100 Content Marketing Tools to Skyrocket Your Business

What is content marketing? 

When a professional ask me this question, I feel surprised and even shocked the same time. But it happens every day. Many bloggers ask me this question. I know some people do not know about technical terms but if you are a professional blogger and not aware of what content marketing is?

Content marketing is the most efficient way to promote the content in real time to target audience.
If you think that content marketing is pure, then you are wrong, but if you think that it is too hard, then you are wrong again.

Content Marketing Tools to Skyrocket Your Business: eAskme
Content Marketing Tools to Skyrocket Your Business: eAskme
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Content marketing is a strategy. It is hard only for those who do not know where to start with it.

Like any other strategy, to be satisfied with content marketing, you need to plan your steps. There are some tactics and strategies that you must follow.

If you can plan an effective strategy for your content marketing campaign and use the right tools, then the results you get are more than what you expect.

Now you may ask that what the right tools for content marketing are.

Today, I am going to share about all the helpful content marketing tools that I have used till now to get maximum result from my efforts.

Content idea generation and Content discovery tools:

Do you know that there is a blog already available on almost every topic? Anything that you can think of is already possible on the internet in shape of blog posts. Over 80 million articles published in WordPress every month.

Now the question is, how you are supposed to come up with a new and exciting idea when everything is already available online? It's easy, all you need to understand your readers and deliver what they are looking for.

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You can even ask questions on the blog or run polls to find out what your readers want more from your blog.

There are various content idea generation tools available online to help you quickly find the fresh content ideas.


Content Marketing Tools to Skyrocket Your Business: eAskme

Nuzzel is one of the most popular newsletter curation and news discovery service available online. It is very popular among professionals. It uses social networks to curate content and news from your connections.

Content Marketing Tools to Skyrocket Your Business: eAskme is also a content curation service for professional marketers. You can not only use it for content discovery but also share your content to promote it and get traffic.

Growth Hackers:

Content Marketing Tools to Skyrocket Your Business: eAskme


Growth Hackers is the content aggregated and curation tool to help content marketers find helpful content ideas in no time.

Content Marketing Tools to Skyrocket Your Business: eAskme


Like Growth Hackers, is also a content marketing and content aggregator service. It is very popular for internet marketers. You can easily find a curated list of professional content here.


Quora is one of the most popular question-answer websites. Here you can get expert advice on numerous topics. Quora helps you to not only find topic ideas but also help you build trust by offering valuable answers and traffic.

Content Marketing Tools to Skyrocket Your Business: eAskme

Quora also helps you with the detailed answers that can help you write helpful content on your blog.

Content Marketing Tools to Skyrocket Your Business: eAskme

SmartNews: is an app, so you are not able to use it on your desktop or laptop. Still, it is one of the most popular curation services. You can follow stories according to your interest and create helpful content using newsjacking.


Reddit is not just a link submission site but is much more than that. You can find great content ideas with subreddits and forums. You can quickly grab ideas that your target audience finds interesting.


Content Marketing Tools to Skyrocket Your Business: eAskme
There was a time when dig was a dominating network. Even now it is an excellent content discovery service and news aggregator. It will help you quickly find attractive headlines.


Content Marketing Tools to Skyrocket Your Business: eAskme
Want to find the trending or favorite content then Pocket is for you. You can also see trending and favorite bookmarks. You can use the content ideas to create excellent content on your blog.

LinkBait Title Generator:

Content Marketing Tools to Skyrocket Your Business: eAskme

Do you like controversial topics? If yes, then linkbait title generator is for you. It will give you many linkbait topics, but that will not work in the long term. I only recommend it if you can handle controversies.

Portent Content Idea generator:

Content Marketing Tools to Skyrocket Your Business: eAskme
Portent content idea generator looks like HubSpot title generator. It is a great tool to generate topic ideas.

Youtube Trending and Youtube Search:

Want to upload a video or create a Vlog then you should take help of Youtube trending. Youtube search can quickly help you find favorite content with quality, length, and demand.


Alltop published fashionable and trendy headlines from the web. Alltop is a great resource to find the important topic ideas.

