Find Top 10 of Everything with

Are you searching about top ten celebrities? or top 10 facts about anything? or top 10 styles? or top 10 movies? or even top 10 in politics?

If yes, then rather than searching on Google and finding outdated or sometimes incomplete information, it is always better that you should find the ultimate sites which give you detailed information about anything which falls in top 10 lists.

Find Top 10 of Everything with : eAskme
Find Top 10 of Everything with : eAskme
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It is always good to check top 10 lists as it gives better information and also you can compare top ten to find out if the information is helpful for you or not.

Today I am going to share about a very popular, engaging and updated website to find top 10 lists of everything online all the time.

The site is This site is a huge collection of top ten lists from every niche.

This is the really eye-catching and attractive site which gives you lists on various topics such as:
Movies Reviews
Biggest Indian Companies
Highest Paying jobs

It is a great place to find top lists about everything and also the latest technology updates.

If you want to buy anything like gadgets, clothes, accessories and want to know which suits your pocket and also want to compare features of top ten products then you should check this site.

All the information is updated by expert authors in their respective niche and articles written by writers very carefully and after doing R&D. The regularly updated information also helps you to find the upcoming services first hand. You can also ask questions via comments or use their contact us page.

Not only that, you can even advertise on and get your products and services listed in top 10 lists. It also offers great exposure as people will know why your product or service is better than others.

Advertising in the list always help the brands and businesses to grow awareness about their products. That is why sites like PCMAG also use top 10 lists to share about products or also share comparison lists to aware their readers about the products of similar type at one place.

So if you are looking for something related to top 10 lists, just visit and see what is best for you.
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An Adventure to Mt Everest

Are you an adventurer? or a person who just love to climb the mountains? Mountain climbing is always known as the best and risky adventure. It makes your heart pounding. Climbing the Mt. Everest is the ultimate goal of every mountaineer.
An Adventure to Mt Everest : eAskme
An Adventure to Mt Everest : eAskme
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When it comes to climb the mountain, Mt. Everest is the ultimate goal of every mountaineer. It is the highest mountain in the world which is 29,035 feet above from the sea level. It is not easy to breath because of heavy winds and chilly weather.

It is not easy for an individual to prepare by himself and march to the top of Mt Everest.

How to prepare for the adventure to Mt Everest.

If you are also one of those who wants to win this ultimate peak, then you need a professional trek service which can help you to plan and manage your expedition. It is always recommended that you should take some professional trekker with you when climbing a mountain.

Mojhi has more than 10 professional trekking operators to ease your Everest base camp journey. They guide you what you should do and what you should not to do when going for an adventurous expedition to Mt Everest.

They also guide you what you should carry along with you when trekking and what you should avoid to carry the less weight. They also help you to stay fit and help you if in case you find yourself in some hard situation during your adventure to Mt Everest.

Are you afraid of heights?

There are many people who wants to go to the Everest, but drop the idea as they also afraid of height. But here is the good news for you.

The good news is that there are no narrow paths or edge-to-th-cliff when you walk toward the ultimate height of Everest. There are very few places where you find the narrow ridge. You can easily win the Mt Everest if you go according to the guidance of a professional trekking operator and launch your winning flag at the height of this mountain.

So now you know, everyone can go for the adventure to Mt Everest. All you need a professional trekking operator and just follow his guidance.
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Irresistible Blogging for Money Guide in 2017

The Best Guide to Start Blogging for Money

We have already talked about what is a blog for those who don`t know it. Blogging is something that is I always enjoy and it is my passion. Blogging for money is not just a work, it make me feel happy and boost my knowledge and confidence. This made blogging my professional full time career. After 3 continuous years of professional blogging, it become more and more interesting day by day.

Blogging is like diving in a sea, the more deep I go the more knowledge I get and I always like to share my knowledge and experiences here at eAskme. People believe that blogging is not a passion and I also know that everyone need money, because to money is a major need of life. Without money, blogging can never be your top priority. We people make this sacrifice to ensure security of future. Today we will discuss a complete about how to start blogging to make money with this money making guide. I also includes references from my earlier posts you don`t miss anything here.

