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Why Customer Relationship Manager Tools Really Matter

Today, customer relationship management (CRM) tools are among the most important business applications in circulation. Over the years, software developers have created incredibly sophisticated business software packages. Even when a new type of software solution is incredibly useful, it can take time for the business mainstream to adapt to the new modality. This is why quite a few business figures are still inquiring, "What is CRM?" Though some of the individual functions of CRM software have been around for years, topnotch CRM developers combine familiar elements in a uniquely holistic manner. These software packages allow companies to carefully control how their employees interact with customers. Although CRM is perhaps best known as a tool for sales teams, this type of software has relevancy throughout many different departments in the modern workplace.

 Why Customer Relationship Manager Tools Really Matter : eAskme
 Why Customer Relationship Manager Tools Really Matter : eAskme

To increase productivity and enforce a basic minimum standard for customer service, many forward-thinking companies have embedded CRM into their human resource offices and customer service departments. Naturally, CRM can also streamline and improve processes in the logistics and sales departments. Ideally, you'll want to use CRM solutions that are powerful yet easy to learn. User-friendly software is generally a fine investment. During this time of major change in the business world, business software must also change to continue meeting the needs of the customer. CRM is a vital representation of the positive changes that are currently rocking the world of business software.

Oftentimes, CRM is sold as an integral part of a business software suite. It can prove very useful to purchase most or all of your office software from a single source. This type of coherency can make it easier to teach software fluency to new staff members. In addition, it can be comforting to know that all of your office's software is supported by a solid player in the software industry. Even if you have definite budget limitations, remember that it is sensible to invest deeply in software that will ultimately pay for itself many times over. CRM solutions certainly qualify, since these applications improve revenues by increasing productivity across the board.

Though the best available CRM software is quite reliable, there is no such thing as a perfect application. You shouldn't be afraid to provide feedback to any developer. If you alert developers to potential problems, you can be sure the developers will solve these problems in a fairly rapid manner. Of course, it's worth noting that some apparent software conflict ultimately stem from user error. CRM developers, like those found at this website (, have the skills to differentiate these false alarms from indisputable software errors that require immediate correction.

Arguably, there's never been a more fruitful time for people to research business software. Thanks to informative websites, it is now possible to find detailed information about virtually any software suite on the market. Even the most cursory review will show that CRM is one of the most talked-about business software categories. If you aren't using CRM solutions, you run the risk of losing important customer information to disorganization and human error. CRM can help you retain your most loyal customers indefinitely.

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Judy lees are a super-connector with AYC Web Solutions who helps businesses find their audience online through outreach, partnerships, and networking. She frequently writes about the latest advancements in digital marketing and focuses her efforts on developing customized blogger outreach plans depending on the industry and competition.
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SEO for Online Business and Marketing Success

Toronto is one of Canada's major cities, it is a great place to live in and with countless businesses to engage in, a lot of competitions are bound to arise. Infact Toronto is highly ranked as one of the world's most business competitive global city.

SEO for Online Business and Marketing Success: eAskme
SEO for Online Business and Marketing Success: eAskme

Stepping up your game as a businessman or woman could be somewhat tiresome and devastating. But always remember that for every business, the secret sauce is you "the owner of the business". Every business requires a simple, reasonably logical plan and good marketing strategy for success. Whether you are already working in e-commerce (selling your products and services online), looking at getting your small Toronto business online, looking at boosting traffic to your site, trying to improve brand awareness and online visibility, tirelessly working to improve your business earnings and sales or you are just having a hard time trying to stand in the face of competitors, SEO is the ideal call for your business with an SEO company Toronto.

When you look at successful businesses, you tend to wonder what their secret is. The thing is, there are strategies to becoming successful in business and these may include how you advertise/ market your business, how people can locate your business with ease when they search for related products and services from different search engines because the world today has become a global market. It has also been said that about 80-90% of customers now check online reviews prior to making a purchase, and this number can only continue to increase considerably.

Surprisingly, some businesses are still unaware or have failed to realize just how important it is to rank high in search engines, for targeted and high value keywords or keyword phrases for optimization in their businesses. Getting the best keywords usually takes time and extensive research. But an SEO company Toronto can provide you with this.

