9 Ways Search Engines Use Machine Learning

Since 2010, I am hearing about machine learning. In the beginning, it was an alien and scary term to me but things have changed now.

Now I know, how latest technologies are providing best solutions. I can answer the most practical questions such as;
  1. How search engine uses machine learning?
  2. How will machine learning affect the SEO?
Google is the first machine learning company. Google machine learning analyze the historical data, trends, and values.

9 Ways Search Engines Use Machine Learning: eAskme
9 Ways Search Engines Use Machine Learning: eAskme
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Search engines are using machine learning techniques to improve the search results.

Today I will share how you can identify that search engines are using machine learning techniques. You will also understand

How machine learning relates to digital marketing or SEO.

1) Pattern detection:

Search engines are using machine learning technology for pattern detection.


Because it helps to identify duplicate content and identify scams. It actually helps them to identify low-quality content and downgrade such sites.

Machine learning helps search engines to identify low-quality content on the basis of;
  • Unnatural External links
  • Synonyms or stop words
  • other factors
As machine learning automatically detects such content it saves a lot of time and energy. Search engines do not need manpower for this job.

There is no doubt that Google is still using manpower for various jobs but machine learning has helped it to automatically crawl millions of pages on regular basis and kick out the low-quality pages.

It is said that the more pages machine learning technology analyze the more it evolves.

2) Identify new factors/signals:

In 2016, Garry Illyes from Google said that Ranbrain helps to identify new ranking signals and identify patterns in user queries.

He also said that to improve the quality of search results, Google identifies ranking signals based on machine learning technology.

Machine learning has helped Google to use manpower in more innovative and human-centered jobs.

Search engines are using this technology to identify latest trends and make predictions.

3) Impact of SERP:

Even though this machine learning technology is evolving, still it has no major impact on SERP results.

Google is focused to use this technology to offer better results and improve the user experience. They still not using this technology to completely automate the process of ranking and finding content.

Till now machine learning has the least impact on SERP and in coming years also it is not necessary that there will be major changes in its use.

4) Read signals based on Query:

According to the study done by the University of Washington, use of machine learning technology in search engines depends upon the category of the phrase or query.

They have used Yandex for this study and found out that it displays results based on the category of the query.

The result shows that machine learning technology is in use to put weight on some certain queries.

Machine learning has increased the CTR of personalized search by 10%. The more queries a user enter in Tandex the more CTR it shows.

This can happen when the search engine tries to find out the specific user preferences based on present information.

5) Understand photos using image search:

Users are uploading millions of photos every day on social networks. Now sites want to analyze and catalog these uploads.

Machine learning technology is best for this job. It analyzes shape patterns and color with existing data. It helps search engines to understand what an image is.

machine learning helps Google to catalog images in Google image search. It also helps the common user to search photos based on his query.

Google's "Visually similar images" also helps you to find images related to the similar pattern or color.

6) Identify similar search queries:

Machine learning helps Google to read patterns in various search queries to offer the best results.

The best example is Google trends where you will get nonsensical results based on meaningless queries.

The query that user search, again and again, helps Google to find out what user is looking for and provide best results in SERP.

7) Improve User Targeting and Ad Quality:

According to Google, machine learning technology improves the statistical model. It shows that machine learning can influence Ad rank.

AdRank threshold varies according to the keyword.

8) Identify Synonyms:

Do you know that Google uses RankBrain to identify synonyms?

When you search some word you can easily find that the sites with synonyms rank on the first page.

9) Clarify Query:

User search based on resource, research or transaction. A keyword can be used for various intents.

Google uses machine learning technology to analyze the content type and click pattern to find out how user engage.

Final Words:

I must say that machine learning is still not perfect. With increased interactions, it gets better. Search engines are using it to improve user experience and provide improved services.
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Tips for Organizing Big Data

The value of big data cannot be underestimated; however, it is advisable to take a more realistic approach. Failing to organize data well enough when adopting big data solutions is a recipe for failure. Most enterprises presently depend on data. Insights obtained from business data influence both the minor and major decisions implemented, which improve and optimize operation and performance.

Tips for Organizing Big Data: eAskme
Tips for Organizing Big Data: eAskme
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Surprisingly enough though is the fact that institutions looking to implement big data and retailers of the solution tend to undermine the necessity of preparing data. Too much focus is always paid to the hardware and software structures due to their complexities, which undermines the need to adjust data.
Nevertheless, organizations may have adopted big data but are yet to notice any notable changes within the business.

The underlying problem could be caused by lack of proper cleaning of the data for problem solving. Taking a look at the Active Wizards website, one can see that big data engineers can help develop a step by step approach to preparing data.

Tips for Organizing Big Data

Here are some steps on how to ensure your data is well modeled.

Choose Your Policy Sets

Having a good idea of what is required for your company to make proper decisions is the first step. These policies will help you determine the data set needed to realize that decision, how the data will be transformed and conclusively the efficient and fitting analytical methods to give timely and useful outcomes.

