Advantages of Digital Marketing Training and Certification for Your Career Growth

Digital Marketing is one of the most powerful tools for the businessman to sell their products and services worldwide. Digital Marketing makes use of digital or electronic devices like internet and computer, tablets, smartphones, web banner ads, digital voice recording, mobile apps, etc. to attract existing and future clients. Therefore sometimes, the digital marketing is also termed as Internet Marketing or Online Marketing. The Digital Marketing training & certification course by certified marketing trainers offers advanced skills and knowledge to assist new marketers successfully.

Advantages of Digital Marketing Training and Certification for Your Career Growth: eAskme
Advantages of Digital Marketing Training and Certification for Your Career Growth: eAskme
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Why Digital Marketing Course is Important?

Internet Marketing or Digital Marketing is examined as an innovative medium for companies to boost their goods or services attacking global market. In these days, the online marking is developing at faster pace. Most of the leading companies have vast years of experiences in boosting productivity and sales by merging effective digital marketing plans. In this dynamic online world, strong online presences are official for every business. One of the most important aspects is to search an effective digital marketing policy that works for your organizations.

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Every business person needs to have the high online presence for their business organization. There are plenty of career opportunities are available for digital marketing professionals. An experienced or fresher candidate those who are searching for satisfying career field can consider taking this digital marketing course.

What are the benefits in Digital Marketing Training?

  •     The digital marketing field helps you to promote your business organization on the internet and it also gives you the best possibility of attracting your prospective clients. It is evaluated that a huge number of people all around the globe are utilizing the internet and the number are enhancing day to day.

  •     The Internet is only medium which can be approached without any geographic or national boundaries. Also, you can able to put a small amount on the web and enjoy a huge return on the investment.

  •     Promoting cost for your business organization in web pages is cheaper when compared to another type of promotion medium. These features contribute small business groups to sell their activities targeting the client base.

  •     The Internet permits you to stay connected with your prospective customers 24x7. If you like to provide any discounts, then you can able to grow the new products by publishing on social media websites or send by email.

  •     The Internet permits you to send a message or bulk emails in short period. However, you want to apply effective digital marketing plans to be successful. So, you are advised to take this digital marketing training course to improve your skills and knowledge on internet marketing.

  •     An online marketing permits the businessman to receive instant feedback from their clients. It assists you to make development on your goods and services.

  •     Selling your business on the internet can permit you to save much time and efforts. One of the best ways to stay connected with your clients is by providing FAQ section and live chat support.     Internet marketing permits your business organization to be available at 365 days and 24x7. It results in profits and sales to your business organization.
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The 25 Most Expensive Adwords Keywords of 2017 (Why they are so $$$ Expensive?)

Do you know, How Google makes the maximum money?

Well, it`s Google Adwords.

You may find it hard to believe because on Google Adwords client`s are spending micro payments every time a potential user clicks on the ad.

Then how Google is making maximum money from Google Adwords?

The answer is very simple. Google is not a small thing. There are millions of businesses or companies that are spending money to make the potential customer land on their page. When a user clicks on the Google ads google earns money from the client.
The 25 Most Expensive Adwords Keywords of 2017 ( Why they are so $$$ Expensive?): eAskme
The 25 Most Expensive Adwords Keywords of 2017 ( Why they are so $$$ Expensive?): eAskme
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It is the number of clients that Google Adwords has to help the Google to make millions every day.
You may already know that average CPC of all industries is hardly over $2 USD.

There are hundreds of thousands of searches that happen on Google every day and as well as the clicks. These help to add billions to Google`s account.

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 If you give a close look at CPC of various industries then you will easily find out that there are industries which cannot enjoy such lower CPC and they have to bid at a high rate to place ads with Google Adwords.

There are keywords that actually cost $50 or sometimes even $100/click. Long tail keywords can cost twice of that amount.

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But there is nothing sad about it as it is only for those businesses that can easily afford such high ad cost because of the long term value to potential buyers.

For example, the services and products with a very high price tag, usually go for most expensive keywords in Google Adwords.