How to Solve Problems With Irresistible Blogging for Money Guide in 2017 : eAskme
How to Solve Problems With Irresistible Blogging for Money Guide in 2017 : eAskme
We will make it quite easy for every newbie blogger, who are just thinking to start a blog and want to learn blogging for money. Blogging is for those who are passionate about it, else there are lot many ways available to make money online easily. But I have found blogging is the best way to easily make money online, this article is for those who want to learn latest ways about money making and from it. Here I will discuss about every important factor of Blogging and share earlier posts to complete this blogging for money guide. If you really want to start blogging for money then make sure that you should open given links mentioned in blogging for money guide, it will make sure that you won`t miss anything.

How to start a blog to make money online:

In field of Blogging you don`t need to have any professional skills like other jobs. You just need to know how to express yourself in words, which adds some value for the visitors then you can become a blogger. Still there are few requirements that you can achieve by hiring others or can do yourself by learning. Blogging has the very lowest investment as compare to any other business to make money online. This little investment in blogging.

Topic/Niche of your blog:

Finding niche or topic idea for blog is very first and important work to do. When I say niche that means a topic for your blog. You might be king of all topics, and want may be thinking of starting a blog on multiple topic, but believe me people usually like to subscribe to that blog which is authority in particular topic, so it is advisable to start blog on a particular topic.
Even if we talk about search engines, they also prefer blog/website that is dedicated on single topic and it easily rank higher. Main question here is how to find the topic of your blog? Let`s discuss the tips that will help to start making blogging for money:
  •     Always choose the topic of your interest and passion. It can be anything, you just need not to write about your job only. Only choose the topic that you like to research and talk to others, as it will keep your interest in blogging and you can write more about it.
  •     Always pick the topic that you love to read about. Because we only read those things which take our interest.
  •     Make sure that you have some knowledge and interest on that particular topic, so when you write you can add some value to others.
  •     If you are new to blogging then I recommend you to take write down on paper. For example: health care, technology, Scientific research, Photography, Baby care and so on. Now think about at least 20 post ideas and write down n those columns. While writing post title, think of the best thing you can write about. Till the time you complete this task, you will find out on which topic you can start blogging.
This is a very important step because the topic of your interest can make you work on blog without getting bored. This also make sure that you don`t blog without passion or dedication. Most of the new blogs die just because there is not continuity and passion. To make sure that your burnout period never come again, always choose a topic that you love to read and talk about. So I believe that till now you have decided niche for blog which will make money for you.

Blogging platform:

There are so many various platforms available online. Most of the famous blogger have started their blogging career on BlogSpot. If you are new to Blogging, I recommend that you should start blogging on BlogSpot platform and it will help you learn the basics of blogging easily. Once you ge some skills in basics then you can move the other platform like WordPress.

After learning basics you are ready to do some meaningful work now. Create a WordPress blog. Never get confuse with self hosted WordPress  blog and A blogger always need to start with self hosted WordPress blog. Self Hosted WordPress blog means that you will install WordPress on own hosting and buy a domain, which I will explain further. If you want to know which platform is best then you can check the following.

Domain Name:

Domain name is name of your blog and yes it is very crucial and important part of blog or site. URL of a blog or site is known as domain name, which allow user to visit the blog. For example:

When you start on Blogspot or Wordpress the default domain name they give you look like and Then you need to buy a custom domain name like, for which you need to pay around $11 (if you want to buy cheaper domain name, then contact me) . You should buy a custom domain as custom domains always work better. So it is always good to make little investment on domain name, now the next thing we will cover in “Webhosting”.

