Advantages of Hiring a Google Certified Social Media Partner

Have you ever noticed or come across the Google partner stamp on the web portal of any digital marketing organization? Well, the odds that you have since, certifying to be a Google partner is what each and every digital marketing agency is aiming for today.

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Subsequently, are there any perks of a Google partner status? How does operating with Google partner make a difference to you, as a customer and to your business? But what does it exactly mean to be stamped, as a Google certified social media partner and why it is always better to work with a Google certified social media partner?

How can social media marketing certification from Market Motive help you?

Advantages of Hiring a Google Certified Social Media Partner: eAskme
Advantages of Hiring a Google Certified Social Media Partner: eAskme
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So, if you are looking out for a social media marketing certification then Market Motive is the best place for you. The Advanced Social Media marketing certification course will assist you to develop your skills in order to draw traffic to your website and thus would help to build up your brand awareness.  Market Motive provides you with the most sophisticated and latest social media techniques that are a major part of this course. 

In this section, the candidates will be able to comprehend how social media and E-commerce interconnect each other. This Social Media marketing certification tackles the misinterpretations that encircle social media marketing and will educate and train students to adjust to their social media marketing strategy to the company goals.

This particular course in social media marketing from Market Motive, will train you to excel in the art of story telling to promote products through social media and you will in turn be able to achieve a Google Partner Stamp easily!

Why does a Premier Partner Stamp matter?

Recently, Google has made the Premier Google Partner Stamp available to the advertisers who have passed and cleared the precedents to become a Google Partner and who have additionally met the higher spending and performance requisites.

What is the Google Partner Program?

The Google Partner program is for digital marketing agencies who qualify as having a sound knowledge of Google products, a sizeable client base and a consistent track record of success. Advertising agencies and digital marketing professionals can also be a part of this program.

Earning the status of a Google partner is quite a difficult task. The agency is required to go through a series of difficult test in order to acquire this certification as well as go through severe inspection at regular intervals of time in order to meet up with the definite spend requirement across managed client accounts over a period of 90 days; as an evidence for a definite amount of activity as well as adopt the best practices in client accounts as suggested by the search engine giant.

Ways To Promote Your Small Business on Social Media

And for this purpose, Market Motive is the best place for you, as you can choose from a variety of social media marketing certifications which will help you to become one of the best social media marketing superstars and your organization can take the industry by storm!

Here are 6 advantages of hiring a Google certified social media partner:

1. Work with qualified analyst and account managers

Google partner agencies have a workforce who are specialized in Google AdWords and Google analytics, which means that these people are legitimate experts in their individual fields.  Additionally, Google ensures that these certifications are the latest and that ensures that the organization or agency meets up with Google’s principles for account management best practices.

2. Have admission to masters of AdWords features

It is very much essential that Google Partners are familiar with all the features of AdWords and make use of them, in a way that is profitable to their client. It is compulsory for the analysts to expertise in the use of negative keywords, ad extensions; sitelinks inside of ads, phrase matching keywords, broad match customized keywords, ad scheduling, split testing with AdWords and many more.

3. Get an edge up on the competition with beta features

Those organizations and companies that have acquired a Google partner stamp, have a right to use Google’s beta features.  This means, that after Google has perfected a new function or feature, its partners can experiment and make use of this feature up to one year or more, before it is made available to its general users. Just think about the advantages that one can achieve, by making use of Google’s marketing feature even before your competitors have access to it!

4. Avert waiting in a line

Those Google partners who have a huge ad spend have their individual Google agency team, which they can contact anytime, without waiting in a line when a client has a problem. For instance, if your site has a crisis with malware and your AdWord campaigns are shut down. You will continue to lose your money until and unless those campaigns are not fixed and reactivated. At times, it can easily take a few days to resolve this matter but only if you or your organization has an access to a Google agency team, this crisis can be addressed instantly.

5. Keep up with the best PPC practices

If you want to maintain your Google partner status, then the team members of the agency ought to take certificate examinations in AdWords Fundamentals, Display, Video, Search, Shopping and Mobile Advertising. Similarly, partners can also attend free training sessions in order to keep up with the latest PPC practices. Hence, you will know that your organization is keeping up with the latest PPC trends.

