Happy EID Mubarak

On this EID, eAskme team wishes all its readers, followers and the whole world the most happening and prosperous EID Mubarak. May the whole world be happy.

Share this with your friends and family to wish all of them Very happy EID.

Happy EID Mubarak : eAskme
Happy EID Mubarak : eAskme
Happy EID Mubarak : eAskme

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5 Reasons Why You Should not do Blogging

You may find it funny that when everyone told you to do blogging, I am sharing the reasons why you should not do blogging.

There is no doubt that blogging is the best way to make money online without the knowledge of coding or becoming a geek.

Everyone can do blogging including students, housewives, professionals etc.

Do you know that even celebrities have their own blogs?

Anyway, let`s stick to the topic.

5 Reasons Why You Should not do Blogging : eAskme
5 Reasons Why You Should not do Blogging : eAskme
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5 Reasons Why You should not do Blogging

I am writing this to answer those who think that they do not need to start a blog or choose to blog as a career and for those also who want to become a blogger.

1) You don`t have time:

When you say this that means you are making an excuse.

Satisfaction is a good thing but if you are satisfied with your job that means you will never try any new thing because you do not want to invest your time in work after office hours.

Blogging takes time and if you do not have time for it that means you are out at very first step.

Exception: I have many friends who are running blogs even after working in MNC and making even more that they are earning from the office job.

2) You do not want more money:

We all work for money and if you do not need money that means you will never spend even a single minute to work as a blogger.

Either you are in dilemma that you are earning enough or you are enjoying the hard earned money of your father.

Maybe you do not know that the bloggers are making more money between $1,000-1,000,000 ever month?

3) You are lazy:

Blogging is for those who have the passion for it. You cannot get success in blogging if you do not have the interest in learning new things, writing and sharing.

There is a lot of work that you have to do in order to become a professional blogger. But a lazy person can`t do that.

If you are lazy that means you will never achieve anything in your life.

4) You want to live and die as a common man, or don’t want to be rich:

Being rich is not just about money, but it is also about name and fame.

Blogging brings you everything, name, fame, and money.

But if you do not want to change your lifestyle then no one can help you.

The famous saying, “if you are poor by birth, it`s not your fault. But if you die poor then it's only your fault”.

5) You do not know how to do blogging:

If you have this reason that you do not know how to do blogging, then don’t worry I am here to help you.

I am running Learn blogging online courses for those who want to learn online and even for those who want to visit me and learn offline.

Soon I am going to launch an institute where you can come, join the course and learn to blog.
I am also proving the course certificate.

So you see, I can help you to build your career as a professional blogger, but only if you want it.
So these are the reasons that most of the people give when they talk about blogging. What is your reason? Share via comments.

If you still have any question, feel free to ask via comments.
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How to Build Strong Brand Image For Blog in 2017

If you think that branding is part of large corporations only then you are wrong. We all need a good “Branding strategy” to win the Internet market and readers.

So today we will discuss steps to build a strong brand image. Remember that building a strong brand image is not just simple. It is a long time process. So lets with the process to build a strong brand image for your blog.

    Check out: 8 ways to build a better brand for your blog 
Build Strong Brand Image For Blog : eAskme
Build Strong Brand Image For Blog : eAskme

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How to build a Strong Brand Image:

Niche Focused Domain

First of all, you have to choose a niche focused domain name. This is a common blogging mistake which bloggers do, when they are using personal name for non personal domain.To make your blog recognized, it is necessary that blog domain should be niche based. You should have a domain name which is easy to remember.

Read more: Domain Name guide

Unique Design

Unique design is very important factor for building the strong brand image of a blog. Do not get confused in multiple designs. Use a simple and clean design with user-friendly navigation. Unique design makes visitors spend time on your blog and attract more visitors.

Unique logo

You should have a unique logo. We already have seen lots of websites and products which are famous with their logos. When you see a logo you know which company or product it belongs to.

Catchy Header

Blog header is something, which gets very first eyes of visitors. Make your blog header memorable and also which represents your blog niche. You can also take the help of catchy title generator to generate attractive titles easily.

Strong About Page

In the beginning, I never knew that about page can be that important. But my “About us” page is the most visited page on my blog, which means I should keep it updated. About page represents what`s your blog all about including your own introduction.

About us page is very important to build a brand image.

Writing Style

You should have your own writing style such as write long posts, write controversial contents, write straight to the bone, to write step by step. It is always good to write high-quality pillar articles.

Suitable Posting Style

Now next main thing is posting style. Decide post frequency. Your readers should know when they can see your new creations. You can also use push notifications and email lists to tell the readers when you publish or update posts.

Interaction style

Create your own interaction style with readers. You have to build a strong bond with your readers.