Hubspot Blog Idea Generator:

Looking for new ideas, then try HubSpot blog idea generator. Just type the keywords and click on “Give me Blog ideas.”

But you have to work on grammar part.


Content Marketing Tools to Skyrocket Your Business: eAskme

Buzzsumo has proved its worth as the best content discovery tool.

It not only helps to find favorite content but also helps you to connect with influencers. The topics you find on buzzsumo tells you the how viral they are. You can write in-depth articles with all the necessary information to make your article stand better than the old ones.


Want to grab the pre-viral content before it gets viral is helpful to offer your readers most engaging content.


Content Marketing Tools to Skyrocket Your Business: eAskme
Soovle is a search engine that pulls data from Yahoo, Bing, Google, Amazon,, and YouTube to show the desired results. You can enter the keyword and will find out the demand and interest of each search engine platform.

Google Trends:

If you are looking for latest trends in news or trending stories, then Google trends are for you. IT has storytelling and data visualization tool. IT shows the demand and supply details with public interest. With this data, you can analyze the behavior of visitors.

You should use this data to create highly targeted articles for your readers.

Content Marketing Tools to Skyrocket Your Business: eAskme is a great service that offers data of 750 long tail keywords for each keyword or search query free.

Google Keyword Planner:

How can I miss the Google Keyword Planner?

It is the most effective tool to find new queries to target less competitive keywords. This helps you to directly write for the readers who are looking for the answer to less talked or never talked question over the internet.

Google Keyword Planner tutorial is always there to help you.


Looking for another tool similar to buzzsumo then Epic beat is that tool.

Writing and editing tools

You may find it easy to create content, but when I say build content that means you should create epic content marketing. It takes time, hard work and patience to write an engaging content.

When a person visits your post, he doesn’t just read all in one go. He first scans it, and if he finds it entertaining only then, he will stick to it.

Some people may reject your content at very first look.

Your job is to create entertaining, actionable and educational content to make them fall in love with your content.

Do content marketers need a strategy to create epic content?

The answer is “Yes.”

There are a whole lot of tools are available to make content marketers life easy to create epic content. Now let’s look at all the active writing and editing tools to boost the quality of your content.

Urban Dictionary:

Content Marketing Tools to Skyrocket Your Business: eAskme


Urban dictionary is a great place to find latest phrases and slang to make your content talking. It is also helpful if you are targeting some specific geolocation.

Google Ngram Viewer:

Content Marketing Tools to Skyrocket Your Business: eAskme


Want to find out the frequency of some specific word in books then you need this service.

750 Word:

Content Marketing Tools to Skyrocket Your Business: eAskme is a place where you can check the content of your words to find out the best mindset and emotional themes.

Story wars:

Content Marketing Tools to Skyrocket Your Business: eAskme

Want to create content by collaborating with a partner? Then story wars are for you.

Google Keep:

It is one of the best services developed by Google. You can create a to-do list, bookmark documents, pin, and tag, take notes, save images and videos.


Content Marketing Tools to Skyrocket Your Business: eAskme


You may already know that it is not right to allow errors in your writing, but still, if you want to keep the mistakes then grammark is for you. Here you can set how many errors you can allow in your writing.

Dangerous Writing App:

Content Marketing Tools to Skyrocket Your Business: eAskme

This app forces writer to keep writing or else he will lose all the content.


Only use this tool if you are going to write until the end or else it will delete the content.

Stay Focused:

Content Marketing Tools to Skyrocket Your Business: eAskme

Stay focused is a chrome extension that helps you to set the time you spend on a social network and focus more on your work.


Want to stop everything that distracts you? You should use to block apps, social media networks, specific websites or even internet.


Create useful mindmaps using the mindmup app.


This is also a mind mapping tool to create your ideas.


Are you working on a complicated and lengthy writing project? If yes, then Scrivenevr is for you.


Ilys helps you to create the flow of your writing. Once you are finished writing only, then you can edit it.

COSchedule headline analyzer:

Content Marketing Tools to Skyrocket Your Business: eAskme

COSchedule headline analyzer helps you find out the compelling headlines that can attract more traffic. It looks at the sentiment, length, word balance and effectiveness.


