Online Business: What You Call Hell, I Call Home

Online Business or Blogging is the hell, But I call it home. You should quit blogging and join an office. Whole online business is the hell. Online businesses are full of fraud. You cannot make money as a blogger. You cannot rely full time on an online business.

You may be thinking that why I am saying this.

I am a professional blogger. I am earning not just money but name and fame as well.

Whatever I shared at the beginning of this post, are not my words.

Online Business Blogging: What you call Hell, I call home: eAskme
Online Business Blogging: What you call Hell, I call home: eAskme

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These are few sentences that I hear every day.


The answer is simple, most of the population in this world afraid of running an online business.

Why is that?

The human mind is filled with tons of doubts when it comes to start an online business or invest money in anything.

People love to spend whole life working in shifts under a boss rather than taking the bold step to run an online business or become an entrepreneur.

That is why 99% people in this world are employees.

Why blogging or any online business is hell?

The main reason why people think online business is a shady business is that they had the unfortunate experience.

Type of people who believe that online business is hell?

I believe that there are three types of people who say that online the business is hell.
  1. who had the bad experience
  2. who believe in rumors
  3. who make excuses
1)    Tons of fake websites promise to make you productive or help you earn piles of money in one day. But in reality, you gain nothing.

I remember the days when people were running after survey websites.

Few people complained that there are websites which are not paying when they met the threshold earning limit. Some of the sites have even blocked the earners. This hurts the reputation of the online business.

2)    The second type of people is those who have never tried any online business but follow the rumors or word of mouth advice.

Word of mouth works multiple times faster to spread negativity.

I meet these types of people daily who say that they want to make money, but when I tell them, they can make money online. They put a lock in their ears.

3)    The easiest way to escape from the efforts is by making an excuse.

Have you seen the kids in school, who do not prepare for the test and the final day they try to escape by being sick or pretending to be sick?

Same happens with mature people. 90% of the people who say that online business is a shady business make excuses.

Real life experience:

I like to share my real life experience with you.

Blogging: What you call Hell, I call home

3 Years ago, A student came to me saying that he wants to learn to blog and want to make money online. I told him that I could help him, but it will cost $300 because I have to invest my time.
And, you know what happened.

The guy said he is poor; he cannot afford even $100.

Do you think the guy was inferior?


Do you think he came by local transport or by foot?


He came in SUV which costs almost $14000. His friend told me that his pocket money was $500.
This incident made me realize that people want to spend money on everything except where they can learn something.

Now that guy is looking for a job.

Now I like to share one more experience.

Blogging: What you call Hell, I call home

These were one other guy who came to me to start a blog. He just paid me to launch a blog and went back. After one month he called me saying that he got approval from Adsense and his earnings reached $10.

In next month, his earnings reached $70, but he called me that he is moving to the USA and want to quit blogging.

I was surprised. I told the guy that he could continue his blogging business even in the USA. But he said that he is getting a job at the hotel as a waiter. He does not want to write anymore.
So you see this guy quit blogging just to become a waiter.

Do you want to make money online or with blogging?

I am sharing these experiences to help you understand what type of guy you are?

Who’s fault?

According to me, the fault is of those who fall for fake promises and even of those who never tried anything.


Do you know that more than 70% newbies quit blogging or any other online business within the first six months?


Because they are impatient. People want instant results, and that is the reason why they fail in online business.

The big reason why people fall in hand of fraud sites is that fake sites promise you that you will earn $10 by sending the email or make $100 in one day doing nothing or autopilot systems where they need not work.

In reality, no system can make money for you without any effort.

Why is online blogging business home for me?

Why is online blogging business home for me

From my first day as a newbie blogger, I understood the fact that it takes time to build a business.
Online business takes time, but people are impatient.

Do you know that more than 70% newbie bloggers quit blogging within the first six months?


Because they are impatient. People want instant results, and that is the reason why they fail in online business.

The big reason why people fall in hand of fraud sites is that fake sites promise you that you will earn $10 by sending the email or make $100 in one day doing nothing or autopilot systems where they need not work.

In reality, no system can make money for you without any effort.

Blogging has not just saved me from working under a boss but also helped me to build my community of professional friends.

