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eAskme Happy Diwali Giveaway : Win iPhone 8 Plus Smartphone Worth $1,100

iPhone is back with new iPhone 8 Plus. From the beginning, iPhone has been dominating the smartphone industry. It is not just a smartphone but also a status symbol. It is always great to have an iPhone, and in the festival season, it makes you smile big.

iPhone has changed the way how people look at the smartphones. Its unique and royal experience is making people fall in love with it. No matter its iPhone 4 or iPhone 8, users love every version of iPhone.

Keeping the popularity of iPhone in mind, and client collaborations has launched eAskme Happy Diwali GiveAway contest. This Diwali season you can win an iPhone 8Plus free.

eAskme Happy Diwali Giveaway : Win iPhone 8 Plus Smartphone Worth $1,100: eAskme
eAskme Happy Diwali Giveaway : Win iPhone 8 Plus Smartphone Worth $1,100: eAskme
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eAskme Happy Diwali Giveaway: Win iPhone 8 Plus Smartphone Worth $1,100

If you want to know what the contest was all about checking this.

There is a huge list of Smartphone available in the market. You may get confuse many times when you go to buy one for yourself or your friend or family.

You find various type of Smartphone:

  1.    Cheap but not good 2000-4000
  2.    Mid-range but lack of high functioning and high quality 5000-15000
  3.    High Range with all the high-quality features such as colossal memory, colossal RAM and longer talk time 15000-50000
Today I am going to make things easier for you.

I am going to offer you an entirely free Giveaway sponsored by

In this Giveaway, you have a chance to win a high in demand and high function Smartphone,
iPhone 8 Plus with 3GB RAM and 64GB memory Worth Worth $1,100.

eAskme Giveaway: Win iPhone 8 Plus with 3GB RAM and 64GB memory Worth Worth $1,100

Before I tell you how you can win this phone, let me tell you the features first.

iPhone 8 Plus Smartphone features:

  •  5.50-inch Display
  •  hexa-core Processor
  • 7-Megapixel Front Camera
  • 1080x1920 pixels Resolution
  • 3GB RAM
  • iOS 11
  • 64GB Storage
  • 12-Megapixel Rear Camera
  • WLAN     Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, dual-band, hotspot
  • Bluetooth     5.0, A2DP, LE
  • NFC     Yes (Apple Pay only)
  • Radio     No
  • USB     2.0, proprietary reversible connector
Now let’s see how you are going to win this coolest iPhone 8 Plus this Diwali season.

How to Win iPhone 8 Plus Smartphone:

Just follow the given steps to participate in iPhone 8 Plus Smartphone giveaway contest, and you will win one.


  1.    Like us on Facebook

  2.    Click here to subscribe free eAskme newsletter. Enter email id in email box and captcha words in other box and click on “Complete subscription request”.

  3.    Check your email for the eAskme verification email.

  4.    Click on the verification link to verify your subscription.

  5.    Share this giveaway post on your Facebook and Google plus.

  6.    In the below comment box, tell which Smartphone or mobile phone you already have and what will you do with iPhone 8 Plus if you will win one.

  7.    Keep visiting daily on easkme and leave comments on the posts you find helpful.
Just follow the above 7 steps to win iPhone 8 Plus with 3GB RAM and 64GB memory Worth Worth $1,100.

If you still have any question, feel free to ask me via comments.

Don`t forget that the more you engage with the more chance you have to win this GiveAway.
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The 3M Rule to Boost your Content Marketing Campaign

Many marketers bandy about the phrase “content marketing” around these days. For some people, it is just another marketing strategy you adopt for your expensive digital campaign. Real content marketing, however, requires a more in-depth process towards its successful execution. When done correctly, it can help you connect deeply on all channels with your target audience.

The 3M Rule to Boost your Content Marketing Campaign: eAskme
The 3M Rule to Boost your Content Marketing Campaign: eAskme

This deep connection between you and your customers is what you should strive to build and maintain for your brand.

Content marketing isn’t just about writing compelling copy for any demographic, and it is combining your approach with rich brand story-telling and disseminating them on various platforms and devices where they are equally responsive.

Have you managed a campaign recently? How did it perform? How did you communicate your story? A personalized theme where you focus on the target audience by using “you” or “your” will resonate more strongly than a generalized term like “they” which gives the impression of an outsider.

When formulating your online content marketing strategy, as a rule, there are three steps to consider such as materials, methods, and monitoring. This often referred to as the 3M rule, says Marketing professional, Brendan Wilde, at Umbrella Cloud Hosting He advises a strategic implementation of the 3M rule.