Now as you know the system, let me share the top 25 most expensive keywords in Google Adwords. This infographic is produced by WordStream.

Now you see the most expensive keywords are:
The 25 Most Expensive Adwords Keywords of 2017 ( Why they are so $$$ Expensive?): eAskme

  1. Google AdWords: Rate $30.06/Click
  2. Hair Transplant: Rate $31.37/Click
  3. Banking: Rate $31.43/Click
  4. Online Gambling: Rate $32.84/Click
  5. Mortgages: Rate $36.76/Click
  6. Pest Control: Rate $38.84/Click
  7. Termites: Rate $38.88/Click
  8. Plumber: Rate $39.19/Click
  9. Loans: Rate $40.69/Click
  10. Medical Needs: Rate $40.73/Click
  11. Business Software: Rate $41.12/Click
  12. HVAC: Rate $41.24/Click
  13. Timeshare: Rate $42.13/Click
  14. Psychic: Rate $43.78/Click
  15. Rehab: Rate $46.14/Click
  16. Medical Coding Services: Rate $46.84/Click
  17. Degree: Rate $47.36/Click
  18. Cleanup & Restoration Services: Rate $47.61/Click
  19. Cash Services & Payday Loans: Rate $48.18/Click
  20. Insurance: Rate $48.41/Click
  21. Asset Management: Rate $49.86/Click
  22. Lawyer: Rate $54.86/Click
  23. Casino: Rate $55.48/Click
  24. Bail Bonds: Rate $58.48/Click
  25. Business Services: Rate $58.64/Click
So you see these are the 25 Most Expensive Google Keywords of 2017.

Now let`s see the reason why are these keywords so expensive?

1) Lifetime value of Customer or High New customer value

You will find the high CPC rate because of the lifetime value of the potential customer or the high new customer value.

There are niches where the ROI is high and so does the cost of product and service.

Insurance and Business services are the categories where you will see high CPC and high conversion rates.

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Big businesses can easily invest on highly expensive keywords.

But what if you are running a small business?

Small business owners always focus on optimizing keywords with low CPC to get maximum profit.

Their strategy includes:
  • Geotargeting
  • Call tracking
  • Landing pages and Emotional ads
  • Media campaigns

2) Urgent issues that need fast resolution:

You will also find the super expensive keywords for the categories where people are desperate to buy services or products.

For example termites, rehab, bail bonds etc are the issues where buyers need fast resolution and can even pay the big amount.

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So not you know about the most expensive Google Adwords keywords of 2017.

Do share how you plan to optimize your keywords? What is the best keyword strategy you use? How do you find the most profitable keywords?

If you still have any question, feel free to ask me via comments.

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10 Content Marketing Skills You Must Master

Every four years, Football players from various countries come to participate in FIFA WorldCup. They try to show their best and try to make their team win FIFA Worldcup. They input 100% efforts and skills that they have learned from years of practice.

There are thousands of football players in every country but only the most skilled players get the chance to play FIFA Worldcup. Only the most skilled team win the FIFA Worldcup and only the most skilled player wins the golden boot.

Same thing applies to the content marketing industry.

10 Content Marketing Skills You Need to Master: eAskme
10 Content Marketing Skills You Need to Master: eAskme
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There are more than thousands of content markets available only that work day and night to bring best results. Some of them are freelance bloggers and some of them are working for Fortune500 companies.

The result of so many content marketers is that every day you will see unlimited content published on various social networks.

Similar to Fifa players, only the best content marketer can stand out with his skills and knowledge.
Now you may ask that what are those skills that a content marketer needs to master.
Before you ask, here I am going to answer.

10 Content Marketing Skills You Must Master:

10 Content Marketing Skills You Need to Master: eAskme

1) Research:

10 Content Marketing Skills You Need to Master: eAskme

No matter you are a newbie or a professional content marketer unless you are the top subject matter expert you need to do deep research on every topic. You may find it easy to visit some popular sites to do research and get ideas about the topic you want to write about.

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But if you want to be an effective content marketer then you need to go deeper in research.