Blogging has rewarded me with;

No, this same happens with all of the professional bloggers.

Those who understand blogging respect us.

Those who don’t understand blogging, think me like an alien who is making money online when there are working days and nights in offices.

Biggest fear:

I know the biggest concern that people have in their mind is the investment. This episode tells that you can start an online business with less than what you spend as pocket money.

I also like to be blunt here.

Do you think I make money without investing in my blogs? LOL!
Do you think Ryan travel the world with blogging, without spending a dime? Or
Do you think that John Chow, Patt Flynn, Donna Merrill, Janice Wald, Cori Ramos, Sue Dunlevie and many others are making money without making any efforts?


What you should learn from what you call hell, I call home?

This episode of eAskme, help you find out that if you are meant to become a professional blogger, or you die working in an office for others.

If you still think that you are not brave enough to take your own decision, then you can never change your life for good.

Remember: Your life depends upon your actions.
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7 Tips for Improving Your E-Commerce Strategy : Boost ROI

As an e-commerce business, you have a lot of competition. With big-name retailers taking over the digital world, it’s harder than ever to establish yourself as a presence online. Customers are leaving in-person stores behind and e-commerce businesses are ready to meet them.

From groceries to exotic vacations, just about anything you can think of can be purchased online nowadays! In the online age, it’s not enough anymore to have a website for your business. You need to have the right presence to stay ahead of big-name brands and industry leaders.

7 Tips for Improving Your E-Commerce Strategy: eAskme
7 Tips for Improving Your E-Commerce Strategy: eAskme

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If you want to be competitive online, you need the right strategy. Here are 7 tips for improving your e-commerce strategy.

Why Focus on E-Commerce Strategy?

Why is your ecommerce strategy important as a  business? Ten years ago there weren't nearly as many e-commerce businesses as there are now. In those days all you had to do was set up a website for your business and customers would come!

Now, that’s not the case. E-commerce businesses are fighting for customer attention across all platforms. While there are more and more customers shopping online, there are also more e-commerce businesses than ever before.

No matter your industry, you’ll have fierce competition. You’re competing not only with businesses your own size, but also big-name brands that have a lot of money to invest in their own strategy. The good news is you can use your size to your advantage.

As a smaller e-commerce business, you have the time and energy to devote more strategy to the customer experience. You can really push the boundaries of e-commerce to capture users’ attention and reach new customers.

Well-known selling platform Shopify analyzes the big trends in e-commerce for 2018, saying social media and mobile phones are leading to big changes in the industry. Are you ready to meet these new challenges with your own e-commerce business? Then keep reading for top tips!

1. Merchant Accounts

According to Tesco Solutions, e-commerce sales are expected to be over $491 billion in 2018 alone. That’s a number you can’t ignore, and it’s no wonder so many businesses are competing to make a profit off these online shoppers.

New e-commerce business owners will quickly learn it’s not as simple as setting up a website and purchasing some ads.

It starts with the right merchant account. While in-person businesses worry about card machine costs & fees, e-commerce businesses need the right merchant account and platform to ensure a smooth checkout process.

2. Video and Photography

Video is changing the way people interact with content on the internet. Video does well both on e-commerce websites and on social media. Showcase your best products in an eye-catching fashion on social media with striking videos.

Let customers see a product through video on the website before they purchase. Kissmetrics notes one of the main things customers look for in an online shopping experience is an ability to clearly see products, and video helps fill in these gaps.

Along with video, photography is becoming a bigger component of online selling. Nothing will kill a brand faster than bad stock photos or mediocre photography. In the age of Instagram and Facebook, anyone can be a photographer.

That means the standards for online video and photography are rising rapidly. As a business, high-quality visuals need to be a priority. Think beyond traditional photography and include things like 360 degree images, gifs, or even virtual reality.

Changes in technology make it easier to capture quality photos and videos on a budget. You can even use your smartphone if you use the right technique!

3. Email Marketing

There are a lot of marketers who will try to tell you that email marketing is dead. Luckily, this isn’t the case. E-commerce websites need to be willing to adapt their email marketing strategy to work in this new digital age.

The spammy, sales-based emails of yesterday are no longer effective. If you want users to actually read your emails, make sure your message is worth opening! According to Digital Marketer, you only have 4 seconds to capture users’ attention in a single email.

