5 Big Content Marketing Strategy Trends to Know This Year

Are you a content marketer who is looking for a strategy to be successful?

Do you think that by just creating content you can attract traffic?

You need to understand one basic thing that no one will visit your blog until you know about what you have created.

Always focus on these three things when creating content:
  1. Target Audience

  2. Objectives of your business

  3. How you promote your content
5 Big Content Marketing Strategy Trends to Know This Year: eAskme

Today I will share with you the result of a content marketing survey conducted on over 300 marketers at various US businesses. Clutch has conducted this survey. The result provides reviews and research on marketing and advertising agencies also other firms.

1) Brand story: priority of Content:

When it comes to blogging business or an online business brand story is the most important thing. Survey result shows that 18% marketers are agreed with this. Other than this there are some other important factors are:
  • Mission Statement

  • Content types

  • Metrics

  • Audience personas
5 Big Content Marketing Strategy Trends to Know This Year: eAskme

It is a surprise to see such a low personas, that most of the people think as top priorities of an online business to create a powerful consumer focused strategy.  So focus on understanding your users/readers and create quality content that satisfies their expectations, desires, needs, concerns, and interest.

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2) Brand Awareness: Always the top Goal

According to the survey, 49% companies are focused on Brand Awareness, including me also. Only 30% businesses count high search engine ranking as the top priority and only 21% consider lead generation as the top goal.

5 Big Content Marketing Strategy Trends to Know This Year: eAskme

I always say that focus on your goal when creating content for your blog or site. You may be focused on organic traffic, social media engagement or high conversion, always focus on your goal and write accordingly. This will make thing easy for you.

Check out eAskme post for more tips and ideas:

3) Research original data: the most effective content format

18% content marketers consider original data and research as the best content type. It got the first place in content marketers survey. 

Some other content formats are:
  • Videos

  • Blog posts

  • Product reviews

  • Infographics
5 Big Content Marketing Strategy Trends to Know This Year: eAskme

Since last year infographics are hot trend of visual content marketing. Infographics are the best way to present information and original data. 

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4) Sales: The Top Success Metric:

32% content marketers agreed that sale is the top success metric. They always focus on how many people actually buy their stuff. 

Content Marketers also focused on:
  • Tracking consumption such as page views, downloads

  • Lead generation

  • Social sharing
5 Big Content Marketing Strategy Trends to Know This Year: eAskme

The best way to find out how to achieve your goals is to set tracking and goal metrics. If you think content marketing is just waste of time, then you need to think again.

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5) Paid Promotion: Top Content promotion

71% marketers trust paid advertising more than anything else. They do pay to advertise on social media and also use native ads. 

Some other top ways of promotions are:
  • Events

  • Traditional marketing

  • Social media posts

  • Email marketing

5 Big Content Marketing Strategy Trends to Know This Year: eAskme

Remember: Even the best thing can`t attract a single buyer if not promoted.

Focus more on distribution than content creation. If you can`t go for paid advertisement then optimize your content for more social media shares and to attract influencers.

So you see, these are the 5 big content marketing strategy trends that you should know to improve your marketing.

What is your content marketing strategy? What do you do to improve your bussiness?

If you still have any question, feel free to ask me via comments.

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Image credits:Clutch
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Understanding The Metrics When Getting Cash For Gold

The cash-for-gold companies are touted as a bad option, but you can definitely find good reputed firms while trying to get cash for gold near you. Besides getting cash against your gold, you can also explore the option of getting a loan against your gold or other precious metals. You will obviously be required to deposit your jewelry at their facility for the cash loan. Banks and private lenders conveniently offer this service. The response rate is usually quicker compared to getting a traditional loan, and the paper work is also rather limited, since they are already getting your gold as a guarantee of repayment. But this option should be researched and analyzed carefully before making the plunge.