Content Marketing Tools to Skyrocket Your Business: eAskme


As the name suggests, on Evernote you can save anything including, notes, content, pdf, mp3 files, images, etc.


Todoist is a free task manager and to-do list manager. You can use it to create a list of content ideas an assign articles.

Cliche Finder:

Content Marketing Tools to Skyrocket Your Business: eAskme

Cliche Finder is easy to use tool to find cliche in your article.

When writing content, you should not just focus on the writing but also focus on the readability of the article. helps to measure the readability of content. It uses various formulas such as SMOG index, Coleman-lieu, Gunning-fog, and Flesh-Kincaid. also saves your energy to get rid of messy and complicated content by providing helpful suggestions. Professionals like doctors, copywriters, accountant, marketers, teachers, authors and attorneys are using this service.

Reedsy Book Editor:

Want to write an e-book? Reedsy is the service that can be helpful for you to format an ebook.


Trello is also a project management tool. It is very popular among content marketers and writers.


Fix all the grammatical errors in your writing using Grammarly premium service.

Hemingway App:

Hemingway is an online tool to create and edit content easily. Hemingway focus on readability, use of adverbs, passive voice, hard sentences and complicated words.

Google Docs:

Have you ever used Microsoft office? What a silly question.

Google docs work precisely as Microsoft office, but it is free.

Graphics and image management tools

Maintaining high speed with high-quality images is not possible. But using poor quality images will make your content look dull.

The need is to use good quality images which are relevant to your content. Images should be bright and appealing.


Camtasia is video editing software. It is simple and easy to use. You can use it with quizzes, animations, audio, images, webcams, etc.


Venngage is an infographics maker which helps you to make your content impactful.


It is a chart and infographic making service.


Photovlsl is a free collage maker.

Halku Deck:

Want to create web-based presentations then Halku Deck is for you.


Skitch is also screenshot sharing and editing tool.


Content Marketing Tools to Skyrocket Your Business: eAskme
This tool is an open source tool. You can use it for drawing, editing, and retouching.

Awesome Screenshot:

Content Marketing Tools to Skyrocket Your Business: eAskme
It is a plugin that you can install in Firefox and Chrome. It stores images and makes it easy for you to share with others.


Content Marketing Tools to Skyrocket Your Business: eAskme

Canva is also a popular infographic designing tool.

Influencer marketing and relationship building tools:

Influencer marketing is a hot trend. Over 62% buyers pay more for products or services with a positive review. 92% people trust products recommended by people even if they do not know the person.
Content Marketing Tools to Skyrocket Your Business

Customers look at essential sources to find trustworthy information.

Now check these Influencer marketing and relationship building tools to make your life easy.

Journo Requests:

Content Marketing Tools to Skyrocket Your Business: eAskme

It connects with UK PR journalists and professionals.


Content Marketing Tools to Skyrocket Your Business: eAskme


Here you can easily find well-known journalists and find out what they are writing about. You can pitch them what you think is the best fit.

Cision Media Database:

Content Marketing Tools to Skyrocket Your Business: eAskme
It has listed over 300k journalists and influencers.


It is a social intelligence service. It allows you to get data from social media networks. You will get detailed information on connections.

Social Crawlytics:

It is a free competitive intelligence tool. It allows you to find the most shared content of competitors and influencers.


Content Marketing Tools to Skyrocket Your Business: eAskme


It provides the detailed information about your customer. It will help you to personalize content and effectively advertise with fewer efforts.

It is a blogger outreach and cold email tool. You will find templates to use in bulk email.


It is a relationship management tool. I like this tool because it helps you reach out for a healthy relationship, tell what you should share and when to connect with professionals.


Inkybee is software that you can use for blogger outreach.


Here journalists connect with professionals. Here content marketers are looking for journalists.


Content Marketing Tools to Skyrocket Your Business: eAskme
You can use this service for blogger outreach or connect with influencers. You can also find websites, measure its content to find out results of blogger outreach or marketing.


It is a content promotion, PR, link building and influencer marketing tool.