How to pick the best domain name ? to get the answer of this question, you should follow below mentioned tips:
  •     I recommend you to use only .com domain. If you are targeting people in India only them you can use .in domain also.
  •     Domain name need to be easy to remember, type and pronounce.
  •     Domain name should never confuse listener.
I always follow two basic rules for selecting a domain:

Long term venture:

When you plan to do blogging for money or blogging for long term then you should buy a domain with the brand name, like Lablnolblog, wikiaskme etc.

SEO advantage:

If your mains goal is to make money only and you are not sure to do it long term then you should choose a keyword rich domain. You can have main topic first and then use suffix like resource, guide, help or so on. For Example: WikiHealthBlog, Techguides and so on.
You can use domain name suggestion tools like ubersugget or Bustaname to get suggestions for a domain name. Use your own creativity and choose a domain that make some sense, and easy to make a brand. Now let see what should not do when selecting a domain name:
  •     It is not professional to use blog name as domain name. You have to target international audience so your domain name should look professional.
  •     Never using long domain names. Make domain name below 14 characters. Ex: WikiHealthBlog
  •     Never use domain extension like .net, .info and any other than .com, because they usually now good in Search engines. I always recommend to use a domain name extensions such as .com or .org.
  • Best local SEO tips for 2015

Suggested read:


Now when you have learnt the basic steps of blogging or running blog from some time on a blogging platform like Wordpress or BlogSpot, and Now you should move to self-hosted WordPress. When I say self hosted platform, It means to install blog on purchased server. Self hosted Wordpress blog allows more control and you are responsible for all actions.
I recommend you to get a hosting package from Bluehost. Why Bluehost, because WordPress itself recommended it the best hosting for WordPress sites and blogs. Now use this guide to installing WordPress on Bluehost hosting. Bluehost hosting also give you free domain along, and cost is $4.95/month which is in budget. If you face any issue then you can let me know in comments.

Set up your blog:

Here are few guide to make your blog perfect and to start its branding:
It can be tricky to make your blog a brand, wth time you will learn many things.

Plan your content:

It is always recommended to have a content strategy before starting a blog. For example, if you choose a niche like “WordPress” then think of basic questions what people can ask, and you will have ideas to write content title according to that. Learn Keyword research here. Lets focus on planning content according to user point of view. For example if your blog is a “WordPress blog” and You will find following answers helpful:
Create a spreadsheet in excel and write down your ideas. You can also use mind mapping tool, but that need some technical skill. Note down your own ideas ans your content planning always keep you stay focused. Planning is most important part of blog.

Design of blog:

Blog design is very important part of blogging, A good and simple design help you visitors become loyal followers. There are many free and Premium themes available online but I always recommend to you to have a premium theme. You will get support and stay away from unnecessary links and also good quality design for your blog. Following are the premium themes for WordPress that I personally recommend.
  •     Genesis : This is best theme framework but also a little bit costly. Get their pro-package as it will allow you to access all their future updates and skins for free.
  •     Swift: If you do not know anything about technicality of themes them you should go for this theme and theme created by “Satish Gandham”, and who give you priority support.
  •     Theme-junkie: This theme help you design your theme yourself. You can easily design your own wordpress theme.
These are the few recommendations to start with your blog on WordPress.

WordPress plugins:

There are limitless WordPress plugins for WordPress platform, and Here We will show you some must-have plugins:
  •     WordPress SEO by Yoast
  •     Akismet
  •     Jetpack by  
  •     W3 total cache
  •     SEO friendly images
  •     Google XML sitemap
  •     No self pings
  •     EasyWPSEO (Paid plugin)
  •     PushPress
There are many more plugins available but these are the must have plugins for your blog.

Add important pages on your blog:

When you start a blog you must have few important pages on your blog as following:
  •     About page: Details about you and your blog.
  •     Contact page: Page with awesome contact form. 
  •     Privacy policy: Must add privacy policy details of blog.
  •     Comment policy: Must add a comment policy to blog.