6. Innovation and Testing

Google Adwords partners are obligated to illustrate that they are employing the best practices. This could consists of conducting split testing on ads in order to magnetize the maximum number of customers to a clients website and assuring that there are several ads per campaign group with special messaging. Google also buoys up ongoing experimentation by focusing on a range of demographics that falls into a clients target market.

An organization that does not uphold to Google’s standards, for a partners status can have their stamp removed. This assures that a high standard of service is maintained by the partners no matter the date that the partner status was achieved.

So, no matter what it is always best that you go ahead with a certified Google partner for your business requirements.
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Blogging is my life, Adsense was my Girlfriend, Affiliate Marketing is my Wife

Do you want to know the secret ingredient of my life? Here is the answer, Blogging is my life, Adsense was my girlfriend, and Affiliate marketing is my life. Now you may ask what, why and how?

I will explain this to you in this post.

But first you need to understand;
Blogging is my life, Adsense was my Girlfriend, Affiliate Marketing is my wife: eAskme
Blogging is my life, Adsense was my Girlfriend, Affiliate Marketing is my wife: eAskme
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This word has changed how humans are utilizing internet these days.

In the beginning, people were using blogs as an online journal or personal diary. They write everything that has happened in the current day and what they have to do in next day.

But with the time, Blogging has grown, and marketers found great potential in it. These days not just internet marketers but personal bloggers also taking birth as mushrooms. Blogging is a necessary part of digital marketing.

Blogging is my life, Why and How?

There was a time when I was working as millions of other people these days. Blogging has entitled me to so many benefits that I was not able to gain in any job, such as;
  1. Boss free life
  2. My own business
  3. Time freedom
  4. Location Freedom
  5. Financial freedom
There was a time when my life was running from home to office and office to the house. I was working for long hours and still have to listen to many things. Even when I was a top performer in office, it never helped me gain much. Blogging has helped me not only to be my boss and live a boss-free life.

For an ordinary person, it is not easy to start a business. Usually, the company needs a lot of investment and knowledge.

But blogging has helped me to establish my own blogging business. With just little investment of around 100 dollars, a person can start blogging.

Complete freedom:

If you work in an office or even in a business, you can never feel complete freedom as you have to work every day to earn. But in blogging, you can make money while sleeping.

Blogging has helped to overcome the worries of money. It has made me earn the freedom to work from anywhere I want and whenever I want.

Now I make money blogging, even when I work 30 minutes.

Blogging has changed my identity. It has turned me from an employee to an entrepreneur. I have discovered the way to earn not just money but name and fame also.

Now you know me as a professional blogger.

I start my day with blogging and sleep after checking my blog status.

Adsense was my life, why and how?

We all work for money.

When a newbie thinks of monetizing his blog the very first thing he dreams about is getting Adsense approval.


Adsense is the best and high paying contextual ad network. It is the network that pays a blogger more than any system if utilized correctly.

Adsense has helped blogger who is making millions of dollars every month.

But, you can only make good money with Adsense when you have a tremendous amount of traffic with the people who click on your ads.

At the beginning of my blogging journey, I was genuinely in love with Google Adsense.

Google Adsense was the network that paid me the very first check of $553.

I have made almost 100k in 4 months with Adsense. I have made that much because the 90% of my site traffic was from the USA. But Adsense started paying less in Asian countries.

Every year bloggers are facing a decrease in Adsense earning even when the traffic is same.

Adsense was my most favorite girlfriend, but soon I realized that it is not enough for me.

In 2015, I broke up with Adsense on my main site.

I am still using Adsense on my other blogs, but definitely, I do not love it and cannot consider it my girlfriend.

Affiliate Marketing is my wife, How and Why?

At the beginning of 2014, I started discovering other ways to monetize my blogs.

I have checked many Adsense alternatives and even used Bing Ads.

One day I learned word affiliate marketing and started digging for more.

Soon I understood that Affiliate marketing is the only solution to my broken heart.

