to subscribe eAskme newsletter to get updates in your inbox.