Your website, business page or other form of online presence is to convey something of value to people. In the aspect of business, you would want to educate, entertain, and invariably convince potential customers that what you have to offer is what they need to buy.  However, unless you are able to establish some degree of credibility with your customers using SEO, your efforts will be brought to null effect. When people perform searches on Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines, the order in which the results are displayed are based on complex algorithms. These algorithms take a number of factors into consideration in deciding which webpage should come in the first or second place etc. Search engines are said to use at least a couple hundred different criteria to determine where a page ranks in the search results. Using the right SEO keywords or keyword phrases in your webpage text and content sure helps.

In the world's competitive market today, SEO is more important than ever. It just happens that most search engine users or visitors are most likely to click on one of the top 5 suggestions that pops up on the result page (SERPS), as they tend to trust people or businesses that rank high. So to take advantage of this and gain visitors to your website, SEO expertise is therefore mandatory for the success of any business. SEO gives a business website that upsurge of traffic that it needs, consistently ensuring that the business site hits the first page of major search engine searches. On-site SEO processes includes SEO rules to apply to make one's business site search engine friendly while Off-site SEO provides strategies on how to promote your website so that it can rank better in search results.

For local businesses, there is local SEO which will focus your business page on optimized keywords and contents for local searches. If your business is solely dependent on customers within a geographical area, local SEO is the right call for you not to lose out to other competitors. Local SEO also entails focusing a business on maps, listing; reviews etc.SEO strategies usually provide businesses or websites with high relevance and authority. This is used to determine how high your business/ website would rank whenever a certain keyword or keyword phrase is being searched for.

SEO is not just restricted to search engines; good SEO practices are also there to provide your business with that stronger and better website. As it is very essential for every business to strengthen the underlying structure of your website as well as your website content, so that search engines can see that your website is relevant to the keyword that is being searched for. SEO is a great way to increase the quality of a website, redesign of refurbish your website, making them user friendly, faster, easier to navigate, and as such a strategy to help grow your business.

In the business world today, most businesses and companies tend to look for processes to manage the online reputation of their businesses. This is another aspect where SEO companies come in handy, to remove bad remarks and negativity, whether it be created by competitors or not. If the online image of a business is bad, that business and all it stands for is brought to ridicule and cannot attract the potential customers that it seeks or increase revenue in any sense.

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SEO can enhance your ability to compete with other brands or put you ahead of competitors. Competitors are bound to overshadow you if you ignore this valuable tool for your business. For instance when you have two or more businesses or website offering the same products and services, the search engine optimized website is more likely to have more sales than the others and as such put them out of business. Taking into consideration how you describe your business or product and how it appears on search engine is effective to set that standard that your business requires against competitors.

There are lucrative opportunities that the social media offers but some businesses are still quite naive about this. In our world today, social media activity is top-ranked. SEO offers brand awareness and business visibility through effective use of social media. Increase awareness results in increase contacts from potential customers, thereby leading to increased sales and business productivity.
SEO is a great part of a business internet marketing campaign and is essential for every business. By utilizing SEO, it seems as though one is investing in the long-term success of a business. Whether it is cost effective or not, it is worthwhile. Hiring an SEO company Toronto is definitely good for business.
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Where To Begin When Starting A Business

Starting a new business is both intimidating and exciting. While there is a risk of failure, there is definitely the possibility of success. There is also a lot that you must do before your company is operational. When it comes to the actual question of “how to start a new business” there are enough answers to create a serious to-do list. Here are a few major things you need to know:

Where To Begin When Starting A Business: eAskme
Where To Begin When Starting A Business: eAskme

Get Organized: 

With potential and creativity flowing, you may be too excited to think about the details. However, creating a solid plan of action will help you avoid missing important details and doing extra work. Make sure that you have a business plan as well as a list of things that you will need to accomplish before you open your proverbial doors. Setting up a timetable to avoid procrastination is also helpful. As you get organized, keep in mind that things do not always go as planned, which is why it is a good idea to leave a bit of wiggle room.

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Take Care of Legal: 

Legal issues can quickly sink a growing business, which is why you need to make sure that you have completed any patents and applications. Filing for your business with the IRS is something that should be a priority if you want to avoid tax trouble. Before you file, you will need to complete an Employer Identification Number, or EIN application. Fortunately you can complete an online EIN application, which means faster turnaround time and less hassle. 

Bring in Help: 

Starting a business all by yourself is extremely challenging. Whether you are looking for advice or an extra hand, you should find people who are willing to help you become established. This may take the form of asking advice from friends and family, networking with other business professionals or hiring individuals to set up your website, or paint a store front.