Understanding The Metrics When Getting Cash For Gold: eAskme

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Understanding The Metrics When Getting Cash For Gold

Let’s delve deeper into the world of cash for gold:

Going for Loan

Yes, you can secure a loan against your gold as pledge, and when you pay back the amount along with interest/ mark-up you get your gold back. Going for this sort of trade-in, you’ll be required to fill your details in a form - a contract with all the terms and conditions, and that’s about it. Hand over the gold and get the cash. The greater the gold you pledge, smaller the interest rate you get and vice versa. It is a plausible option, but be wary of the firm or bank you are choosing, and do read through the contract in detail.

The terms and conditions are similar when you go for a mail-away service, though we highly recommend visiting a gold shop to get your gold evaluated.

As narrated earlier, since the loaning agency, whether you opt for a bank or a cash for gold firm, has already got their loan covered in form of pledged gold, they offer relatively low interest rate and will be nicer when it comes to repayment.

Don’t Hesitate

Once you are there, don’t hesitate to ask for your ornaments back, since they won’t be considered while weighing. Most firms do oblige and remove stones for free, however same can’t be said for banks.

Understand the Scales and Weigh your Gold

Weight of the gold in karats is the determining factor of possible resale value, so pay attention. For instance, the mostly used Troy ounce is equal to 31.1 grams of gold. Now dealers may use a penny weight, which is equivalent to 1.55 gram to measure Troy ounce, but will pay you in grams.This way they will get more weighing gold and you will get less value.

Now coming to karat, gold itself is too fragile to be used purely for ornaments, so it is mixed with other metals. The purest form of gold is 24Karat gold, and anything less than 10 Karat is not considered gold. The US regulations state that the Karat value should be mentioned while being sold in the US.

A word of advice:People make mistake of mixing all their jewellery and submit for weighing.The buyer will weigh all and evaluate it close to the lowest karat value. This way you will end up losing a big chunk of money. Hand over the items separately and weigh them independently.Don’t get in a rush to take money. If you believe you are not getting the money equal to your gold’s worth, borrow some money to fulfill your needs.
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Long Tail SEO Strategy: How to target High Quality Keywords

Are you converting gold with your own long tail keyword strategy?


Are you just wasting your time?

There was a time when bloggers and internet marketer were enjoying targeting the short keywords. With the time competition of such keywords increased.

Long Tail SEO Strategy: How to target High Quality Keywords: eAskme
Long Tail SEO Strategy: How to target High Quality Keywords: eAskme

So, webmasters started looking at the new type of keywords that we call long tail keywords.

The best thing which attracts bloggers to use long tail keyword is that most of the times have low competition.

If you are new to long tail keywords then you may feel it hard to find highly converting long tail keywords.

Today I am going to help you find long tail keywords for your blog.

Let`s start with the basics.

What are Long Tail Keywords:

Long tail keywords are known as highly targeted search queries. Usually, such keywords have low competition, low search volume but high conversion rates.

You may ask that why to work for long tail keywords when search volume is really low. The reason is that they are highly targeted and also convert like hot cakes.

Who does not love a keyword with high conversion rate?

Long tail keywords specifically target the clear customer.

To utilize the power of long tail keywords, you have to understand the search queries.

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For example; if a person is searching for "Price of Genesis WordPress themes" that means he is highly interested in buying Genesis WordPress theme. But if he is searching for WordPress themes then it is not clear that he actually wants to make a purchase or just looking for free theme or information.

The good thing here is that length of long tail keywords is not an issue anymore.

Why Long Tail Keywords are Important in SEO:

Have you ever checked your Google search console?

In search term, you will find that the most of the keywords you are ranking for are long tail.

Now just imagine if you rank for every long tail keyword and link that to your high converting landing page, you will end up making millions every month.

Now let`s talk about the benefits of Long Tail Keywords

Benefits of Long Tail keywords:

1) Low Competition:

The main reason why you will see low competition in LTK is that Long tail keywords are highly specific to a niche or business. It does not take much effort to rank for such keywords and you can grab more organic traffic.

With On-page SEO and backlinks you can easily rank for long tail keywords.

2) High Conversion rate:

If you understand the search terms in a better way then you can easily find the highly targeted long tail keywords for your blog. Just focus on the highly converting queries.