Kred is also an influence measurement tool. Content marketers use this tool to connect with influencers. It also helps content marketers to find out their reputation and influence. Kred allows you to connect with influencers, negotiate partnerships and even pitch influencers.


It is also an influencer marketing tool. It helps content marketers monitor, manage, analyze and even find influencers.

Content Sharing and Promotion Tool

Do you know that over 50% articles get almost eight shares? 75% articles get 39 shares with zero referring domains.
Content Marketing Tools to Skyrocket Your Business: eAskme

You cannot expect someone to like whatever you write. Even if you writing the epic content, still it is your job to get it front of the worldwide audience. The best content marketing tools can help you grab maximum benefits from your content.

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That is where 80:20 rule comes into play, means 20% time for writing epic content and 80% time to promote that content.


Linkedin is a great place to share content with serious readers. You can share your posts not only with your connections but also in Linkedin Groups.


Slideshare is a great place to share content upgrade, lead magnet and e-book.

Facebook Groups:

Want to target a large number of people worldwide?

Facebook groups are the great way to target millions of people worldwide. You can also build trust by helping people in Facebook groups. This will help you to generate more leads and boost sales.
Don’t spam in Facebook groups. Help others, and you will be rewarded for your kind nature.
You can also pitch your service and products to the end user.

Twitter hashtag search:

Using popular twitter hashtag will help you reach the maximum audience. But only use the relevant hashtags. There is a tool called RiteTag that you can use to find targetable hashtags.

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It is a unique forum search engine. You can use this tool to discover content marketing opportunities. You can quickly boost your design, marketing, and entrepreneurship by dedicating yourself to content marketing.


Content Marketing Tools to Skyrocket Your Business: eAskme

It is always a wise idea to analyze the behavior of your target audience. You should use this tool for audience measurement. This tool will help you to create a robust content marketing strategy.


If you are a reader of eAskme, then you may have already known about Hootsuite. It is a content promotion tool.
Content Marketing Tools to Skyrocket Your Business: eAskme

It is one of the most recommended tools by influencers. It works with the favorite social networks. Using HootSuite, you can post updates, schedule tweets, and posts.

You can also save search stream. This will help you to use search to discover opportunities, create notifications and promote content.

Content Optimization Tools:

To grab attention, your content needs to be strong enough.

Every day, there is a new blogger who wants to outrank your content. Only best way to boost your content ranking in the search result is “Content Optimization.”

Content optimization helps you to boost content visibility in search results for targeted phrases and keywords. You can maximize your content visibility using various content optimization techniques, such as;
  • Text Optimization:

You should not just write the article but focus on all the on-page optimization factors such as Heading tags, Title tag, Meta description, keywords and URL optimization.
Search engines are not able to understand what your image is about until you give it a meaningful name using various tags such as alt tag, file name, and image tag.
  • Video optimization:

Video optimization is also significant. You should focus on title, description, MetaData, keyword, caption, and tags. This will help search engines and ordinary people to find your video content when they need it quickly.
  • News Optimization:

Want to rank your news in Google news then you should seriously focus on news optimization. Use keywords, maintain keyword density, use static URL and focus on attractive headlines.

Screaming Frog:

A strategy that can help you beat your competitors is to find their broken links and then create engaging content to attract the readers, looking for that content. Screaming Frog is a great tool to find broken links of your competitors.

Pingdom Website Speed Test:

A slow website will make your readers quit even before it opens. So if your site is slow, that means you are losing the right number of traffic. It is always wise that you should optimize the blog speed. You can use Pingdom website speed test tool to test your website speed and find errors.


Isipionage is a tool to find competitors paid keywords. This will help you to find out more about their strategies and use those plans in a more optimized way to boost your content and outrank your competitors.


SemRush is also an excellent tool for competitor analysis and keyword analysis. Its organic search is an excellent tool for you to find out the high ranking keywords of your competitors.

WordStream Keyword Niche Finder:

This is a fantastic tool to find out how to optimize your content according to a niche. It is always helpful.

