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SGS Mediasoft Review – Digital Marketing Course Coimbatore

With over 150,000 jobs expected to be made available by 2020 and with everything from bigger paychecks, job protection, wider career choices and better budgets in the offing, it’s pretty safe to say that Digital Marketing is, quite literally, the most lucrative and biggest career option for you to pursue right now.

Being a fellow digital marketer myself and with a passion for helping you guys out, I am going to be doing here a sincere and unbiased review on SGS media soft –the most prolific, popular and arguably the best digital marketing training Coimbatore!

SGS Mediasoft Review – Digital Marketing Course Coimbatore: eAskme
SGS Mediasoft Review – Digital Marketing Course Coimbatore: eAskme

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Being one of the best respected, and well-regarded DM institutions in the world, SGS Mediasoft have, over the years, has become pretty much the “Go-to” best digital marketing institute in Coimbatore to study in!

Still not convinced?

Craving to know more about them? Read on to know better about the top, best reasons as to why SGS Mediasoft is often called the “best digital marketing training institute in Coimbatore!”

SGS Mediasoft – the best digital marketing training Coimbatore

Well known for offering some of the most top-end digital marketing courses like web design, Joomla, SEO, Drupal, WordPress, E-commerce development, CRM and many more at extremely wallet-friendly pricings, SGS Mediasoft took its glorious inception in 2009 and - 8 long years later - it undoubtedly, has grown on to become the single, biggest, successful best digital marketing center in Coimbatore!

Offering a slew of certified digital marketing courses in Coimbatore, Salem, Tirupur, Erode and even in Palakkad, it doesn’t really matter whether you are looking to make digital marketing your next career choice.

Or just want to learn digital marketing for just the sake of it – SGS Mediasoft – “the best digital marketing training in Coimbatore” can definitely help you with it!

As always the case, below you can read about some of the best features and amazing qualities that make SGS Mediasoft -the most loved best digital marketing agency in Coimbatore.

Well then, let’s get started!

SGS Mediasoft - what makes it the best digital marketing course Coimbatore?

# Live recorded classes for easy reference

Simply at the end of the day, life is totally unpredictable, and whether it’s because of personal, work or family matters, you simply cannot make it to every single one of your classes – it’s that simple!

Needless to say, the guys at SGS Mediasoft are well aware of this annoying problem, and that’s why they are offering you, the student, a totally complete collection of your entire classes in an ultra-convenient video format that’s directly downloadable from their website as well as a private video to your Gmail address – cool, isn’t it?

# Free tools with every course

Studying to be a digital marketer is certainly not an easy thing to do, especially when the tools needed for it are going to literally destroy your bank account – being very expensive and all. the guys at SGS Mediasoft knows this, and that’s why they are so generous enough to offer a wonderful cache of premium digital marketing & SEO tools totally free with every single one of their courses – essential tools that, it had purchased separately, could have robbed you for more than 10,000 rupees!

# Batch classes + individual classes = take your pick!

Specially designed to be as efficient, intuitive and user-friendly as possible, at SGS Mediasoft, they are known to prefer one-on-one classes more to those that are conducted in batches, as they are totally committed to making sure that you’ll be reaping the most maximum “everything” out of their brilliant services.

Furthermore, thanks to their flamboyantly awesome push for practicality over theory, they’ll also let you work on real-time, actual projects (under their supervision, of course!) – allowing you to get the much-needed “experiences” that’s going to better help you beat the competition for years to come.

#Your classes, your future, and your convenience

Designed specifically to address better the concerns of interested candidates, especially those regarding distances, with SGS Mediasoft you can easily enroll for their usual classes on weekdays and weekends if you are coming from closer, and easily accessible locations like Saibaba colony, Hopes, Pollachi, RS Puram, etc.

On the flip side though,for candidates who are traveling in from other cities and towns like Palakkad, Tirupur, Salem, Erode, Avinashi, Mettupalayam, Udumalpet, Pollachi or any other faraway places, you can always prefer to choose between both personal and online classes as per your own convenience, availability and needs.

# 1 course & 8 certifications

Do you love certifications? Are you crazy about the long, long resume? Well then, you are sure to love SGS Mediasoft! It forges by an exclusive partnership with some online bigwigs like Google, HP, Hubspot, Bing among many others.

At SGS Mediasoft, with every single course you undertake from them, you will receive, no less than, 8 different professional certifications detailing your participation, fulfilment and your level of skills across the board – giving you, the “digital marketer”, the perfect edge to better beat over the competition for years to come!

# A curriculum that’s truly future ready

Custom designed by working closely with some of the most qualified, best and amazing experts, influencers and professional marketers out there, at SGS Mediasoft they offer a dedicated curriculum where practical applications mean as much as theories (or even more), enabling you to better immerse yourself into the field than ever before.

And guess what? To that end, SGS Mediasoft has a huge collection of amazing courses that’s going to let you, yourself explore the many nook and crannies of the digital marketing arena –happily go learning along the way!

Conclusion – time to wrap it up!

Well then, that’s pretty much it! I sincerely hope that my review on SGS Mediasoft - the best digital marketing training Coimbatore has been as helpful and informative for you as it had been for me.

Available across a number of cities and towns like Coimbatore, Salem, Tirupur, Erode, Palakkad and more, SGS Mediasoft offers everything from affordably priced courses, brilliant faculties, top-notch training solutions and quite literally the latest in technologies among others – making it one of the best (if not, the best) Digital marketing institutes currently out there!