How will you make those 4 seconds really count? The best way to capture attention (and keep it!) is through a catchy, interesting headline. Your customers get a lot of emails on a daily basis. How can you get them to actually pay attention to yours?

When writing emails, the focus should be all on value. This isn’t a time to deliver your greatest sales pitch. People know when they’re being sold to, and they’ll quickly click away to something else. Instead, think of your emails as a way to get to know your audience.

You want to build a relationship with your email list. Once your audience trusts you, you can start talking about your products or sales.

Until them, lead with value! Like with most aspects of marketing, you’ll need to do a lot of testing to understand what aspects of email marketing work best with your audience. As long as your sending quality-driven emails regularly, you’ll see growth in your conversion rate!

4. Mobile Optimization

More shoppers are choosing to make purchases over their phone than ever before. As smartphones and tablets become more commonplace and complex, they’re starting to change the way people shop. If your website isn’t optimized for mobile, you’re losing customers.

Luckily, most designs and platforms for e-commerce websites are optimized for mobile nowadays, but that doesn't mean things can’t still go wrong.

Test your website with different screen sizes to ensure everything works perfectly no matter what device your customers are using!

5. Loyalty Program reports people are more likely to shop at stores with loyalty programs!  Reward your best customers with a loyalty program! You don’t want your customers to buy something from you once and never again.

The goal for e-commerce websites is repeat business, and loyalty programs breed just that. If your customers are having a positive shopping experience with your e-commerce website, don’t give them any reason to shop elsewhere.

Not sure where to begin with your e-commerce loyalty program? Start simple. You can go basic with your program by offering a money-off system.

For instance, your customers can earn $10 off for every 50$ they spend! Another simple option is an email rewards program, where members of an email list can receive access to unique sales or discounts! Both of these options are simple and keep customers coming back again and again.

6. Diversify Platforms

Don’t put all your marketing eggs in one basket. There’s a world of opportunity available for you to market your business effectively. If you’ve had success with Google Ads, try Facebook Ads. One of the reasons so many new businesses fail to see online growth is because they never expand their marketing strategy.

You have to be present online in the right places! Really get to know your audience.
  • Where do they spend time online? 
  • What type of content do they like to interact with?
These are the questions that should lead your platform search. If your target audience isn’t interested in Snapchat, don’t spend valuable marketing strategy time building your Snapchat account. If you don’t find success with one platform, move on to the next until you hit that sweet spot!

7. Social Media

Social media is changing the way people interact with businesses. Be more than just a store by interacting with customers on social media. Customers don’t want to feel like they’re buying from a computer or a robot.

Even though the shopping experience is transitioning from in-person to online, people still crave human interaction! Give them this interaction by creating genuine connections on social media. Interact with your audience with engaging, unique content that really stands out from other businesses.

Highlight your best products and sales while actually creating high-quality content for potential customers. This will build vital trust that will convert more followers into buyers!

The Future of E-Commerce Strategy

As an e-commerce business, you need to be willing to adapt quickly to stay ahead of the competition. Things change quickly in the digital space. E-commerce might be taking over the sales industry, but it’s still very much a wild, wild west of strategy.

There are no hard and fast rules. The big brands didn’t get to the top by following trends! Be a rule breaker with your e-commerce business if you want to be noticed.

There is a lot to look out for in the coming years of e-commerce. Right now, your strategy should be on creating high-quality, engaging content and finding new ways to interact with your customers. In the future, the focus is likely to shift to things like community involvement, machine learning, and even cryptocurrency!

Be proactive with your strategy. Be on the cutting edge of change if you want to see real results. 

Most importantly, remember to keep the focus on the customers. In this constantly changing digital landscape it’s easy to forget about your customers and think about your business. As long as you’re working for the customer, you’ll see your numbers grow no matter what!
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10 Common Business Card Mistakes

There are lots of options when it comes to business cards these days, as they come in all kinds of formats.  You can even get digital or 3D business cards.  They are commonly used at networking event’s or even social occasions to give someone your contact details.

How to Check if an Image is Photoshopped or Not ?

