15 Minutes on eAskme Daily to Change Your Life : Contest & GiveAway

You are on this article that means you also want to change your life or improve it in much better way. As you have seen that in 15 minutes of your daily time that you spend on eAskme is really helpful to change your life in a good way. Now you may ask you eAskme can change your life or improve your life?
15 Minutes of eAskme Daily to Change Your Life : Contest & GiveAway : eAskme
15 Minutes of eAskme Daily to Change Your Life : Contest & GiveAway : eAskme
eAskme team appreciate the support of its followers, fans and visitors and thats why bringing a contest for readers to win something awesome and have more reasons to visit eAskme.

This is a contest in which you not only getting a chance to win few awesome things but also be ready to  learn how you can start your online business and ow eAskme helps you to make money online. It is not just about blogging or contest, it is about everything.

Now without wasting any more time of your routine, let me stick to the point.

How to Participate in 15 Minutes on eAskme Daily : Contest & GiveAway

As every contest have some rules this contest also have some official rules for you to participate and give you more chances to win.

What are the benefits of Spending 15 Minutes of Your Daily Time on eAskme?

The very first question most of the people have now is that how eAskme help to change their lives. There are few things that will help you understand the concept of 15 minutes on eAskme daily.

1) Win 15 Minutes on eAskme Daily Contest:

In 15 minutes on eAskme daily contest you have a chance to win following prices:

1st Prize   :  Xbox One Every 60 Days

1st Prize   :  Xbox One Every 60 Days : Win 15 Minutes on eAskme Daily Contest: eAskme
1st Prize   :  Xbox One Every 60 Days : Win 15 Minutes on eAskme Daily Contest: eAskme

2nd Prize  : $100 every month.

2nd Prize : $100 every month : Win 15 Minutes on eAskme Daily Contest : eAskme
2nd Prize : $100 every month : Win 15 Minutes on eAskme Daily Contest : eAskme

3rd Prize  : Unlimited Internet for one Month (Every Week)

3rd Prize  : Unlimited Internet for one Month (Every Week)

4th Prize  :  Recharge Coupon for Any smartphone network (Everyday).

4th Prize  :  Recharge Coupon for Any smartphone network (Everyday) : eAskme
4th Prize  :  Recharge Coupon for Any smartphone network (Everyday) : eAskme
Not only these there is a bumper price awaiting for you:

At the end of the year on December 25th, on the eve of Christmas you will have a Chance to win Chevrolet Cruize.
Bumper prize Chevrolet Cruze : Win 15 minutes on eAskme Contest : eAskme
Bumper prize Chevrolet Cruze : Win 15 minutes on eAskme Contest : eAskme
eAskme is bringing this opportunity to all it`s readers, followers and subscribers to appreciate their time they spend on eAskme and also give them more reason to be on eAskme.

If you have any question related to this contest, feel free to ask me via comments. 
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Brainstorming : What Are the Best Ways to Boost Affiliate Sales

There is no doubt that affiliate marketing is the most popular way to make huge money. You just need to join affiliate program and promote them on your blog, In return you will get commission for any sale which generate through your affiliate link.

See : Affiliate marketing FAQs

I have already shared why affiliate marketing is better than adsense to earn more money.
What Are the Best Ways to Boost Affiliate Sales : eAskme
What Are the Best Ways to Boost Affiliate Sales : eAskme
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What Are the Best Ways to Boost Affiliate Sales

When It comes to affiliate marketing, the very first thing which you need to do is choose right product to promote on your site and also write reviews on the product you use, so readers will know pros and cons of any product.

Shareasale is the biggest platform to join different affiliate platforms and you can easily get approval from different affiliate program.

Let`s see what other bloggers suggest to boost affiliate sales.

Stay contextual and honest (Restaurant Coverings)

Best Ways to Boost Affiliate Sales:

I like affiliate marketing as an additional source of income to my own products. It's a great way to monetize sites with products you can't offer, haven't created yet or aren't willing to create.