Defining the required outcome makes the procedure of cleaning data smoother and more manageable.

Identify Data Pools from Where to Source Needed Data

Knowing in advance all the places to get the data required is not feasible. However, it is possible to identify the principal data sources that will be used. Apart from pinpointing the data type available, it will also help to choose the kind of data cleaning technique needed.

Choose the Best Tech for Data Cleaning Needs

When choosing a solution for your data cleaning needs, you should also ensure it will provide a solution to feeding the data to the present analytic tools within your enterprise. It is critical that the data preparation innovation develops a program that can be accessed by everybody in order to provide access to the prepared data.

Through this, the analytical tools will produce decisions consistent across all departments based on the same data set.

Evaluate and Integrate Extra Data

As discussed earlier, determining all the data needed to come up with the desired decisions is not possible. Extra data that may be necessary to decision making can be found with time. As an essential aspect of decision making, it is vital to keep evaluating new data.

Keep Looking for Other Better Performing Analytic Systems

The market is currently filled with many tools ranging from simple analysis tools to state art of the art AI systems. Advanced AI tools can work with indigenous data while the simple tools will need extremely clean data to produce desired outcomes.

Adaptable Data Planning Format

Data is dynamic and keeps growing with time. Having a flexible data preparation technique is necessary to prepare new data found and make it accessible for use.
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Google No Longer Supports the Meta News Keywords Tag

If you are a blogger then you already know the importance of keywords. You may have used meta tags such as keywords or news keywords. If you are one of those who are using meta news keyword tag till now for your news site, then this is for you.

Google No Longer Supports the Meta News Keywords Tag: eAskme
Google No Longer Supports the Meta News Keywords Tag: eAskme
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Google is no longer supporting meta news keyword tag. Actually, they have stopped supporting keyword tag and meta keyword tags months back.

Google has clearly stated that they have stopped supporting meta news keyword tag for months. I have noticed it just now.

Why did Google stop supporting meta news keyword tag?

It is a news for all the bloggers or news publishers who are still using news keyword tag.

I can't confirm the reason as till now Google has not said why they have stopped supporting meta news keyword.  tag.

Even if you are using this tag, it will not do any harm. Google simply ignore it.

I recommend that you should not use this tag as no one likes unnecessary code in his design.

Still, have any questions, feel free to ask me.
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How to Create Coming Soon Pages in WordPress

Do you want to launch a website or a blog? or Do you just want to create a coming soon page for the people to tell them about your upcoming site? You need to design a beautiful coming soon page for your WordPress site or blog. But do you know how to create coming soon page for your website?

Pre-launch or coming soon page is a strategy that webmasters run before they complete launch the content of their websites. The coming soon page helps you to get attention and spread the word about your upcoming project.

How to Create Coming Soon Pages in WordPress: eAskme

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Today I am going to share about how you can create a beautiful coming soon page using Under Construction page Pugin for WordPress.

Under Construction page Pugin for WordPress

To create a beautiful coming soon page in WordPress, you need to use a plugin which can make this job quite easy for you. WordPress Under Construction page plugin is here for you.

Under Construction, page plugin is a plugin which comes with both free and paid versions. You can get it for $70.

Features of under construction plugin:

  • beginner-friendly, simple & fast
  • new designs 2 times a month
  • 130k+ active users, with 10k/month growth
  • support for most caching plugins so there's no need to manually purge
  • over 1000 five-star reviews
  • email support
  • optimized for SEO
  • various social media icons available
  • Google Analytics support

How to create coming soon page in Wordpress?

  • Download this plugin and activate it.
  • Now go to the Settings page to manage the look and behavior of under construction page or coming soon page.
You will see 6 tabs, such as; Main, Design, Content, Access, Support, and Pro.

Main tab:

It is actually the main tab of under construction page plugin. Here you will see options to on/off Under construction mode, Prevent Search Engines from Indexing the Temporary Site, Automatic End Date & Time, Google Analytics Tracking and Reset Settings.

Design Tab:

Under design tab, you will various templates or designs that you can use as a free or pro user. To use any of these WordPress themes, you just need to click on the theme.

You can also use your CSS code to manage fonts, margins, color etc.

Content tab:

The content tab is there for you to help you easily add the content on your coming soon or under construction page. You can easily write Title, Description, Headlines, Content and also add various social media buttons such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Linkedin, and YouTube.

The best thing is that all the content is SEO optimized and it will easily index.

Access tab:

You may have many moderators or admins on your blog. You can easily allow them to access or block their access by using Access tab options.

All you need is to choose the user role to define his access to the site.

Pro tab:

If you want to use the premium features then pro tab is for you. You can easily build coming soon pages, under construction pages and landing pages faster by becoming a pro user.