Definitely, a brilliant solution to look out for if you're planning to enroll into an awesome, well qualified digital marketing institute that’s not going cost you an arm and a leg, with SGS Mediasoft you are sure to get your money’s worth, and then some!

Learn more about Digital Marketing here for free:
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10 Social Media Trends to Skyrocket Your Business Success in 2019

It is the right time to find the excellent ways to improve social media marketing strategySocial media presence of a business or brand plays an important role in the success online. Like other strategies it is necessary to follow latest social media trends to boost online growth of your business.

In this world of internet people are aware about the use of social media channels. With the help of technologies and capabilities it is necessary to understand buyer personas.

It is the time to discover latest social media trends you must follow in 2019.

10 Social Media Trends That Will Give Your Business Success in 2019: eAskme
10 Social Media Trends to Skyrocket Your Business Success in 2019: eAskme
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In 2019, Social media trends focus on;
  • Understanding your audience
  • Creating difference
  • Focus on targeted customer base
  • Create quality content.

Today, I am sharing 10 of the most important social media trends that will matter most to businesses, brands and marketers in 2019.


Audience: 10 Social Media Trends to Skyrocket Your Business Success in 2019: eAskme

It is necessary to love and care about your audience. You cannot expect your audience to trust you if you do not care about your audience.

Not only search engines but businesses, brands and bloggers should follow the latest trends to be responsive to the audience.

The goal of social media channels is to boost engagement and build relationships.

To get maximum out of your social media marketing efforts you need to be authinetic and start on right time.

In 2019, social media focus will be on one-one-one interactions. This bring personal touch in conversations.

You need to find out how you can manage social conversation and be responsive.

Narrative Writing:

Narrative Writing: 10 Social Media Trends to Skyrocket Your Business Success in 2019: eAskme

In 2019, narrative writing and storytelling is the key to make your content authentic on social media.

This means that brands, influencers and marketers need to work hard to learn the art of storytelling.

Storytelling helps to spread the word and idea more effectively rather than just plain text. It is necessary to turn your blog or business into a brand.

Focus on producing more visual content, create one minute videos on different topics and upload them on popular social channels. You will see that videos receive more engagement than plain text.

You can also use viral posts on social media to convert into content to rank higher in search results.

You should use this content to create videos to post on social channels and boost traffic.

Tip: What is viral on one channel can also go viral on other social networks.

Influencers Relationships:

Influencer: 10 Social Media Trends to Skyrocket Your Business Success in 2019: eAskme

In 2019, influencer marketing will be an important part of social media trends.

There are bloggers like me who find it easy and effective to run Facebook ad campaigns and social media campaigns with the help of influencer marketing.

It is always helpful to use influncer relationships to build links and boost social media reach.

Video Marketing:

Video Marketing: 10 Social Media Trends to Skyrocket Your Business Success in 2019: eAskme

In 2019, also videos will be the part of  social media trends. From last few years marketers, brands, bloggers and businesses are using video to promote their content.

In2019, the success of your business will depend upon your video marketing strategy.

Focus on:

  • Live Video: Use facebook live, YoutTube live and also try to be part of Facebook watch.
  • Vertical Video.
  • Interactive videos.
  • Produce smartphone worthy videos
  • Video remarketing

To get maximum out of video marketing;

  • Set goals
  • Use script
  • Create one minute videos
  • Repurpose content

Chatbots and Facebook Messenger:

Chatbots: 10 Social Media Trends to Skyrocket Your Business Success in 2019: eAskme

In 2019, brands will use chatbots for their benefit.

Chatbots and Facebook messenger are the best way to engage with audience and build trust.

Messenger marketing will help to get maximum benefits.

Chatbots will be mindblowing social media trend in 2019.

Messenger will help you boost engagement.

Facebook messenger marketing is the new marketing trend.

To use Facebook messenger bot;

  • Create Facebook messenger chatbot
  • Grow Messenger contacts
  • Deliver content via messenger
In 2019, social media trends motivate you to use chatbots strategically rather than blindly installing them.

In 2019, businesses will spend time to invest on custom chatbots for better customer experience.

Social communities will be back.

In 2019, social media trends are about to be more social.

Sometimes marketers become too blind to push the marketing campaigns that they fail to see the importance of socialism and communities.

Some people just believe that socialism is all about sharing posts and social bookmarking. But, in reality it is more than that.

The latest social media trends want you to build a community on social media around your brand in 2019.

Building community will help you understand the audience issues and resolve them on right time.
It is also necessary to build trust and gain authority.


Trust:10 Social Media Trends to Skyrocket Your Business Success in 2019: eAskme

Trust is by far the most important goal of every business or marketer. Social media trends in 2019 are dedicated to build trust and keep that trust.

Brands have to work hard to keep the trust. You have to deal with fake news and privacy issues also.

It is also necessary to stop using outdated tactics.

There are few ways to build and regain trust, such as;

Linkedin will Rule:

Linkedin:10 Social Media Trends to Skyrocket Your Business Success in 2019: eAskme

Recently LinkedIn has updated lot of features and made it more user friendly network. Linkedin has also made it easy to upload videos using vimeo.

Followers and engagement on Linkedin are interest focused. Even if you have small number of followers still your promotions can make huge difference on Linkedin.

In 2019, marketers and businesses will focus more on Linkedin.