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The list of all that must be done may seem intimidating, but if you take things one day at a time, you will be well on your way to achieving your goals.
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The Best Fitness Blogs That You Should Know

Now that you know the benefits of staying fit, it is recommended you keep tabs on how to enhance your fitness capability and most important: what is new. According to fitness experts, it crucial to read various blogs and filter all necessary information which is helpful. It is through such blogs you will learn more about anabolisants oraux en which you need as a bodybuilder or athlete to improve your performance. Below is a list of top fitness blogs that are worth checking.

The Best Fitness Blogs That You Should Know : eAskme
The Best Fitness Blogs That You Should Know : eAskme


According to Steve Kamb, the founder of the blog, he is a leading example of leaving a fit life. After beating all odds to find a solution for a fit life, he decided to share his insights through the NerdFitness blog, which is seen today as one of the best in this line. It is dominated by bodybuilders, athletes, and people who want to live a fit life. Needless to say, the blog helps people achieve their fitness goals with ease using real-life fitness success stories and research.

Power Cakes Blog

This blog is one of the best as well, and it was started by a professional. Kassey Arena is a trainer and author who combines these two skills to write well-researched and professional fitness tips. She also focuses on helping people to deal with diet challenges. The blog also gets pieces from other women who have succeeded in living a fit life, especially through diet and exercise.  The blog is popularly known for great recipes like cookie protein balls and much more.

Fitness by Mind Body Green

Just as the name suggests, this blog is an all around insightful blog dedicated to giving you the information for a healthy physical body, mind, environment and spiritual life. The authors of the pieces that are posted on this blog gather their information from fitness professionals, celebrities, cookery experts and medical experts. It has a holistic approach to its work, and they cover a wide array of health and fitness topics like a guide to Kegels and how to stay hydrated during exercises.

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The Life Fitness Blog

This blog focuses on how to start a fitness center, or how to start your own workout schedules. According to most people, this blog gives insights on ‘how to’ articles and is a must follow for any fitness enthusiast, whether at amateur level or seasoned levels. Additionally, you will also enjoy their articles with other tips related to health and fitness living.


Any amateur trying to enter into a world of fitness will most likely have heard or come across Blogilates. It is a popular YouTube channel as well as an award-winning fitness blog led by Cassey Ho. She is so popular that almost anyone on social media knows her. She is associated with fitness for women, courtesy of this blog. The blog has many fitness videos you can follow, as well we recipes for a fit life.


As much as there are other fitness blogs you can follow, these are the most popular ones that many people follow because of their insights. Make a point of looking at them as well.
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The Ultimate Guide to Russian Girls

It’s hard to meet as beautiful and feminine woman as a Russian one. But the thing is that most of them are pretty difficult to approach for a number of reasons. That’s why they are still considered a bit exotic even 25 years after the Iron Curtain fell. 

The Ultimate Guide to Russian Girls: eAskme
The Ultimate Guide to Russian Girls: eAskme
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So, in order to make things a bit easier for those who struggle to find a Slavic beauty we made this ultimate guide to Russian girls.

Where to meet a Russian lady

Dating services

Nowadays, there’s a great choice of different international dating websites, where you can meet a pretty Russian girl at any time. The main thing here is to choose a website wisely. Some of them can’t provide proper protection for their users; others put enormous price tags on their services. So before you start looking for a Slavic beauty online, do a little research to find a website that will suit your needs best. Decide what features you would like to have, such as translators, video chats, and so on.
One more thing you should know about dating Russian women online: their profile photos can be heavily photoshopped, so pay attention to this while choosing a girl to chat with. If you want to start on the right foot with online acquaintances, make sure your first message to a Russian girl is engaging and original.

Meeting a Russian lady in person

There are a lot of places in major American and European cities where you can meet a Russian girl. You can visit a Russian club or a restaurant or look for some cultural events, like festivals and such. But the most obvious place to find a Russian chick is, of course, Russia, so just book a ticket to Moscow or St. Petersburg. This will make things a lot easier, as every nightclub there is full of singles, waiting for someone to buy them a drink.

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If you’re not a fan of nightlife, you’ll have no problem meeting a girl during the daytime. The good thing about it is that you have a lot of options. Big Russian cities are always full of different events with dozens of them taking place each weekend, especially in summer. Various music or food festivals can become a perfect place to meet a cute Russian girl, who has never met a foreigner before.

Overcoming the language barrier

The bad thing about Russia is that people there don’t speak English as good as in the other countries. That’s why some ladies there a too shy to show their knowledge of English. So when talking to a girl you picked up in a nightclub or bar, be sure to talk as simple as possible, though she would probably understand compliments.

