How I Made $1000 from a Single Post: You can also do it

We all want to make money and blogging is the asset that becomes a money making the machine in the right hands. There are thousands of bloggers who are making more than $1000 every day, still, there are many who are not even able to make one single dollar in the whole day.

When blogging is a perfect way to make money online, then why there is a huge difference between the earning of different bloggers?

The answer is, it totally depends on the mindset, skills, passion, and utilization.

 I have been asked by so many people that How I make huge money even when Adsense pays less in India and other Asian countries.

I have stopped publishing earning reports still if you check my old earning report you will see that I am not only earning with Adsense but making more money with Affiliate marketing.

How I Made $1000 from a Single Post : You can also do : eAskme
How I Made $1000 from a Single Post : You can also do : eAskme
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Now let`s stick to the topic. I know you also want to learn that how I have made $1000 from a single post.

Let me tell you everything from the beginning.

If you are a regular reader of my blog then you already know that I write for various businesses also. I review their product and share those review with my readers. This helps me to make good money other than Adsense, Yahoo and Affiliate programs.

How I Made $1000 from a Single Post : You can also do

Now let me tell you all the steps that helped me to make $1000 by publishing a single post on my blog.

1) Email of a Client:

How I Made $1000 from a Single Post : You can also do: eAskme

What is more happening than checking email inbox and find the emails of various clients. Every day I get so many emails from clients and other bloggers. Some offer ads or other monetizing options and some ask for work.

In this screenshot, you will see that I have been approached by a client. The client has also emailed me the product to download and test before writing a review.

To keep the identity and details of project confidential I hide the names of business and product.

2) Installed Product:
I have installed the product on my laptop and used every single option to find out how useful it is. I have also checked the popularity of the brand and since how long they are in business.

I liked the product and decided to talk about the price before start writing about the product.

3) Price Discussion:
I have sent the email to the client telling that I find product really helpful for my readers and Ready to publish the review article on my blog.

I told them that I have researched about the business and its online reputation. I have also mentioned that I know that the price the business will pay me according to the value of the brand.

4) Finalized the price:
The next day, I received an email from the client saying that the business can pay me $1000 for publishing and feature the article on my homepage for at least a week.

The offer was quite compelling. I accepted the offer and published the article.

5) Publish and Get Paid:

It took me 5 hours to write, analyze, publish and share it on my networks with my readers.

Do you know the best quality of a client, you need not to remind that client to pay you. The business has paid me within an hour. 

How I Made $1000 from a Single Post : You can also do : eAskme

So you see that I Made $1000 from a Single Post. This is what you can do also.

Not just that but the client has also shared my post on his network and it helped me gain more traffic.

But do you know that I actually made more than $1000 that day? I earned from affiliate sales and contextual ads also.

The total earning of the day was $1473.

So what you have learned from my experience about making $1000 in just one day with blogging:

1) How to make more money blogging

2) How to analyze the client reputation and ask for the price

3) Quick response to the client and quick result helps in quick payment

4) Build reputation among clients

5) You not just get money but traffic also.

Do you still have any question, feel free to ask me via comments?

Don`t forget to share what you liked here on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and more.

How do you make money online? What do you do to make more money every day? 
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Why You Should Buy Backlinks: Everything You Need to Know

You may be thinking that either I am out of my mind or I am half awake as I am writing about why you should buy backlinks.

There is no doubt that these days everyone tells you not to buy backlinks, still, the truth is that every business including Apple, Micromax, Acer, Casino etc are investing huge money in buying backlinks.

Since the origin of Search engines and SEO, backlinks are known as the most interesting part of any online business. Not just because, business wants to show themselves everywhere, but to rank higher in search engine results and also to improve domain authority of the site.

Reasons Why You Should Buy Backlinks: eAskme
Reasons Why You Should Buy Backlinks: eAskme
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If you are new to backlink word, then you may ask what the backlink is? Let me tell you that backlink is known as the link of your site which is published on some other site.

For example: If some other site is showing a link such as and it is directing you to my site that means I have a backlink on that site.

There are two types of backlinks:

  1.  Dofollow
  2.  Nofollow
Dofollow links pass the link juice to the linked site but nofollow never pass the link juice.

In easy words, dofollow backlinks have the big impact in improving the backlink profile and ranking of a site.

Here you can learn more about what are Dofollow and Nofollow links?

Now as you know the basic of backlink, let me tell you why you should buy backlink when everyone else tells you not to buy backlinks.

