10 Ways to Use Google Trends for Better SEO

Since the childhood, we are in a race to come first. The person who comes early get maximum attraction and no one cares who comes the second.

The same thing applies to your business when it comes to rank in search engine results. To go first or make your content rank first for some keywordsor queries you need to do a lot of things that I call SEO.

10 Ways to Use Google Trends for Better SEO: eAskme
10 Ways to Use Google Trends for Better SEO: eAskme
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SEO may not be an easy task for the blogger who is new to this term or who are not using the available SEO tools to their full potential.

I always teach people that how they can make money with blogging by optimizing content with the help of SEO tools. I still recommend that you should use only premium SEO tools and free SEO tools come with a lot of limitations and errors.

Few of the most popular premium SEO tools are;

There is no doubt that paid SEO tools always work better as compared to any free SEO tool.
But there is an SEO tool which is free yet offer top quality results, and that is “Google Trends.”
Google Trends is the most powerful to do Keyword research and find favorite topics, yet it is the most underutilized SEO tool.

Google Trends is the best place to trim your SEO efforts and give them the proper shape.
Remember: To get the maximum out of Google Trends, you need to understand how to use it and discover viral trends for your business.

Now let's see what should you must understand about Google Trends before you start using it.

1) Start to filter:

There was a time when Google trend had a lot of things that may confuse you but not it is simpler than ever. Now you can easily explore trends even before you start narrowing your search.

10 Ways to Use Google Trends for Better SEO: eAskme

  • Go to Google Trends
  • Enter the targeted keyword/main keyword
  • Hit Enter
  • Now Google trends will show you the options to filter.
10 Ways to Use Google Trends for Better SEO: eAskme

You can use the Worldwide option to target the specific geographical market.

Time selection option is there for you to find short-term trends and long-term trends by choosing different time selections.

The category helps you filter the unnecessary trends that you are not interested in.

Search type is also helpful to find what you are looking.

Google trends cover more than 10 billion monthly searches in the USA alone. So you start on a significant level and begin filtering the information to find the most relevant trends.

2) Context:

Looking for realistic trends then Google trends is the best place for you. It shows the results based on the keyword you have entered. It analyzes the popularity of trends and shows the exact results.

For example; I searched “Star Wars,” viral movie series and here what I see the result of past one months.

This shows the popularity of the trends.

now if I change the date to "2004-present", it shows.

This heartbeat pattern looks more stable. You should never ignore the context.

Recover from the blind spots, and you will have the deep insight of searched trend.

How you can improve context;
  • Use +Compare for new keywords
  • Filter by category or country
  • Web searches

3) Use Specific Search options to get advanced results

You have filtered the trends with some basic options. Now it is the time to try some specific search options to get advanced results.

Following are the five options you should use;
  1. Web Search
  2. Image Search
  3. News Search
  4. Google Shopping
  5. YouTube Search
Each option will display results according to the market and segment.

More options will help you sort queries.

Each option will display results according to the market and segment.

More options will help you sort queries.

You will see trends and how they are rising.
  • Click on “Rising” to find top keywords.
  • Click on “Rising” to find hot trends.
Google trends provide you constructive suggestions. You should use this idea to optimize your content with new trends.

Always look for hot trends before they reach the breakout point. It will help you get the top position with latest articles.

4) Target Location:

You can take advantage of Google trends to focus on targeted keyword. You should also aim the location to find the best results. You may discover zero in some specific location, but you should not worry about such outcome.

The result of “Star Wars” trends shows that people living in Utah are more interested.

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Now when you click on Utah, you will see the regions with the highest interest. This research will help you to plan your PPC campaign for local search.

5) Trend predictions

Do you know that you are not the only one researching Google Trends? There are search engine marketers who are fetching the same data like you and optimizing that data to rank high in search results.

Now the question is what more you should do to outrank your competitors?

The answer is simple, start predicting trends by analyzing the behavior on Google trends.

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Google Trends helps you to quickly predict what can be the hot trend in coming days.

How you can do this:
  • Filter by countries and categories to get relevant data to identify and predict trends.
  • Compare two keywords in a single trend.

6) Inspire Content with Long Tail keywords:

You may not find it easy to rank higher in SERP for “Star Wars.” But you can still get the top position on SERP by using the long tail phrase of this keyword.