Employee Advocacy Program Strategies:

Employee:10 Social Media Trends to Skyrocket Your Business Success in 2019: eAskme

Is your business care about it;s employees. Do you let employees engage with the content or be part of content creation?

In 2019, social trends say that employee engagements will help your business to grow rapidly.

I have already shared that how content shared by individuals perform better than the content shared by companies.

Mobile focused content:

Mobiel Focused content:10 Social Media Trends to Skyrocket Your Business Success in 2019: eAskme

Smartphone users are growing at multiplying rate. It is necessary to produce the content which is interactive, fluid and beautiful. Content should be easy to digest for mobile users.

Your social media strategy should follow the mobile trends.

You should integrate social media channels on your website or with content to boost engagement.

Final Words:

In 2019, social media trends and SEO trends will play important role in the growth of your business.

Your job is to follow the latest trends to outrank the competition and gain trust of the audience.

Have you started following these Social media trends?

Which social media trend you find most effective?

Share via comments.

Find this post helpful, don’t forget to share it!

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How to Write First Blog Post to Leave an Impression

You need to write first blog post to start a blog...

Blogging is the way to live a life where you can live with money freedom and time freedom.
Means you have your own rules to run your business.

This is the beauty of blogging business and this is what you want.

Blogging is the only way to get money, name, and fame.

But to get maximum out of your blogging efforts, you need to do the right thing on right time.

After you launch your blog the next thing is to write blog posts.

How to Write First Blog Post for Leave an Impression: eAskme
How to Write First Blog Post to Leave an Impression: eAskme

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Your first blog post should be completely focused on the basics of your blogging business. The wrong post can ruin your reputation as a passionate blogger. When you do it in the right way, your blog gains authority and popularity.

When writing your first post you should keep in mind that readers must visit your blog again and again. This can only happen if your first post-effective to leave an impression.

Your blog writing must attract visitors and bind them with your blog. This will help your first-time visitors to come to your blog again and again.

The problem is that most of the bloggers do not take it seriously. After installing WordPress bloggers start publishing anything to fill their blog with content.

The truth is, this is the biggest blogging mistake.

The bitter truth is that if you fail to attract reader with the first post then you will never make them visit your blog again.

Now you understand the importance of writing the first blog post with focus. It is the time to find out How to write an influential first blog post.

How to Write First blog Post for Success?

Your first blog post displays how focused and professional you are. There are a few important things that you must include in your first post to make it effective.


Introduction: How to Write First Blog Post to Leave an Impression: eAskme

At the beginning of your blogging business, most of the world does not know anything about you.

To build trust it is necessary that you should share about yourself.

Sharing about yourself help people easily connect with your blog.

You should tell them about;
  • Your experiences
  • Your blog post
  • Who are you
To establish trust it is necessary to share more about yourself with your readers. The more your readers trust you the more they will visit your blog and the more questions they have for you.

Share your pics and relate them with your blog post. Also, talk about yourself and share your life story.

Don’t hide behind your content.

To make your blog look genuine and real it is necessary to share your pics. This is necessary to build trust.

Don’t hide anything. Tell everything that you believe your readers must know. It will help your readers connect with you.

The reason for your blog:

Reason for your blog: How to Write First Blog Post to Leave an Impression: eAskme

The reason for your blog is an important thing to discuss. If people do not know the reason why you are blogging then you cannot build trust.

When you answer questions focus on the readers in your mind.

When writing first blog post share about:
  • Why someone should visit your blog?
  • What your readers look for on your blog?
  • Why readers should expect from your blog?
Tell the reason why readers should visit your blog and they will find it interesting.

What your blog is about?

What your blog is About: How to Write First Blog Post to Leave an Impression: eAskme

This is an important question. You must answer this to tell your readers what your blog is all about. This is necessary to set expectations.

Readers have the right to know what they should expect from your blog.

It is necessary to share what they will find on your blog.

Alo shares that how many time in a week or month you will update or publish new posts.

Rather than just filling your blog with useless content, write focused articles.

This is necessary to gain authority.

Who are you writing for?

Who are you writing for? How to Write First Blog Post to Leave an Impression: eAskme

Your first post should be focused on your target audience.

It should be clear in your post that;
  • Who is the target audience?
  • What are their interests?
Welcome your readers with your first post. This will also help to build trust.

Write influential story to influence your audience.

How can visitors engage with your blog/content?

How can Visitors engage: How to Write First Blog Post to Leave an Impression: eAskme

It is necessary for you, your blog and readers to know how readers should engage with others.
  • How readers can leave a comment
  • How to share posts
  • Guest posting
  • Readers can send emails?
Tell them how they can connect with you.

Your readers can have a lot of questions. It is the best way to let them the multiple ways to connect with you.

When you let visitors ask questions be ready for disagreements and objections. Always respond positively.

Always give options to grab feedback from visitors.

If you accept calls or provide chat support then share the timings.

Your Blogging Goals:

Blogging Goals: How to Write First Blog Post to Leave an Impression: eAskme

It is important to share your blogging goals with your readers.

In the first post talking about;

What do you want to achieve with your blogging efforts?

What will you publish in coming days or weeks?

Sharing your goals will help you to be transparent with your blog readers.

Remember: Your readers are helping you to achieve your goals.

Final Words about First blog post:

As I always say, to be successful in blogging you should do the right thing at right time. Your first blog post should cover all the above points.

