May 30, 2015

Where You Should Host Blog Images Without Affecting Load time?

There is a well said and thousands of times said old saying that “A picture speaks a thousand words.”
It is also true in the case of your site or blog. Images play a significant role in the success of your blog.
Where You Should Host Blog Images Without Affecting Load time: eAskme
Where You Should Host Blog Images Without Affecting Load time: eAskme

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When you have images on a blog, your concern is using quality images and making images load faster without making your site heavy.

Now you might have this question: Where should your blog images be?

If you think that loading your images on someone else's server will help your site load faster, you are probably wrong.

If you are hosting images on image hosting sites like Photobucket, Flickr, Imgur, and Dropbox, you should read the post.

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Why You should never host Images on 3rd party sites:

The critical reason is that when you host images on another server, you lose the benefit of hosting images on your server and putting your blog at risk.
  • If 3rd party site decides to go down you will loose all images.
  • They can even delete your images or account.
To save your site from above risks you should host your images on your server.

For BlogSpot bloggers:

BlogSpot bloggers need not worry about hosting images as images are hosted on your linked Picasa account.
But When you migrate your BlogSpot blog to WordPress, you must import all images to your hosting server.

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Solution to hosting images on your server:

Bandwidth & Storage issue:

If your blog is hosted on a server with limited bandwidth, you should move to a server that offers unlimited bandwidth, such as Bluehost or Hostgator.

Image loading:

Take advantage of CDN. Cloudflare is a free CDN service, and MAXCDN is a premium CDN service.

Image Optimization:

Optimizing your images when you publish them on your website or blog is essential.

Best practices to optimize Images:

  • Resize images before uploading
  • Compress image using tools like image plugin for WordPress or ImageOptim ( For Mac OS). 
Do share what your strategy is to get the benefit of your images. Where do you ost your images?

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