Branding of your blog:

You should start working on making your blog a brand from very first day, as everyone like to be part of a brand. If you follow above steps and design, then your 50% branding already done. Few additional ways to make branding are following:
  •     First create logo for your blog.
  •     Then create awesome favicon.
  •     Also Create a Pages for your blog on all popular Social networks like Facebook, Google plus, and Twitter.

First content:

Writing good and quality content can be challenge. Content not only be good quality but also need to be useful. We will also share links about writing tips. here are few tips to avoid making any mistake:

When you write any article,  always imagine that there is someone who is asking you about it and he has no knowledge. This will bring all questions that they can ask in front of you. Content of article should always cover all the aspect of basics to advanced about the topic. Always write all details about the topic.
  •     Content should have good length and that will happen when you write all details about the topic.
  •     Write as first-person tone. 
  •     To use images take screenshots, or use free images available on flickr.

Make Money from Blogging:

Easiest and best way to make money blogging is AdSense.You can check following articles about Adsense.
When you have a new blog, make sure you use relevant number of ads. Excessive use of ads on a blog can make your visitors turn away. Here are few tips that you should always keep in mind:
Advance Ways to of money making with affiliate marketing:

Basics of SEO and Search engine optimization of your:

SEO is a vast topic and we can`t complete everything in just one article. Search engine optimization help you get traffic from search engines that help you make money online. SEO is divided in 3 main parts:
Two more things that you need to know about SEO:
  •     Social signals: Google Plus is a social network that help you to get good ranking.
  •     User experience: SEO is all about giving a good user experience with Content, Design, site loading, Navigation, readability and much more.


If you do everything that we have mentioned till now then you start getting social and organic traffic. As targeted traffic makes money, so we are sharing few more posts to get more traffic.


Detailing is the biggest difference between an a-List blog and normal blog. A list blogger take care of every single details of the topic and it make their readers to become subscriber and follower. Soe lets see some tips to take a blog to next level:

Learn from Mistakes:

Also learn from the mistakes that usually new blogger make and that help you to avoid doing such mistakes. Here we show some articles that will show you the mistakes common bloggers make and it cost them money and they waste their time:
So this is a complete Blogging for money guide. If you read the articles seriously with all the given links, then you already 3 steps ahead than any common blogger to get success in blogging. It take time to start earning but when you do, there is no stoppage.

If you do have some questions to making money from a blog or bloggin, feel free to ask me in comments. If you find blogging for money guide resourceful, Don`t forget to share it on social networks. Happy Blogging!

if you have any question, feel free to ask me. Don`t forget to like us on fb and subscribe our newsletter to get free updates.
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10 iOS Apps You Can’t Get on Android

There are few million apps in Apple’s App Store. According to Forrester Research iOS app sales will reach around $100 billion by 2020.

There is no doubt that android is most popular in the world. But the best apps always come to iOS first, and Android market have to wait for it till developer develop app for android. So today we will talk about the top best iOS apps that you can`t get on android.

10 iOS Apps You Can’t Get on Android : eAskme
10 iOS Apps You Can’t Get on Android : eAskme
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10 Amazing iOS apps that are yet to join the Android party.


AnyList is a simple iOS app. It allows you to create and share grocery lists. It syncs lists automatically and reflect changes. It also suggest recipes in recipes mode. It is very helpful if you usually forget to buy things.This app is only available to iOS platform.


Tweetbot is awesome app for Twitter. It help you to easily manage multiple Twitter accounts and view conversations. It also provide mute feature. It is a faster and easier to read app. It you love twitter, this app is surely for you. Company do not have any plan to launch this app for android.

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You want to stabilize any shaky footage then this app is for you. It help you to create impressive and smooth time-lapse videos.


SnapGuide is the perfect app for you for DIY guides. This is a how-to app which features a lot of projects, repairs, hacks and recipes with instructions and photo guides.


They have sold 350,000 copies in just nine days. It help you to swipe down and create new tasks.

Paper by Facebook

Paper is owned by Facebook It is a news reader to enjoy the social network. It has magazine style design. You can read various curated articles.

