Can SEO Professional Really Help me in my Online Business?

If you are a novice you would be hesitant to deploy funds for SEO, I am sure this is your mental phase. But believe me utilizing funds for it will help you to yield better results as it is the best and quickly developing fields that are growing regularly. Now, with increasing number of the websites that has given the equivalent increase in the volume of professional services. The entire world of websites is filled with various different changes that are taking place through the various passing moment. At the same time, being much ethical is the key-point of assets for various degrees of the SEO strategies and standards followed by Charlotte SEO agency. Hence, in recent scenarios these services provider is really needed to get success in this challenging online market.

Can SEO Professional Really Help me in my Online Business? : eAskme
Can SEO Professional Really Help me in my Online Business? : eAskme
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If you're serious and reading this and if you have never designed your website up till now so you are actually at a right place. Check these points that will show why professional’s help is needed for any online business.

1) Research, which is the most significant thing when designing the business. In case you have been in the business for some while so you know that if you have done proper research for the business. These similar principals also apply to your business website.

Keyword optimization is important that your customer uses to find your business and service. One significant point about the keyword research is to get right time, proper practice. Also great learning, using the professional and expert service will also be much worth of your money. In case you get it wrong the entire campaign and work will stand good for nothing.

2) Optimization - On page, it includes ensuring all the meta tags, links as well as title tags are formulated properly and are placed well on your site. An important thing related to title tags, is what many people look at the top of browser while the site comes up, this is very influential in placement of the site in popular search results. You should have the main keywords that with any luck are even in the domain name which is placed in title tags of the website pages.

3) Optimization - Off page, it refers to all that become apparent from the web site, like for instance building the links to the web pages. While you are building the links to pages it's similar to getting the votes from different websites, Google looks it as a great thing and also rewards you as per the popularity of links that you receive.

a) There are 2 types of links, reciprocal and one way. Reciprocal links mean you will place the link on the website to site where it then places them again to your site. One way links are best you may have such as article directories, web 2.0 sites and web directories.

Availing the services of Charlotte SEO agency is also a wise decision which will help your business to reach the new heights of success.

If you still have any questions, feel free to ask me via comments.
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10 Mistakes That Violate Google Adsense Policies and Get Banned

As I have started using Google Adsense I have realized that Adsense is one of the best advertising networks for publishers. As we know that they pay the best and also their terms and conditions are strong. they ar very strict about their policies.

Study : Why Google AdSense Offers Low CPC in India and Other Asian Countries

10 Mistakes That violate Google Adsense Policies and Get Banned : eAskme
10 Mistakes That violate Google Adsense Policies and Get Banned: eAskme
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10 Mistakes That Violate Google Adsense Policies and Get Banned

You Should Know The Terms and Conditions of Google Adsense to Avoid Getting Banned:
It is always good to know what can cause you issues. Always make sure that you don`t do what is not allowed in Google Adsense.

Understand Google Adsense Terms of Service and Stop Violating Google Adsense Policies: 
Invalid Clicks
This is the major cause of AdSense accounts goes in dangers zone. never ask your friends to do clicks or use from different I.P. If Adsense detects this they will ban your account.

Also never ask your readers to click on ads that also not allowed.

Never Use Unsupported language
Do not use those languages that are not supported in Adsense. If you have some content on unsupported language then change it asap. Never make your blog multi-lingual with serving ads.

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Limit of Maximum Adsense Ad Units on Single Page
It is always better that you never use more than 3 ads on your blog or websites.

Never Send Ads on Email
Never send Adsense ads on email it is against google Adsense Policies.

Advertisement Label
Never use any label that shows click here on Ads. That is against Google Adsense Policies.

Avoid Other Advertisers.
Never use any other advertiser that give contextual ads. If you want to other networks also then use Infolinks, BuySellads, Viglink as they comply with Google Adsense TOS.

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Altering Adsense Code
No Matter How Good programmer You can never ever try to alter Adsense code as it will lead you towards ban.

Never Host Copyright Content
Google policies never allow you to publish copyright content which you do not have rights to publish like movies and songs. You can also take help of Free tools to check for content theft.

Never link to Illegal or Copyright Content
Since 2012 Google added this in their policies that if you link sites to any illegal or keygen sites, piracy sites than your account will be disabled.

Content That is not allowed
  • Adult Material, Porn
  • Racial Content
  • Violent Content
  • Hacking/Cracking
  • Websites selling Drugs
  • Websites Selling Weapons

Avoid Paid Traffic
According to Adsense policies paid traffic is not allowed.

So if you are also a blogger who wants to make money from Google Adsense or already making money using google Adsense then you should avoid making such mistakes that Violate Google Adsense Policies and Get Banned.

If you are still not on Google Adsense the try these best Adsense alternatives to make money blogging.