Why should you buy backlinks?

Reasons Why You Should Buy Backlinks: Everything You Need to Know: eAskme

1) Branding:

As I have already said that quality backlinks will help you improve your ranking in search engines results and also improves your domain authority. When you buy backlink from popular sites, you actually making them bound with your business.

It is not easy for most of the businesses to spend lots of time working on creating backlink just by quality content as it takes time and there is no guarantee that you will be contacted by big brands until you grow yourself that big.

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Buying backlink is an easy way here. Brands invest money buying backlinks, just to make sure that they have the permanent link and link type always stay the same.

2) To boost referral traffic:

If you are a new blogger who is writing quality content and even have good Alexa rank, yet you do not have backlinks from quality sites that means you are losing the opportunity to get high-quality traffic.

There are sites like or that are getting millions of traffic every day. Adding link of such sites, boost your chance to attract at least few thousand visitors every day.

The easy way is to find a quality backlink bulding service where you can buy backlinks from sites with high traffic volume. All you need is to do just invest few cents or dollars every month to keep the link live on those sites and gain more traffic every day.

3) Save time:

There is no doubt that when you try to attract backlinks just with the quality of your blog or content, it takes time. You need to have good marketing skills to improve your brand so that other brands try to connect with you. This takes time.

You can save your time by just buying the high-quality backlinks. All you need to do is just pay and get the backlink. It is the best way to get backlink in less time.

You see the difference.

4) Type of backlinks you get:

Most of the times, when you get backlink just because of your content or popularity, the links are nofollow.

That means you are not getting any good SEO benefit from those links. Too many nofollow backlinks also harm your ranking. It is the best way to gain one way backlink.

But when you pay someone to buy backlinks, you always pay for dofollow link. That means with just a little investment you will get either permanent or monthly paid dofollow links to your site.

5) Generate more leads:

Free backlinks usually attract readers to the page where they find the useful content. You may hardly find any possibility where you are getting a link back just to your sale page or affiliate product.
Even if you are getting the backlink to an affiliate product review, you cannot tell if the visitor is actually ready to buy what you are offering.

But if you are paying a quality site for adding highly targeted anchor tag, then you will have more changes to attract highly targeted visitor who is actually interested in buying what you are offering.

For example: If a visitor interested in buying backlink and on a website he will see an anchor tag saying “Buy backlinks” , then he will surely visit that page, even if it is a sales page. And the page owner will have a highly targeted visitor to his page. Chances of sale are more.

This way you have more chances to generate leads and convert into sales.

Now you see buying backlinks is easy. You just need to find the relevant sites according to your own niche and pay them for highly targeted backlinks to your site.

Remember: There is no doubt that if you are buying backlink like a maniac then you will get penalized by Google. So always do research before buying backlinks. The best way is to publish a guest post on the site and add the backlink in it. Also never overdo it.

Plan your backlink strategy plan your backlink strategy according to your competiton. Buying 3-5 backlink a month which is highly targeted and relevant for your site as well as the site of the publisher is always known as quality backlink.

Here are the sites from where you can buy backlinks.

If you still have any question, feel free to ask me via comments.

What do you think about buying backlinks? Have you ever purchased some backlinks? Do share your experience and suggestions via comments.
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Should You Join Affiliate Marketplace or Direct Affiliate Program?

I have already shared about many affiliate programs to make money online. I have been asked one question by few readers that which affiliate system is better, Affiliate Marketplace or Direct Affiliate Program.

Guide : What is Affiliate Marketing and Affiliate marketing FAQ
Should You Join Affiliate Marketplace or Direct Affiliate Program? : eAskme
Should You Join Affiliate Marketplace or Direct Affiliate Program? : eAskme
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So today I will answer about both type of affiliate systems and also discuss that which affiliate system is worth using.

Direct affiliate or affiliate marketplace

Which is more beneficial to join between Affiliate Marketplace or Direct Affiliate Program- an affiliate program offered by the affiliate marketplace or a direct affiliate program offered by vendor?

Usually you have seen that all big companies as GoDaddy or Hostgator and BlueHost run affiliate programs on various places. This helps these companies to join more affiliates to their programs and this also helps them to get free and easy marketing. As an affiliate marketer and professional blogger, it is really important for you to choose between Affiliate Marketplace or Direct Affiliate Program and decide which affiliate platform work best for you. In this affiliate guide, I will discuss everything that will help you to choose the right platform to connect with any affiliate program.