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Dark Sky

This is a weather app designed for iOS devices. It provide local weather forecasting. It uses radar mapping.

Infinity Blade 3

Infinity Blade 3 is a blockbuster action role-playing gaming app.

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Steller is an awesome storytelling app for iOS devices. You can easily create images and videos with this app.

iA Writer

It is a minimalist text editor. It is a distraction-free platform for uncluttered writing experience.


No doubt android give awesome technical customization but iOS for aesthetics and UI design is unmatched. There are lot more apps iOS Apps You Can’t Get on Android.

Do share which you like ore Android or iOS? if you have any suggestion, feel free to ask me.

If you like this article, do share on twitter and Google plus. Don`t forget to like us on facebook and subscribe easkme newsletter to get free updates.
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Best and Indispensable Guidelines for Every Businessman

Running a business is this dynamic environment could be really tough if you did not know how to handle the situations and work on things.  It not only requires right decisions but also accurate plans, some backups, cost savings and many other things. You can find many tips and essays on the same concern. These cheap writing paper services at   helps a lot.

Best and Indispensable Guidelines for Every Businessman : eAskme
Best and Indispensable Guidelines for Every Businessman : eAskme
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Best and Indispensable Guidelines for Every Businessman

To run a business or a startup one must have these following things in their bucket list, keeping these guidelines as basics you have to build your business.

1)    Do not work for money – 

Whenever you start a business do not run for money, getting profits initially is a myth. So make sure you are running your business with a free will.

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2)    Form a corporate spirit – 

Forming a spirit and motivating yourself everyday to work is very important. One must make sure that they motivate themselves and work on their spirit, because failures will be part of life and you have to overcome them.

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3)    Backups – 

Make sure that you work on your backups simultaneously, holding a backup is not only smart but also economic. Backups are important for you to not feel the failure. Make sure you are prepared for terrible situations both emotionally and economically.

4)    Accuracy – 

Accurate decisions are a must, do not confuse them with right decisions. Accurate decisions involve evaluations of the conditions and all the factors playing a role in it.  Accurate decisions even involve backups and how fast you react to the dynamic environment and changes with respect to suppliers, customer preferences and legal allegations and many other things.

5)    Quality and quantity balance – 

One must make sure that both quality and quantity both maters a lot. If you know how to maintain a perfect balance between the both only then you can master and make the sales. You cannot side to one pole either only quantity or only quality, this confuses the customers to purchase a new product. But if you work on both and find a mid way it becomes an attraction to the customers to make a purchase.

6)    Human resource – 

Human resource is the most important resource of your business. Make sure you work for your labor with equal dedication. Human resource should be treated well; their rights should never be violated. They are the face of your company, they not only for sales frontier but also deliver them, help in production. They are the backbone of your business.

7)    SWOT – 

SWOT analysis is a must, time and time again you should conduct SWOT analysis on the business traits. Work on the opportunity and focus on weaknesses. Make sure you overcome them as fast as possible. Working on your strengths can be beneficial if you know to make your strength points as your USP.

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8)    Brainstorm – 

Make sure you conduct brains storming session everyday and work on things. These sessions are productive; they help you to improve everyday of your business.  They might inspire you, help you to grow and build your business efficiently. So you should try and work on these things with the above mentioned things simultaneously and help yourself to grow every day.

These are the best 8 tips one must keep in mind while they are trying to run a new startup or a business. Take failures as stepping stones and work on them for success. It is not as hard as it seems, the beginnings are always tough but one will surely make the way to success if they work regularly on the above mentioned things.  …
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5 Mistakes that We Always Make During an Interview

Interviews are very crucial if that is your dream job, the fear of losing this might ruin your interview. We often make these silly panic mistakes during an interview which gives out negative signals and chances are that the interviewer might think you are not capable enough of this. There are many good websites guiding you about different things on how to behave and what to study for an interview here, but here are some 5 big mistakes that one must avoid during an interview.