It is necessary to write the post with an open mind and honesty.

You should make your reader believe that you are there to help them.

Do share what you include in the first blog post?

What do you like to publish in the first post?

Share via comments.

Find this post helpful, don’t forget to share it!

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10 Free Alternatives to Putlocker in 2019 to Watch Movies Online

Are you looking for Putlocker alternatives? Or are you looking for sites like Putlocker? Do you know why Putlocker is highly popular? Or do you even know what putlocker is? Do not worry; Today I am going to answer you every question related to putlocker.

10 Free Alternatives to Putlocker in 2019 for You: eAskme
10 Free Alternatives to Putlocker in 2019 for You: eAskme

What is Putlocker?

10 Free Alternatives to Putlocker in 2019 for You: eAskme

Putlocker is one of the highly favorite movies streaming sites. The site is famous worldwide, and most of the people from USA, UK, Europe, and Asia are in love with putlocker to watch movies online. Still, some of the internet service providers have blocked the access to putlocker.

Putlocker is a place where you can watch some of the most popular movies and tv series.

You can watch some of the top rated movies on putlocker such as;
  • Thor Ragnarok online free
  • Black Panther on putlocker
  • Watch Avengers infinity war online for free
  • Avengers Age of Ultron on putlocker
  • Deadpool  online for free
  • Spiderman homecoming
  • Guardians of Galaxy 2 online free
  • Incredibles 2
  • Justice league
  • Kong Skull island
  • Jurassic World Fallen kingdom etc.
You can also watch some of the popular TV series such as walking dead on putlocker for free.
As Putlocker blocked by many internet service providers, you may find some other alternatives or sites similar to putlocker such as;
  • Putlocker tv
  • Putlocker today
  • Putlocker movies
  • Putlocker ac
  • Putlocker is
  • Putlocker io
  • Putlocker plus
  • Putlocker rs
  • Putlocker.to
But most of these sites go down with time or change their domain names.

Recommendation: I recommend you to use VPN to access putlocker, or it’s alternatives.

To make things easy for you, I am sharing the official list of best putlocker alternatives where you can watch movies and TV series for free.

Top best Alternatives to Putlocker:


10 Free Alternatives to Putlocker in 2019 for You: eAskme

123Movies is a popular name in movie streaming industry. It has everything that you can find in a popular website like putlocker. 123Movies not only give you a list of movies and TV series but also allow you to search the database.

You can search all movies to TV series by entering the name in the search box. If you want to watch Deadpool or Deadpool on putlocker, then you should also try watching these movies on sites like 123movies.


10 Free Alternatives to Putlocker in 2019 for You: eAskme

Couchtuner is another site like Putlocker. It is easy to use and user-friendly movies streaming site.
If you want to watch Spiderman homecoming on putlocker.to or Incredibles on putlocker, then you should also use Couchtuner, and it’s alternatives.

Couchtuner and its alternatives are the best places to watch movies. The best thing about these sites is that movie streaming is fast and with fewer ads.

You can find all the favorite movies and TV series on Couchtuner.


10 Free Alternatives to Putlocker in 2019 for You: eAskme

Fmovies is a name that I must include in the list of other sites like putlocker. It is one of the best alternatives to putlocker.to and putlocker.io. Fmovies is similar to 123movies.

You can stream movies and TV series online for free. Content is available in High quality. The reason why people love Fmovies is that of its clean design and easy navigation.

Who does not want to watch guardians of the galaxy on putlocker or avengers age of Ultron on putlocker? If you are also one of such movie lovers than you should visit sites like Fmovies.

Los Movies:

10 Free Alternatives to Putlocker in 2019 for You: eAskme

Los Movies is a popular site to watch and stream movies online. It has an extensive collection of highly popular TV series and Movies. LosMovies not only stream movies online but also give you information such as star cast, movie name, subtitles, rating, etc.

The one problem that you may face on most of the putlocker alternatives and Los Movies also that the site packed with pop-up ads that may annoy you. You can use popup blocker or ad blocker to solve the issue.


OnlineMoviesCinema is another popular alternative to Putlocker. OnlineMovieCinema has gained massive popularity in USA and Europe. One this site you can see everything from movies to TV series. All the videos are available in HD and also for free.

Due to the enormous database and latest films, the site became popular. It is blocked in some countries. If you want to watch movies like Black Panther on putlocker, then you may consider using other sites like OnlineMoviesCinema.


10 Free Alternatives to Putlocker in 2019 for You: easkme

PopCornFlix is one of my favorite movies streaming site like Putlocker. The reason why I like this putlocker alternative is its attractive design and easy navigation. Putlocker showcase all the latest movies in high quality. The site loads faster. It is user-friendly.

You can also download your favorite movies and TV series. popcornflix is famous for all kind of movies in different languages. You can search the film according to your language.

You can also check the movies you want to watch in the categories. There is a massive list of categories that will surprise you. It is the best place to stream the latest movies online or download them to watch offline.


10 Free Alternatives to Putlocker in 2019 for You: eAskme

PrimeWire is also a popular alternative to putlocker. Primewire stream all the high rated video content for free.

You can find the latest movies, old movies, TV series, anime series, etc on primewire. There are sites like primewire that allow you to download videos to watch offline.


10 Free Alternatives to Putlocker in 2019 for You: eAskme

Rainierland is among one of the most popular sites in the world to stream videos online for free. The site is so popular because the content is available in HD for free. You can easily find all the top-rated movies and TV series on rainierland.