On the conversion site there are many things to keep in mind:

#1 The Affiliate Program

Make sure to offer products from a trusted vendor because it will convert much better than any unknown eCommerce shop site.

Amazon for example, is one of the best converting affiliate product vendors simply because most people know and trust Amazon so they are willing to buy from them.

How to Promote Affiliate Products On Your Blog

If you use less known vendors make sure they sell through a website which at least looks serious, provides contact information and has an SSL certificate.

#2 The Product

You only want to sell high-quality products. This means you need to look at reviews offered around the web or even test the product yourself.

If that isn't possible only sell stuff from bigger brands or known product creators. Be prepared to get some complaints and commission refunds if you link to low-quality items.

Different Affiliate Programs/Networks to Join:

#3 The Affiliate

That's you. To have success with affiliate marketing you need to write amazing content with some strong call to actions. This can be implemented through visuals like buttons or images and at the same time through your copywriting.

Which is more profitable between Affiliate Marketing Vs Adsense

On top of this you need to be honest about the products and tell your folks about a bad product once in a while - this helps you to look more legit.

Last but not least optimize your conversions be testing and tweaking and also drive enough traffic. Affiliate marketing has lower margins than selling on your own so it's a numbers game.

Affiliate Marketing (SEO Couture)

What Are the Best Ways to Boost Affiliate Sales:

I think one of the problems is that many people think that creating a website and putting affiliate links on will magically make them passive income.  The site has to be of value to people and be seen as an authority.  How can people do this?  Constantly creating great content that is useful for their readers.  Sharing their content on social media (but not overly or too in your face).  Constantly keeping up to date and engaging with their site and readers.  Become part of the "community." They also have to ensure they are optimizing their site properly.  Also, I really think that you if you are making a site "just to make money," people can sense it and tend not to visit.  If you are truly passionate about a topic then people are more likely to respond to that.

Build relationships (Philip Turner)

Ways to Boost Affiliate Sales:

Without a relationship and trust nobody will believe your recommendations.

The same principle applies here as elsewhere in marketing: Give advice, give help, give time and build a relationship.

Only when the relationship is established should you use links to affiliate products. AND even then you need to be using the product yourself and to genuinely believe it will help people

So these are the few tips to boost affiliate sales and make huge money. If you have any question or suggestion, feel free to ask me.

Only promote products you love (Tat)

How to Boost Affiliate Sales:

I promote information products 1) because it's easier to come up with things to say about them and 2) because the commission rate is much higher.

I've found that the most effective way to promote them is to write an honest review and share what I have achieved as a result of using the product. The key is to promote only products that you absolutely love - your enthusiasm shows in your writing and people are compelled to buy.

Using this his approach usually means that you will have to buy the product first, that's why I will probably never make full time income as an affiliate - I have limited time and funds to spend on information products and I don't love everything I buy, far from it.

How to make more affiliate sales.

My first $205 to make as an affiliate came during a 65% promo discount sales of SEO Powersuite all-in-one SEO tools. After that, I have made more sales during companies running promo discount sales than any other time.

Also, having a healthy email subscribers is another great way to make more sales as an affiliate if you had target your opt-in offer/subscribers to a related product/service, this makes everyone on your list well targeted and responsive to your follow up messages.

Building email list of responsive subscribers is a most for every aspiring affiliate marketer.

Promoting of high ticket product/services, it could be more quicker to make $500 commission when you promote a product of $900 with 33% commission, you only need two sales to cross that amount than promoting a $47 ebook and aiming to make same $500 commission.

Read more : Cuelinks Review – Easy Affiliate Marketing for Indian Bloggers

You may think it will be more easier to make more sales with a $47 ebook than to do with a $900 product, no. Is all about finding the right audience for the products or services.

Most affiliate marketers always try to sale in their sales copy, this is one of the reason they never make money from affiliate marketing.

The job of an affiliate marketer is not to sale the product/services, but to pre-sale and to enlighten the prospect on the benefits, advantages, disadvantages, features and why the product may be better option for his needs or wants.