For you:  
Look for the most relevant query in Google Trends to get a more in-depth insight of what you are looking. Cross-reference such questions to get a proper idea.

7) Get Additional Insight by using top charts:

Browse "Top Charts."

The top chart works as the chart of top 100 queries. You can easily find high trending items according to various categories.

Sort most searched and Trending insights.

8) Use Video Optimization Data:

For example; you have posted a video about "History of start wars."

  • Enter "search terms."
  • Search in "YouTube Search."
  • Check out "Related Topics" and "Related Queries"
  • Sort by Rising or Top.
From this search you will find out that people are searching "star wars trailer last jedi" This will help you write better title and description.

9) Brand Positing with Cyclical Trends:

For example; If you are searching for "Wedding Boutique" then you will see the result like this.

For example; If you are searching for "Wedding Boutique" then you will see the result like this.

This shows that wedding is not affected by holidays.

You can plan future posts on keywords to handle cyclical trends. You will be writing next posts even before your competitor can think about it.

10) Read Trends carefully and find out blind spots:

Now, let's look at the current trend such as "Oscar Awards." You will see a keen interest in this topic.

But if you give a close look then you will quickly identify that as the topic goes off the air, the trend will hit bottom. This is where you can define blind spots.

Final Words:

There is no doubt that Google trends have changed and updated a lot in past few years. Still, it follows some basic rules. If you are willing to drive yourself to the search beyond just a snapshot, then you will be amazed by the more in-depth insight and results.

Remember: Stick with your keyword or queries, until you find the best insight.
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Is It A Good Idea to Take A Business Loan to Fund Your Start-up?

Is It A Good Idea to Take A Business Loan to Fund Your Start-up?

Let’s say that you had an innovative, insightful idea, and you wish to establish a start-up.

Nevertheless, in order to put your plans into motion, you require financing. And, unless you have a billion dollars at your disposal, you’ll need to come up with a solution regarding obtaining financing.

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Is It A Good Idea to Take A Business Loan to Fund Your Start-up?: eAskme
Is It A Good Idea to Take A Business Loan to Fund Your Start-up?: eAskme

In fact, this is one of the many challenges entrepreneurs have to surpass, along with economic uncertainty, which is a leading cause to business failure.

Which brings us to the topic of our article: is it a good idea to take out a business loan or not?

The Benefits

There are many reasons why taking out a business loan makes sense, especially if you wish to fund your start-up. In fact, business loans, credit cards and lines of credit represent approximately three-fourths of financing new firms use.

Firstly, getting a business loan gives you immediate access to the money you need to make your plans happen.

Many people choose to sell the equity in the company, as an alternative to taking out a loan. In this way, one can raise cash without the need to make repayments or pay incurring interest.

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Still, the obvious downside to this decision is that it will eventually dilute your ownership of the company, meaning that you’ll need to share your profits and rights. However, taking out a loan means nothing will change, ownership wise.

What is more, taking out a business loan allows you to accelerate your start-up’s growth.

Concurrently, you’ll have the financial capability to overcome cash flow challenges, if they emerge, which is rather common in the case of start-ups.

What Else You Should Consider

Nevertheless, it’s worth noting that a lender won’t be willing to approve your loan application if the rate of success isn’t high. As a result, startup owners should approach lenders with comprehensive, detailed business plans, growth paths, clear business models, as well as projected returns.

In other words, you should prepare yourself before applying for a business loan, in order to maximize the likelihood of having your application approved.

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Alternatively, you could consider getting personal loans instead, since the application process isn’t as time-consuming. At the same time, personal loans can be unsecured, in comparison with business loans that might require collateral.

Considering that you don’t have a valuable asset you can place on the line, getting a business loan might be difficult.

The good thing is that these aren’t your only options. Installment loans, such as the ones provided by Northcash Loans, for instance, are worth taking into account. This type of loan implies a number of fixed payments, being similar to personal loans.

Nonetheless, before filing an application, note that such loans should be taken only if you are confident that you can repay them on time.

Of course, online loans are just as good as any other alternative. Getting financing this way is time-effective, not to mention that online lenders tend to be more permissive when it comes to their eligibility criteria, which could be a good thing.