On rainielrand, you will find everything on the homepage. You need not to signup to stream movies online. Rainierland has filled with all the high rated and hand-picked movies.

You want to watch Thor Ragnarok on putlocker then also try other sites like Rainierland.


10 Free Alternatives to Putlocker in 2019 for You: eAskme

Do you want to watch Avengers’ infinity war on putlocker then you should visit Solarmovie?

Solarmovie is another famous name in the world of putlocker alternatives. Like Putlocker, solarmovie also stream high-quality video content for free.

You can find all the video content in different genres. You can also try to see movies according to country, year, rating, etc.

Solarmovie is by far the most significant movie streaming site with a vast database. It showcases all the trending movies with rating and language. You can not only watch videos online but also request them to add movies or TV series in their database. You can find everything about the movies such as rating, keywords, description, and thumbnails. 

There are some other sites like solarmovie that you should use to watch movies online for free.

Watch Online Series:

10 Free Alternatives to Putlocker in 2019 for You: eAskme

Are you addicted to popular Tv series? Do you love watching Game of Thrones on Putlocker or Vikings on Putlocker? There are many popular TV series that people enjoy watching online.

Other than Putlocker there is another putlocker alternative known as Watch Online Series.

As the name suggests, this site streams all the popular TV series online for free in HD. Watching TV series is an addiction, and only this site can fulfill your craving to TV series.

Final Words:

These are a few of the best Putlocker alternatives that you should visit to watch movies online. These sites are highly popular among users. You can use these sites to watch TV series also.

No matter which movie streaming site you use it is good that you should always use a VPN service.

Which Putlocker alternative is best for you?

Do share via comments.

Time to entertain yourself with these alternatives:
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PayPal Me : Best Way To Accept Payment via PayPal

Payoneer and PayPal are two of the most popular services to accept payment online which are recommended and respected among the majority of small businesses and freelancers. These are those platforms that help people not only to accept payment from overseas but also help them to receive and send transaction easily.

PayPal Me : Best Way To Accept Payment via PayPal : eAskme
PayPal Me : Best Way To Accept Payment via PayPal : eAskme
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I have already shared about the lucrative offer of Payoneer and how to create an account in PayPal. If you are one of those bloggers who is already using PayPal, then you may know that PayPal offers some extra features such as sending PayPal email address or sending an invoice to receive payment.

You may find it offending to send your email address to others, as this reveals a lot about you and it is unprofessional.

PayPal is here with good news for any blogger and for every person in the U.S. Now you can create short PayPal URL, for example, PayPal.me/easkme. You can share this with your clients, family or friends to receive or send payments.

How PayPal.Me works and how to get short PayPal URL?

This is an official feature of PayPal which is currently available only in limited countries, and it is is free.

You must have an active PayPal account, then go to PayPal.me and click on "Grab a link now" to start creating your short PayPal payment url.

Now add your PayPal short URL on the next page. It will check for availability and allow you to claim it.

PayPal Me : Best Way To Accept Payment via PayPal

This service is available in limited countries only as it is launched recently, so you have a chance to grab a meaningful PayPal.me url for your business or yourself.

PayPal.Me links are available on a first-come-first-served basis. You can try alternatives if your desired name is not available.

Always choose PayPal.me link carefully, as you can never edit it again. You can use this service on both mobile and desktop.
Also See : How to use PayPal on Amazon

Right now this service is not available in all countries such as India. But I believe that it will be available in all countries in a concise time.

Which payment service you like. Don`t forget to share your experience with PayPal.
If you have any question, feel free to ask me via comments.

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9 Best Tumblr Alternatives: High Authority Sites Like Tumblr to Boost Blogging

Why you need Tumblr Alternatives? The big reason is that blogging is one of the most effective ways to spread the word and create effective communication. This is the reason why every business must have a blog. For individuals, blogging can be life-changing.

As an individual to start a blog, you need to choose one of the best blogging platforms.

9 Best Tumblr Alternatives: Best Sites Like Tumblr to Boost Blogging: eAskme
9 Best Tumblr Alternatives: Best Sites Like Tumblr to Boost Blogging: eAskme

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What is Tumblr

What is Tumblr: 9 Best Tumblr Alternatives: Best Sites Like Tumblr to Boost Blogging: eAskme

Tumblr has always been an easy to use blogging platform.

Tumblr was launched to create small blogs to spread the words or ideas by sharing videos, images, links, and text.

In short, you can share everything or anything on Tumblr blogs.

But Tumblr is not able to satisfy the need for extensive or passionate blogging.

Newbie bloggers always look for various alternatives to Tumblr to blog quickly and effectively.

Today, I am sharing some of the most popular and user-friendly Tumblr alternatives.

Best Tumblr Alternatives: Sites like Tumblr to boost blogging


Blogger: 9 Best Tumblr Alternatives: Best Sites Like Tumblr to Boost Blogging: eAskme

Blogger or Blogspot is one of the most popular free blogging platforms. It is also among the best free Tumblr alternatives. Google owns it.

It is super easy to start a blog on this Tumbler alternative.

You need to log in using your Gmail is and password, and you are on the first page to start a blog.

You can run upto 100 blogs using one blogger account. Blogger gives you some of the useful options such as stats, traffic source, most visited pages, etc.

To monetize your blogger blog with Adsense, you must use a custom domain name.