Currently, I have had the most success with BlueSnap Affiliate program and Share-a-sale affiliate program.

The best way to boost affiliate sales is to always by doing analysis(Adreana)

What Are the Best Ways to Boost Affiliate Sales:

I am the Affiliate Liason for Transamerican Auto Parts, the owners of the ecommerce sites 4WheelParts.com and 4WD.com.  4WheelParts.com sells parts for truck, Jeep, SUV and ATV owners.  4WD.com sells parts exclusively for Jeep owners.  So 4WD.com is never going to have quite as much sales volume as 4Wheelparts.com because it only sells parts for one make of vehicle.  That said, here are some analysis I did to increase affiliate sales on 4WD.com.

I went through every single link 4WheelParts.com had available on a particular affiliate sales platform.  I looked at each publisher that was hosting that link.  Then I went to the corresponding link on 4WD.com and looked at each publisher that was hosting the corresponding 4WD.com link.  It was 90% overlap.  Most publishers hosting a particular 4WheelParts.com link were also hosting the corresponding 4WD.com link.  But for the 10% that were not, I contacted them individually and asked said "Since you are generating sales with the 4WheelParts.com link, please also host the corresponding 4WD.com link".

Read more : CPA Vs. Affiliate Marketing: A Beginners Guide To CPA Marketing

Every month I send a newsletter to the publishers hosting my employer's links.  I use the affiliate platform dashboard to send the newsletter.  It announces the incentives and offers for the upcoming month.  There are 2000+ publishers hosting my employers link but in actually analyzing the e-mail send I noticed it was only getting opened by 200 or so publishers.  Well, a 1% open rate is not bad in email marketing but I needed more publishers to be aware of what my employer was offering.

So I went onto Google Plus and I looked up every publisher website.  I ended up creating a Google Plus circle just for publishers on that particular Affiliate Platform.  The circle has over 400+ profiles and/or pages in it.  Now, each month I duplicate the publisher newsletter in the format of a Google Slideshare presentation.  I post that presentation privately to my Google Plus Affliliate Publisher cirlce.   I get way more engagement from publishers on the Google Plus Presentation post than I do on the newsletter I send from the affiliate platform dashboard.  One simple reason is that a lot of publishers set up their profile information on the affiliate platform when they first set up their website and they never updated it. So the newsletter is going to an old email address or an email address they never check.  While notifications that someone sent a Google Plus post directly to them are going to their current email.  Anyway, by connecting with publishers on Google Plus I have a lot more of them asking me about specific offers, and more importantly, informing me about promotional placement opportunities on their websites in which my employer might have an interest.

The actions above did not create a magic bullet of astronomically increased sales.  But by doing analysis and by making a connection with publishers, sales are increasing incrementally.

My next steps are as follows:

For every offer I create a text link and banner links in all available sizes.  I plan to start creating multiple text links for a single offer (in addition to banner adverts) to see what wording works best in getting click through.  This is the same analysis done in AdWords.

I plan on looking up every publisher on Facebook the same way I did on Google Plus.  Now that Facebook allows users to create posts only seen by certain groups, I can reach out to publishers with messaging specifically for them on Facebook just like on Google Plus.  I hope to catch publishers on Facebook that are not active on Google Plus and thus increase my overall volume of publishers with whom I am personally interacting.

Hope this help?

Do share how you boost affiliate sales and which affiliate programs you use.

Don`t forget to like us on fb and subscribe our newsletter to get free updates.
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Suzuki Intruder M1800R BOSS Review : High Style, High Performance

Have you heard the sound of a bike which sounds SU...Zu....Kiiiiiiii.

Oh yes if you have ever seen or got a Suzuki bike and moved your hand on speedbar, you may have heard this even if you have not noticed this before.

Earlier I have shared about : Bajaj Hero the invincible

Suzuki is the name which is well known for it`s quality bikes, such as Suzuki Gixerr which is very popular in India these days.