Important Tip: Remember that only a few companies offer affiliate programs via a 3rd party marketplace and in-house affiliate programs. These companies generate great revenue because of their brand value.

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Joining Affiliate Marketplace vs. Direct Affiliate Program

Minimum payout:

Payment threshold is one of the major question to consider before joining any direct affiliate program. High minimum payout will make you wait longer to get paid. But when you sign up for the marketplace, their minimum payout is actually the total revenue you have earned with all affiliate programs that you are promoting. Usually a low traffic website generate less sales so it make no sense to join direct affiliate program than affiliate marketplace. SO in this case your choice should be affiliate marketplace.

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Ease of Using Affiliate Software and Tracking system:

This is also one of the major factor that you should consider. There is no doubt that Hostgator has most popular affiliate programs, but affiliate software is uo-to the mark. There are many affiliates complaint that have same issue. In such cases such it is recommended to join an affiliate marketplace rather than joining direct affiliate program.

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How I know all this?

I have joined Hostgator’s affiliate program via, and there is no invalid sign up or charge-back so far. I am getting far better conversions than I was getting on in-house affiliate program.

Payment method:

Payment method is also one of the considerable factor. Many companies still pay via check. There are some problems with payout via check. Sometimes you may not receive check and then you have to make re-issue request.

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Commission on Volume or Single sign-up:

This is also one of the important factor which you should consider before deciding which affiliate program to join.  Usually affiliate programs increase commissions, based on number of sales. But this feature mostly available only in the in-house affiliate program.

Remember: You should negotiate commission amount with affiliate manager if you are generating considerable amount of sales.

These are the most important factors which you should consider before making your decision to join Affiliate Marketplace or Direct Affiliate Program.

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I also recommend that you should learn from experience of other affiliate marketers or else make your own judgment.

Do let me know any other important factors which I may have missed. How do you choose which affiliate program to join?

If you find this article useful, do share it on your social network.
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How to Promote Affiliate Products On Your Blog

How to Promote Affiliate Products On Your Blog: eAskme
Here at EASKME, I have already shared various ways for you to make money blogging. Affiliate marketing is one of the most important way to make money online. In Affiliate marketing, you just need to choose product, create product awareness, and if anyone buy product using your affiliate link then you will get a referral commission.

In case if you are complete newbie to affiliate marketing, here are articles that will give you all the information’s you need to get started.
If you have already gone through these articles then here are the tips for you to improve affiliate conversion.

How to Promote Affiliate Products On Your Blog: eAskme
How to Promote Affiliate Products On Your Blog: eAskme
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Affiliate marketing tips to promote Affiliate products:

Review post:

A killer review is everything that a product need. You should introduce the product and also share your opinion, guides to help your readers to understand, why they should be buy it.

Thing to Remember While Writing a Review Post for Affiliate Product:

  •     Always write honest review. Add product images and give all information.
  •     Write review in personal tone.
  •     Pick a product that you like to use.
  •     Take advantage of star-rating.

Blog post promotion:

You should always write targeted-post to make maximum out of your affiliate links.

How-to articles:

How to guides are the best solution to make profit with affiliate product.

How to Create WordPress Blog on BlueHost on just 5 Minutes

These tutorials also help you in search engine ranking.

Use Coupon Codes:

Coupon codes are the best way to attract people to buy product and earn good commission.

Use Featured post :

Always place such post as featured post. Put your affiliate product article on the top of your homepage.

Use Banners on the sidebar

If your blog is getting targeted traffic then banner advertisements work great for you. Only add banner which is related to your blog niche and never overdo it.

Bonus Tip: Usually affiliate marketers do this mistake that rather than linking out to website directly they link to their review post. You should always link out to affiliate site.

Do share your own tip to improve Affiliate conversions? If you find this article useful, do share it on Facebook & Google plus. Don`t forget to like us on facebook, follow us on twitter and subscribe eAskme newsletter to get free updates.
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5 Ultimate Source of Online Traffic in 2018 You Never Knew

Online traffic directly affects the number of leads a business acquires. So it is one of the best performance indicators for online businesses.

Mostly webmasters and Internet marketers focus on search engines, and social networks, but you should not stop there. there are many other ways to boos up online traffic to your site.

Online marketing is full of competition and you have to do lot of efforts. Today we will discuss about 5 ultimate sources of online traffic which you haven`t considered for your blog or website.