Bloggers have received a lot of helpful updates in the past few years, and now it is a useful alternative to Tumblr.

This gives you access to multi-user support, custom domain name integration, and almost all the blogging features that you can find in the sites like Tumblr.

You can also integrate the blog commenting system on Blogger. There is one thing that you may not like about Blogger, and that is that you cannot host your blog on a server of your choice.


  • Owned By Google
  • User-friendly
  • Easy to integrate Adsense


  • Less customization
  • Limited Plugins
  • Google has control over your content.

Blogger is for:

  • Hobby bloggers
  • Users who do not have the money or are exceptionally well in using blogger.
Site: Blogger.com


WordPress: 9 Best Tumblr Alternatives: Best Sites Like Tumblr to Boost Blogging: eAskme

There is no doubt that WordPress is the best blogging platform to start self-hosted blogging. If you want to know the best alternative to Tumblr, then WordPress hold the Number one position.

WordPress comes in two formats. Free WordPress.com and self-hosted Wordpress. It is a powerful content management system.

You can either start a free blog on WordPress.com or launch a self-hosted blog using WordPress CMS.

WordPress allows you to customize your blog according to your choice.

To create a successful blog on WordPress, you need four things, such as;
  1. Niche
  2. Creative Domain name
  3. Web Hosting with support
  4. Premium themes
Once you have these, then you can launch your blog. WordPress also offer you tons of basic and advanced plugins that you must use to optimize your WordPress blog.

You can use social plugins, customize tags and categories, use SEO plugins, etc.

WordPress gives you complete control of your blog.


  • Fully customizable
  • User-friendly
  • Complete Control
  • Support


  • Need to pay the price
  • Need to handle scripts and plugins

Who should start a blog on WordPress:

  • Newbie bloggers
  • Professional bloggers or business sites
  • People interested in online business
Site: WordPress.com


Ghost: 9 Best Tumblr Alternatives: Best Sites Like Tumblr to Boost Blogging: eAskme

Ghost is a popular open source blogging platform similar to Tumblr. You can find it identical to WordPress also.

Ghost also comes in both paid and free versions. Ghost web server package cost you $19/month, and self-hosted can cost you $5-$10/month.

It runs on Node.js runtime environment. It is one of the fast alternatives to Tumblr.

Ghost is a fast and reliable Tumblr alternative. It also offers 14 days free trails.


  • Easy to use interface.
  • Responsive
  • Automatic formatting
  • Direct code injection.


  • Costly plans
  • Under development

Ghost is for:

  • Users who do not care about formatting
  • Bloggers who are looking for easy to use interface.
Site: Ghost.org


Medium: 9 Best Tumblr Alternatives: Best Sites Like Tumblr to Boost Blogging: eAskme

Many of you might not be aware of the fact that Medium launched by ex CEO of Twitter. Medium is a clean Tumblr alternative.

Medium is one of the best websites like tumblr that allows you to create a blog using text, images, videos, and links. The medium has gained the popularity because of its clean interface.

On Medium, you will find the quality content with the right number of traffic. Once you start publishing on Medium, it will give you options to share on Twitter and Facebook.

Medium is for writers. Writers who love to share stories use Medium to spread their words.

You can use tags, keyboard shortcuts and text editor on Medium. The medium also allows you to import posts. You can follow other authors to boost outreach.  This Tumblr alternative also allows you to use the custom domain name.


  • The best place to publish curated content
  • You can schedule posts
  • You can set the privacy of the posts
  • Use stats to check engagement


  • Lack of Customization
  • No tracking
  • No Ad support

Medium is for:

  • Bloggers want to boost content outreach
  • Bloggers want to increase participation
Site: medium.com


Mastodon: 9 Best Tumblr Alternatives: Best Sites Like Tumblr to Boost Blogging: eAskme

Like Tumblr, Mastodon is also a popular microblogging platform. You will find it similar to twitter too. This Tumblr alternative allows you to create posts, follow others and boost readership.

If you like micro-blogging, then Mastodon is the must-have Tumblr Alternative for you.

On Mastodon, you can share posts, reshare posts, and write comments.

You can use hotkeys on Mastodon.


  • Different servers for the different type of content
  • Vast community
  • Ad-free
  • Decentralized


  • For a newbie, there can be confusion.

Mastodon is for:

  • Ad-free Microblogging.
Site: mastodon.social


PostHaven: 9 Best Tumblr Alternatives: Best Sites Like Tumblr to Boost Blogging: eAskme

Posthaven is another good Tumblr alternative that you do not want to miss. But it is not free. You have to pay $5month to use posthaven.

Posthaven allows you to create upto ten blogs for $5/month.

This alternative to Tumblr offers you some unique features such as password-protected blogs, login activity notification, etc.

Posthaven is still growing, and there is a lot will happen in coming days on this site like Tumblr. There is no free trial on this site.

To use this site like Tumblr you have to pay a monthly fee.


  • Balanced features


  • No trail
  • Scattered information
Site: http://posthaven.com/


Soup: 9 Best Tumblr Alternatives: Best Sites Like Tumblr to Boost Blogging: eAskme

Do you want a site that is similar to Tumblr then you will be amazed to use Soup? Soup matches Tumblr in every way. It is one of the best matching Tumblr alternatives.

You can create a blog and then post anything you want such as images, text, videos, and links. You can also import posts from social networks on Soup.

Soup allows you to share your posts on Facebook automatically.