The 3M Rule to Boost your Content Marketing Campaign

1.    Materials Development

The development process involves the creation of relevant content by listening efficiently and continuously to your target audience. How do they speak? What language do they use? Of course, no compelling content ever derived without carefully studying those it was intended for. A lot of brands are guilty of assuming that the customer will understand. Unfortunately, if that is the attitude, then the campaign is doomed to failure. Develop precise content that is tailor-made to cut through the noise and attract the intended receiver.

2.    Method of Execution

The method represents your execution. I have seen many brands develop fantastic content, but a poor performance killed all the hard work of the creative step. That is a lot of money down the drain. As with the materials stage, it is imperative for brands to conduct a careful study of their audience to know what execution strategies to employ.

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When distributing content online, there are specific channels different groups of people respond. While Snapchat is suitable for teens who love to share stories by the hour, Pinterest or Facebook are favored by older adults with occasional updates about their latest interests. Understanding this difference could save your brand wasted ad-spend.

3.    Monitoring and Evaluation

This stage represents an evaluation of your campaign so far. After the development and execution, you must study its performance for feedback. Content writing agency Daily Posts says this stage of the campaign process must be carried out diligently as it can either break or consolidate all the other steps you have faced. One of the advantages of monitoring and evaluation of online campaigns is the control you have and the real-time nature of its experience..

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You could decide to re-enforce the message if it is performing well in one channel/device or withdraw if it’s not. If you are managing your brand campaign yourself (as opposed to outsourced agencies), you have total control over your marketing budget should you wish to make sudden adjustments. The lessons learned at this stage can use for future campaigns.

There are analytical tools that can be used to monitor online campaigns on the go. They enhance your content marketing strategies for optimum results. Ensure that you always do a proper investigation of your target audience before you start and campaign.
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How to Write a Great Product Review

Some people make their livings writing product reviews. They’re absolute stars at making you feel like you understand the product, the advantages, and the drawbacks. Not just that, but they manage to throw that review up in such a way that you get the feeling that it’s authentic, personal and honest.

There aren’t many of those people, though. Most people, when they write a review, provide no real help and leave you no wiser by the end of it than you were in the beginning. And that, naturally, leaves you feeling a little frustrated.

How to Write a Great Product Review : eAskme
How to Write a Great Product Review : eAskme
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What is the difference? What is it that makes some reviews outstanding and personable, while others are overly salty, uninformative and frustratingly difficult to understand? That’s what we’re going to cover today. What is the difference? And how can you make sure you end up on the right side of that dividing line?

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That’s what we’re going to explore today.

It’s a review, not a sales pitch

How to Write a Great Product Review : eAskme

What’s the difference? A sales pitch tries to convince you to have to buy this product. A review decides to give you information so that you can make an informed decision as to whether you want to buy it or not. In other words, a sales pitch is pushy (even if it is soon a subtle level) in that it tries to put what is being reviewed in the best light. A review does not do that. It weighs the pros and cons of the product.

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That’s also how you can tell the difference. Does it all start off with ‘this is why it is good,' while offering you some of the drawbacks only later on and muffling them away? That’s more a sales pitch. Is it frank and upfront with the positive and the negative aspects of the product? Then you’re reading a review.

We’re not just interested in your opinion

How to Write a Great Product Review: eAskme

Yes, of course, you want to mix in your opinion with your review. But that’s not all it should be. We also wish to the fact. How well does it work with other products? What are the specifications? Did it have all the bits and bobs when it arrived?  What was it like contacting customer service?

The trick is to find the right balance between yourself and the product. We do want your opinion! But that alone really isn’t enough. Give us the facts too.
Readore: Tips to Improve Writing to Win Readers

Of course, if you can give the other people’s opinions about it too, that would be great. Refer to other reviews and tell us why you agree or disagree with them. In that way, we feel that your review doesn’t stand on its own, but is enmeshed in a network of other considerations. That lends it authority (even if it doesn’t deserve it).

Tell them what you’re going to tell them. Then tell them. 

Tell them what you’re going to tell them. Then tell them: eAskme

Some people have the time to read a detailed review of the merits and weak points of a product. Most people skim, however, to get the gist of it. Cater to both customers, by first detailing what you’re going to talk about in brief and only then exploring those points in more depth later on. If you can follow this formula, then you’re product is going to serve not just those that want to sit down and read the whole thing, but everybody.