5 Mistakes that We Always Make During an Interview : eAskme
5 Mistakes that We Always Make During an Interview : eAskme
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5 Mistakes that We Always Make During an Interview

1)    Inadequate preparation – 

One must know that they should be completely prepared and that all includes working on your profile and academics as well working on the company profile, industry and the vision as well as mission. These two are the key aspects while interview. The companies hire employees whose vision and mission matches theirs, so be well prepared with it.

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2)    Arriving late –

 Punctuality is one of the primary factor which plays a role during an interview. Being late brings a negative impression to the interviewer. If you cannot value your career and balance your day schedule how will you manage the extreme work or position they are offering you in their company?

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3)    Body language – 

Body language shows and displays the confidence level you have, make sure that your body language is positive. You have a firm handshake if you have any. You do not sit with crossed legs and there should be a sweet decent smile on your face at the time of entry.

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4)    Do not pick up calls – 

Well picking a call during an interview is not an offense though but avoid them to a level. If there is an urgent call and you have no options other than picking then make sure you properly excuse yourself before an interview with their prior permission and only then pick up the calls, this shows mannerism.

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5)    Previous experiences – 

Employers always want to know the previous job experience of yours, you must know how to express your previous journey and give a legit reason to shift to this new job. The main reason behind this is they want to know that if you skip jobs on purpose or have legit reasons and how was your behavior previously.

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These 5 things are very important points one must keep in their mind while you are going for an interview, along with other things like a proper resume and correct answers they are big factors playing a good role in your interview.  Do not take these 5 points lightly as they are important even for the employers. They note them all down and judge you over all. Interview is not just set of correct questions and answers but they even judge your behavior, your personality and your confidence level.

This is more of a personality test and you can excel this only when you work for every point with equal importance with your academics and knowledge.
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How to Make Deadline Less Stressful and Easy

Deadlines are very stressful; they even kill the creativity in hand. But what do we do? To make them easy for us? Is this pressure even going to go? Well if you are not a creative person and want to break this deadline stress then you can hire experts easily from  but if you need for any other purpose then you need to learn few hacks to get rid of this deadline stress and make it over.

How to Make Deadline Less Stressful and Easy : eAskme
How to Make Deadline Less Stressful and Easy : eAskme
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How to Make Deadline Less Stressful and Easy

•    Get more organized – 

Well this is the real key for everything, organized doesn’t mean that you complete the work first day itself. But surely decide the order of the work and set your priorities, we often tend to delay the important work because it is probably boring and choose some other things over it. But if we are organized then nothing can harm us. Make sure that you set your priorities straight.

•    Divide – 

Divide the task into particular no of days and make sure you complete it every day. Dividing a task into bits and pieces makes it easier and you get done with It very easily.

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•    Know your task – 

Even if you are late in completing the task then make sure you at least learn your task. Know it well enough for you to work on it. Do not choose unknown topics which are of no use. First key to willingly work for the task is to know it through and through and like it enough to work for it.

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•    Be realistic - 

No matter how the small task is make sure you are realistic, do not believe that you can complete the task at the end. You should know that for every good thing it takes time. And if you are looking for a well accomplished task than that will also take a real long time. So set goals and complete the task over a period of stretched time.

•     Help – 

Getting help is no bad, you can either take it from the internet and the experts giving services or you can ask for guidance from someone who holds a good experience than you. This will help you to simplify your task, understand it better and even complete on time. This is the best way and the most suggested way to avoid the stress of the deadline.

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•    Do what you like – 

We always heard the concept of do what you like, but what does it really means? If I do what I like then deadlines won’t be stressful? Well maybe the real answer is if you do what you like you shall try to complete the work before hand only. Then there will be no deadline stress at all. Choose the work which suits you the best and make sure you are happy doing it otherwise there is no point in doing it at all.

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If you follow these simple hacks in your daily life no deadline can be stressful.
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