No matter how bad her English is, you should tell her that she speaks it great (after all, you don’t speak her language at all, right?). Speaking about Russian, it’s actually better to learn a couple of basic phrases at least to be able to say hi, ask if you can join her, and tell her your name. This should make it easier to approach a girl.

Cultural differences of Russian girls

Unlike her Western counterparts, a Russian woman won’t have sex with you right on the first date. You’ll have to ask her out at least three times. We’ll tell you what to do dating a Russian woman.
On the first date, you can take her to a pub, have a couple of beers and get to know each other better.

Unfortunately, it’s essential if you want to get her into bed eventually. On your second date, take your Russian lady for a walk. On a third date, you can invite her to your place to cook something together. Russian ladies are great cooks, and they are proud of it. After asking a Russian girl out three times, you can try to add some intimacy to your relationships.

The other cultural difference of Russian women concerns their views on gender roles. This means that a woman should be a woman, i.e. clean the house, cook dinners, raise kids, that kind of thing. A man, in his turn, is a breadwinner, providing for his family.

Well, that’s pretty much all you need to know about Russian girls. It’s up to you to decide whether you want to find one or not.
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Struggling To Optimize Your WP Site Speeds? Here’s How Reduce Server Response Time

If you are angling to boost your online business’s performance, you will need more than a beautiful website. Today, every other business in your niche has a website and this calls for innovative thinking. With a WordPress website, you have a powerful tool that when fully optimized will help you stay ahead of your competition. WordPress CMS is one of the most popular platforms for all types of businesses and you can now leverage its limitless benefits especially when you have tuned its speed.

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Struggling To Optimize Your WP Site Speeds? Here’s How Reduce Server Response Time: eAskme
Struggling To Optimize Your WP Site Speeds? Here’s How Reduce Server Response Time: eAskme
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A recent survey shows that over 75 million websites now rely on WordPress and this gives you a glimpse of the power this content management system (CMS) has. Among these are New York Times, CNN, Mashable, and eBay among other top performing brands.

Harnessing the power of WordPress

By using a high performance WP website to run your business, you will be joining millions of other users who are reaping from this CMS. Among the advantages of a WP website include:
  •     Ease of customization: which helps you add your personality to your business website. This allows you to stand out from the crowd, which is an important factor in the crowded internet marketplace.

  •     Ease of installation and use: Anyone can install and use WordPress without the need for coding and programming skills. This saves you lots of money that would have otherwise gone to training your staff.As a browser-based CMS,WP allows you to manage your site from any location around the globe.

  •     Boosting SEO efforts: If you want to rank highly on search engine result pages (SERPs) for your target keywords, a WP website is a powerful tool to use. The largest percentage of sites on the first page of SERPs is made up of WP websites. Search engines love WP websites because of the clean and simple code used in web structure.
Other benefits of using WP CMS include the fact that no HTML Editing or FTP software is required, you have access to a large community of WP users for support, you have total control of your website and with thousands of free plugins, it is easier to boost functionality of your site to meet emerging demands.

Importance of Reducing Your WP Site’s Server Response Time

One of the most crucial factors in determining the success of any website is the server response time. While most website owners focus on the site’s aesthetics, what you should be worried about is in fact the speed.73% of mobile internet users have complained of encountering a website that was too slow to load.

Now, considering that 47% of users expect the websites they are visiting to load in less than 2 seconds, you start appreciating the importance of quick server response time.

In fact, 40% of internet users say they abandon a site if it doesn’t load in 3 seconds of less.A similar study shows 79% of users who have trouble using a website will never return and 44% among them will tell a friend.

The phrase speed kills might be cliché, but when it comes to your online company’s bottom-line, there is much to learn here. Slow speed could be gradually killing your business considering a 1-minute delay in loading leads to a 7% reduction in conversions.

If your WordPress is slow, you cannot leverage the benefits that come with the CMS and worse still, you will never achieve your business objectives.

With this in mind, it is important to reduce server response time of your WordPress site and the following techniques will go a long way in helping you do this:

1)    Choose The Best Framework Or Theme

There are thousands of WordPress themes to choose from, some of which are free and others premium. This wide selection makes choosing one quite a daunting task. Most of the themes you get will have built-in features that are supposed to boost the appearance and functionality of your site. However, such feature-rich themes will affect server response time. To reduce server response time, you need a simple framework with your focus being on speed.