Ultimate Source of Online Traffic in 2018 You Never Knew: eAskme
Ultimate Source of Online Traffic in 2018 You Never Knew: eAskme
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5 Ultimate Source of Online Traffic You Never Knew


Ultimate Source of Online Traffic : reddit : eAskme
Ultimate Source of Online Traffic : Reddit : eAskme

Reddit  is a popular sharing platform with Google Pagerank 8. Members on Reddit can upvote or downvote your submissions. Reddit is a biggest community where your an share everything with members.

Noticable things about Reddit:

  • Reddit gets more than 174 million unique monthly visitors
  • Reddit has 8000+ active communities
  • President Obama started an “AMA”  thread on Reddit and generated 2,987,307 views and 10,000+ comments on the same day. 
  • Best thing is that external links from reddit are dofollow, which is good for SEO.

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Ultimate Source of Online Traffic : Quora : eAskme
Ultimate Source of Online Traffic : Quora : eAskme

Quora  is not as big as Reddit but has really impressive features. Quora is actually a famous question and answers platform. Your an answer questions asked by people and you can also ask questions.  Users can follow questions and also do voting on them.

The best thing about Quora is that questions cannot be closed. Your questions easily reach around 3 monthly visitors worldwide.

Qura also rewards you for user engagement when someone follow your question and you can use these quora credits to promote your blog posts.

How to get benefits from Quora:
  •     Follow relevant topics of your niche and answers questions.
  •     Include links back in answers.
  •     Build a followership
  •     Write blog posts on Quora
  •     Use Quora credits
See :7 Tips How to Attract Organic Traffic to Your Blog

Alltop : Content Aggregator

Ultimate Source of Online Traffic : Alltop : eAskme
Ultimate Source of Online Traffic : Alltop : eAskme

Alltop is a content aggregator that aggregates and syndicates web content. Alltop attracts around 0.5 million unique visitors per month. It has around 600 different topics. It is always good to submit your blog or website to Alltop. Visitors find your content and you get good traffic and generate leads.

Some other popular aggregators are Lockerdome, Huffington Post, Newsvine, Popurls, Bing News, Google News and Yahoo News. You just need to create account, submit your content and wait for approval.


Ultimate Source of Online Traffic : Linkedin : eAskme
Ultimate Source of Online Traffic : Linkedin : eAskme

With the origin of “Create a Post” feature, LinkedIn has crossed also turned into a blogging platform. Linkedin is one of the best way to generate professional traffic to your blog or website.

Benefits of blogging on LinkedIn Create a Post.
  •     LinkedIn has more than 330 million users and 8.5 billion pageviews per month.
  •     Your subscribers also visit on your feed.
  •     Your connections share you valuable posts.
  •     You need not to work on original content.
See : How to Use Flickr to Drive Huge Traffic to Your Blog 

Blog Commenting

We have already talked about Effects of Blog comments on Blog Traffic. So rather than telling why you should comment, we will discuss about strategies to generate traffic from comments.
  •     As top 5 results of search engine always get more traffic, same way the first comments on the blogs get you more traffic. So be the first to comment.
  •     Add valuable comments where author reply to you, It add value to CTR.
  •     Avoid short comments like thank you, compliments, as they don`t add any value.
  •     Only use relevant link in comments.
  •     Focus on specialist websites. Like Forbes, Mashable and Wired.
  •     You can use Disqus comments.
  •     It is very important to comment on guest posts.
Also See : Actionable Ideas for Driving Traffic to Your Website

So these are the best five sources of online traffic for your website or blog. Try them. If you do have any suggestion, feel free to share via comments. Don`t forget to like us on Facebook and subscribe eAskme newsletter to get updates.
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Factoring Companies becoming the Trend

Factoring Companies becoming the Trend: eAskme
When you want to know about the strength of a company, you see various factors being an investor. The most important factor you consider is the company’s ratio of assets and liabilities and then the second factor you consider is the cash flow of the company.

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Some of the financial experts argue that cash flow is the real reflection of the company’s success in the industry. If the cash flow is good, then you can say that company is something you can trust on. You only consider about investing in the company if the company as good assets and has some strong cash flow. Otherwise, you will have doubts, and you won’t consider about investing your funds in that company.
Factoring Companies becoming the Trend: eAskme
Factoring Companies becoming the Trend: eAskme
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Why not hire Recovery Company?

Let’s think vice versa for a while. Now let suppose that you are the company owner and you want the investors to invest in the company. But then you see that your company cash flow is not good enough though you have a good number of debtors and there’s a good amount to be received in the accounts receivables. What will you? Will you let the investors run from the decision of investing funds in your company or will you take some measures to improve the cash flow of your company?