This will help you to generate highly qualified leads and improve content marketing results.

3) Optimize Semantic search:

Long tail keywords are the essential part of the semantic search. When you target the long tail keywords with the better-spoken question, you will easily boost traffic from mobile users.

Now it's the time to find long tail keywords for your blog or site.

How to find long tail keywords for your blog or site?

When looking for keywords for your next blog post, you should understand the importance and use of keywords.

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Prepare the list of keywords:

The very first thing that you need to do is to create of list of long tail keywords that you want to use. When searching for long tail keywords, never use Google Keyword Planner.

Use Google AutoComplete Suggestions:

Enter your keywords in Google search and write down the suggestion that Google shows you.

Copy Google related search suggestions:

At the end of the search page, you will find the related search suggestions. Note down all suggestions.

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Use Bing search:

Do the same steps for bing search also.

You may not find it easy to search and collect long tail keywords manually. I have already shared the tools to find long tail keywords. let`s learn what you need to do when you are searching for long tail keywords.

Remember: Never use Google Keyword planner to find long tail keyword

Now as you have collected all the keywords, time to filter the highly targeted long tail keywords and LSI keywords.

Only stick with the strongest keywords for your blog.

Now it`s time to write the high-quality pillar article around long tail keywords.

How to Write High-Quality content around long tail keywords

You may have so many long tail keywords for each target.

Here, I recommend you to use one page for each long tail keyword or you can use potential long tail keywords in your post.

Here is the example:

Long Tail SEO Strategy: How to target High Quality Keywords: eAskme

This example shows that you should manage your keywords according to the topic. This will help you naturally place long tail keywords in your blog.

Also, focus on internal linking for each page.

Final Words:

Now you know that how to discover long tail keywords. What are you waiting for? Take benefits of long tail keywords.

Create high-quality posts and ring authority to your blog. Also, keep an eye on your ranking and organic traffic. This will help you to easily discover more long tail keywords for your blog or site and improve SEO.

What are you doing to improve SEO of yoru blog or site? Are you using long tail keywords?

If you still have any question, feel free to ask me via comments.

Don`t forget to like us on FB and subscribe eAskme newsletter to stay tuned with us.
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The Importance of Mobile Users to Small Businesses

As you are putting together your online marketing, it is important to not forget about a growing segment of online users: mobile users. With the rise in popularity of smartphones, more people are now accessing the internet through a device rather than a computer. There are some issues that come up, though, with using a device over a computer. These issues need to be in the forefront of your mind as you work on your online presence.

Get a new SmartPhone: Win OnePlus 5 Selfie Expert with 8GB RAM

The Importance of Mobile Users to Small Businesses : eAskme
The Importance of Mobile Users to Small Businesses : eAskme
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Who Are Mobile Users?

Mobile users make up a large portion of people using the internet. They are younger users. They are people who are on the go and busy, such as middle-aged parents with children. They are business professionals. As you can see, this group is diverse.

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The chances are very good that at least some portion of your target market is mobile users. So, you need to make sure you are reaching them and making it easy for them to use your website. If you fail to do this, you may be missing out on potential earnings.

Why Does Mobile Present an Issue?

Mobile devices are smaller and have different usability than computers. This presents problems when mobile users access websites designed for computer users. A website built to basic computer configurations may be difficult to navigate on a mobile device because of the limited screen space. In addition, clicking on links or other items with a finger is not as precise as using a mouse, which creates further issues.

How Are the Problems Solved?

In the early days of trying to reach mobile users, many companies created two websites: one for computer users and one for mobile users. This, obviously, was a hassle because it meant maintaining two websites. If you made a change, you had to do it twice.

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Luckily, there is now the option to create a website that adjusts to the user. You only need one website because it will detect on its own whether the user is on a computer or on a mobile device and adjust accordingly. Most website builder options include this in your website creation.

How Do Mobile Sites Look?

Mobile-targeted websites feature screens sizes that adjust to fit the small mobile screen sizes. This allows the user to see the whole website without having to scroll left or right. It basically shrinks it down and reorganizes to allow for easier viewing.