I have chased affiliate marketing on many sites and learned many things.

It was the time when I realized that I should approach Affiliate Marketing.

I joined Shareasale, Clickbank, and CJ.

Joined some affiliate programs and within three months my Affiliate earning has crossed my earning from Adsense.

I finally committed myself to Affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is like the right wife that stays with me even in the hard times. It works for me and cares about me even when I am sleeping.

It was affiliate marketing that makes me achieve financial freedom with the help of blogging.

Now I am a man of my own life.

I live as I want, work as much as I want, whenever I want and from wherever I want.

I am earning money, but now I am not chasing it because my life (Blogging) and my wife (affiliate marketing) bringing cash to me.

And not just the money but I have made some 100’s of quality friends such as Ryan Biddulph, Donna Merrill, Janice Wald, Cori Ramos and more.

What I am doing these days:

Now I am living my blogging life happily with my wife affiliate marketing in a way that most people just dream.

I now just teach people how to make their life better with the help or internet and how to make money online but also counting all the blessings that I am getting from my readers, fans, and followers.

I always loved the idea to become a mentor and blogging has helped me to become one. I am more than satisfied when I see that my efforts are assisting the millions to make their way in the online world and boost their career.

Thanks to all of you. Thanks to all who stand beside me. I also thank all those who have criticized me because you have helped me to understand what you needed from me.

This is for all:

Stay with me till the end of my life, because I count your blessing. I appreciate the time and words you share with me or my blogs.

If you connect with me, I will connect with you.

Do share about your life! Are you happy with what you are doing? What is your love or goal in life?

Do share your story with me, via comments.

Do you want to stay tuned with eAskme:

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Five Ways to Improve User Identity Security

As the 21st century progresses, cybersecurity and identity verification are becoming ever more important industries, with companies investing millions of dollars each year in order to ensure they and their data are adequately protected from attacks over the internet.

Five Ways to Improve User Identity Security: eAskme
Five Ways to Improve User Identity Security: eAskme
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However the pace of development in cybersecurity rapidly proceeds, and alongside it cyber warfare, it’s very easy to be left vulnerable to attack by relying on half-effective or obsolete methods.

Good cybersecurity requires good practice in data management, and a robust set of security measures that can ensure that even if one safeguard fails you still have others to fall back on, or at least so that the damage of any breach can be contained.

Google Will No Longer “Trust” China’s Official Web Registrar

We’ve listed five simple methods you can use to help enhance your cybersecurity, thus protecting your company and its data.

Five Ways to Improve User Identity Security

Write Up a Clear, Defined Data Policy

Before you get started in beefing up cybersecurity, make sure you have a clear understanding of what needs to be done and why. Once this has been worked out, write it down on paper – or at least a Word document – and have it ready to be passed out to your workforce.

This allows you a clear and easily understood protocol regarding your systems and how you expect them to be used, which not only gives a clear framework for how to operate with your company’s data but also keeps your employees informed about it as well.

With a clear data policy, if you ever come under attack you already have a plan of action that can be followed, providing a quick and effective response.

Rigorous Password Protocols

Most companies will always look at passwords as being their first line of defense against any attack made upon their systems, as it is likely these measures that hackers will run against first.

However many employees are often lax in approaching their selection or protection of passwords. Expect highly unreliable passwords such as “password”, “guest”, or “12345”.

To better protect your systems enforce a strict policy with your employees’ passwords. Ensure they are required to change them around regularly – say one every two or three months – and that you take an active role in ensuring they’re of adequate strength.

Insist on minimum character numbers and character diversity. This can be a little tedious to do, but it results in much stronger security for your systems and greater peace of mind.

Be Restrictive in Who Can Access Data

It’s an old but effective policy. Data is on a strict need to know basis, and some members of your staff just do not need to know. As such, do not be afraid to be very choosy about who can and cannot access certain systems, and place appropriate blocks as necessary.

Ensure that employees are given differing data access of varying levels, with low-ranking employees given only as much as they need to complete day to day tasks.

If they require access to data they’re not usually privy to, then make sure there’s a clear authorization procedure.