What’s more, when your initial list of points sounds attractive to the skim reader, you’ve got a much better chance they’ll sit down and read the whole thing. In this way, you’ll make sure that you’re going to address as broad an audience as you possibly can.

Compare and contract 

How to Write a Great Product Review: eAskme

The best reviews don’t look at products in isolation. Instead, they’re all about comparing them to other products that are similar and showing the reader why this product is better or worse and why that is the case.

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Why is this so important? Because people rarely consider a product in isolation. Instead, they’re curious if that product holds up to other things they’ve tried. Even better, by including additional products you’re significantly raising the chance that the reader has tried one of the other products before, thereby giving them a far stronger point of reference (and giving you another way to demonstrate your expertise).

Remember readability

How to Write a Great Product Review: Readability: eAskme

Readability is measurable. Not only that, but it’s easy to do so. So make sure that you measure the readability of your text and take active steps to boost it. Why? Because the harder a version is to read, the fewer time people are going to give you before they’re going to look elsewhere.

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Here are some things to look out for:

•    Keep your sentences simple.
•    Watch the adverbs and the passive voice.
•    One idea per paragraph.
•    Lists, bullet points and headings are essential.
•    Get rid of extra words!

If you can do all that, then the readability of your texts will go up, and that will give you more time to make a good impression. Yeah, it will still be up to you to make that right impact, but I can do only so much from this side of the keyboard!

If you don’t feel this is enough, then consider getting an editor or in other ways get academic help. Getting feedback on what you’re doing is quite beneficial, as it shows your problem areas and lets you see how other people experience your work.

Who are you writing it for?

How to Write a Great Product Review: eAskme

People that write for everybody end up getting read by nobody. That’s not just true in product review circles but in all of them. Stop trying to please everybody and instead work on getting a group of people genuinely excited. After all, if you can get a 1/10 of a percent to read your product reviews rapidly, then in the US alone you’ll have a more than 300,000 fans. I don’t know about you, but if 300,000 people read, share and like an article of mine, I’d say it would be pretty satisfied.

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So what does that mean? It means you need to work out who your target audience is, finding out their actual needs of the audience that you’re reviewing for and then evaluating the product about those needs. Note that when you’re trying to select your target audience, it’s best if you focus on people who are like you. This will make it more likely that your style will gel with what they expect and that you’ll be able to understand their wants and needs.

And it also reduces the chance that they feel you don’t understand or that you’re talking down to them. And that’s a bonus.

Last words

How to Write a Great Product Review: eAskme

Writing a well-honed product review is something that takes time and practice. So make sure that you take the time and that you practice. Don’t just try to write one either. Instead, keep writing them as each one that you manage to will give you more feedback and a better idea as to what people like and what they don’t.

From there, you’re in a much better position in later reviews, as you’ll know what works and furthermore gain confidence. That, taken together, will make your reports even better and your audience ever bigger. Now, that has to be the goal, right?
Check out some helpful reviews:

Web hosting reviews:

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Must Know Things Before Joining Any Affiliate Program

When it comes to making money blogging, there are so many ways, but affiliate marketing is king of all. Same time finding best affiliate program can be a headache for you. There are multiple ways to join various affiliate programs.

You can either join a popular affiliate marketplace such as CJ, ShareASale or directly go in-house affiliate program such as eAskme affiliate program, Hostgator affiliate program, etc.

The one major thing which you need to consider before joining any affiliate program is One-time payment system.

Must Know Things Before Joining Any Affiliate Program : eAskme
Must Know Things Before Joining Any Affiliate Program : eAskme
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There is no doubt that you can join affiliate programs for free, but it takes time and efforts to promote affiliate products and generate sales.

There are chances that you land in the hands of malicious affiliate programs and may not get paid for your valuable time and efforts.

Now you may ask that, what you should check before joining any affiliate program.
Don`t worry that is what I am sharing today.

Things you must know before joining any affiliate program.

1) Payment system:

You may not have faced some networks like me where I made more than $1000, but they have not paid me and after some time shut down their site and work.

I know you want to avoid such situations. The very first thing is to find out the payment method to make sure that it is acceptable in your country also.

If you find out that there is no such payout method which is available in your country, then you should contact the affiliate marketing team to ask how can they will pay you if you work for them.

I am sharing the most popular ways which can help you get paid in any country.
2)Direct Bank transfer
4) PayPal

2) Threshold payment limit or minimum payout:

Many newbie affiliate marketers give up because of the threshold payment limit.

These days most of the affiliate programs are available with a minimum threshold payment limit of $50, in some cases even less.