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Mobile sites also tend to be less detailed than the computer sites. This allows for easier clicking on links and other items. It also makes it fit better on the mobile screen. In addition, because mobile devices may not run as fast as a computer or have as good internet service, mobile sites are kept simpler to load quickly and prevent crashes or issues with freezing up.

How Are Mobile Sites Beneficial?

Every business should have a website that works for mobile users. They are a nice sized market segment now, and they are only growing. If you fail to cater to mobile users, then you are going to lose out on reaching all these people. It could have a serious effect on your bottom line.

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By having a mobile site, you are ensuring that everyone who visits your website can get information and easily use your site. People expect this. They don’t want to have to try to navigate a site that is confusing or difficult to use. There are too many other options out there, so they will simply leave if they see your site isn't catering to mobile users.

When it comes to creating your small business website, you have to think about how people are accessing the internet. If you forget about mobile users, you will see the effects. Making sure your website works for any user regardless of what device they are using can help you to maintain your hold on the market.
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Expert Roundup: How to Promote Blog Posts for Maximum Traffic

Inviting bloggers to this expert roundup. Share your best tips about "How to promote Blog posts for maximum traffic."

Please fill your answer in this expert roundup form.

Expert Roundup: How to Promote Blog Posts for Maximum Traffic: eAskme
Expert Roundup: How to Promote Blog Posts for Maximum Traffic: eAskme

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Mistakes That Invite Google to Punish Your Blog or Site

If you are a blogger then you probably understand the importance of ranking high in Google search. Google is the giant search engine and you do not want to lose your Google search ranking or do something that will invite Google to punish your blogs.

No matter you are a newbie or established blogger, when it comes to be professional there are things that every single blogger should take care of.

When working on a blog, it is really necessary to work according to the search engine rules or I can say work according to Google policies.

You may have heard about Google updates that Google runs every year to analyze the quality of blogs to make the high quality content rank higher and low quality content fall in doom.

Mistakes That Invite Google to Punish Your Blog or Site: eAskme
Mistakes That Invite Google to Punish Your Blog or Site: eAskme
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Do you want to lose your Google search ranking?


That means you should read this article carefully to understand what are the mistakes that invite Google to punish your blog?

Google can remove your content from Google search results or in worse cases ban your site from Google search.

Mistakes That Invite Google to Punish Your Blog or Site

Mistakes That Invite Google to Punish Your Blog or Site: eAskme

Let`s see what are the mistakes that you are making which can cause a Google penalty on your blog.

1) Duplicate content:

If you are a newbie then you may not aware about that duplicate content can not only cause you DMCA penalty but also make the Google hit your site really hard. Duplicate content is an invitation to Google to punish your blog content.

 If you are running a blog on Blogger, then Google may completely remove your blog from their platform and you can do nothing about it or it can simply downgrade your search ranking.

If you have blog on self hosted platform such as WordPress, then you may not lose the blog, but you still get penalized on your Google search ranking.

Remember: No content is much better than duplicate content.

If you do not know that your blog has duplicate content or not, then you can check it on copy content checker tools.

2) Keyword Stuffing:

Are you thinking that by adding the main keyword multiple times will help you rank higher in Google search?

If yes, then I must say “OMG”.

Keywords are important.

But, keyword stuffing is the big reason why most of the sites get penalized by Google algorithms. There is no doubt that keyword helps you to attract target reader.

But, when you overdo it, you are just inviting Google bots to find out about your evil skills and beat your blog down to the end of the list.

Tip: If you want to use the keyword multiple times in your blog, then first increase the word count and also use LSI keywords to make things natural.

You can use keyword density checker tools to analyze the keyword density on your article.

3) Poor or spammy backlink profile:

Now you may ask what is the poor or spammy backlink profile?

In simple words, if you are getting tons of backlinks from poor quality or think resources then you are making a big mistake which will lead your blog to a Google penalty.