Follow these tips:
  • Focus on your target audience to understand what they need and what are their interests
  • Discover effective distribution channels
  • Understand the terminology of target audience
  • Understand the keywords and queries
  • Use Content Discovery platforms such as BuzzSumo
  • Check link popularity using Ahrefs
  • Dig deep into discussion threads, comments, and social groups.
  • Identify psychographics, demographics and audience segments.
  • Keep track of industry and market trends
  • Determine various content markets
If you want to generate epic results then you should focus on deep research to get clear data to plan your content marketing campaigns and strategy. This is what makes popular content marketers stand apart from other content marketers.

2) Leverage Online Threads:

10 Content Marketing Skills You Need to Master: Leverage online Threads: eAskme

You can`t just stick with one way to discover the latest trends. In every industry, you find some latest trends that impact their audience.

When it comes to grabbing the attention of your audience, you cannot stick with only trends of your industry but you should also look for the trends outside your industry that attract the audience.

Usually, newbie marketers look for latest trends to plan their strategy.

If you are the first when who is leveraging the latest industry trends, then you will grab the attention of most of the audience and easily get a chance to become a brand.

You should also focus on the related trends that are boosting engagement on social networks.

Always analyze the difference between the relevant and irrelevant trends.

I have written about “Long Tail SEO Strategy: How to target High-Quality Keywords” and the story got featured on the same day.

3) Promote and distribute effectively

10 Content Marketing Skills You Need to Master: Promote and distribute: eAskme

As a newbie content marketer you may be only focused on social promotions for new content publishing and for rest you rely on search engines.

But to grow traffic and reach you need to work on every available network that will help you to grow big.

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If you want to promote a video, then you should do in following way:
  • Upload on YouTube
  • Distribute on iTunes
  • Post on related content websites
  • Promote on social networks
  • Cross post on Pulse, Linkedin, and medium.
I also recommend you to use Quuu to easily promote content. You should also share the content with your email subscribers and with influencers in your industry.

4) Read Data effectively:

10 Content Marketing Skills You Need to Master: Read data Effectively: eAskme

Storytelling is an art and if you know that it's good. But it will be greater if you know what to do with your story.

There is always a purpose behind every piece of content.

Professional content marketers understand how to analyze data to meet their goals.

You may find it hard and exhausting to analyze lots of data. You should take help of metrics. Develop an effective process for data interpreting to determine important metrics for content marketing.

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When you know how to read data, it will help you to find relevant topics and create highly engaging content.

5) Organization and Strategy:

10 Content Marketing Skills You Need to Master: Organization Strategy: eAskme

Have you ever thought about the business plan for your blog or site?

Almost 32% content marketers have created a document of content strategy. A documented strategy boost success rate of your content marketing efforts by 36%.

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A clear content strategy helps you to:
  • Define goals
  • Track research
  • Plan content
  • Record progress
  • Match Content
  • Stay Organized
  • Effective deployment

6) How to write as a top notch content marketer:

 10 Content Marketing Skills You Need to Master: eAskme

It is obvious that as a content marketer you have to keep on writing to attract and engage more audience every day.

But most of the content marketers are below average in this field.

Every day I see numerous marketers who are pushing quantity over quality.

If you think that content marketing is just about writing content, then you are wrong. If your blog is free from grammar errors that don't mean that you are a great content marketer.

Features of best content are:
  • High Value
  • Detailed
  • Add value to the audience

7) Scrappy Designer:

 10 Content Marketing Skills You Need to Master: Scrappy Designer: eAskme

May be you are the one who is generating great results even without great design. Yet, you need to understand that a better design will improve the reach of your content marketing efforts.

You can easily use and edit images to create a compelling story. Even if you have some basic design skills still you can use it to improve your content value.

You can use various photo editing tools or infographic tools to design beautiful images for your content.

8) Compelling Story:

 How to write as a top notch content marketer: eAskme
Do you know that 57% content marketers are in favor of telling a compelling story, yet 60% content marketers are failed to do so.

Storytelling is a time consuming yet most productive effort. The only thing you need is to add emotional favor in your story.