The important thing to remember is what is on your business card is a reflection on you.  There are some mistakes that lots of people fall into when creating personalized business cards – and this can give out the wrong first impression.  We have come up with a list of things not to do when creating your business card.

10 Common Business Card Mistakes: eAskme
10 Common Business Card Mistakes: eAskme
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Don’t Add Too Many Fonts

You may have multiple preferences when it comes to font choice, but don’t use them all on one business card.  It’s important to keep things simple, so stick to the same font throughout.  Ideally, it should match your branding – so try and use the font that’s associated with your logo or any strapline that you may have. 

Don’t Make the Writing Too Small

This may seem fairly obvious – but it’s a mistake that we have seen all too often.  Some people choose a small font size in order to fit in lots of information.  This is a big mistake.  If people find your contact information too difficult to read, then it’s likely that they will lose interest and not contact you.  Make sure your font size is large enough for them to see.

Don’t be too unusual in Terms of Shape

Although business cards do come in all shapes and sizes, try not to be too creative with it.  Whenever possible use the appropriate dimensions for your company. They are made that way for a reason.  Business cards with strange shapes can be difficult to fit into wallets and they can be distracting. If you do want a business card that’s a little more abstract, the business card printing by print24 gives you the option of fold-out cards which will make them stand out against the regular cards usually handed out.

Don’t Worry about Whitespace

It is a common myth that you need to fill every single bit of space on your business card.  It’s ok to leave areas of the card blank – it should be simplistic in its design.  The reader shouldn’t have to stop and think about your contact details, they should be plain to see.  

Color Contrast

Colors are important – as they can affect how well you are able to read the content on the card.  Make sure you limit your color palette.  Similarly to the font, use your company colors wherever possible.  The colors should be contrasting, so no pale blue with dark blue, or pale pink with dark pink etc.  This is something that we see quite a lot of. 

Make Sure Data Types are Grouped Together

Some people feel the need to be too quirky or cool.  When they do this they can make the mistake of trying to design it in such a way that they group data elements separately which is confusing and time consuming.  Keep to the traditional style of having a standard structure for your contact info that is legible.  For example: Name, Title, Address etc.

Don’t Be Ambiguous

Sometimes you will find that there is a lot of contact information listed out, but they aren’t clearly labelled.  If you do feel the need to put additional phone numbers, fax numbers etc on your card – then make sure they are clearly itemised.

Don’t Forget your Social Media URLS

Unless you have an augmented reality, or digital business card – you need to remember that Facebook icons aren’t clickable.  There are lots of people with business cards out there that feature social media channels, and don’t have accompanying URLS.  How are they meant to find you?

Don’t Use a LinkedIn URL that’s not Custom

We have seen lots of business cards that feature LinkedIn icons and links, but they aren’t customized as yet.  This is an unattractive way of directing people to your LinkedIn profile or company page.  As standard, they are made up with a number of random letters and numbers – however a custom approach has your name for example at the end.  If you don’t practice this, it’s unlikely people will ever reach your profile.

Company Logo

On some business cards you can barely see the logo.  Make sure that you have this clearly visible and that you also have your company’s name directly below it, don’t assume people will know your company name purely based on branding. If you are handing out your business card it’s unlikely that they know who you are, so it’s important that your logo and company name instantly jump out at them.

Hopefully after reading this list, you will have a better idea of what not to do when creating your next business card. 
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How to Play Casino Games online

Want to make money online? Do you know how online money making works? I have already written about tons of ways to make money online. Still, there are more to share with you. When it comes to making money online the fun ways is to make money playing games.

How to Play Casino Games online: eAskme
How to Play Casino Games online: eAskme
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You can make money playing android games and even online casino games. Playing online games is not that easy at first you have to understand how to play the game and once you are comfortable only then you can make money playing any game.

How to make money playing online table games?

You may have seen James Bond playing casino table games and winning every time. To play and win table games you need a reliable online casino site. Casino tables games are very popular.

Key Points to Know Before You Play Rummy Games Online

These days’ online casinos are very popular. People are spending millions to play games like blackjack or other table games. The more you put the more chances’ you have to earn from these games.

What is the best place to play casino games?

Spinit is a popular site to play online table game for casino lovers. As they say, “Spinit: Dare to win it”. You can play all the popular games such as a jackpot, live casino, online roulette, online blackjack, online slots and table games.