If you still have any uestion, feel free to ask me via comments.
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How to Find Popular Keywords Using Google Insight Search in 2017

Google Insight search is a very powerful tool to find popular Keyword for webmasters, online marketer and bloggers. Today we will discuss about you you can use Google insight search for benefits.

We already know that organic traffic is one of the best method to drive traffic to monetize blog or website from adsense. To get traffic from search engines, you have to optimize your articles. It includes building backlinks, sitemap submissions, dofollow, nofollow, permalink and so on.
The easiest way to get organic traffic is to write about current trending topics in your niche. It help you to drive more visitors from search engines. Trending topics are the topics which people always search in current time.

Google Insight search :

How to Find Popular Keywords Using Google Insight Search in 2017 : eAskme

Google Insight search

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Google insight search is a product of Google and a free tool to find popular keyword and trending topics. You can easily change settings to find desired results and write posts which can drive organic traffic.

How to find popular Keyword Using Insight:

So idea here is to write a post about phone which people are searching at this moment.

Click here to open : Google Insight Search
  •     Search terms: Nokia,
  •     Filter setting : Web search,
  •     Country :India
  •     Time range: Last 7 days.
How to Find Popular Keywords Using Google Insight Search in 2017 : eAskme
Google insight search

Rising search list is Nokia c1, Nokia 1320 etc. This is  popular keyword list for Nokia phone.

How to Find Popular Keywords Using Google Insight Search in 2017 : eAskme
Nokia Rising Search
Now you can easily find popular keyword using Google insight search.

You can easily change settings like country, time-frame etc. You can target your post to drive more traffic.

This way you get trendy topics for your blog and your posts attract organic traffic. You can also use Google keyword planner to get more related keyword ideas and competition.

Do share your own way to find popular Keywords to write articles for your blog? Don`t forget to subscribe easkme feed to get updates.
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How to date a Russian woman

How to date a Russian woman : eAskme
How to date a Russian woman : eAskme
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It is an undeniable fact that Russian women enjoy considerable popularity among foreign gentlemen.  They are commonly known for their genuine beauty, kind heart and cheerful mindsets. Apart from that, they happen to be very loving and caring when it comes to serious relationships and marriage.  However, it is not only about moral virtues and beauty which conquer men’s hearts from all over the world. It is also about the way Russian women maintain and value their femininity.  Unlike Western countries, where women strive for equal rights, there is no Feminism in Russia. Russian women find it comfortable to be women and are not afraid of looking fragile and feminine. Probably, this is one of the decisive factors explaining why foreigners are so attracted to Russian ladies. In fact, if you really want to reveal ‘a mysterious Russian soul’ you should start dating her. In order to do that, you need to be aware of some cultural specificities and peculiarities of dating Russian lady. Here are few tips and essential rules which you might find useful and informative.

Be yourself

Commonly, Russian women are honest and sincere, that’s why they expect you to be the same. Talk everything out, and feel free to express your own ideas and opinions. Whether you are dating online or in person, don’t try to appear someone who you are really not. First of all, that might look unnatural or even ridiculous. And secondly, it can lead to unfortunate consequences, such as distrust and suspicion. Make sure that the woman you are dating gets the chance to know the real you.

Pay for dinner and drinks

In Russia, it has become a tradition when a man pays for his lady in a restaurant or café. While in some countries it is common to split the bill, in Russia women consider this as an act of tightfistedness. Be ready to foot the bill even if you have ordered only a cup of coffee and she has chosen the most expensive thing on the menu.

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Be a gentleman

Russian woman expects her man to be a real gentleman and treat her like a queen not only at home but also in public. She would gladly appreciate if you hold the door while she walks in or out or if you help take her coat off. If you are in a restaurant, don’t sit down first. Pull her chair out and when she sits down, push it closer to the table. Show your good manners and your lady won’t stay indifferent.

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Carry her shopping bags

In case you and your lovely female companion go shopping, make sure that she doesn’t carry too heavy bags. In fact, Russian women are physically strong, but most of them want to feel weak and fragile standing next to their masculine men. So don’t hesitate to take her bags and show off your muscles. You are doing everything right if she’s left only with her purse.

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Pay her attention

Like any other woman, Russian lady loves when you pay her constant attention. You could start by buying flowers. However, you have to be aware that an even number of flowers is known to be a bad sign and is appropriate only for funerals. So if you want to give her flowers make sure you buy them in odd numbers. Actually when it comes to paying attention and making surprises don’t wait for her birthday or holiday, try to be as creative as possible - and she will appreciate it.