Today I am going to make you dream for the one incredible creation of Suzuki Bikes.

If you are looking for a bike with High Style and High Performance than I Introduce you with none other than Suzuki Intruder M1800R B.O.S.S Edition.

Suzuki Intruder M1800R BOSS Edition Review : eAskme
Suzuki Intruder M1800R BOSS Edition Review : eAskme
 Image credit : Suzuki india

I believe that above image has already make you interested to know more about this ultimate bike.

Suzuki Intruder M1800R BOSS Edition Review Review

If you know the DNA heritage of Suzuki, then you know they compete and deliver you the best a man can get.

2016 M1800R BOSS Edition offering you the power cruiser experience with high performance pistons. It offers aggressive blacked-out styling and delivers massive amounts of torque plus awesome performance. You will enjoy the agile handling and smooth performance on highways.

Features of Suzuki Intruder M1800R BOSS Edition

Suzuki Intruder M1800R BOSS Edition Review : eAskme
  • air cleaner cover
  • Blacked-out exhaust system
  • clutch and brake levers
  • clutch cover
  • Clear taillight and turn signal lenses.
  • cylinder head covers
  • magneto cover
  • final drive case
  • front and rear brake calipers
  • fuel tank/instrument cover
  • rear fender stays
  • front and rear wheels
  • frame side covers
  • handlebars
  • handlebar switch cases
  • rear view mirrors
  • steering stem clamps and front forks
  • side-stand


  •     1783cm3 Engine Capacity   
  •     54° V-twin,  4-stroke, 2-cylinder, DOHC, liquid-cooled,
  •     112.0mm x 90.5mm Bore Stroke
  •     10.5 : 1 Compression ratio   
  •     Electronic ignition
  •     5-speed transmission


  •     2480mm Length
  •     875mm Width
  •     1130mm Height
  •     1710mm Wheelbase  
  •     130mm Ground Clearance   
  •     705mm Seat Height  
  •     347kg Curb Mass   
  •     19.5L Fuel Tank   


  • Rear    Disc
  • Front    twin Disc


  •     Rear    240/40R18M/C 79V tubeless
  •     Front    130/70R18M/C 63V tubeless


  • Rear   oil damped, coil spring, link type
  • Front   coil spring, coil spring, inverted telescopic

Where to Buy Suzuki Intruder M1800R BOSS Edition

If you are in India, you can buy Suzuki Intruder M1800R BOSS Edition in 
  • Rajasthan, 
  • Delhi, 
  • West Bangal, 
  • Odissa, 
  • Maharastra, 
  • Gujarat, 
  • Telngana, 
  • Tamilnadu and 
  • Karnataka

Price :

Price can very according to the location, But in Delhi you will get it for just  
Ex-Showroom (₹)   16,45,000.00

If you are fan of a muscle bike and want to let adrenaline flowing whenever you ride, than Suzuki Intruder M1800R BOSS Edition is definitely for you.

If you have any question or suggestion feel free to ask me via comments.
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6 Best Ways to Promote a Local Business

Let’s face it; it’s getting a bit harder to rank high in the search engines as more and more businesses move the bulk of their marketing efforts to the online space. However; it still beats out all other forms of marketing by miles – especially if you have a local setup.

6 Best Ways to Promote a Local Business : eAskme
6 Best Ways to Promote a Local Business : eAskme

Take, for instance, local movers in a small state like New Jersey. By making sure to include your location in your keywords, you increase your shot at appearing in local searches. Below, you’ll learn a few other ways to increase the visibility that ultimately leads to more customers and more conversions.

1. Use Geo-Targeted Keywords

Whatever your primary keywords are, make sure you add the name of your city somewhere in the string. This helps Google elevate your ranking for local searches – especially since the Hummingbird update to the search algorithm made local search more important than ever before. As always, long-tail keyword searches are better than short-tail; they’re more targeted and means you spend less if you use AdWords or PPC.