9) Versatility:

 10 Content Marketing Skills You Need to Master: Versatility matters: eAskme

Are you still putting all your eggs in one basket?

Never do that.

Professional content marketers become more versatile in the content marketing. They work on various forms to boost the reach of their valuable content.

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Your customer may like:
  • Articles
  • Podcasts
  • Infographics
  • Case studies
  • Whitepapers
When you generate the variety of content, you will boost your chances to attract more audience.

10) How to Collaborate:

 10 Content Marketing Skills You Need to Master: Collaborate: eAskme

If you never ask, when you need to, you will never learn.

When you seek assistance and collaborate with others, you will boost your skills. Partnering with influencers in your industry boost your reach in no time.

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For Example, I have founded and later Sona Mathews collaborated with me to boost my marketing efforts. It was really beneficial collaboration for both of us.

Even if you do not have any connection, still you can start collaborating with an idea.

Final Words:

These are the 10 most critical skills that a content marketer must have. These skills will help you stand apart as a top notch content marketer and the content you will produce go viral in no time.

Do you really want to be a top notch content marketer? Develop these skills.

Do share what is your content marketing strategy?

If you still have any question, feel free to ask me via comments.

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10 Easiest Online Jobs for College Students

"Best online jobs", "genuine online jobs for students", "Legitimate online jobs for college students" etc. are some of the recent and most common searches on Google did by every student in some part of their time.

But do you find some genuine way to earn money from your home? Well, the answer is a no as mostly after searching you land up either in some fake work assignments or earn not even a penny which makes you drop interest from doing any further searches.

10 Easiest Online Jobs for College Students: eAskme
10 Easiest Online Jobs for College Students: eAskme
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College students can easily make some extra money online as there are so many part time jobs available on the internet that you can do from the comfort of your home only. Below I am going to tell you about some genuine online jobs that will make you earn some money easily.

1. Freelance Work

Freelance writing work is considered as one of the best and genuine way to earn some good amount of money from your home comfort. If you have the skill of writing and have some good thoughts that you can implement in words then this job is for you.

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The payment is fixed either on per words or per project or may be on hourly rates. You can opt for this job in your free time and earn some good amount of money as well. Moreover, there is no time slab of working; one can do this work in their free time also.

Up Work, Fiverr etc. are some of the popular sites for best freelance jobs for you.

2. Create your own YouTube channel

If you have a good knowledge of something may be about computer hacks or some electronic tricks or may be something that you think that you can make video easily and it can be viral too. Then YouTube is the best platform for you to earn.

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Just make some good and cool videos, informative though and upload it on your own YouTube channel. Once you start getting some good views on your videos then you can be offered some ads to show on your videos from which you can earn some good money.

3. Do Online Surveys

Online survey is the only thing that doesn’t need any background skills or any thorough knowledge of anything. You are paid in online surveys for giving your opinions to some products or services.
Although money paid from the survey is not fixed and neither you can earn a big amount from it that you can pay bills or rent. You can do online surveys just to get some side penny as it doesn't require any skill or some deep knowledge so you can always opt for this in your free time.

4. Be an Online Tutor

If you have a good academic knowledge then you can use this to earn online easily. Yes, you can apply online at Tutor and teach students the subjects you are best at.

Not only academics but if you are good at music, art, fashion or something then you can teach this online too. There are many students who seek some tutor online. And of course, you get a good payout for this.

5. Data Entry Work

Data entry or you can say copy/paste work also. You will be given a spreadsheet or doc file from where you have to copy details and descriptions of some products and put them on the website provided.

It’s a repetitive work so once you learn the work well you can do it easily and in a short time. Data entry work won’t pay you a lot but as the work is simple and most of the time repetitive so you can prefer to do this in your spare time.

One of the big task here is to find real data entry jobs because most of the companies are scam. You don’t need to pay for getting any data entry job because real companies never ask for signup fee.

6. Sell your Photographs

Yes, you got it right; you can earn some money by selling your own photography also. If you are good in taking photos and capturing yourself then you can find many advertisers looking for photos. Even some article writers need some fresh face in their work.