If the program you are working for has a threshold payment limit that means you cannot get paid until you reach that limit. Many affiliate marketers think that they will not get paid because of this payment limit.

But believe me the reputed networks with threshold payment limit always pay on time, and that is why they have huge number of affiliate marketers working for them.

But if you do not want any threshold payment limit then eAskme affiliate products are for you, as there is no limit on payment.
Remember : Must check the payout threshold of any affiliate program.

3) Reputation:

You may have seen many affiliate marketers who are making millions but many others who are not getting anything. The main reason behind is that many affiliate marketers do not check the reputation of the program before joining.

Many affiliate networks offer good commission, but they do not pay you. A reputed system knows the value of feedback or reviews. So they always care about their work and behavior where other networks do not care what people are talking about them.

It is always recommended that you should join an affiliate program from an established affiliate network or an organized website or blog.
Let me share the list of most popular affiliate programs:
    Amazon Associates
    AliExpress Affiliates
    Affiliate Window
    Alibaba Affiliates
    Commission Junction
    eBay Partner Network
    Flipkart Affiliate
    Impact Radius
    iTunes Affiliates

4) Cookie Length:

The big reason why affiliate program helps an affiliate marketer make thousands of dollars every month is the freedom. Cookie length helps you to generate the sale from the traffic you sent to the site even 20 days before.

I send traffic to affiliate product landing pages, and when someone makes purchase even after many days, I earn the commission.

Isn`t that cool.

This all happens because of cookie length.

Usually, cookie length is between 30 days to 90 days. SO it is easy to earn affiliate commission even if the customer purchases after 30 days.

What is the most important thing to check before you join any affiliate program

1) Comission on Sale
2) Reputation
3) Cookie length

This is not the end. There are many things that you can check as an affiliate marketer. But above four elements are essential to review before you decide to join an affiliate network to save yourself from being scammed.

Have you ever joined any affiliate network? Have you ever been paid or scammed? Do share your experience and questions, via comments.
If you find this post helpful, don`t forget to share it
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5 of the Worst Ways to Make Money Online

There are dozens of ways to make money online, some of them are good, some are great, and others are downright horrible. Here are some of the worst ways to make money online, and one good way that has stood the test of time.

5 of the Worst Ways to Make Money Online: eAskme
5 of the Worst Ways to Make Money Online: eAskme
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Let’s Start With The Best: Online Trading

5 of the Worst Ways to Make Money Online : eAskme

Trading stocks is a peer-tested and proven way to make money online. You don’t have to be a day trader, rising and falling with big-time trades and jet setting all over the globe. It’s possible to make a modest but respectable side income online with stocks, as long as you know what you’re doing.

If you don’t have a ton of money to start off with, penny stock investing could be a great place to start. Check out this Penny Stocks Guide and see if it’s something that sounds appealing to you.
And now the worst:

Paid Surveys

5 of the Worst Ways to Make Money Online : eAskme

If you see someone promising to pay you decent money, even a full-time income from taking surveys, turn the other way and run! Many times you will have to pay money in order to be told about the surveys, and then wait for more surveys to be available, all the while earning maybe a few dollars for your time.

Crowdsourcing Sites

5 of the Worst Ways to Make Money Online : eAskme

There are places you can make money by performing dozens of simple tasks, and getting paid a few cents for each one.

You’ll end up feeling like a robot, and you’ll wonder why you spent all of that time when you see your account grow by just a few dollars at a time.

Captcha Typing

5 of the Worst Ways to Make Money Online : eAskme

If you want to get carpal tunnel syndrome from doing menial tasks and earning pennies an hour, this would be the way to go. Somewhere in the world it might make sense for someone to do this based on global arbitrage, but for most Americans it just won't add up to a feasible online income.

Software Testing

5 of the Worst Ways to Make Money Online : eAskme

The lure of becoming a software tester is appealing, but companies that are serious about testing their software have their own divisions with full-time employees testing it out all day.

It would be great if we could all play video games and test out new software for a living, but if we are being real we need to look for something more legit.

Latest Get-Rich-Quick Scheme

5 of the Worst Ways to Make Money Online : eAskme

Getting on board with a get-rich-quick scheme is a sure way to lose money online rather than make it. There will always be some new system that promises you’ll make job-killing income with just a few hours a day.

You have to put a high value on your time because no one else will. If devalue your time to the point of accepting a few dollars for your efforts it is hard to imagine making life-changing money online.