This is essential to ensure you know who is accessing data and when. You can never be certain why your employees are accessing potentially sensitive systems and information, and for this reason it needs to be tightly controlled.

Further, if employees are illicitly accessing data they should not be, you have a clear digital paper trail to follow.

Back Up Your Data

The importance of backing up your data cannot be understated. No system is perfect, and any number of unforeseen events could result in your company’s data being in some way lost or compromised.
Depending on what’s effective, the ramifications on your company could be crippling.

Make sure you make regular backups of all company data, or at least the most critical segments if for whatever reason you have limited backup capability.

And that shouldn’t be a problem, as there are many sites that offer to back up data for free. Then make backups of these backups. And for good measure, make backups of them as well.
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Why Choose a Career in Digital Marketing

Technological advances and digital devices have had a huge impact on a variety of careers and industries. One industry where that is extremely obvious is marketing.

The entire field has been forced to evolve and find new practices and techniques to keep up with today’s digital trends and technology.

For you: Know Before Getting a Certification in Digital Marketing

Why Choose a Career in Digital Marketing?: eAskme
Why Choose a Career in Digital Marketing?: eAskme
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This has also brought about new positions in digital marketing. While it still uses many of those same marketing foundations and principals of the past, it has also taken a unique approach to marketing by taking into consideration people’s reliance on digital devices.

If you’ve been considering a career in digital marketing but aren’t exactly sure if it’s right for you and what it entails, then you’ll want to read on.

A Growing Field

One of the first things worth noting about digital marketing is that marketing as a field is one that is currently enjoying a healthy amount of growth here in the United States.

According to statistics from the United States Bureau of Labor, advertising, promotions, and marketing managers are growing at an above-average rate in terms of positions, and the median pay is $127,560.

If you’re basing your future career on how many jobs are available, then clearly marketing is an industry worth taking note of.

Is Known for Providing a Healthy Work-Life Balance

Another big pro in choosing a career in digital marketing is that statistics show it’s one of few careers out there that actually encourage and allows for a healthy work-life balance. Having a great career that is fulfilling and interesting is important, but just as important is having a fulfilling life outside of work.

Many of these digital marketing positions also make it possible for the person to work from home and even have flex-hours, which again, encourages a healthy work-life balance.

It Offers a Lot of Variety

If you're the type that gets bored easily, then digital marketing could be exactly what you need. This is a field that combines social media, paid advertising, emails, building brands, and creating shareable content. It's fresh and new all the time, making for a dynamic and engaging career.

It’s not just the job responsibilities that offer variety, there’s also variety in terms of employers. You can choose to start your own company, work for a marketing company, or as part of a company’s in-house marketing team.

Enrolling in Digital Marketing Courses is Easy

Of course, in order to excel in a career, you'll need the proper educational training. You'll find digital marketing courses are easy to find and enroll in, which means you can get that dream job that much faster. General Assembly is a great example where you can find campuses located all around the world.

A Promising and Exciting Future

Digital marketing is a career that offers plenty of promise, versatility, variety, and opportunities making for a great option for a wide range of people.

 Look for this industry to continue to evolve and expand as technology drives it forward.
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How to Start a Blog with GoDaddy

People love blogs. So, if want to make money online, start a blog. Luckily, you don’t need any programming skills, any design software, or any previous experience in running a blog to start one.

How to Start a Blog with GoDaddy: eAskme
How to Start a Blog with GoDaddy: eAskme
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How to Start a Blog

1. Choose a blog name

Choose a blog name that is easy to remember and memorable. While at it, resist the urge to use hyphens and numbers.

2. Decide on a blog builder

There are plenty of blog builders out there, but WordPress stands out in a big way for a reason – it is effective, well-supported by many hosts, and welcoming to beginners. Other options include Blogger and Type Pad.

3. Pick the right web host

When starting a blog, use a host that has a history of providing quality webhosting services. For instance, GoDaddy offers great WordPress blog hosting.

4. Link the domain name to the blog

The webhost should show you how to link your blog to your domain name. This process should be fast and painless when using a good webhost.