If your photos satisfy and complete their needs then they can use your photo in ad banner or in their article as per the needs and you will be paid for that. "iStockphoto” is one such platform where you can upload your photo and earn money.

7. Be a Transcriptionist

Well, this position requires no experience at much, you will be given audios that you have to listen properly and type what you hear. Although no experience needed, you need to pay attention to hear all details correctly and feed.

This work gives you a good payout, but if you make mistakes in what you hear and type then you won't be paid. You can join sites like TranscribeMe to find work.

8. Be a T-shirts designer

If you are a good graphic designer and love to make some cool design and arts in your spare time, then this will be a perfect job for you. Many sites like Sazzle and Teespring are made for you where you can go and upload your self-made designs for t shirts as a recommendation and if it got selected then you will be paid for your design.

9. Virtual Assisting Job.

It is a type of secretarial work but you can do this online also. Your work includes scheduling appointments, making calls to clients, organizing emails just like an office secretary would do. This job gives you a feel of a 9-5 job but it's not the one. You can work as per your own time slab and can handle one or two clients at a time.

10. Be a Search Engine Evaluator

In this job, you will be getting paid for surfing the web. You just have to test few search engines and provide your honest feedbacks.

Search engines put a lot of efforts in creating and updating their algorithm but a machine is a machine and yes makes some errors so they need humans sometimes for checking the algorithms.

You can become search engine evaluator and work with search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and more for testing and evaluate search algorithms.

You will be assigned certain keywords or may be a list of, and you have to perform a search query on those given keywords one by one. The work is to look the search results that you get and give them feedbacks on basis of accuracy, relevancy, and usefulness.

Above mentioned jobs are for online work that you can do in your spare time. One should always remember that these jobs won't make you rich. But can definitely provide you money from which you can manage your daily needs easily. You don't need to apply for or do all the above-mentioned jobs. Just go through them and choose the one that suits you best in terms of your talent and capabilities.
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5 Big Content Marketing Strategy Trends to Know This Year

Are you a content marketer who is looking for a strategy to be successful?

Do you think that by just creating content you can attract traffic?

You need to understand one basic thing that no one will visit your blog until you know about what you have created.

Always focus on these three things when creating content:
  1. Target Audience

  2. Objectives of your business

  3. How you promote your content
5 Big Content Marketing Strategy Trends to Know This Year: eAskme

Today I will share with you the result of a content marketing survey conducted on over 300 marketers at various US businesses. Clutch has conducted this survey. The result provides reviews and research on marketing and advertising agencies also other firms.

1) Brand story: priority of Content:

When it comes to blogging business or an online business brand story is the most important thing. Survey result shows that 18% marketers are agreed with this. Other than this there are some other important factors are:
  • Mission Statement

  • Content types

  • Metrics

  • Audience personas
5 Big Content Marketing Strategy Trends to Know This Year: eAskme

It is a surprise to see such a low personas, that most of the people think as top priorities of an online business to create a powerful consumer focused strategy.  So focus on understanding your users/readers and create quality content that satisfies their expectations, desires, needs, concerns, and interest.

Check out eAskme post for more tips and ideas:

2) Brand Awareness: Always the top Goal

According to the survey, 49% companies are focused on Brand Awareness, including me also. Only 30% businesses count high search engine ranking as the top priority and only 21% consider lead generation as the top goal.

5 Big Content Marketing Strategy Trends to Know This Year: eAskme

I always say that focus on your goal when creating content for your blog or site. You may be focused on organic traffic, social media engagement or high conversion, always focus on your goal and write accordingly. This will make thing easy for you.

Check out eAskme post for more tips and ideas:

3) Research original data: the most effective content format

18% content marketers consider original data and research as the best content type. It got the first place in content marketers survey. 

Some other content formats are:
  • Videos

  • Blog posts

  • Product reviews

  • Infographics
5 Big Content Marketing Strategy Trends to Know This Year: eAskme

Since last year infographics are hot trend of visual content marketing. Infographics are the best way to present information and original data. 