We hope that this information can prove useful and helps you conquer a beloved Russian heart.
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How to Make Money Online Faster than Ever

NO matter you are a complete newbie or some one who is established professional in his niche, every single person wants to make more money. There are thousands of ideas which always floating in your mind that you can utilize to make more money in real time. May be you want to win lottery or thinking to be rich overnight. Remember that being rich online is not an overnight thing. It takes time and efforts which results you to go viral on internet and make huge money. You may be knowing many ways to make money online but being popular is one of the best way to make money online.

How to Make Money Online faster than Ever : eAskme
How to Make Money Online faster than Ever : eAskme
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How to Make Money Online faster than Ever


How many times do I need to say that blogging is one of the best way to make money online? Well I and many other bloggers have proved it that blogging is one of the best way to make money online.

The success in blogging always depends upon your passion. If you are passionate about blogging, no one can stop you from being successful. But it takes time. You not only make good money but also gain popularity and get treatment like a celebrity in your niche. The first thing when starting a blog is to find out what is your passion and how you are going to monetize that with the help of blogging.

You can also take help of blogging guide for money or join learn blogging online course to learn how to make money blogging.

Web-designing & development:

As mow and more businesses are going online these days, demand of websites is also increasing. That is why there are numerous opportunities for web designers and developers to make money online by creating websites and managing them for their clients. You can create websites on WordPress or any other platform which you are comfortable with. Till now WordPress is the most popular platform for designers and developers to create websites and make money. You can even make money by promoting sites as SEO.


If you want to make money staying away from 9-5 shifts, than you can start freelance writing. You not only work for yourself but also gain more opportunities as freelance writers. If you are good in writing unique and quality content, than you will definitely attract more clients everyday. You can even establish your own company of content writers. Even when you work a a freelancer the money you make as freelance writer is pretty awesome. You can join writing groups and forums for more opportunities. It is known as the fastest way to make money online.

Sell e-Books:

Writing an e-book definitely a time consuming thing, but it also helps to make good money as everyone like to read e-book than holding a paper book. You can write about novels, stories, tips etc. The best thing is that people can even read your ebook on their smartphone also. You should work on a manuscript so that it should be approved and ready for sale. When a e-book gets popular\, it also helps you to become popular and get more opportunities to write more ebooks. You can publish you ebook on kindly or sell via Amazon.

If you do not know who to start with an e-book, take the help of e-book writing guide.

B2B marketing:

These days B2B marketing is the latest trend. In this you make money by dealing with the competitors. It is the fastest growing area where you can make money online. It also bring popularity and traffic. Here you work for the peers and make good money.


I need not to tell you that people are more willing to shop online than visiting retailer shops or malls. It not just time saving but also cheaper than buying from the local shops or malls. This encourages people to shop online. There are online stores which are making millions every month and more online stores are coming.

You can also start an eCommerce shop online to sell your own stuff or stuff of others to make money online.

Sell your own stuff:

If you are creative or you have your own stuff that you want to sell then you can also make money faster. You can sell your old stuff on Amazon or olx etc. Selling second hand things is really fast way to make money online.

you can even make money by creating things and selling them online such as handmade stuff etc. Many online shops like eBay helps you to easily connect with buyers and sell your products worldwide.

So you see these are few of the ways which helps you to make fast money over internet. if you know some unique ways to make money online, feel free to share via comments.

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Top 10 Free tools to check for content theft

Plagiarism means copying content from one person`s blog and pasting or using it on other. It is frustrating when I see other try to use my words. It hurt more if I see better search engine ranking for that copied article than my original one. I believe noone like this.

Copy content is one of the biggest blogging mistakes which most of the bloggers do. We already covered a lot of articles for blogger and blogging tips and tricks.

Today we talk about where to check and get help to fight Plagiarism. Here we see the list of top 10 anti-plagiarism.



Virante Duplicate Content:

Plagiarism Checker:


DMCA scan:

Plag Spotter:

Dupli Checker:


There are lot more tools available online but believe me these 10 are the top and the best Anti-Plagiarism tools available online.Try them and let us know which one you like. 

If you still have any question, do share your opinion in comments.
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8 Proven Ways to Make Your Blog More Attractive in 2017

Blogging is one of the most fun ways to connect with people from all parts of the world and make a living off your writing skills. True, it’s not easy becoming a successful blogger, but it can be done through perseverance, hard work and a pinch of talent paired with some good luck. The truth is that running a blog requires a lot of hard work, no matter what most people think and bloggers worth their salt will all agree that you should always be able to learn and adapt quickly to obtain and keep an audience. Since 2017 is here, we’ll talk about eight proven ways to make your blog more attractive to your readers this year.