The Bottom-Line

On a final note, getting a loan to finance your start-up could be a good idea, as it grants you the monetary resources to establish your firm. However, before you make your choice, analyze various financing alternatives, to ensure that you’ve picked the right one for your situation.
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Trade Shows: Why Are They Important For Your Business?

Marketing is a game changer for the performance of any business. Other factors hold their importance too but promotion and outreach to the target audience depend directly on your marketing strategy.

Trade Shows: Why Are They Important For Your Business?: eAskme
Trade Shows: Why Are They Important For Your Business?: eAskme
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Brand marketing has become quite easy, given the platforms available today. Small businessmen, however, fail to realize that as much as marketing is decisive for a business’ performance, it is equally important to prioritize among different marketing platforms to target the relevant audience with maximum efficiency.

For example, startup owners usually try to maintain a concrete web and social media presence of their brand, but they do not hold trade show marketing worthy of the investment that can go in it. If you are one such businessman, here is why you might want to reconsider your marketing preferences.

Customer Base

When you devise a marketing plan that is targeted toward the general public, like through social media or website, most of your outreach is wasted because a large proportion of the public that comes across your advertisement is just not part of your potential customer base.

Contrary to this, a properly designed exhibit at a trade show targets an audience that is present at the show looking for products like yours. It also provides an opportunity to interact face to face with the customers and clearly convey what your company is about.

This kind of marketing can prove to be more efficient, particularly, if the consumer base of your targeted market is a relatively small proportion of general audience.


A trade fair presence provides a massive boost in brand awareness. It also assures the consumers that your company is large enough to maintain its presence at leading events and exhibitions. However, it is important to have a trade show display that attracts the right audience. ExpoMarketing is a great option to build custom displays for your brand.

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A custom display maintains brand’s identity and is best to convey your brand’s objectives. Moreover, a professional looking display that goes best with your brand has a lasting impact on the potential customers.

Knowledge About Competitors

A trade show is expected to attract other businesses working in the same industry, including the ones that provide similar products and services as yours. The exhibit, hence, brings all your competitors on a single platform. This makes it easier to gauge your standing in the market and realize your shortcomings.

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You can ascertain the edge your bigger rivals have over you so that you can make changes in your products or strategies to compensate for the negative impact this competition might be causing on your performance.


Building a strong footing is all about contacts. When you start out as a small business, odds are that you cannot (and should not) work independently. Your game plan should ideally include outsourcing of all the inputs and services that can be outsourced.

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As trade shows are usually targeted toward a particular industry, all kinds of companies and relevant professionals are present there offering products and services that you might be looking to outsource for your business.

This makes it easier to assess different companies and their products and prices according to your need. Apart from this, you can also expect to find candidates for partnerships and a bunch of investors.
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Nvidia just released the most powerful graphics processor ever made

Nvidia just released the most insanely powerful graphics processor ever made.

Have you ever played an HD game on your PC? If yes, then you may already know about Nvidia graphics. Nvidia is the world leader in visual computing technologies.

It is Santa Clara, California based Us technology company popularly known as for its graphics processing units or graphics cards.
Nvidia just released the most insanely powerful graphics processor ever made: eAskme
Nvidia just released the most insanely powerful graphics processor ever made: eAskme

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Nvidia has just launched the most powerful GPU (graphics processing unit) called,"Titan V." The company has already declared it as the top notch and most powerful graphics processing unit till now.

Do you think Titan V is another graphics card for gaming?

Lol :)

Titan V is way more than that.

This is not a traditional graphics card that comes with game players. It is so powerful that it helps researchers to dig deep into machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Features of Titan V: The most advanced GPU

  • It contains 21.1 billion transistors (OMG)
  • Delivers 110 teraflops horsepower
  • Nine times faster than any other Nvidia Graphic Processor.
Do you have an Xbox? What is the teraflop of your Xbox One?

Xbox One delivers six teraflops only.

Now you see how much power Titan V can produce.

Now you may ask for the price of Titan V.

Well as it delivers the best performance, it's price is also quite high than any of your regular gaming graphics processing unit.

Usually, you buy a graphics processing unit for $500 to $600. But to buy Titav V, you have to spend $3000.