You can also join already existing soup groups to boost your outreach. You can use these groups to extend the reach of your content.

You can also use custom domain on a soup blog.

Soup is known as a micro-blogging platform, and that is why you cannot get everything that you will find in WordPress blogging.


  • Similar to Tumblr
  • Easy customization
  • Use Email for Auto posting


  • Lack of customized plugins
  • Lack of support

The soup blogging platform is for:

  • Hobby Bloggers
Site: Soup.io


Typepad: 9 Best Tumblr Alternatives: Best Sites Like Tumblr to Boost Blogging: easkme

Typepad is the most popular and influential tumblr alternative. The major businesses such as BBC, ABC, and MSNBC are using Typepad to host their blogs.

Typepad offers a built-in analytics tool so that you can track the performance of your content.

The content created on Typepad also gets free promotion on Typepad network. This is an easy way to boost traffic and engagement.

You can use Google analytics and CSS editing on this Tumbler alternative. Typepad also offers the free trial.


  • High Authority
  • Easy to import posts
  • Custom domain integration


  • You need to pay a monthly fee.
  • Not as customizable as WordPress.

Typepad is for:

  • Bloggers want to run a blog on high authority platforms.
Site: typepad.com


Twitter: 9 Best Tumblr Alternatives: Best Sites Like Tumblr to Boost Blogging: easkme

When it comes to finding the best sites like Tumblr, I cannot miss mentioning the biggest microblogging platform Twitter.

Twitter is the best microblogging Tumblr alternative.

Twitter allows you to share the post in small tweets and make a big impression. On Twitter, you can grow your tweet readership by following others and retweeting. It is easy to grow on twitter if you behave professionally.

You can add links, share text, videos, and images in your tweets.

You extend your tweet reach you should use hashtags.

Hashtags will help you share your tweet in front of the more significant community which follows that hashtag.


  • Easy to use
  • Easy to increase followers
  • Authentic platform


  • Word limit, cannot publish long tweets.
  • Followers limit

Twitter is for:

  • Bloggers in love with microblogging
Site: Twitter.com

Final Words:

These are few of the most popular Tumblr alternatives for you. You can use them to start a blog or promote your content. Some of these alternatives give you more than what you expect from a site like Tumblr.

Which one of these Tumblr alternatives has attracted you the most?

Which Tumblr alternative is new for you?

Do share via comments.

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 Other popular Alternatives are:
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10 Must Have Listings Management Local SEO Tools

Businesses are struggling to find their way into a successful online presence. Enterprises are focusing on establishing a strong local and global presence. If you are running a business from a local location, then online local presence is significant for you.

As a small business or local business, you may find it difficult to invest time in developing an online presence.

It is crucial for you to understand that most of the people make their buying decision online.

Listing management is one of the most important strategies you need to focus.

10 Must Have Listings Management Local SEO Tools: eAskme
10 Must Have Listings Management Local SEO Tools: eAskme

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With the help of local SEO tools, you can effectively manage local listings.

Benefits of using local SEO tools for Listing managements:

  • Automate listings to find more directory listing opportunities.
  • Automatically update all listings.
  • More business reviews.
  • Use of Analytics tool
Some Local SEO listing management tools focus on one or more features where others offer a complete solution.

There are best SEO tools like SEMRush and Moz that offer a complete solution. These tools provide a listing management feature.

To get success in the online world, you need to choose Local SEO tools with additional functions.

Today, I am sharing some of the best Local SEO listing Management tools:

Advice Local:

AdviceLical: 10 Must Have Listings Management Local SEO Tools: eAskme

AdviceLocal is a listing management local SEO tool. It supports a vast database of popular directories.

AdviceLocal allows you to create local citations manually. Because of the manual behavior, it takes time to get a considerable score on local directories.

AdviceLocal is not just limited to local listings. Like Moz, it is also a complete Local SEO solution provider.


The plan starts at $15/month.


WhiteSpark: 10 Must Have Listings Management Local SEO Tools: eAskme

Whitespark born as a web design company but it also offers SEO tools to help Local Businesses.

Local business can use Whitespark to improve local search marketing.

Whitespark offer Citation finder tool to find local citation opportunities. Citation opportunities will help you improve regional search rankings.

Citation finder tool offers 3 free searches per day. You can use this tool for free to access limited search results. For a newbie, it is a good opportunity to explore tools.

You can also opt for a paid subscription at $17/month.

WhiteSpark Local SEO tools offer:

Local rank tracker:

Local rank tracker tool uses location to give details of overall SEO performance.

It gives you everything that you find in Ahrefs rank tracker tool. You can use Local rank tracker to find the way to rank in search results and track competitors’ behavior. Whitespark gives you access to the social activity.

Reputation Builder:

Reputation builder is another favorite local SEO tool from Whitespark. It allows the customer to share the review on various online review sites. You can use this tool to track customer experience by calculating NPS.

Review Monitoring:

Review the monitoring feature of Whitespark sends you a notification whenever your business gets a negative review. So you can promptly take action to get rid of native review.


Yext: 10 Must Have Listings Management Local SEO Tools: eAskme

Yext is another SEO tool that you can use for local listings management. Yext offers multiple services to improve Local SEO of your business.

Yext is an excellent platform that integrates with the massive list of directories. The tools use these directories to update your business information.