If you have to go back to school, take an online course, or listen to what the experts are saying and follow their advice, it is a much better choice than settling for less than you are worth.
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Gaurav Kumar : My Blogging Journey So Far

Today is another good day in my blogging journey got paid $250 to ride just 250KMS on my own bike.

Thanks to all my readers.

After completing 4 years as a professional Blogger. I have decided to write my own blogging journey to help others to start blogging as a very serious career choice. This can be boring or a bit lengthy, as this is about me and my journey as a professional blogger till now. 
So if you are one of those passionate people who love blogging then you should read it, otherwise, you can check out the other topics of AskMe. This post is all about how I started professional blogging and how I have created a network of blogs and one after another successful blog.
A Little About Me:

I have already written a lot about me on “about me” page. For new readers, I am Gaurav Kumar, Founder of eAskme. By education, I am an art student and by profession, I am a professional blogger. Today I will explain my story and you will know the important time of my blogging journey as a professional blogger. Getting back to my educational background, I had completed my graduation in ARTS stream in (2010).

Gaurav Kumar : My Blogging Journey So Far : eAskme
Gaurav Kumar : My Blogging Journey So Far : eAskme
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My Blogging Journey : From Start

First three months of blogging:

I started blogging just to try new things to make money online. In September of 2013, I started my first blog on the BlogSpot platform which was related to news. I was sharing worldwide news, events and author views. I got a lot of appreciation on my blog from people around the globe. I purchased a domain and hosting from Hostgator and migrated my blogspot blog to WordPress

Selecting a domain name + Hosting

By the first four months, I understood the importance of branding in the online world. I bought a domain and hosting from Hostgator because of their best service. Here is the complete domain name guide for you to help to choose the domain name.

How my niche changed?

In the beginning on eAskme, I was writing about only tech stuff that you may have seen on other blogs also, but later I started writing about my own experiences, Blogging, Wordpress, money making tips and designing tips.

As I started writing everything that I have learned from my own experience, people started liking my blog.

My First Income:

As I mentioned, I started blogging just to try new things. I had no idea how to make money with Adsense ow what is SEO. I was just a hobby blogger. After some time I have learned about AdSense one of the most popular contextual ad network.

I read a lot of blogs about SEO and experimenting everything. I still remember how I earned my first $20 from Chitika. That was the very first online income I had received; after that, I started using Adsense and it turned me to make $500 in the very first month.

See : Make $100 Per day with Adsense

Hobby blogger to Professional blogging:

Back in June of 2013, I quit full time job and started working as a professional blogger. It was not an easy decision for me as the hardest thing was to convince my family. But I made my decision and started working for what I liked to do. I started making good money to fulfill my daily needs and to make some good investment. I have created my very own blogging business plan and I decided to take eAskme to the next level.

I have just purchased Kawasaki Z250 Super Naked Street fighter worth Rs. 3,35,000 ($5,196).

Partnership with another Blogger:

Around January of 2014, I partnered with a Mohali-based blogger to take our blogging journey to next level, but things didn’t come up in a good way so I moved back to my own blogging goals. So I always suggest you avoid partnership as it hardly lasts.

My Venture:

Till now my vision and dream and vision are to make blogging a full-time career choice and most popular online business in India. I have big dreams about my blogs and I will surely touch them with my dedication and love of my readers.

Current Blog Network:

I am currently managing many blogs on my network. It is not an easy task to work on multiple blogs and maintain a strong social media presence these days. You need to establish a team of professionals who can work on all blogs with complete dedication. What I look in a person before hiring is that he should do blogging for passion not just for money.

I divide work in my team and set the target for them to achieve. I usually work on promoting 3-4 blogs at a time. This includes writing social media presence, commenting, guest posts etc.
At this moment we have following blogs in our network:

eAskme, iOS Crunch, WikiHealthBlog,are few of my latest examples.

Future Plans:
It is the dream of every company to grow as big as it can be and cover maximum market share. But the biggest problem is to find the best team. Your team determines the future of your online company or business. Currently, I am setting up the plan for my online business.
Earning from Blogging:

"Earning" this word is the most interesting part of the life of a professional blogger. If I never quit my job then maybe earning only $5000-$10,000 per year. But with blogging and with my other online activities, I am making more than $50K every year, which is a good reason to quit my job.

The very best thing I like about blogging is that I am my own boss now. I work whenever I want and work on what I love to do. I am sharing my story so you should take blogging seriously and make your decision.

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What’s Next for eAskme?