Are you doing following things just for the sake of backlinks:
  1.  Blog commenting
  2.  Forum posting
  3.  Directory submissions
If you are doing such things that mean, you are showing the true color of your backlink strategy to Google. Once Google will find out, it will make you cry for your mistakes.

I am not saying that you should not comment on blog.

Actually you should, but spam commenting tells your story.

Remember: When commenting on a blog always think about adding value, not just about backlinks.
Also manage the dofollow and nofollow ratio of your backlinks.

There are people who think that only paid links invite penalty.

Let me tell you that any kind of link which is spammy or of no value is enough to invite Google to punish your blog or website.

Here I have: Free Best Online Backlink Checker Tools for you to check your backlink profile.
  • How to improve backlink profile:

  • Use Google disavow tool for spammy backlinks.

  • Ask the webmaster to remove your link

  • Focus on getting links from high quality sites.

  • Only buy backlinks from high quality sites with permanent nature.

4) Hacked or malicious code:

If your blog or site is hacked or you have some kind of malicious code on your blog then you will easily fall in the hands of Google algorithm updates.

It is your job to keep your website secure.

If you are not sure that your site has some malicious code or not, then you can check it on Sucuri SiteCheck. It is a Free Website Malware Scanner.

5) Misusing the anchor text:

Do you think that using the same anchor text everywhere will help to improve your search engine ranking?

If yes then I say “NO”.

If you are doing so, that means you are telling Google that you are in black hat SEO and it should punish you.

For God`s sake stop doing it.

Be genuine and only used the anchor tag which is necessary. You can use LSI keywords in anchor tags to link the same article multiple times.

6) Too Many Ads:

I know you want to make money blogging, but do you think that adding too many ads make the user click on them.

Hell no.

If you are using too many ads, that means you are actually forcing the ads on the reader.

Stop doing it right now.

Only show relevant ads or use Google Adsense Heatmap to plan where you should show ads.

Though Google has removed the limit of showing ads per page, still the best practice is to show 3 ads on a page.

You can also use affiliate marketing to boost your earning.

7) High Bounce Rate:

How do you find out that your readers are interested in what you are writing or not?

The easiest way is to look at your bounce rate.

High bounce rate means that readers close your blog too early as they do not find the content relevant or they are fed up watching the same thing everywhere.

High bounce rate tells that you need to work hard to please your readers.

If you cannot make your readers happy then how can you make Google happy?

Google is all about quality and value.

If you are not delivering it that means Google don`t want you to be on first place.

I always say that focus more on your readers than SEO.

Bring quality and uniqueness to your content.

8) Blog/Site optimization:

If I visit your site or blog and see that I can’t navigate easily or the website is too slow, do you think I will ever visit your site again.

90% times I will not.


Because I don`t have time to waste looking at highly unmanaged site. That means you are giving me bad user experience.

When I say bad user experience that means at any point of time Google is going to knock the door down and hit your blog harder.

Save your blog from disaster.

Optimized your site not just for SEO, but also optimize design, make it responsive and improve site speed.

Here I have something for you that will help you to optimize your blog:
Now you know, what are the 8 mistakes that invite Google to punish your blog?

Also remember: Don’t be afraid of Google algorithms. Google is your friend. Just don`t cheat him and add value to user.

Do you have any question; feel free to ask me via comments.

What do you know about Google algorithms? Has your site ever penalized by Google? How you have fixed that?

Also don`t forget to like us on Facebook and subscribe eAskme newsletter to stay tuned with us.

Sharing is Caring:

If you like what you find here, don`t forget to share it with your friends and family on Facebook twitter and Google Plus.
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Why You Should Buy Backlinks: Everything You Need to Know

You may be thinking that either I am out of my mind or I am half awake as I am writing about why you should buy backlinks. There is no doubt that these days everyone tells you not to buy backlinks, still, the truth is that every business including Apple, Micromax, Acer, Casino etc are investing huge money in buying backlinks.