Content Analytics Tool:

Every blogger or content marketer needs a tool that can help him to find out which content is most popular and which content drives more leads and conversion?

Content Analytics is a great way to look for the answer to these questions.

Content analytics makes it easy for you to better understand your visitors and you can plan how you want to navigate your traffic. You can make them visit more pages or make them buy something from you.

Reasons, why you should use content analysis tools:
  1. Find out what your visitors want
  2. What does your audience think about you and your site?
  3. What do your visitors expect from you?
  4. What attracts your customers?
Content analytics helps you find the answer to these questions.


Want to track the behavior of your readers then Kya is for you. It shows demographics of user behavior on your site. With this tool, you will know who is reading your blog and what attracts your readers.


Every content marketer wants to know what works for him and what not?

Crazyegg show heatmaps that will help you to know where your readers are quitting. You can also look at the recording of your readers. Crazyegg shows detailed information about your readers, which will help you to find out why your readers are not converting.


Piwik is here to help you control and own your data. It is an open source service.


Bitly is a URL shortener. But it also allows you to track the performance of your content. You can easily track shares and clicks.

Google Analytics:

Google Analytics is the most popular content analytics tool. Every single online service uses it. All you need is to install Google Analytics on your blog or site to get detailed information.


Content marketing is not hard if you know how to do it. With proper content marketing strategy, you can achieve your goals. All you need is the best content marketing tools to make the job easy for you.
Today I have shared 83 content marketing tools that every content marketer must use. There are many tools that I may have missed. I have only covered the best content marketing tools that you can efficiently use for useful results.

Also be Aware of : Risks of Content Marketing

Which content marketing tools you use? If there is a tool that doesn't work for you? Do share which tool works best for you?

Use content marketing tools that you find best. Right content marketing tool will make the job easy for your and improve your content marketing skills.

All you need is a reliable content marketing strategy to use these tools for getting best results of your content marketing efforts.

Which content marketing tool you loves the most?

If you still have any question, feel free to ask me via comments.

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The Complete Guide To Starting An E-Commerce Site

No need to pull your veins out of body, if you want to start an online store.

Within just 30 days I have been asked more than 150 times about setting up and promoting an online store or eCommerce website. If you are also one of those who want to know about how to start an eCommerce store, then you are on the right place.

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Staring and online store is not hard if you know how to start with and where to start. Today I am sharing this complete guide to help you start an eCommerce site.

Complete Guide Starting E-Commerce Site : eAskme
Complete Guide Starting E-Commerce Site : eAskme
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There is no doubt that it takes times and patience setting up an e-commerce shop, but all your efforts worth it.

When you offer a product online, it broadens the reach of the product to anyone on internet. Not only more people will discover about your product but also can talk and share about your products with their friends and family. This can happen from social media or Google search also.

No matter you are selling digital goods (such as online courses or ebooks) or physical goods (such as clothes, shoes) en eCommerce site is always helpful to find you more customers.

After the end of this guide you may wants to say thanks to me, but right now you can say Thanks to WordPress. Why? WordPress has made it so easy for you to build an e-commerce site. If you know which tools to use then within few days or hours you will be building an e-commerce store for yourself. Let`s see how WordPress gonna ease your way to create an shops online.

WordPress offers two major e-commerce platforms for creating shopping websites:
Not just these two but there are so many more plugins are available to boost the functionality of these shopping platforms.

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If you think that starting an e-commerce website is a headache, then you should start from the basics. First create a basic online store and later on add extra features and plugins to boost the functionality of your online shop.

The Best E-Commerce WordPress platforms:

In this guide to starting an eCommerce site, I am going to discuss about all the necessary platforms for shopping websites. When I say platform that means a tool, plugin or application which you need to run an online shop. You may find hundreds of e-commerce platforms but only few are worthy in long run.

It is always clear that every business owner has some different needs, so it is always important that you understand the need of your business before choosing an e-commerce platform.


Complete Guide Starting E-Commerce Site : eAskmeWooCommerce is the most user-friendly and most popular WordPress platform for eCommerce sites. It not only has awesome plugins and add-ons but it is one of the most easy to use plugin for both digital and physical goods.