We will keep evolving as blogs to teach technology, learn to blog, SEO, WordPress, Hosting and how you can make money from home. I am offering personal blog consultancy program now to provide my services to those who want to learn blogging or want to make money blogging.  Subscribe eAskme newsletter to get latest updates from me. You can join me on Twitter.

I have written this post because many people were asking a little background about me, and about eAskme. I will be sharing more posts on how my team works, and how you can grow along with eAskme. Meanwhile, do share if you have any feedback for eAskme or for me?
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How to Make Money WordPress Blogs Self hosted

When we talk about blogging, there are so many ways to monetize your bog. You can make money by advertisement networks, you could also make money without running ads on the blog.  Making money without ads take of-of hard work.

When you bog on Wordpress platform and make money with ads, it becomes lot easier. So today We will discuss Prominent ad networks to monetize a self-hosted blog. Some ad networks have imitations like traffic, pageview etc.

We will discuss details in explanation. There are more than thousand ad networks available and I am using only those which I have used personally.

How to Make Money WordPress Blogs Self hosted : eAskme
How to Monetize WordPress Blogs: eAskme
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List of Ad networks to Make Money from Self hosted WordPress Websites:

Google AdSense:

Google AdSense is the no 1 contextual ad network and the first love of every blogger. It pays really well. You just need to create an AdSense account then get AdSense ad codes and add them on your blog.

Their Minimum payout limit is $100. AdSense approval process is little tougher. AdSense prefers blogs and sites with quality. I like Adsense because it is the best when we want to earn money blogging.

    Minimum Payout: $100 USD
    Payment mode: Multiple options (Some country specific)
    Sign up for AdSense

Understand AdSense better with following:

    What is CTR in Google AdSense
    Tips to increase Google AdSense revenue


Infolinks shows various types of ads on your blog. They offer are famous in-text ads network. You can easily monetize your WordPress blog in various ways.  Frame ads allow you run ads on Margins. Many people are using big screens so it will be helpful to use frame ads.

You can also monitor ads performance with their android and iPhone apps. It is really easy to get approval from infolinks and monetize your blog. You can easily integrate their Wordpress plugin.

    Minimum Payout: $50
    Payment mode: Paypal
    Sign up for infolinks

Related resources for infolinks ad network:

    Infolinks review – In-text Advertising network
    Can I use Adsense and infolinks together


I have used Buy Sell Ads and they proved to be the best to get direct advertisement. BuySellAds is a marketplace where you can easily sell your advertisement space. To use Buysellads you just need to register an account, add your ad inventory on BuySellads.

Then get the code and place it on the blog. Advertisers can buy your ad space from there and BSA will take care of ad serving, payment and they will take 25% of commission. BuySell ads are the best direct advertising program.

Read More: How to Get BuySellAds Approval for your Website

BuySellAds approval is not easy as they focus on your blog design and popularity. Buysellads is the best ad network for Wordpress. They also offer sponsored tweets which help you make money by tweeting. They also provide you WordPress plugin to integrate BuySellAds on Wordpress.

    Minimum Payout: $500 for Wire-transfer, $20 for Paypal.
    Payment mode: Bank check, Wire transfer, PayPal, 
    Sign up for BuySellads

OIO Publisher WordPress plugin:

OIO Publisher WordPress plugin is a direct advertisement which makes it easier. You just need to connect you add space with this plugin, set price and fill details. Advertisers can buy the ad by making payment and their add will start showing for the defined period of time.

This plugin helps you have a self-managed ad-option on your blog. If you take direct payment manually then you should use Ad-rotate plugin, which is free.

    Minimum Payout: No limit
    Payment mode: Paypal
    Check out OIO-Publisher plugin


Viglink has a great potential to increase your earning. Viglink works differently as it allows you to make money with outbound links. If you find it tough to work with affiliate networks and also do not want to bother user visitors then ViGlink will be your first choice.

I have tested it and it`s really great. Viglink is compatible with other ad networks so you can use it easily. You should try Viglink at least for a week and you will find the great result. It is really easy to integrate viglink to your WordPress with their Wordpress plugin.

    Minimum Payout: No limit
    Payment mode: Paypal
    Sign up for Viglink

Final Words:

These are few of the best ad networks to Monetize WordPress Blogs that I have tested on a different blog to make money online. You can even make more without advertising by selling eBook, sponsored reviews, affiliate marketing.

If you do have any question or suggestion about how to monetize your blog, feel free to ask in comments. If you find this post useful, don`t forget to share it on Twitter and Google plus.
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