What you should do when Bloggers Copy Your original Blog content

Internet is an open virtual world, where it is very easy to copy content of someone else and paste in on your blog. But such copy paste has its legal issues. Blogger like us who write content of our own have to do hard work to save our content.  Today we will discus various factors of blog content copying.

What you should do when Bloggers Copy Your original Blog content : eAskme
What you should do when Bloggers Copy Your original Blog content : eAskme
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SEO impact of copying content of others?

Yes it will effect, as it will make you lose search engine ranking and page rank for copy content page. Google take such content as duplicate and lower down your pagerank. This is such a bad effect of copying content.

How to Find who has copied your content ?

Just enter few lines of any of your post with inside double quotes in Google search and search. Do this for you latest posts. Check the results and find out how they have copied your content. Check if anyone has copied partially or full content. You may find some blogs or sites who have copied your content.

We have already published the list of online tools to check for copied content.

How to Stop Others Copying content from your blog ?

Here are few ways:

  •     CopyScape Banner: You should place a CopyScape Banner to show a warning message.
  •     Contact Details: When you find a website or blgo with copy content find contact details in Contact page, author page, or about us page. You can also check by Whois and alexa to find out the person behind the blgo or website. Below we will show you some steps to stop them.
  •     Partial feed: To avoid people misusing your blog feed, you should offer only partial feed.

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How to take down those who copy your content:

  •     e-mail: First thing is to send an email, telling the person about copy content and ask him to remove it.
  •     DMCA letter to other bloggers: You can send DMCA letters to other services also.
  •     DMCA letter to Bloggers with Google Adsense: You can also send DMCA letter to Google Adsense in case if you find that person is using Google Adsense on his blog.
  •     DMCA Letter to webhost: You can send DMCA notice to webhost.
  •     Cease and Desist Notice: You can also use Cease and Desist notice to owner of the website.
  •     Legal actions: You can also think fo legal action.

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Final Words:

Do share your own ways to find copy content. If you do have any suggestion, feel free to share via comments. Don`t forget to subscribe eAskme feed to get updates!