Why should you buy Nvidia TitanV?

No matter what the price is, Nvidia Titan V is a shining star and result of extensive research done by Nvidia. It is the best unit for developing artificial intelligence and for research work
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Affiliate Marketing – Types, Pros and Cons

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is a relatively new type of marketing strategy in which ‘affiliates’ are employed by business firms (or merchants) to help generate sales of the business or bring customers to the firm’s website to check out their products and offers. These affiliates are rewarded on the basis of their performance, i.e. the number of sales generated or visitors brought to the website through efforts undertaken by the affiliates themselves.

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This type of marketing involves the use of third-parties to carry out marketing activities of a business. Affiliates basically work for commission by marketing a particular company’s products for which they are hired.

Affiliate Marketing – Types, Pros and Cons: eAskme
Affiliate Marketing – Types, Pros and Cons: eAskme

This type of marketing involves the use of third-parties to carry out marketing activities of a business. Affiliates basically work for commission by marketing a particular company’s products for which they are hired. In other words, affiliate marketing is all about promoting someone else’s products or services and getting paid for it. For every sale generated with the help of an affiliate’s marketing efforts, that affiliate is given a commission specified in advance.

Some of the techniques employed by affiliates include organic search engine optimization, paid search engine marketing (i.e. Pay Per Click or PPC), e-mail marketing, displaying ads or web banners on different websites for viewers to see, all of which are part of Internet marketing.

In some cases, affiliates might also use techniques such as publishing fake – usually positive - reviews of a firm’s products/services, or recommending them to customers as directed by the firm in order to attract them to try its products and services.

Affiliate marketing has experienced a steady rise since its origin in 1989 by William J. Tobin, the founder of PC Flowers & Gifts. In November 1994, an online retail company known by the name of CDNOW launched its BuyWeb program, in which music-oriented websites reviewed or listed albums on their pages that were of interest to visitors.

In an attempt to lure customers to purchase the albums, these music-oriented websites put affiliate links on their pages that would take visitors to the website of CDNOW, where they could make the purchase.

Another example of a business using affiliate marketing is the online retail giant Amazon, which launched its affiliate program in July 1996 by allowing affiliates to place banners and text links that would lead to Amazon’s site for individual books, or even directly to the home page of Amazon. This program gained much popularity among online retailers and served as the basis for affiliate programs launched later.

Types of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is divided into various types depending on the nature of methods used for each one. Some of the main types of affiliate marketing are briefly discussed below:

Single-Tier Affiliate Marketing

In Single-tier Affiliate Marketing, affiliates are paid commissions only for the sales that they directly contribute by directing visitors and traffic toward the merchant’s website. The different types explained below fall under the category of single-tier affiliate marketing.

o    Pay Per Click (PPC)

As the name suggests, in Pay Per Click affiliate marketing, a merchant pays affiliates for each visitor that is referred to the merchant’s website whenever that visitor clicks on a banner or text ad on the affiliate’s site that leads to that website.

For instance, if you are an affiliate marketer of Roses Only, online florist shop, you will be paid every time a visitor reaches to Roses Only through your affiliate site. This is the most popular type of affiliate marketing in which an affiliate gets a certain amount for referring visitors to the merchant’s business, even if they do not make any purchases. The fees, however, are minimal, usually not more than a dollar for each click made by visitors.     

o    Pay Per Performance (PPP)

Pay Per Performance affiliate marketing recompenses affiliates whenever they either help in actually generating a sale for the merchant through a visitor, or turning that visitor into a lead for the business. Unlike pay per click marketing, in pay per performance marketing, affiliates do not get paid until their efforts reap a reward for the business, that is, they do not get paid when users simply click on a banner ad and do not purchase anything.

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If we take into account the above example, you will be paid only when the visitor makes a purchase on RosesOnly. Commissions for pay per performance affiliate marketing are much higher – usually 15% - 20% of the actual sales generated, which makes it quite profitable and attractive for affiliates. Pay per Sale also comes under this category, which is more or less the same as pay per performance affiliate marketing. 

o    Pay Per Lead (PPL)

Such type of affiliate marketing is used by companies which require leads for the growth of their business. Examples of such businesses are insurance, banking and finance firms.