2. Get Backlinks from Local Web Properties

Although this can be seen as extension of the above, it deserves its own mention. Link-building will always be a facet of SEO; however, now you’ve got to be smart about it and not build them haphazardly. Reach out to your local paper – especially if you’re in the local movers business and have unbeatable deals; they’re usually willing to publish something that you’re doing for the community.

3. Get Listings in Reputable Directories

Gone are the days when spamming numerous directories used to work to elevate a site’s position in search. Nowadays, it must be a good directory in order to transfer any link credit to your website. Check out Yahoo Local listings (there’s a fee; you can decide if it’s worth it or not), Google My Business, Bing Places and drop a link on your personal Google Plus page.

4. Content Marketing Will Always Work

Why? Because content is king. Even if you write just a couple of blog posts per month, make sure these establish you as an expert in your subject. Opt for the easy-to-read list style format, and choose a relevant, eye-catching title.

5. Use YouTube

6 Best Ways to Promote a Local Business : eAskme

You know all about what people fret over in your business, right? Then make a video that provides a solution. For example, how to move furniture to a new location in bad weather, or how to take the battery out of an expensive watch – provide a service, and put it on video.

6. Run Promotions or Contests

You’d be surprised how many people turn out for a chance to get your services for free – even if they only moderately need them. More importantly, this creates a buzz, and ups your chances of being featured in local media – for free, sans the cost of the services you’re providing. Of course, this will pay for itself many times over in terms of promotion.

Lastly – pay attention to your analytics. No matter what platforms you’re using, whether it’s Facebook, search engine marketing, pay per click advertising, or other social networks; you can tell where most of your traffic is coming from and respond accordingly.

6 Best Ways to Promote a Local Business : eAskme

If a particular post is getting the bulk of your views, and start right writing follow-ups to that post and adding relevant links that drive people to contacting you for your local service. It doesn’t matter if you’re a local mover, air conditioning repair person, our lawyer – all of these methods help your business maximize its potential.


Author’s Bio
Wendy Dessler
Title: Super-Connector at OutreachMama

Wendy is a super-connector with OutreachMama and Youth Noise NJ who helps businesses find their audience online through outreach, partnerships, and networking. She frequently writes about the latest advancements in digital marketing and focuses her efforts on developing customized blogger outreach plans depending on the industry and competition. You can contact her on Twitter.
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GetResponse – TheIdeal Online Marketing Platform for the Businesses

It is a well aware fact that any good business can do well and produce awesome results through promotion and branding. The cut-throat competition in today’s world has made it really difficult for the companies to establish their authority in the market. A well-renowned company can easily improve its brand value through high-cost advertisements, but how Start-ups & SMBs can scale up? GetResponse is the effective tool to eye at if a business wants to scale through marketing.

GetResponse – TheIdeal Online Marketing Platform for the Businesses : eAskme
GetResponse – TheIdeal Online Marketing Platform for the Businesses : eAskme
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GetResponse – The Introduction

Serving from a powerful online marketing platform to one of the best email marketing tools, GetResponse has thoroughly impressed its clientele offering plethora of services. It has been years since the start of the company. With each passing day, the company has seen growth having over 350,000 customers added to its clientele. The excellent range of features is impressive and handy for the companies that wish to scale up their business to next level.

Impressive Features of GetResponse Tool

It is the must-have tool for every marketer looking to scale up the company’s business and make it reach to the next level. Here are some of the most impressive features of this tool.

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation is one of the newly included features in the GetResponse tool.This feature is the true game changer. Now, one can easily automate and organize the marketing workflow in just few steps. You only need to rearrange the blocks and the tool will look after everything.

GetResponse – TheIdeal Online Marketing Platform for the Businesses : eAskme

It might be really difficult for you to reach the marketing the goals, but this feature added to GetResponse will help your business attain a new level by simply automating the marketing objectives.
GetResponse – TheIdeal Online Marketing Platform for the Businesses

 A new drag & drop interface has been added to make the creation of workflows easier than ever. You can easily create even a complex marketing campaign using this powerful tool. The website trackers, purchase trackers, address cart abandoners has made the eCommerce much easier.