Asian casino players can play Baccarat and Mini Baccarat. European players can play French Roulette and European Roulette. Blackjack is more popular in USA and Canada.

Casino table games with lowest house edge:

Do you know what house edge is? House edge is the way to measure how favorable a game is. The bigger number shows a less favorable game to the game player. Here are the casino games with the lowest edge for you.

What is the best strategy to play casino table games?

How to make money playing table games?

You may have seen James bond playing casino table games and winning every time. To play and win table games you need a reliable online casino site.

These days’ online casinos are very popular. People are spending millions to play games like blackjack or other table games. The more you put the more chances’ you have to earn from these games.
  •     Blackjack
  •     Pai Gow Poker
  •     French Roulette and European Roulette
  •     Backgammon
  •     Caribbean stud poker
  •     Three Card Poker Games
  •     Baccarat and Mini Baccarat
  •     Craps
  •     Video Poker games

Is it possible to play online casino table games?

Live casino table games have made it possible for everyone to play online casino table games. You can not only play the game but also get the feeling as you are playing casino in Las Vegas.

Is it safe to play online table games?

Casinos always use most secure transaction methods to avoid fraud and make sure that your transaction details stay safe. It is always safe to spend money playing online casino games.

How much money can I make playing casino table games?

There is absolutely no limit on how much money you can win. The more you play the more experience you gain. The better experience and skills always help you to win more.

If you still have any question, feel free to ask via comments.
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What is eAskme All About : Infographic

eAskme | How to : Ask Anything & get Answer of Everything
eAskme | How to : What is eAskme
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What is eAskme ?

eAskme | How to

eAskme is a Blog dedicates to the solutions of all worldwide issues on How To. Readers can ask anything by making comments or filling "Ask Your question form" that is available at the top of the eAskme blog. It also give details about how everything happen in virtual world.

Content of eAskme 

eAskme answer everything regarding technology, blogging, domain registration, Google tips, Analytics, Adsense, Alexa, Ranking, Traffic, Earning money, Health, Facebook, Apps, Android, Dating, Relationship, Widgets, How to, Wordpress, Youtube and much more. To get answers of anything you just need to search on eAskme or you can ask by filling "Ask Your Question" form, that is available at the top of the
Learn Blogging with eAskme 

You can easily learn Blogging, and how to monetize their blogs and get traffic by reading posts under Blogger tab of It tells everything about making blog getting traffic, monetization and being popular.

Use this infographic for free
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Subscribe eAskme feed to get all updates in your email.

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8 Best No Crop Apps for Instagram and Whatsapp 2018: Infographic

Best no Crop Apps for Instagram and WhatsApp you need always. If you are also looking for no crop apps for WhatsApp and Instagram, then you are on the right page. There are many no crop apps available online. But, do you know that ho many apps do no crop job efficiently. If you are regular Instagram or WhatsApp user, then you know how important it is to create perfect photos for Instagram. That is where you need no crop Instagram app or no crop app for WhatsApp.

8 Best No Crop Apps for Instagram and Whatsapp 2018: eAskme
8 Best No Crop Apps for Instagram and Whatsapp 2018: eAskme
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Keeping that in mind I am going to share the best list of no crop apps for Instagram and Whatsapp. I have tried many apps and found some of the best no crop apps for you to use.

If you are selfie addict, then you are the Instagram addict. Instagram is one of the most popular photo-sharing apps. To make your pic look best on Instagram, you need no crop apps. In this post, I will outline the most effective no crop applications that you should use.

Why use no crop app for Instagram?

No crop apps help you to share full-size images without cropping them.

Without using no crop apps, you cannot share full-size images without cropping them. If you use cropping tools to post your picture, then it reduces the quality of your photos.

Become Successful Instagrammar

That is why no crop apps are the best to use.

Now it is the time to look at best no crop apps for Android smartphone.