Check out these eAskme posts for more tips and Ideas:

4) Sales: The Top Success Metric:

32% content marketers agreed that sale is the top success metric. They always focus on how many people actually buy their stuff. 

Content Marketers also focused on:
  • Tracking consumption such as page views, downloads

  • Lead generation

  • Social sharing
5 Big Content Marketing Strategy Trends to Know This Year: eAskme

The best way to find out how to achieve your goals is to set tracking and goal metrics. If you think content marketing is just waste of time, then you need to think again.

Check out eAskme posts for more tips and ideas:

5) Paid Promotion: Top Content promotion

71% marketers trust paid advertising more than anything else. They do pay to advertise on social media and also use native ads. 

Some other top ways of promotions are:
  • Events

  • Traditional marketing

  • Social media posts

  • Email marketing

5 Big Content Marketing Strategy Trends to Know This Year: eAskme

Remember: Even the best thing can`t attract a single buyer if not promoted.

Focus more on distribution than content creation. If you can`t go for paid advertisement then optimize your content for more social media shares and to attract influencers.

So you see, these are the 5 big content marketing strategy trends that you should know to improve your marketing.

What is your content marketing strategy? What do you do to improve your bussiness?

If you still have any question, feel free to ask me via comments.

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Image credits:Clutch
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Understanding The Metrics When Getting Cash For Gold

The cash-for-gold companies are touted as a bad option, but you can definitely find good reputed firms while trying to get cash for gold near you. Besides getting cash against your gold, you can also explore the option of getting a loan against your gold or other precious metals. You will obviously be required to deposit your jewelry at their facility for the cash loan. Banks and private lenders conveniently offer this service. The response rate is usually quicker compared to getting a traditional loan, and the paper work is also rather limited, since they are already getting your gold as a guarantee of repayment. But this option should be researched and analyzed carefully before making the plunge.

Understanding The Metrics When Getting Cash For Gold: eAskme

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Understanding The Metrics When Getting Cash For Gold

Let’s delve deeper into the world of cash for gold:

Going for Loan

Yes, you can secure a loan against your gold as pledge, and when you pay back the amount along with interest/ mark-up you get your gold back. Going for this sort of trade-in, you’ll be required to fill your details in a form - a contract with all the terms and conditions, and that’s about it. Hand over the gold and get the cash. The greater the gold you pledge, smaller the interest rate you get and vice versa. It is a plausible option, but be wary of the firm or bank you are choosing, and do read through the contract in detail.

The terms and conditions are similar when you go for a mail-away service, though we highly recommend visiting a gold shop to get your gold evaluated.

As narrated earlier, since the loaning agency, whether you opt for a bank or a cash for gold firm, has already got their loan covered in form of pledged gold, they offer relatively low interest rate and will be nicer when it comes to repayment.

Don’t Hesitate

Once you are there, don’t hesitate to ask for your ornaments back, since they won’t be considered while weighing. Most firms do oblige and remove stones for free, however same can’t be said for banks.

Understand the Scales and Weigh your Gold

Weight of the gold in karats is the determining factor of possible resale value, so pay attention. For instance, the mostly used Troy ounce is equal to 31.1 grams of gold. Now dealers may use a penny weight, which is equivalent to 1.55 gram to measure Troy ounce, but will pay you in grams.This way they will get more weighing gold and you will get less value.

Now coming to karat, gold itself is too fragile to be used purely for ornaments, so it is mixed with other metals. The purest form of gold is 24Karat gold, and anything less than 10 Karat is not considered gold. The US regulations state that the Karat value should be mentioned while being sold in the US.

A word of advice:People make mistake of mixing all their jewellery and submit for weighing.The buyer will weigh all and evaluate it close to the lowest karat value. This way you will end up losing a big chunk of money. Hand over the items separately and weigh them independently.Don’t get in a rush to take money. If you believe you are not getting the money equal to your gold’s worth, borrow some money to fulfill your needs.
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Long Tail SEO Strategy: How to target High Quality Keywords

Are you converting gold with your own long tail keyword strategy?


Are you just wasting your time?

There was a time when bloggers and internet marketer were enjoying targeting the short keywords. With the time competition of such keywords increased.