Email Marketing

GetResponse gain its authority in the marketing by acting as one of the best email marketing tool earlier and the tool now has much more for the customers. Email marketing is the best means to generate sales and engage the customers with your business for a longer period of time.  It provides over 600 responsive email templates that can be edited through WYSIWYG editor as per your comfort.
GetResponse – TheIdeal Online Marketing Platform for the Businesses

 SpamCop, its own spam checking tool can find out the spam words in your newsletters and suggests the desired changes. You can even track the accuracy of your email campaign by integrating your Google Analytics account with it.

Landing Page Builder

An eye-catching landing page can bring a number of interactions and user engagements. GetResponse lets you to design awesome landing pages in just no time. Over 100+ landing page templates are available to design an impressive landing page. The changes made to the page can be easily done through drag & drop feature. The A/B testing feature lets you to check out how viewers are reacting to different versions of same landing page. You can set the best landing page according to viewer’s response.
GetResponse – TheIdeal Online Marketing Platform for the Businesses

AutoResponder 2.0

Autoresponder2.0 helps you to greet the subscriber with a welcome note. The text for the welcome note can be altered as per your need. If any new subscriber joins your mailing list then he/she will be welcomed by a greeting text sent buAutoresponder 2.0.
GetResponse – TheIdeal Online Marketing Platform for the Businesses

Webinar Tool

A number of meetings and conferences have taken a form of online webinar. The companies are looking to save time and money by organizing online webinars. GetResponse offers the webinar tool that comes handy in case of any meeting that is possible online. You are also allowed to customize the webinar URL and can protect it with the password too so that only selected invitees can join the meeting.
GetResponse – TheIdeal Online Marketing Platform for the Businesses

 GetResponse allows you to record the webinar (the recording is limited to 2 hours) and share it on social media. A webinar can be scheduled easily within 3 minutes without any complexity.

GetResponse – TheIdeal Online Marketing Platform for the Businesses

Why a Business should go withGetResponse?

With a plethora of features, GetResponse has made marketing better than before. Marketing Automation has come up like a revolutionary feature and people are enjoying the ease of use offered by this tool. Here are some of the best reasons why you should go with this awesome tool.

•    Simplicity: People usually love the tools that are seamlessly user-friendly. GetResponse is a stunning user-friendly tool that is really very easy to use. The learning center, video tutorials, and FAQs have made the things much easier to understand. You can easily navigate through the dashboard at a go.
GetResponse – TheIdeal Online Marketing Platform for the Businesses

•    Price List: GetResponse don’t only provide plethora of features, but it provides them at an impressive price too. Its flexible plans start from as low as $15 and goes as high as $799 with improvement in the list of features. Pricing is one of the factors that attract most of its customers.

GetResponse – TheIdeal Online Marketing Platform for the Businesses

 •    All in One Tool:You may find a range of tools available on the internet for promotion & branding purposes, but GetResponse is the only tool that has more features than any other tool at an effective price. The features like auto-responder, landing page creator, email marketing tool, webinar tool, spam checker tool, and many more are packed in just a single tool. GetResponse is capable enough to carry out the largest marketing campaigns with ease.

Why GetResponse is a principle tool for SMEs?

GetResponse is suited for all kinds of businesses of any size, but small & medium sized businesses can make most out of this thrilling tool. The features like email marketing tool and landing page creator are impactful enough to attract thousands of customers to your business. Marketing automation, the new feature added to this tool can help your staff to focus more towards development of product rather than wasting time on the things that can be done automatically.

The Conclusion

The GetResponse is the only supreme tool in the market crowded with enormous range of impactful features. It is a fully-fledged online marketing solution for SMEs which has plans according to different budgets. One can definitely scale up his/her company after going for this tool.

If you have any question, or suggestion, feel free to share via comments. Don`t forget to like us on Facebook or subscribe eAskme newsletter to stay tuned with us.
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