The most popular Yext Local SEO tools offer:

Knowledge manager:

As the name suggests, this tool helps to manage questions that your consumers are asking. It also includes promotions, locations, hours of operation, and your staff. You can add some information and some of the data it adds automatically.

Yext Pages:

Yext pages are one of the notable features of Yext. It is a system which updates the listings with accurate information. Yext pages and Knowledge manager work together to give customers the information about your brand.

Yext Listing:

Yext listing controls the information you share about your business online. It tracks the information you share on social networks and search engines.

You can use Yext listing to publish updates, set up integrations, listing improvement suggestions, and analytics.

Yext App directory supports Zandesk, Zapier, and HubSpot.

Yext Reviews:

As the name suggests, you can use Yext reviews to get reviews from the customers. You can use these reviews on your website. You can easily monitor reviews using Yext reviews.

Yext Add-on services:


ReviewTrackers: 10 Must Have Listings Management Local SEO Tools: eAskme

Reviewtrackers is popular software to track reviews. It notifies you about reviews on various review sites. You can access all this information from a single dashboard.

You can Reviewtrackers software to track reviews and feedback from all the popular review sites. It also follows how your business is doing in some locations.

The popular brands like American Family Insurance, Midas and Subaru use rank tracker tool.


You can use this tool to track a single location or multiple locations. The single location plans start at $59/month. Multiple location plans start at $10-$50/month.

Moz Local:

Moz Local: 10 Must Have Listings Management Local SEO Tools: eAskme

Moz local is one of the most popular Local SEO tool available. Moz is in the business from more than ten years. Moz provides the most trusted data and ways to optimize.

No matter you are running a small or large business, Moz local is for all. It makes sure that local listing contains accurate information and gets regular updates. This helps you to improve website visibility.

Moz local help you manage local listings effectively. It automates the process.

Moz not only collects data but also share your listings information with popular search engines, business aggregators, apps and directories.

At any point in time, you can change, or edit the listings using Moz local. You do need to modify it in Moz local, and it will automatically update the information in each directory.

Moz Local also sends you alerts whenever your listing gets a new review. It covers all the major review platforms. This makes it easy for you to reply to every review online.

Moz Local also allows you to reply to Google reviews.

Moz local provide you location focused reports. These reports help you to find the growth of your business in targeted areas. You can also find out the focus of customer interactions.


Right now price of Moz local is $99/year.


Synup: 10 Must Have Listings Management Local SEO Tools: eAskme

Synup is there to power your locations with local marketing suite. It is the tool that you can use for listings management, reputation management and track local search analytics.

Synup is for every small or large business targeting local customers.

The beauty about Synup is that it allows unlimited listings updated. It also sends you an alert when your business receives a new review.

Synup cover 200+ directories and local search engines.


Price of Synup is $30/location for upto 25 locations.

Local SEO Checklist:

Local SEO checklist: 10 Must Have Listings Management Local SEO Tools: eAskme

Major Local SEO tools lack the presence of technical SEO. To fix this problem, you need Local SEO Checklist.

Local SEO Checklist comes from Synup. It gives you all the information you need to optimize your site for local search.

You can use Local SEO Checklist to:

  • Check if Google My Business Listing is according to guidelines.
  • Check Schema markup on your website.
  • Audit business listing.


SEMRush: 10 Must Have Listings Management Local SEO Tools: eAskme

SEMRush is one of the most popular SEO tools. Some of the popular brands such as Quora, HP, eBay, etc. are using SEMRush.

SEMRush is an all-in0one seo tool. It offers website information, keyword information, competition analysis, and various other helpful information to boost the overall SEO of your business or website.

Some of the most popular tools of SEMRush are keywords research, competitor analysis, and backlink checker.

SEMRush also offers listing management tool. With their collaboration with Yext, they have introduced a listing management tool.

SEMRush listing management tool is easy to use the tool. All you need is to enter data and find location. It will display listings of your business. Make some updates and SEMRush will automatically update the listings.


To use SEMRush listing management tool you subscribe $99.95/month plan. You can additionally add $20/location per month.


BrightLocal: 10 Must Have Listings Management Local SEO Tools: eAskme

BrightLocal is also a favorite Local SEO tool that you can use for listings management.

Right now more than 60k businesses, freelancers and local SEO agencies are using BrightLocal for reporting and analytics.

BrightLocal offers you:

  • Customized dashboard
  • Lead Generation Tools. Your customers can use this feature to create a local search audit of your business.
  • Tracking
  • Scan and audit directories
  • Google My Business audits
  • Google analytics and Social analytics integration
  • Offer White label solutions


The price starts at $29/month.


Hibu: 10 Must Have Listings Management Local SEO Tools: eAskme

Hibu is a favorite listing management tool available online. Hibu allows you to keep online business information accurately.

Hibu offers some of the popular digital marketing and Local SEO tools.

It is an FB marketing partner; Yahoo preferred partner, Bings ads partner, Google My Business partner and Google ads premier partner.

Hibu offer some valuable services such as;

  • Hibu confirms business information and ultimately control the new business listings.
  • Hibu offers real-time updates.
  • It offers 24/7 reports and insight.
  • It features your business using menus, events, videos, and photos.

Final Words:

To grow your local business or business in local market it is necessary to manage local listings.

By using listings management local SEO tools you can understand buyers personas, improve brand reputation, and improve customer outreach.

Are you running a local business? How are you targeting the local market? Which local listings management tool you are using?

Do share your views and questions via comments.

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