Long Tail SEO Strategy: How to target High Quality Keywords: eAskme
Long Tail SEO Strategy: How to target High Quality Keywords: eAskme

So, webmasters started looking at the new type of keywords that we call long tail keywords.

The best thing which attracts bloggers to use long tail keyword is that most of the times have low competition.

If you are new to long tail keywords then you may feel it hard to find highly converting long tail keywords.

Today I am going to help you find long tail keywords for your blog.

Let`s start with the basics.

What are Long Tail Keywords:

Long tail keywords are known as highly targeted search queries. Usually, such keywords have low competition, low search volume but high conversion rates.

You may ask that why to work for long tail keywords when search volume is really low. The reason is that they are highly targeted and also convert like hot cakes.

Who does not love a keyword with high conversion rate?

Long tail keywords specifically target the clear customer.

To utilize the power of long tail keywords, you have to understand the search queries.

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For example; if a person is searching for "Price of Genesis WordPress themes" that means he is highly interested in buying Genesis WordPress theme. But if he is searching for WordPress themes then it is not clear that he actually wants to make a purchase or just looking for free theme or information.

The good thing here is that length of long tail keywords is not an issue anymore.

Why Long Tail Keywords are Important in SEO:

Have you ever checked your Google search console?

In search term, you will find that the most of the keywords you are ranking for are long tail.

Now just imagine if you rank for every long tail keyword and link that to your high converting landing page, you will end up making millions every month.

Now let`s talk about the benefits of Long Tail Keywords

Benefits of Long Tail keywords:

1) Low Competition:

The main reason why you will see low competition in LTK is that Long tail keywords are highly specific to a niche or business. It does not take much effort to rank for such keywords and you can grab more organic traffic.

With On-page SEO and backlinks you can easily rank for long tail keywords.

2) High Conversion rate:

If you understand the search terms in a better way then you can easily find the highly targeted long tail keywords for your blog. Just focus on the highly converting queries.

This will help you to generate highly qualified leads and improve content marketing results.

3) Optimize Semantic search:

Long tail keywords are the essential part of the semantic search. When you target the long tail keywords with the better-spoken question, you will easily boost traffic from mobile users.

Now it's the time to find long tail keywords for your blog or site.

How to find long tail keywords for your blog or site?

When looking for keywords for your next blog post, you should understand the importance and use of keywords.

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Prepare the list of keywords:

The very first thing that you need to do is to create of list of long tail keywords that you want to use. When searching for long tail keywords, never use Google Keyword Planner.

Use Google AutoComplete Suggestions:

Enter your keywords in Google search and write down the suggestion that Google shows you.

Copy Google related search suggestions:

At the end of the search page, you will find the related search suggestions. Note down all suggestions.

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Use Bing search:

Do the same steps for bing search also.

You may not find it easy to search and collect long tail keywords manually. I have already shared the tools to find long tail keywords. let`s learn what you need to do when you are searching for long tail keywords.

Remember: Never use Google Keyword planner to find long tail keyword

Now as you have collected all the keywords, time to filter the highly targeted long tail keywords and LSI keywords.

Only stick with the strongest keywords for your blog.

Now it`s time to write the high-quality pillar article around long tail keywords.

How to Write High-Quality content around long tail keywords

You may have so many long tail keywords for each target.

Here, I recommend you to use one page for each long tail keyword or you can use potential long tail keywords in your post.

Here is the example:

Long Tail SEO Strategy: How to target High Quality Keywords: eAskme

This example shows that you should manage your keywords according to the topic. This will help you naturally place long tail keywords in your blog.

Also, focus on internal linking for each page.

Final Words:

Now you know that how to discover long tail keywords. What are you waiting for? Take benefits of long tail keywords.

Create high-quality posts and ring authority to your blog. Also, keep an eye on your ranking and organic traffic. This will help you to easily discover more long tail keywords for your blog or site and improve SEO.

What are you doing to improve SEO of yoru blog or site? Are you using long tail keywords?

If you still have any question, feel free to ask me via comments.

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