PRO version offers:
  1. Drag and Drop page builder
  2. Improved access control
  3. Custom links with custom expire rules
  4. MailChimp and Zapier support
  5. Support for local database autoresponder
  6. Import and Export settings
  7. Unsplash API integration - get access to more than 200k photos
  8. Newsletter module- Countdown timer and much more!

  • Go through all the tabs to create what you need in your coming soon page.
  • Now Go to Main tab and click on "On" to activate your coming soon page.

Final Words:

Landing pages and coming soon pages are now an important part of webmasters arsenal. I have used under construction page plugin to create coming soon pages and landing pages on many blogs. They worked in a great way with no stress.

You can easily setup coming soon page with the help of under construction page plugin.

Have you ever used under construction page or coming soon page? Do you want to try it?

Do share your experience? If you have any question, feel free to ask me via comments.
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Google AdWords Has Stricter Rules for Ticket Resellers

Do you make money selling tickets? Have you ever used Google Adwords to promote your ticket selling business?

From now, Google Adwords has changed some rules and implementing new stricter rules on the advertisers who are reselling the event tickets.

Google AdWords Has Stricter Rules for Ticket Resellers: eAskme
Google AdWords Has Stricter Rules for Ticket Resellers: eAskme
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Why new Google Adwords rules for ticket resellers?

The reason why Google is implementing sticker rules for ticket resellers is that ticket resellers try to blind the user about the cost and fees. Reseller also sometimes try to confuse the user so that a common user will not know if he is buying from the direct seller or any third party.

Google wants to make it clear that you should explain if you are associated with an official seller or not.

The 25 Most Expensive Adwords Keywords of 2018

Google wants to increase transparency in ticket reselling business. Google want that you should inform the visitor about the price of the ticket and total cost.

How to be certified ticket seller by Google Adwords?

  • If you are the official ticket seller.
  • Indicate that you are a secondary party of the reseller.
  • Indicate that you are selling tickets for more than the actual value.
  • Disclose the original value of the ticket.
  • Show the breakdown of cost.
Google AdWords Introduces Dynamic Structured Snippets

How good is this new policy?

This is actually a good policy. It makes sure that no one can play any filthy game in the name of ticket selling business. Things will be more clear to a user. This will make sure that a user will know every detail about the ticket and reseller. This will be a good thing for Adwords only.
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New Google Search Console Now Available to All Sites

Do you know what Google is? What a silly question!

Google is the biggest search engine, giant. It is not just improving the user experience but also helping webmasters to make their site effective.

Keeping that in mind, Google has made the new Google search console available for all the websites. You need to know that it is a beta version.

New Google Search Console Now Available to All Sites: eAskme
New Google Search Console Now Available to All Sites: eAskme
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Last month Google has launched the new search console. The best feature that you may find helpful in this new search console is the detail of 16 months data. Earlier it was 3 months.

Why Google made Google Search Console available for all sites?

Google says that the changes made to Google search console are according to the feedback given by Google search console users. They have also included the feedback they received from Submit feedback button and feedback from Google help forums.

Issue with Google Search Console for Indexed pages

New Google Search Console is Beta version:

Google has said that it will keep on testing new search console design to improve the user experience. It is a beta version so it is sure that there will be many changes coming to your way to use Search console.

Migrating Data:

Google is working on migrating all the relevant data to the new Google search console. Right now it is not showing all the data of classic version. Google has cleared that the remaining data will be migrated soon or it will be there as another report.

Google still allows you to use classic search console. You can also send your feedback to Google so they can improve search console in next version.

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Instagram Introduces Type Mode for Text-Based Stories

Have you ever clicked selfie? If yes then you already knew about Instagram. People are fond of taking selfies and sharing them on Instagram. Instagram has also helped common people to become celebrities. Instagram keeps on improving its interface and technology to make it more user-friendly.

How to Be a Successful Instagrammer?

Instagram Introduces Type Mode for Text-Based Stories: eAskme
Instagram Introduces Type Mode for Text-Based Stories: eAskme
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Till now, it was not possible to publish text-only stories on Instagram.

But now, Instagram has updated its popular stories feature and introduced new text-only stories.

Yes, you read it right.

Now you can publish stories without photo or video on Instagram.

What is Type mode in Instagram:

You need to access "type" mode from your smartphone camera screen. You will find it below "record" button. All you need is to select "Type" and you are in type mode to write a message.

How to Acquire More Instagram Followers and Make Your Business Sustainable

You can select various text styles from the top of your smartphone screen.

Instagram Type mode options:

Instagram allows some text styles for you to choose when writing your text story, such as;
  • Modern
  • Neon
  • Typewriter
  • Strong
You can also add emphasis to the word you want to highlight.

Next thing you need is to select the background color and you are ready to publish your story. Check examples;

You can also add various text styles when using text with videos or images.

You need to update your Instagram App in order to publish text-based stories on your Instagram.
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