5. Design the blog

Make your blog to look as you always fantasized about. You can play around with the themes, and plugins, and to get the blog you wanted all along.

6. Publish your blog content

Start publishing the content that will define your blog’s niche.

7. Promote and post more content

Now promote your blog through social media and see your subscriber numbers, and income, grow.

Determining Your Hosting Needs

It is important to understand what your blog’s hosting needs are. For instance, some blogs will require lots of server space because they will include lots of images and videos. Other blogs might end up with lots of traffic. In such scenarios, ample space and bandwidth would be a necessity.

Additionally, you can determine what your responsibilities are as far as managing the blog goes. For instance, if you want someone else to handle the backups and maintenance, consider paying someone for it.

Other issues to consider when starting a blog include whether you need multiple domain names, technical support, hosting costs, and the like. One of the most popular hosts for bloggers is GoDaddy. Below we will see how to start a blog with GoDaddy.

How to Start a GoDaddy Managed WordPress Blog

1. Visit GoDaddy managed WordPress page

On the page, you will asked to create an account if you don’t already have one.

2. Select a plan

Then you should choose your plan, going with the basic plan, unless your blog has lots of images and videos then jump over the add-ons option and hit Continue. You can find the latest GoDaddy coupon codes online on Wiki Gains and save money on your plan.

The basic plan costs $3.99, while the Deluxe plan goes for $4.99. The Ultimate plan is worth $7.99 a month, while the Developer plan goes for $13.99.

3. Create/add a domain

Add a domain by choosing “No Thanks”. Otherwise, you can search for a new domain.

4. Choose plan length

Plan length is the amount of time you wish your webhosting plan to last for. It is a good idea to select  a web hosting plan for at least 12 months.

5. Adjust privacy settings

For GoDaddy’s free domain offer, select the option to keep your contact information private before checking out.

6. Visit Help for information on how to set up your new blog

You can use the “Quick Start Wizard”, which makes the process of setting up a blog faster and easier.

GoDaddy Coupons

The following GoDaddy Coupons are available at the moment.
  • WOWJS35OFF – 35% off your orders
  • afw50host – 50% off webhosting plans
  • 50HOST1 – 50% off new hosting plans plus a free domain
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8 Must Follow Tips for Creating SEO-friendly URL

URL or Universal Resource Locator as the name suggests is the address of a www/World Wide Web page. For reference let’s say it is very similar to a house address. Users and search engines locate you in the online world based on this address. Remember the times you had an address for a house you really wanted to visit, but couldn’t. Probably because it was hard to locate as the address was right but not very clear. The URLs work the very same way.
8 Must Follow Tips for Creating SEO-friendly URL: eAskme
8 Must Follow Tips for Creating SEO-friendly URL: eAskme

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URL optimization is one of the major points of SEO/Search Engine Optimization. You understand by now, it’s a pretty major deal breaker. Contrary to what most marketers think, URL isn’t just about entering words in the URL slug or just putting the right keywords. It is so much more than that, and it is important you understand it. You will gradually learn how to tick off the right URL strategies to optimize your SEO.

 If you serious about SEO optimization using the right URLs, then please carry forward reading this.

1. Make the URLs scan-able – 

The average web user today is very attentive. He checks the URL before deciding to check out your web page. It is quite basic though, why would someone check a page that looks suspicious.

Example - OR      

Obviously, any sensible user would click on the second. A properly designed URL gives both the user and the search engines a good idea about what the destination page is about.

2. Add Keywords – 

You knew this would be important, didn’t you? But what you probably didn’t know was the right number of keywords you can use without being penalized. Yes, if you include too many keywords in your URL you can be penalized. Keywords, if used rightly can actually boost your ranking. Looking at the usage of meaningful keywords from a user/reader’s perspective serves the right purpose.

Because it makes your URL look like a mini anchor text, briefly describing what your content is about. Resulting in more clicks on your content. BUT, please don’t be stupid to include too many keywords and make it obvious to the reader. The right number would be 1 or 2 keywords per URL.