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8 Proven Ways to Make Your Blog More Attractive in 2017 : eAskme
8 Proven Ways to Make Your Blog More Attractive in 2017 : eAskme
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8 Proven Ways to Make Your Blog More Attractive in 2017

1.    Representation Is Everything

Design of your blog is one of the first things you should mull over before you even start anything. We’re visual creatures and we’re prone to turning to things that look prettier to us, so think of unique ways to appeal to your targeted audience. Depending on what your topic is, find inspiration what could make it stand out in the sea of other blogs. Use high-quality pictures, colors that are easy on the eye and maybe most importantly choose how your text will look like. Pick a font that’s easy to read, always make it at least 14 pixels and when it comes to colors of the text and its background, go for the opposites, though experience suggests that black on white is always the winner combination.

2.    Do Blog Carnivals

8 Proven Ways to Make Your Blog More Attractive in 2017 : eAskme

If you’re new to the vast blogging community, then you’ve got a lot to learn, but here’s a tip that can help you get into the more prominent bloggers’ circle. Blog carnivals are one of the easiest ways to get more readers to learn about your blog, plus you get to learn a lot about other fellow bloggers in your niche. All you need to do is write a relevant blog post, that you then send to the carnival host, after which your text becomes a part of the carnival. It’s preferable to choose hosts who’ve done this in the past and have proven to be successful, that way you know that both promotion and your odds of getting new readers is good.

3.    Your Topic Is Very Important

Writing is a fickle lover and can sometimes send you meandering around the topic you’ve chosen for your blog, which can easily become a problem. If you want to have the attention of your targeted audience, you should stick to one topic and then as the time goes by and your readership becomes bigger, you can think about fanning out. Psychology behind this is simple – if people regularly return to your blog to find new information about a certain subject, you want to be the one that satisfies their needs. Besides, this is good for honing your writing skills, as focusing on one topic will allow you to train your creativity.

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4.    Have a Logo

8 Proven Ways to Make Your Blog More Attractive in 2017 : eAskme

Your blog basically sells your words, which means you need to do all you can to make every aspect of your “product” as memorable as possible. Having a logo that becomes sort of a trademark of your writing, which will make you recognizable and your readers will always be able to see you in the crowd of other bloggers. You don’t have to spend a lot of time and money to design your own logo, it doesn’t even have to be a slogan or a sentence, and what’s more, many people simply use their initials. The visual effect of your logo is much more important, so be sure to make it fitting for your blog’s main topic.

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5.    Stay in Touch with Fellow Bloggers

If you’ve just decided to give blogging a go, then connecting with bloggers that have more influence than you is definitely a good strategy. Follow the people that are in your niche, actively engage in commenting on their posts, but don’t just dump the link to your blog in the comments because that’s just rude and won’t take you anywhere. Do your research to find out what blogs are most sought for and then begin making relationships with bloggers by genuinely participating and giving your opinion on certain subjects. Just make sure you’ve taken appropriate online security measures, so that you get more objective search results and avoid blogs infected by malware.

6.    Keep Communication Channels Open

8 Proven Ways to Make Your Blog More Attractive in 2017 : eAskme

You want everyone that wants to get in touch with you do so easily, which means you should put in some effort to have your contact details in sight as much as possible. You should definitely have a separate page with all the info anyone could need to get in touch with you, but you should also take advantage of your footer and place your contact there as well. Of course, social media share buttons are also most welcome, so that your readers can reach you on the networks, plus you will make it much easier on them to share your interesting content.

7.    Write Guest Posts

With getting to know more bloggers come the possibilities of writing guest posts for their blogs and them doing the same for you. This is a very beneficial situation for both sides and you can actually get a lot of readers in a very short period of time. Not just that, but your connections with bloggers will become stronger, which opens a path to future endeavors you could work on together. Extra points because you get a small boost in your SEO game for doing well with your link building strategy. Speaking of SEO…

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8.    Keep Your SEO Game on Track

8 Proven Ways to Make Your Blog More Attractive in 2017 : eAskme

Last but not least tip for keeping your blog successful in 2017 is paying attention to search engine optimization. You should do some research to find what keywords are relevant for your topic, learn about some basic SEO strategies and find ways to implement them into your writing, as well as your blog’s optimization. Having links from your blog shared on some high-ranking websites will momentarily improve your ranking in the search results as well, so don’t tiptoe around SEO, it’s an inseparable part of running a blog.

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If you believe that you’ve got what it takes to run a greatly successful blog in 2017, then go for it and give it all you’ve got. Just bear in mind that blogging done well requires much more than just writing the content – there are numerous other aspects that add to its value and you should work on them too. – By Thomas Milva

Tom has been in the business of information security for four years, and strongly believes that he picked the best timing for his profession, which he often underlines in his articulate articles for Most of the time, he works from home, and whenever he’s free, he organizes hikes for his dog, his girlfriend and himself. Tom’s home, for the time being is Baton Rouge.
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