Best Instagram No Crop Apps for Instagram and Whatsapp:

Here are the seven best no crop apps for Instagram and Whatsapp in 2018.
  • Instagrid Grids for Instagram

  • Insta Square Size – No Crop

  • Insta square snap pic collage

  • Insta Square Size Collage Maker

  • Insta Size Photo Editor

  • No Crop & Square for Instagram

  • Square InstaPic – Photo Editor

  • Square Quick Pro-No Crop Photo

Best no Crop Apps for Instagram Infographic:

Feel free to use this infographic

<script src="" data-vg-id="YKLV6ZZDJh4" data-title="Best No Crop Apps for Instagram" data-w="816" data-h="1700" data-multipage="true"></script>

Instagrid Grids for Instagram:

Best No Crop Apps for Instagram and Whatsapp 2018: Instagrid Grids for Instagram: eAskme

Features Instagrid Grids for Instagram

  • Cut any picture into a grids

  • Create panorama for instagrids

  • Cool designs

  • Collage your favorite photos

  • Download from gallery

  • Upload easily

  • No Crop

  • Easy to use

  • Crop, Flip, Rotate, move and Zoom pictures
  • Multi Sizes generator: 3x3, 3x2, 3x1, 3x4, 3x5, 4x4

Insta Square Size – No Crop

Best No Crop Apps for Instagram and Whatsapp 2018: Insta Square Size – No Crop: eAskme

Features of Insta Square Size – No Crop

  • Makeup Photo Editor & Selfie Camera

  • Makeup Tools

  • Beauty Photo Editor

  • Beauty face Selfie

  • Eye Makeup Tools

  • Enhance Lips & Teeth

  • Beauty Camera

  • No Crop

  • Instant Photo Filters

  • Collage Maker

  • Mirror Images

  • Photo Editor Filters

  • Selfie Effects

  • Share Photos

Insta square snap pic collage

Best No Crop Apps for Instagram and Whatsapp 2018: Insta square snap pic collage: eAskme

 Features of Insta square snap pic collage

  • Drag & Drop

  • Zoom In & Zoom Out

  • Rotate and Round Corner.

  • No Crop

  • Social sharing

  • 30+ amazing filters, lens, overlays, artist, light

 Insta Square Size Collage Maker

Best No Crop Apps for Instagram and Whatsapp 2018:  Insta Square Size Collage Maker: eAskme

Features of Insta Square Size Collage Maker

  • Powerful size maker

  • Pip effects

  • Background effects Blur, solid, pattern

  • 20+ fantastic filters

  • No Crop

  • Funny stickers

  • Text on photo and snap

  • Round Corner

  • Drag & Drop

  • Zoom In & Zoom Out

  • Shadow 3d effects.

Insta Size Photo Editor

Best No Crop Apps for Instagram and Whatsapp 2018:  Insta Size Photo Editor: eAskme

Features of Insta Size Photo Editor

  • Free and Premium photo effects created

  • AVA Technology

  • Advanced editing tools

  • Collages and layouts

  • Crop photo

  • No Crop tool

  • Create and organize photo grid

  • Resize pictures

  • Multiple fonts

  • Share your pictures on social network

No Crop & Square for Instagram

Best No Crop Apps for Instagram and Whatsapp 2018: No Crop & Square for Instagram: eAskme

Features of No Crop & Square for Instagram

  • Post No Crop full sized photos

  • Rotate

  • Flip

  • Resize photos

  • Add templates

  • 200 free backgrounds

  • Use photos as background

  • 30 fliters

  • Tese add and resize

  • 400 free stickers

Square InstaPic – Photo Editor

Best No Crop Apps for Instagram and Whatsapp 2018: Square InstaPic – Photo Editor: eAskme

Features of Square InstaPic – Photo Editor

  • Add filters

  • Add text

  • Photo Grid maker

  • No Crop feature

  • Adjustments such as saturation, brightness, contrast etc.

  • Easy to use

  • Blurred background

  • Emoji stickers

Square Quick Pro - Photo Editor & Collage Maker

Best No Crop Apps for Instagram and Whatsapp 2018: Square Quick Pro - Photo Editor & Collage Maker: eAskme

Features of Square Quick Pro - Photo Editor & Collage Maker

  • Square features

  • Built in no crop for instagram

  • Collage maker

  • Color text

  • CornerTag stickers

  • Paint photo

  • Square photo editor

  • Pip photo

  • Quick share


To learn more you can download these no crap apps for Instagram or Whatsapp from Google Play Store. I also use Instagram and I understand how important it is to upload full size images. It not just help in sharing the real story but also attract the users more than a cropped pic. Things are quite easy not with no crop applications. There are still so many best no crap applications that will be joining this list in coming days.