In 2015, over 78.4% e-commerce sites were on WordPress using WooCommerce.

Woocommerce comes with user friendly interface, excellent features and constantly improving product environment. You should download the newest version of WooCommerce.

    WP eCommerce:

Complete Guide Starting E-Commerce Site : eAskme
Now you may ask that when WooCommerce is doing the job well then why people use WP eCommerce platform. Answer is simple.

WP eCommerce offer some advance features like table rate shipping and advanced checkout for free, but in WooCommerce you have to purchase an extra addon to use such features.

You may find that WP eCommerce is more beneficial for selling process of your website.

Easy Digital Downloads:

Complete Guide Starting E-Commerce Site : eAskme

Above platforms focus on both digital and physical goods. But what if you need something for Digital Goods only. Then you need Easy Digital Downloads.

It is best for entrepreneurs, authors and artists who sell non-physical products such as music, digital art, ebooks etc.

Easy Digital Downloads makes the process of Downloading online products easy and secure. It even supports repeat and multiple downloads. It also supports payment gateways like Amazon, Stripe and Paypal.


Complete Guide Starting E-Commerce Site : eAskme
Shopify is the quickest and easiest way to build an online store.

It offers you simple steps to selling in minutes with free hosting. You just need to buy a domain for your online shop and Shopify will place it on internet.

You can use this service on a monthly subscription of $13/month. You just need a basic account to upload unlimited products with unlimited storage and 24/7 awesome customer support.

E-Commerce Payment Gateways

Payment Gateway is the necessary part of e-commerce sites. This makes payments happen. You can do it via Credit card, PayPal or payment services like Braintree or Stripe.

You should look for the features on a payment gateway when selecting a platform. You should know that some platforms needs extra add-ons for some specific payment gateway services, such as If you want to add Google Wallet to your WooCommerce than you need to pay $79 extra.


Complete Guide Starting E-Commerce Site : eAskme

The biggest and most used payment gateway for e-commerce site is PayPal.

It`s free and anyone can get it. Usually e-commerce platforms have PayPal payment gateway. You can even use PayPal buttons on non e-commerce platforms. On Wordpress you can use many variations of PayPal buttons.

Complete Guide Starting E-Commerce Site : eAskme
If you are looking for a payment gateway for credit card payments without PayPal then is for you.

It allows user to make payment with electronic check or credit card. Amount will be transferred to the bank account of seller.

It supports all major credit cards such as JCB, Diner’s Club, Visa, American Express and MasterCard. It even supports Visa Checkout, Apple Pay and PayPal. offers the fraud prevention technology and automated billing for monthly subscriptions.
Complete Guide Starting E-Commerce Site : eAskme

After looking at above image you may find it a costly payment gateway. is only for established businesses.


Complete Guide Starting E-Commerce Site : eAskme
Now if you are looking for a free alternative of than Stripe is here. Stripe allows credit card payments at the flat charge per transaction of 2.9%+30 cents.

Stripe is a free extension so you do not need to go for any subscription.

Remember: To secure credit card information of your customers your site must have an SSL certificate. The major downside of stripe is that it is available for few countries only. You can check the list here.


Complete Guide Starting E-Commerce Site : eAskme
With a subscription of $10/month Gumroad is ready to manage sale of both digital and physical products online. It accepts Paypal and all major credit cards.

It even provides a product page so the buyers can see all the products.

In case you have a separate website you can install Gumroad widget to integrate payment gateway.

e-commerce Shop Customization:

WordPress offers hundreds of plugins to look your shop attractive. There are the following things that you should consider to make your shop look awesome.
  • Is it organized?
  • Is it easy to find products?
  • Is everything presented in the best way?
WordPress offer various tools to help you.


There are thousands of themes available for Wordpress e-commerce sites.

Even WooCommerce offers premium and free themes. You can even go to WordPress theme directory to look for the best theme according to your brand image.

Read more : NewsPlanet : Best WordPress News Blog Theme with WooCommerce

Complete Guide Starting E-Commerce Site : eAskme

You can even use free WooCommerce’s Storefront Theme.