Affiliates are usually paid a fixed amount of fee for each form filled by visitors, including application forms or other types of forms that help the business to gain customers and grow. Affiliates refer visitors to the firm’s site to fill up the forms for which they are paid commission.

Multi-Tier Affiliate Marketing

Each of these types of affiliate marketing, i.e. single-tier and multi-tier are classified on the basis of tiers or levels of payment in the affiliate network. In multi-tier affiliate marketing, an affiliate is paid for directing visitors to the merchant’s website, as well as for traffic or sales generated by other affiliates who join the affiliate network upon the primary affiliate’s recommendation.

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For example, if publisher (affiliate) X is successful in attracting publishers Y and Z for carrying out the marketing activities of the firm for which publisher X was originally hired, then publisher X would be paid a commission for all marketing activities carried out in future by the two publishers i.e. Y and Z.

Pros & Cons of Affiliate Marketing

Besides its obvious benefits such as being a source of income with little set-up costs, affiliate marketing has its fair share of disadvantages as well. Some of the pros and cons of affiliate marketing are briefly described below:


Source of Income

For those wishing to add to their income, affiliate marketing is an ideal way to do so. Once you gain experience in the field of affiliate marketing, you can work for as many affiliates as your time and capacity allows. This lets you earn money from multiple sources simultaneously.

Minimal Startup Costs

The startup costs associated with affiliate marketing are minimal, if any, as it does not require any investment. Moreover, it is easy to commence with affiliate marketing as it requires only choosing a product or a service, signing up for its affiliate program and then copy and paste the tracking code to your website, and from there you can start earning right away. 

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No Marketing Experience Required

Even those who do not belong to a marketing background or possess no experience in the field can benefit from affiliate marketing. All you need to do is run your own website and employ a few techniques, while the rest is up to the merchant.



As affiliate marketing is gaining more popularity along with the fact that it is easy to set up, more and more people are entering into this field. This is a drawback of affiliate marketing as competition reduces bargaining power and results in lower income for affiliates. Moreover, inexperienced affiliates also face competition from those who are expert at SEO and generating more traffic for a business.


Working as an affiliate marketer, you have to pay a certain share to middlemen or intermediaries, usually affiliate networks. These affiliate networks provide a link between the merchant and the affiliate by offering different reporting and tracking tools. Affiliates usually pay these middlemen from the revenue generated by the sales made with the help of affiliates’ marketing efforts.

Low Level of Control over Offers

Another disadvantage of affiliate marketing is that you have no control over the offers made by the merchant. Thus, if competitors have better offers in the form of lower prices or better products/services, it would hamper the sales of the business you are working for as an affiliate. In that case, there is not much you can do except wait and hope that the merchant would change its offers in order to generate more sales.


Even though there are quite a few drawbacks to affiliate marketing apart from those explained in the previous section, it is an effective promotional and marketing tool that is increasingly used by businesses to increase their sales, as well as for individuals seeking to add to their income and venture out to try something different.

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Fortunately, there are solutions to the problems of affiliate marketing posed above.

For example, many affiliates go into partnerships with merchants as they become more and more successful by gaining a large customer base. This partnership agreement cuts out the intermediaries in between, resulting in higher profits for the affiliate as well as an establishment of a closer and a more intimate relationship with the merchant.

Furthermore, it is always beneficial to have some kind of experience related to affiliate marketing – preferably of SEO – even though it is not a prerequisite. This gives you a competitive edge over others in situations where a lot of competition exists, as merchants seek to hire those who can guarantee good results for their businesses.

This is only possible when you have some knowledge and expertise of SEO and the techniques that help in driving traffic to a website so that your skills are in demand even with all the competition around you. 

How do you monetize your blog?  Are you an affiliate marketer or a newbie? What is your affiliate strategy?

If you still have any question, feel free to ask me via comments.

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5 Best Ways to Use Social Profiles to Get Quality Links

Backlinks are always the most useful part of any online SEO strategy. Every SEO professional and business want to generate more one-way links. But it is not that easy. It takes time and efforts to build quality links.

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Some ways can help you build backlinks by optimizing and using your social profiles, yet most of the bloggers are not using this strategy. Some people think that creating social patterns for the sake of backlinks is a spammy strategy.