Reasons Why You Should Buy Backlinks: eAskme
Reasons Why You Should Buy Backlinks: eAskme
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Since the origin of Search engines and SEO, backlinks are known as the most interesting part of any online business. Not just because, business wants to show themselves everywhere, but to rank higher in search engine results and also to improve domain authority of the site.

If you are new to backlink word, then you may ask what the backlink is? Let me tell you that backlink is known as the link of your site which is published on some other site.

For example: If some other site is showing a link such as and it is directing you to my site that means I have a backlink on that site.

There are two types of backlinks:

  1.  Dofollow
  2.  Nofollow
Dofollow links pass the link juice to the linked site but nofollow never pass the link juice.

In easy words, dofollow backlinks have the big impact in improving the backlink profile and ranking of a site.

Here you can learn more about what are Dofollow and Nofollow links?

Now as you know the basic of backlink, let me tell you why you should buy backlink when everyone else tells you not to buy backlinks.

Why should you buy backlinks?

Reasons Why You Should Buy Backlinks: Everything You Need to Know: eAskme

1) Branding:

As I have already said that quality backlinks will help you improve your ranking in search engines results and also improves your domain authority. When you buy backlink from popular sites, you actually making them bound with your business.

It is not easy for most of the businesses to spend lots of time working on creating backlink just by quality content as it takes time and there is no guarantee that you will be contacted by big brands until you grow yourself that big.

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Buying backlink is an easy way here. Brands invest money buying backlinks, just to make sure that they have the permanent link and link type always stay the same.

2) To boost referral traffic:

If you are a new blogger who is writing quality content and even have good Alexa rank, yet you do not have backlinks from quality sites that means you are losing the opportunity to get high-quality traffic.

There are sites like or that are getting millions of traffic every day. Adding link of such sites, boost your chance to attract at least few thousand visitors every day.

The easy way is to find a quality backlink bulding service where you can buy backlinks from sites with high traffic volume. All you need is to do just invest few cents or dollars every month to keep the link live on those sites and gain more traffic every day.

3) Save time:

There is no doubt that when you try to attract backlinks just with the quality of your blog or content, it takes time. You need to have good marketing skills to improve your brand so that other brands try to connect with you. This takes time.

You can save your time by just buying the high-quality backlinks. All you need to do is just pay and get the backlink. It is the best way to get backlink in less time.

You see the difference.

4) Type of backlinks you get:

Most of the times, when you get backlink just because of your content or popularity, the links are nofollow.

That means you are not getting any good SEO benefit from those links. Too many nofollow backlinks also harm your ranking. It is the best way to gain one way backlink.

But when you pay someone to buy backlinks, you always pay for dofollow link. That means with just a little investment you will get either permanent or monthly paid dofollow links to your site.

5) Generate more leads:

Free backlinks usually attract readers to the page where they find the useful content. You may hardly find any possibility where you are getting a link back just to your sale page or affiliate product.
Even if you are getting the backlink to an affiliate product review, you cannot tell if the visitor is actually ready to buy what you are offering.

But if you are paying a quality site for adding highly targeted anchor tag, then you will have more changes to attract highly targeted visitor who is actually interested in buying what you are offering.

For example: If a visitor interested in buying backlink and on a website he will see an anchor tag saying “Buy backlinks” , then he will surely visit that page, even if it is a sales page. And the page owner will have a highly targeted visitor to his page. Chances of sale are more.

This way you have more chances to generate leads and convert into sales.

Now you see buying backlinks is easy. You just need to find the relevant sites according to your own niche and pay them for highly targeted backlinks to your site.

Remember: There is no doubt that if you are buying backlink like a maniac then you will get penalized by Google. So always do research before buying backlinks. The best way is to publish a guest post on the site and add the backlink in it. Also never overdo it.

Plan your backlink strategy plan your backlink strategy according to your competiton. Buying 3-5 backlink a month which is highly targeted and relevant for your site as well as the site of the publisher is always known as quality backlink.

Here are the sites from where you can buy backlinks.

If you still have any question, feel free to ask me via comments.

What do you think about buying backlinks? Have you ever purchased some backlinks? Do share your experience and suggestions via comments.
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