You can download and choose the best no crap applications for your blog.

How to Acquire More Instagram Followers and Make Your Business Sustainable

Have you ever used no crop apps for Instagram? Which app you consider as the best no crop app? Have I missed some good apps? Do share via comments.
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How to Launch a Product the Fast Way

The modern market works very fast and newcomers who don’t pay attention to important trends tend to get swept away by the currents before they’ve even had a chance to realize what was going on.

Launching a product of any kind can be a challenging experience if you’re not adequately prepared for it, and even those who’ve already done it multiple times tend to get nervous the closer they move to the big day.

Launching a Product the Fast Way: eAskme
Launching a Product the Fast Way: eAskme

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The truth is, you can never guarantee that a product will end up successful – but there’s still a lot you can do to maximize your chances.

Market Studies Should Be Finished Before Product Development Even Starts

Working on a product should be done with some clear expectations for how it’s going to perform once it’s released. You should leave nothing to chance, and never invest effort and resources into a project just based on a “hunch” that it’s going to be successful.

Considering how many tools you have available to study the market in depth and make an informed decision nowadays, you have absolutely no excuse for launching a product that doesn’t fill a specific, necessary niche.

It’s okay to experiment with crazy ideas when you don’t invest too much in them, but your big launches should always be the result of meticulous market studies.

Machine learning and AI can be incredibly helpful in guiding you to the right decision here too, so don’t disregard the opportunities that lie in this area.

Even better, if you can integrate this technology into your regular workflow, this can be a complete game-changer.

Press Release and Promotional Materials

Make sure that you have everything that will be sought out by the press and customers ready and prepared well in advance.

From press release texts, to the product’s website, you must not only prepare all assets well in advance, but also double check them to ensure that everything is in a perfect condition before hitting the big button.

This can be challenging when you’re working with a design that keeps changing all the time before its release, but as long as you’ve teamed up with a professional studio, this should not be so problematic in the long run.

Some design agencies will specialize in a range of services, so you may be able to get their assistance with a number of your materials.

An example of this can be seen through Pelling Design who are a web and graphic design agency in Farnham, Surrey. Their services include web design, graphic design, digital print, branding and more. If you choose an agency such as this one, you can ensure your branding stays consistent and inline with your image.

Just make sure you communicate your ideas and intentions clearly, and if you notice any issues with the way the design is headed, communicate them early on instead of leaving them for the next meeting (or however your relationship is structured).

 It can end up very costly to change a major part of the design so late into its production.

Ongoing Promotion

The initial launch is one thing, but you’ll also want to make sure that you can keep your product in the spotlight after it’s been on the market for a while.

Social media campaigns are a great way to get a nice boost to your market performance with a relatively small investment, but if you want to push really hard, you should develop a more precisely targeted campaign that spans over several weeks or even months and covers multiple fronts.

The Internet makes it very easy to promote a product these days, and ensure that it’s exposed to as many people as possible that might potentially show some interest in it, but it can take some trial and error to use those tools properly and ensure that you’re not wasting your money.

As long as you have a good partner here though, it shouldn’t be a problematic part of your product’s development. In fact, for some people, this is actually one of the best times, as it allows them to put various modern technologies to good use.


Think about how you’re going to care for your customers in the long run as well. This might seem like a straightforward ordeal, but you’d be surprised how many companies make their major launches with very little consideration for their long-term support.

This can make or break a product in the eyes of savvy consumers, and for a good reason – nobody wants to buy something that will become useless once it breaks down or suffers a minor malfunction.

Investing in a proper support center can make a huge difference, although it can also be quite costly depending on the specific type of product you’re working with. But having at least some basic level of support is pretty much mandatory.

There are numerous details that you’ll have to cover before launching a product, but these are the most important points to consider if you want to get something out the door as fast as possible.

Once you’ve mastered these steps, iterating over your designs and bringing them to perfection should become quite easy, and you should eventually develop some skills in all those fields yourself, allowing you to handle those tasks at least partially.
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