3. Use Separators – 

When making URLs you will be using words. And they would need to be separated, for obvious reasons. Now you don’t plan to write URLs the way you write sentences or do you? Usually, Hyphen or Underscore is used as separators. But even Google says Hyphen is a more preferable option. Because new users confuse underscores to spaces and do not land on the desired websites.

4. Keep an eye on the length – 

There are no such rules to decide on the length of the URL. But it is best to keep it short. There have been surveys done on Google which suggest Google rankings go down when the URL length becomes longer. Keep the number of character something between 50 to 60 for the best SEO optimization.

For the usage of words, I would suggest a good 4-5 words per URL. This gives a pretty decent idea of what my content is about.

5. Try to match the URL with the title – 

Be consistent, it matters even when you are designing a URL. The page title, URL and the description are displayed together when a user sees them on the search results or on a social platform. So if your Title talks about Apples and your URL talks about Penguins, it becomes dicey for the user. The URL must have a word or two about the product or service you are talking about.

6. Be very cautious when using stop words – 

Stop words are like fillers, they connect the keywords to make sense. i.e.- a, an, or, but etc. You won’t be obviously penalized for using them but they are not a value-add to your URL either. See, search engines do not value these stop words. So you are wasting your URL weight and character limit. Avoid using stop words unless you need them to make sense in the URL or make it readable for the user.

7. Be case sensitive – 

Yes, URL’s are case sensitive. You might know that, but most users don’t. It can lead to redirecting your page or 404 errors. It redirects your users to another website with a similar name or URL. Users might find it hard to remember the capital letters, so why take the risk.

8. Remember not to use the same keyword twice – 

I am asking to avoid any repetition in URLs actually. It is for 2 reasons why I avoid repeating in URLs.  Firstly, Google doesn’t recognize the same word twice. Secondly and most importantly, it hampers how the search engine user sees your URL. It looks tricky with repetitions.

A very basic and clean structure of URL is what matters to your readers and search engines. There are many variables to consider when structuring an ideal URL. It could as technical as choosing a top domain or as simple as not adding multiple folders in your URL. It might seem tricky but is absolutely doable when done step by step.

Let us know about your URL optimization strategies that worked for you. We could all use the help !

Author Bio:-

Mary Jones is the co-founder & editor-in-chief at TopMyGrades.. She has also authored blogs and many digital publications. Mary Jones is also an essay writer  with AssignmentEssayHelp.
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5 Ways a Bridge Loan Lender Can Help You with Your Real Estate Needs

Bridge loans are generally used to cover financial needs for a period of time between two transactions and often, they can be used for real estate purchases.

5 Ways a Bridge Loan Lender Can Help You with Your Real Estate Needs: eAskme
5 Ways a Bridge Loan Lender Can Help You with Your Real Estate Needs: eAskme

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There are many ways a bridge loan lender is helpful, including the following five solutions for real estate.

5 Ways a Bridge Loan Lender Can Help You with Your Real Estate Needs

1. Renovations

If you need funds for renovating a home quickly, a bridge loan can help you cover the cost. This type of funding is especially helpful if the renovations will encourage a quick sale.

2. Purchasing at Auction

If you plan to purchase a home at an auction, acquiring a bridge loan from a lender can help you obtain the cash you need to secure your purchase. This way, you do not have to come up with the personal funds to cover the transaction before the auction occurs.

3. Relocation

If you are moving from one city to the next, working with bridge loan lenders can help you acquire the cash you need to make a sizeable down payment. Doing this can be extremely helpful if you do not have access to immediate cash.

4. New Construction

In some cases, you may need funding for the creation of a new home before you can secure a standard mortgage. In a situation like this, a bridge loan can provide the funding you need to ensure the construction process moves forward.

5. Investments

Flipping properties can be a beneficial investment, but acquiring the funds to perform the work beforehand can be difficult. A bridge loan can provide the funds you need to do the work, so you can successfully flip the property for a profit.

When you need a bridge loan, the key to success is working with a trusted lender. For further information about bridge loans and how they can help you achieve your real estate goals, take a look at the North Coast Financial website
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