Read More: Best ways to keep your readers Engaged and Active

Final words:

These are few of the most recommended steps to build a strong brand image for your blog. Do share your own suggestion on how you can build brand image for a blog or website? do share with us. Don`t forget to subscribe eAskme newsletter to get updates.
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If You Want Your Blog to Look Fantastic You Should Use a Design Template

When you're thinking about how to launch a blog, you often wonder about design. You want your blog to attract the right types of visitors and convey your unique personality. Other considerations include how you will host your site, if you will hire anyone to maintain your site and what CMS to use. Yet, one of the most important decisions you will make is how to choose from the wide variety of customizable design templates available to you. If you think templates are cookie-cutter, think again.
If You Want Your Blog to Look Fantastic You Should Use a Design Template: eAskme
If You Want Your Blog to Look Fantastic You Should Use a Design Template: eAskme
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If You Want Your Blog to Look Fantastic You Should Use a Design Template

Set-up is easy

Templates are produced simply because it just doesn't make sense to recreate the wheel over and over again. Plus, templates can be used by people with varying levels of design experience. If you want to write, but have no idea how to code, then you should use a template. Since they're customizable, you can't go wrong--it will be unique relative to your specific tastes and preferences.

Read More: How to Install WordPress Theme using WP Dashboard or FTP

In addition, you can find templates with a wide swath of built-in functionality from widgets to slideshows, reviews and more. With a template, you get an automatic framework for entering your site's content without any confusion. If you want more complex features, you can add that later as well.

Save time

While you can set up a blog in a matter of minutes, you can't just expect your thoughts to jump onto the page. Moreover, you want your blog to stand out--and, thinking of how to do that takes time. Yet, if you use a template, you can be ready to go--right from the beginning. As you save time, you can start to follow your dreams.

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Even if your template needs a bit of tweaking, you at least have something to add to your launch. You certainly don't want a basic blog--it should be modern and feature-rich to help attract more visitors. You'll be spending a lot of time writing for your blog. You should save some time by using templates.

You get to choose from a multitude of designs

Templates come in all styles, colors and levels of simplicity. Whether you're writing a blog about onion rings or vintage jewelry, there is a template available for you. All you have to do is sort through the galleries and find the color, layout and creative aspects that fit you best. You can also choose based on your budget. Your blog design is important; at least you have choices.

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You get options for integrated SEO

In order to get noticed online, you must incorporate search engine optimization. When you optimize your site for Google, and other search engines, you can generate much more traffic. Well, many templates come with built-in SEO that lets you optimize your site for search engines immediately.
As a result, you don't have to figure out SEO on your own. Plus, you don't have to spend as much on SEO services. This takes away a lot of the guesswork that can stall the launch of your blog.

When you’re thinking of how to design your next blog, it really helps to use a design template. You don’t have to do all of the hard work, but get to customize the template as you see fit.
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Gaurav Kumar : My Blogging Journey So Far

After completing three years as a professional Blogger. I have decided to write my own blogging journey to help others to start blogging as a very serious career choice. This can be boring or a bit lengthy, as this is about me and my journey as a professional blogger till now. So if you are one of those passionate people who love blogging then you should read it, otherwise you can check out the other topics of eAskme. This post is all about how I started professional blogging and how I have created network of blogs and one after another successful blog.

A Little About Me:

I have already written a lot about me on “about me” page. For new readers, I am Gaurav Kumar, Founder of eAskme. By education I am an arts student and by profession I am a professional blogger. Today I will explain my story and you will know the important time of my blogging journey as professional blogger. Getting back to my educational background, I had completed my graduation in ARTS stream in (2010).

Gaurav Kumar : My Blogging Journey So Far : eAskme
Gaurav Kumar : My Blogging Journey So Far : eAskme
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My Blogging Journey : From Start

First three months of blogging:

I started blogging just to try new things to make money online. In September of 2013 I started my first blog on the BlogSpot platform which was related to news. I was sharing worldwide news, events and author views. I got a lot of appreciation on my blog from people around the globe. I bought a domain and hosting from Hostgator and migrated my blogspot blog to WordPress.

Selecting a domain name + Hosting

By the first four months I understood the importance of branding in online world. I bought domain and hosting from Hostgator because of their best service. Here is the complete domain name guide for you to help choosing domain name.

How my niche changed?

In the beginning on eAskme, I was writing about only tech stuff that you may have seen on other blogs also, but later I started writing about my own experiences, Blogging, Wordpress, money making tips and designing tips. As I started writing everything that I have learn from my own experience, people started liking my blog.

My First Income:

As I mentioned, I started blogging just to try new things. I had no idea how to make money with adsense ow what is SEO. I was just a hobby blogger. After some time I have learned about AdSense  one of the most popular contextual ad network. I read a lot of blogs about SEO and experimenting everything. I still remember how I earned my first $20 from chitika. That was the very first online income i had received; after that I started using adsense and it turned me to make $500 in very first month.

See : Make $100 Per day with Adsense

Hobby blogger to Professional blogging:

Back in June of 2013, I quit full time job and started working as a professional blogger. It was not an easy decision for me as the hardest thing was to convince my family. But I made my decision and started working for what I liked to do. I started making good money to fulfill my daily needs and to make some good investment. I have created my very own blogging business plan and I decided to take eAskme to the next level.