5 Best Ways to Use Social Profiles to Get Quality Links: eAskme
5 Best Ways to Use Social Profiles to Get Quality Links: eAskme
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Some people are doing it in wrong way, but the same time there are professional who understands how to use social profiles to get quality links genuinely.

You should not just create profiles to make people find your presence on every network, but you must develop patterns with real information, accomplishments, and background.

When you have social profiles on most extended networks and utilize them correctly, then you not only get traffic and subscribers for your blog or business but also boost your social media presence which is quite helpful to rank high in search engine results.

Today I am going to share the best ways I have discovered to use social profiles to get quality link backs.

1) Create an Executive Profile for Better Response Rates

Create an Executive Profile for Better Response Rates: eAskme

Users always interested in the real things. When your profile looks real, it grabs more engagement. It also helps you build trust.

People always ignore the random messages from businesses and social networking sites as there are so many businesses that are populating emails of the people every day. Every company tries to pitch their products in emails.

A personal connection always pays off. To create the successful network, it is necessary to personalize posts and focus on building relationships.

Do you know that many digital marketers search for executive profiles to add a connection to build trust? This also helps you to find people with similar interests. This will help you to construct a mutual relationship of promoting and sharing content.

There are few things that you should understand before creating an executive profile;
  • The executive must understand what to say on social profiles.
  • Have the potential to build trust.
  • Involve executives in social media marketing strategies.

2) Use Forum Profiles to Build Trust and Relationships with Professionals

Use Forum Profiles to Build Trust and Relationships with Professionals: eAskme

Forums are not only for question-answers, but you can also use them to build trust and relationship among professional in your industry.

Forums are a great way to connect with the like-minded people in your industry or niche.

You should focus on finding online communities of your niche and engage. You will get in-depth answers to latest issues and also have a lot of opportunities to share your expertise to help others and build trust.

Reddit has a high potential to help you find professionals and connect with them. You can use discussion boards and subreddits.

You can also join Github to connect with developers and programmers.

Remember you cannot build the trust-able connection by spamming in these forums.

You should engage with users by completing profiles, getting involved, answering questions and sharing your content.

Only share the useful content according to your site niche. Don’t commercialize your discussion.

3) Share Content on LinkedIn:

Share Content on LinkedIn: eAskme

You should make your executive share your content or re-share it regularly.

Linkedin is the best place to share your content with the professionals. The link suggestion tool is a great feature that makes people visiting the helpful content.

For you: Role of Social Media in Knowledge Sharing

Your executive should comment and share your article with the link.

People always interested in what others are saying about your content.

4) Connect with Social Profiles of Influencers

Connect with Social Profiles of Influencers: eAskme

Instagram and Twitter are the places where people follow other people hoping that others will also follow them. It is an excellent strategy to get influencers support you, but you have to take one more step.

You should share the tweet mentioning the influencer about what they have shared recently.

For example; when following other retweets their tweet, like them and comment there.

The more you admire the work of others the more followers you get.

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Always engage with the influencers, and this will help you boost your social shared and build strong connections. You can also learn from others.

When authorities and influencers start trusting you, you can ask them anything that can help you to boost your business and sharing links.

5) Use Facebook Ads to Boost Traffic & Link Shares

Use Facebook Ads to Boost Traffic & Link Shares: eAskme

The Facebook ad is a great way to reach your target audience. You can get highly targeted traffic even by spending $50.

When you carefully optimize your Facebook ad campaign, the result will be higher.

You should target the specific industries and interests. Focus on the title and description when running Facebook ads.

Your ad will also help you grab links when influencers find it quite helpful for their readers.

Final Words:

I am not talking about the quickest way to build links and social shares but what I have shared today is a really effective strategy to get one way or quality backlinks. These backlinks are always have long term impacts.

When you are working to grow your network or influencer outreach, you should follow these strategies. You will attract more shares when a person with lots of followers shares your content. 

You just not create profiles for the sake of links, but you should also engage on your profiles. Always share the helpful information, share interesting content and appreciate others. 

What do you do to build backlinks? What is your social media strategy? If you still have any question, feel free to ask via comments.

If you find this article helpful, do share it with your friends and followers.
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