2)    Use A Content Delivery Network

A content delivery network (CDN) helps speed up your website response time by taking away the strain of your hosting servers and distributing the workload over a network of servers.

A CDN works by identifying the server nearest to the user whatever their geographical location to enable faster delivery of scripts, CSS, images. When choosing the CDN to use, make sure it is compatible with the caching plugins you plan to install.

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3)    Optimize Your WordPress Database

One of the best things about a WP website is the ease in editing posts and pages on your site. Anyone can manage this site, but as you continue using it,all the tasks will be stored on the WP database. This might not seem like a big issue, but it is.This is one reason your site could be slow. You should keep revisions to the minimum in order to reduce the server response time.

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4)    Optimize Images

There is no denying that images play a crucial role in boosting your SEO efforts. Publishers are now using as many images as possible in order to captivate the attention of readers. This comes with a downside in terms of reduced load times. By using large file sizes, you will hamper fast server response time. Optimizing images means you minimize file sizes without compromising their quality.

5)    Minify JavaScript And CSS

It is standard procedure to add JavaScript code before the </head> tag or edit the site’s CSS file when customizing your site. Of course, this allows you to get that unique personal design to have you stand out from the crowd. Unfortunately, both page elements slow down your page loading time as they require an HTTP request to fetch the information from3rd party sites. Downloading a plugin to minify JavaScript and CSS is the best option as it is highly likely that you can’t remove these elements. This removes unnecessary characters and spaces.

There are other simple but effective methods to boost server response times for your WP website. They include use of lazy load plugins, using a reliable VPN or dedicated web hosting, reducing the number of WordPress plugins among other approaches. All in all, a fast loading WordPress is an incredibly valuable tool that allows you to stay ahead of the competition. You can now run a customized site, increase conversion rates, reduce bounce rates, and build brand authority with reduced server response time on your WP website.

Author Bio

Derek Iwasiuk is an SEO consultant who runs His blog provides invaluable SEO tutorials thatevery business needs. He lives with family in NYC. Visit his blog by clinking this link.
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AutoPortal Independence Day Offer: Best Season to Own Your Dream Car

Indian Auto market is booming. Every year new and upgraded car models are being introduced. Even new auto companies are trying to make their way in Indian auto market. With so many auto companies and so many models, you may find it confusing to find the best car which satisfies your needs.

But don’t worry I am here to help you. is the name of a reputed online automotive portal. This portal has gained reputation because of its trustworthy business and what they are offering to their customers.
It was born in November 2013. 

Right now, Autoportal is the leading solution for those who are looking for car reviews, expert advice, latest offers, the comparison between various models or I can say everything that you need to know before buying a car.

Autoportal is dedicated to help customers in choosing the right car with highly curated information. It not just a portal for new customers but also for those who already have a car but needs support. 90% of decision making happens on for a prospective car buyer.

Autoportal also have dedicated car consultants to help you purchase car from your nearest dealership. You can find fair price quotes, test drives and car availability. Post successful purchase, Autoportal partners provide offers worth up to Rs.38,000/- to the customer.

What you can check on when buying a car:

  • Test Drives
  • Car comparison
  • On-road prices
  • Helpful technical information
  • EMI calculator
  • Loan eligibility check
  • Tie up 750 dealers
  • Complete paperwork assistance
  • Old vehicle valuation and inspection

Autoportal Independence day offer:

Autoportal Independence day offer: eAskme

This August, Autoportal has launched a special Independence scheme for car buyers.
If you books a car through Autoportal, you will be eligible to participate in a contest, with top 3 winners to win a trip to Dubai, Goa or an iPhone with 7 more consolation prizes to be won.
So if you are looking to buy a new car, August is the perfect season for this. Take benefit of Autoportal special Independence Day Scheme.

To participate in this contest:

Autoportal Independence day offer: eAskme

  •     Now you can search by Brand or by Budget.

  •     Enter what you want and click on search.

  •     It now just tells you the price and features, but also tell you the EMI option.

  •     Not only that but you can also check the road test video review of the car and buyer review also.
  •     You can also check the car comparison.
  •     Click on "Request for Booking" button and enter contact details and click on "Submit Your Request".
  •      You will receive a code on your mobile number. Enter that code to verify your booking.
  • This is the way to book your car to participate in Autoportal Independence Day offer.
In short, you will find everything that you need to know about a car before booking. If you still have any question, feel free to ask me via comments.

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