The rational answer to the question is definitely that you will consider about improving the cash flow of your company. But the question is how to improve the cash flow and recovery when debtors are too slow in paying the due payments? Then answer to this question is simple, i.e., assign this task to some other company who is better in this field.

You don’t want your clients to run away when they are forced to pay the dues and payments by coercing or threatening them. So if you were considering about assigning the task to some recovery company, then you were obviously thinking about forcing your clients to run away and to never do business with your company.

What about Factoring Company?

The other good idea is to find some factoring company with good reputation. Factoring company concept is getting popular in the U.S.A and then in Europe as well. In Europe or the U.K, it is termed as Factorizing. In some parts of the world, it is also called just “Factor.” Whatever you call it but the basic function of the factoring company is same in all the parts of the world.

What a factoring company does is, it buys from the company all the debts receivables at some agreed rate and then pays the company a sum readily which is 80% to 90% of the total accounts receivables. The rest of the payment is made to the company when all the payments are received by the factoring company. Factoring company has become a popular trend now, and many companies with financial crisis have recovered just because of these factoring companies. Because, once a company feels itself in hot water due to lack of cash or funds, it contacts the factoring company and they get the ready cash to meet the business need and to survive.
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The Complete Guide To Starting An E-Commerce Site

No need to pull your veins out of body, if you want to start an online store.

Within just 30 days I have been asked more than 150 times about setting up and promoting an online store or eCommerce website. If you are also one of those who want to know about how to start an eCommerce store, then you are on the right place.

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Staring and online store is not hard if you know how to start with and where to start. Today I am sharing this complete guide to help you start an eCommerce site.

Complete Guide Starting E-Commerce Site : eAskme
Complete Guide Starting E-Commerce Site : eAskme
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There is no doubt that it takes times and patience setting up an e-commerce shop, but all your efforts worth it.

When you offer a product online, it broadens the reach of the product to anyone on internet. Not only more people will discover about your product but also can talk and share about your products with their friends and family. This can happen from social media or Google search also.

No matter you are selling digital goods (such as online courses or ebooks) or physical goods (such as clothes, shoes) en eCommerce site is always helpful to find you more customers.

After the end of this guide you may wants to say thanks to me, but right now you can say Thanks to WordPress. Why? WordPress has made it so easy for you to build an e-commerce site. If you know which tools to use then within few days or hours you will be building an e-commerce store for yourself. Let`s see how WordPress gonna ease your way to create an shops online.

WordPress offers two major e-commerce platforms for creating shopping websites:
Not just these two but there are so many more plugins are available to boost the functionality of these shopping platforms.

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If you think that starting an e-commerce website is a headache, then you should start from the basics. First create a basic online store and later on add extra features and plugins to boost the functionality of your online shop.

The Best E-Commerce WordPress platforms:

In this guide to starting an eCommerce site, I am going to discuss about all the necessary platforms for shopping websites. When I say platform that means a tool, plugin or application which you need to run an online shop. You may find hundreds of e-commerce platforms but only few are worthy in long run.

It is always clear that every business owner has some different needs, so it is always important that you understand the need of your business before choosing an e-commerce platform.


Complete Guide Starting E-Commerce Site : eAskmeWooCommerce is the most user-friendly and most popular WordPress platform for eCommerce sites. It not only has awesome plugins and add-ons but it is one of the most easy to use plugin for both digital and physical goods.

In 2015, over 78.4% e-commerce sites were on WordPress using WooCommerce.

Woocommerce comes with user friendly interface, excellent features and constantly improving product environment. You should download the newest version of WooCommerce.

    WP eCommerce:

Complete Guide Starting E-Commerce Site : eAskme
Now you may ask that when WooCommerce is doing the job well then why people use WP eCommerce platform. Answer is simple.

WP eCommerce offer some advance features like table rate shipping and advanced checkout for free, but in WooCommerce you have to purchase an extra addon to use such features.

You may find that WP eCommerce is more beneficial for selling process of your website.

Easy Digital Downloads:

Complete Guide Starting E-Commerce Site : eAskme

Above platforms focus on both digital and physical goods. But what if you need something for Digital Goods only. Then you need Easy Digital Downloads.

It is best for entrepreneurs, authors and artists who sell non-physical products such as music, digital art, ebooks etc.

