December 08, 2014

R.I.P Amarnath Joshi : The Greatest Inspiration : The Great Grandfather

Amarnath Joshi (1927-2014)

Since the beginning of my memories the person who always stand besides me, was my grandfather, Amarnath Joshi. The greatest inspiration and a Greatest Grandfather.

Amarnath Joshi, the greatest grandfather, was born in 28th August,1927, in Sandra village, in Garhshankar district of Punjab State of India. He was too knowledgeable who know different languages. He masters in Hindi, English, and Persian. He was a great mathematician.

The Greatest Inspiration : Amarnath Joshi

Amarnath Joshi always been my greatest inspiration. He struggled a lot in life and stand in front of all odds and settled himself in City beautiful Chandigarh. Which is actually a great achievement, for a person who come from a very small village. He served in military and civil jobs. He was too dedicated for his work that always inspired me.

I always talk about getting inspiration from famous people or bloggers, But no one of them can match what a person from my own family did for me.

The Great Grandfather : Amarnath Joshi

Amarnath Joshi was not only a great man, but also a great inspiration. He taught me how to stand in front of all odds and how to deal stress and anger issue. His words always remind me that I am not just a simple guy, but something special is in me. He believed in me always, even in the last moments of his life.

His stories, the words he use and his struggle make me believe that there is nothing that can stop a person to be successful, just we should never leave confidence and trust in ourselves.

R.I.P Amarnath Joshi

Today 08-12-2014, the day at 7.05 am, Amarnath Joshi, the greatest grandfather, died in a hospital, due to high level of health issues. He struggled a lot about health problems, which stated from 1997 to till today. No matter how many heath issues he had, he always say he is fine. What a great man who can bear all pain and still say that he is fine.

We all should pray that Amarnath Joshi R.I.P (rest in peace). He always remain my best inspiration and best man for my life. I wish in every time I have him as my grandfather, and everyone have a grandfather like him.

eAskme also pray for all those who lost the loved ones that they all rest in peace.

R.I.P "May god bless their soul".