Product interaction:

Products are the real thing that matter for a user on an online store.

You can use plugins such as WooCommerce Image Hover and WooCommerce Image Zoom to offer a closer look of your products. You can even use WooCommerce quick view to show a larger view of your products. You can even use WooCommerce Product Slider to show more products on single page.
Complete Guide Starting E-Commerce Site : eAskme
You can even use the Customize WooCommerce Shop plugin to overall change the design of your theme including shopping cart pages, shop, checkout option products etc.

How to do advanced customization and use extended functionality

If you want to add some advanced customization and extended functionality then you can add more plugins to your site.

For example you can add customized shipping rate calculator or download button instead of add to cart button or country wise time etc.
Complete Guide Starting E-Commerce Site : eAskme

You can use WooEnhancer and Booster for WooCommerce plugins.

Creating an E-Commerce Website

When you setup an online store for the first time, it seems a tedious and long process, but it is an awesome learning experience.

You should understand how various platforms are different from one another. This helps you to create online shop that you really want. The store you create should be easy to navigate and informative at the same time.

Read more : Problems with GoDaddy eCommerce Cart

Learning about the as many tools as you can help you to decide which tools are beneficial for your online store. Your end goal should be creating a happy customer experience so that customers can come to you again and again.

Are you an online shopper or an e-commerce entrepreneur? What suggestion would you like to add to this guide? share via comments.

Don`t forget to share what you like.

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Guide to Choose the Productive Credit Cards

The usage of the credit cards is frequent worldwide. Do you want to try credit card the first time? You should know the different types, interest rate, incentives of these cards to get the best. If you don’t know about the credit cards, this is time to learn the functions, advantages, and disadvantages.

Guide to Choose the Productive Credit Cards: eAskme
Guide to Choose the Productive Credit Cards: eAskme
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Different Types of the Credit Cards

Remember, all credit credits don’t offer the same features. Each bank has different policies, so the user has to comply with them. Take the credit card that gives you maximum advantages.

Types of Credit Card

•    Cash rebate credit cards
•    Balance transfer credit cards
•    Airline Credit cards
•    Student Credit Cards

Understand Your Needs

The number of credit cards is growing every day. The growing number of lender has created an overwhelming phenomenon for the users to choose the right credit card. The big slogan of lenders shouldn’t trap you. Take into account your needs and think either specific credit card can fulfill your requirements or not.

How to Apply for the Credit Cards

Each well-reputed bank facilitates the customers with online applying process. It is a straightforward method. Sign up for the credit card, give necessary information, and you’ll get the response.

Principles to Consider before Getting the Credit Cards

The following policies help the user to take the right credit card.

The Interest Rate

The interest rate that user pay matters a lot. It should be the primary parameter to check the credibility of the credit card. Prime rate card and fixed-rate cards come with different prospects as well as interest ratio.

The Extra Fees

The credit card issuers are businessmen. They make money at the cost of the users. Check the extra fees that you have to pay for balance transfers, and transactions. Some banks charge small prices, and other penalize the users.

Finance Charge Method

People who have vast amounts of accounts or use credit cards extensively, they should understand the method of the finance charge. In the billing cycle, often companies add or count the balance on a daily basis. On the other, two billing cycles is another finance charge method. Don’t opt this option.

Credit Limit and Credit Score

Credit limit and credit score correlate. Credit limits mean that how much money you can use. It would be a panic condition for the users when the credit card issuer company minimizes balance to such extent that’s reduced than the existing balance.

The Reward Programs

Credit card issuers offer a high number of rewards programs to attract the new credit card users. When you purchase a commodity or travel and use the credit card, you don’t have to pay extra charges.

Disadvantages of Poorly Chosen Credit Cards

Users must understand that they can cultivate the cherished benefit of these cards whey they make a logical choice. Card cards are useless stuff if the bonuses and perks don’t serve your objectives. Inappropriate credit card selection reaches your bank account empty.

Helpful Tutorials

Numerous tutorials are telling about the features and guide to choose the right credit card. Credit Card offers a large number of benefits. However, you can exploit them by only making the right choice.
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