Easy Digital Downloads makes the process of Downloading online products easy and secure. It even supports repeat and multiple downloads. It also supports payment gateways like Amazon, Stripe and Paypal.


Complete Guide Starting E-Commerce Site : eAskme
Shopify is the quickest and easiest way to build an online store.

It offers you simple steps to selling in minutes with free hosting. You just need to buy a domain for your online shop and Shopify will place it on internet.

You can use this service on a monthly subscription of $13/month. You just need a basic account to upload unlimited products with unlimited storage and 24/7 awesome customer support.

E-Commerce Payment Gateways

Payment Gateway is the necessary part of e-commerce sites. This makes payments happen. You can do it via Credit card, PayPal or payment services like Braintree or Stripe.

You should look for the features on a payment gateway when selecting a platform. You should know that some platforms needs extra add-ons for some specific payment gateway services, such as If you want to add Google Wallet to your WooCommerce than you need to pay $79 extra.


Complete Guide Starting E-Commerce Site : eAskme

The biggest and most used payment gateway for e-commerce site is PayPal.

It`s free and anyone can get it. Usually e-commerce platforms have PayPal payment gateway. You can even use PayPal buttons on non e-commerce platforms. On Wordpress you can use many variations of PayPal buttons.

Complete Guide Starting E-Commerce Site : eAskme
If you are looking for a payment gateway for credit card payments without PayPal then is for you.

It allows user to make payment with electronic check or credit card. Amount will be transferred to the bank account of seller.

It supports all major credit cards such as JCB, Diner’s Club, Visa, American Express and MasterCard. It even supports Visa Checkout, Apple Pay and PayPal. offers the fraud prevention technology and automated billing for monthly subscriptions.
Complete Guide Starting E-Commerce Site : eAskme

After looking at above image you may find it a costly payment gateway. is only for established businesses.


Complete Guide Starting E-Commerce Site : eAskme
Now if you are looking for a free alternative of than Stripe is here. Stripe allows credit card payments at the flat charge per transaction of 2.9%+30 cents.

Stripe is a free extension so you do not need to go for any subscription.

Remember: To secure credit card information of your customers your site must have an SSL certificate. The major downside of stripe is that it is available for few countries only. You can check the list here.


Complete Guide Starting E-Commerce Site : eAskme
With a subscription of $10/month Gumroad is ready to manage sale of both digital and physical products online. It accepts Paypal and all major credit cards.

It even provides a product page so the buyers can see all the products.

In case you have a separate website you can install Gumroad widget to integrate payment gateway.

e-commerce Shop Customization:

WordPress offers hundreds of plugins to look your shop attractive. There are the following things that you should consider to make your shop look awesome.
  • Is it organized?
  • Is it easy to find products?
  • Is everything presented in the best way?
WordPress offer various tools to help you.


There are thousands of themes available for Wordpress e-commerce sites.

Even WooCommerce offers premium and free themes. You can even go to WordPress theme directory to look for the best theme according to your brand image.

Read more : NewsPlanet : Best WordPress News Blog Theme with WooCommerce

Complete Guide Starting E-Commerce Site : eAskme

You can even use free WooCommerce’s Storefront Theme.

Product interaction:

Products are the real thing that matter for a user on an online store.

You can use plugins such as WooCommerce Image Hover and WooCommerce Image Zoom to offer a closer look of your products. You can even use WooCommerce quick view to show a larger view of your products. You can even use WooCommerce Product Slider to show more products on single page.
Complete Guide Starting E-Commerce Site : eAskme
You can even use the Customize WooCommerce Shop plugin to overall change the design of your theme including shopping cart pages, shop, checkout option products etc.

How to do advanced customization and use extended functionality

If you want to add some advanced customization and extended functionality then you can add more plugins to your site.

For example you can add customized shipping rate calculator or download button instead of add to cart button or country wise time etc.
Complete Guide Starting E-Commerce Site : eAskme

You can use WooEnhancer and Booster for WooCommerce plugins.

Creating an E-Commerce Website

When you setup an online store for the first time, it seems a tedious and long process, but it is an awesome learning experience.

You should understand how various platforms are different from one another. This helps you to create online shop that you really want. The store you create should be easy to navigate and informative at the same time.

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Learning about the as many tools as you can help you to decide which tools are beneficial for your online store. Your end goal should be creating a happy customer experience so that customers can come to you again and again.

Are you an online shopper or an e-commerce entrepreneur? What suggestion would you like to add to this guide? share via comments.

Don`t forget to share what you like.

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