I have just purchased Kawasaki Z250 Super Naked Street fighter worth Rs. 3,35,000 ($5,196).

Partnership with another Blogger:

Around January of 2014, I partnered with a Mohali-based blogger to take our blogging journey to next level, but things things didn’t come up in good way so I moved back to my own blogging goals. So I always suggest you to avoid partnership as it hardly lasts.

My Venture:

Till now my vision and dream and vision is to make blogging a full time career choice and most popular online business in India. I have big dreams about my blogs and I will surely touch them with my dedication and love of my readers.

Current Blog Network:

I am currently managing many blogs on my network. It is not an easy task to work on multiple blogs and maintain a strong social media presence these days. You need to establish a team of professional who can work on all blogs with complete dedication. What I look in a person before hiring is that he should do blogging for passion not just for money.

I divide work in my team and set target for them to achieve. I usually work on promoting 3-4 blogs at a time. This includes writing social media presence, commenting, guest posts etc.

At this moment we have following blogs in our network:

eAskme, iOS Crunch, WikiHealthBlog,are few of my latest examples.

Future Plans:

It is the dream of every company to grow as big as it can be and cover maximum market share. But the biggest problem is to find the best team. Your team determines the future of your online company or business. Currently I am setting up plan for my online business.

Earning from Blogging:

"Earning" this word is the most interesting part of life of a professional blogger. If I never quit my job then may be earning only $5000-$10,000 per year. But with blogging and with my other online activities, I am making more than $50K every year, which is a good reason to quit my job. The very best thing I like about blogging is that I am my own boss now. I work whenever I want and work on what I love to do. I am sharing my story so you should take blogging seriously and make your decision.

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What’s Next for eAskme?

We will keep evolving as blogs to teach technology, learn blogging, SEO, WordPress, Hosting and how you can make money from home. I am offering personal blog consultancy program now to provide  my services to those who want to learn blogging or want to make money blogging.  Subscribe eAskme newsletter to get latest updates from me. You can join me on Twitter and 

I have written this post because many people were asking a little background about me, and about eAskme. I will be sharing more posts on how my team works, and how you can grow along with eAskme. Meanwhile, do share if you have any feedback for eAskme or for me?
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CPAMatica Review: Find Great CPA Offers For Dating Niche & Others

On eAskme, I have covered various ways to make money online such as Adsense, Affiliate marketing, Native ads etc. I have also shared how Affiliate marketing is the best way to make money online. I have also told about CPA maketing.

Today I am going to share about one of the most popular CPA ad network, Cpamatica. Right now this network is covering 1000+ CPA offers. You can easily find the CPA offers related to your own niche. They are offering best CPA offers for dating niche.

In this complete guide of CPAmatica, you will learn everything about this CPA ad network. Let`s see how you can get started with CPAmatica and make money with their CPA offers.

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CPAMatica: Great CPA offers for dating niche

CPAMatica: Find Great CPA Offers For Dating Niche & Others : eAskme
CPAMatica: Find Great CPA Offers For Dating Niche & Others : eAskme
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CPAmatica is a powerful cpa network. They have covered 100+ countries including USA, UK, ther european countries and latin american countries.

When you fill the registration details, they will assign a personal affiliate manager. The manager will help you to clear doubts, provide details and solve your queries.

Once you start promoting CPAMatica offers, you will enjoy money coming into your account. You will recieve payments every week on Thursday. They release the payment after every 15 days.

Minimum payout limit at CPAMatica:

  • PayPal - 500$
  • Payoneer - 20$
  • WebMoney -50$
  • Wiretransfer - 1000$
CPAMatica: Find Great CPA Offers For Dating Niche & Others : eAskme

Most of the people use PayPal, Payoneer and WireTransfer to recieve money. You can also use WebMoney if you want to convert your earning into bitcoins or gold.

They are not limited with 1000+ partner CPA offers. You can also promote CPAMatica flagship dating products such as Victoris Brides, Hitwe and Kismia.

Key Benefits of CPAMatica:

  • Weekly Payouts
  • $50 minimum payout
  • Multiple Payment options
  • Complete statistics
  • Promotional material
  • Fulltime support
  • Dedicated Account manager

How to start with CPAMatica:

Now Let`s learn how to make money with CPAMatica. You can join CPAMatica with these simple steps.
  • Apply to join CPAMatica
  • You must add you account manager on skype.
  • Click on Offers and find best CPA offers according to your own blog niche
CPAMatica: Find Great CPA Offers For Dating Niche & Others : eAskme

In Offer tab you will see [TA], [ZH], [ES] etc. These are the abbreviations of the countries.

Remember: that you sale will be only counted if you are driving traffic from the allowed countries.

CPAMatica: Find Great CPA Offers For Dating Niche & Others : eAskme

Preview tab allow you to check the landing page.

Use Filter tab to filter the offers according to your blog niche using Country, Device Type and category.

Check details about the offer and also check the multiple landing page to find out which page is best for you.

Check the affiliate link page:

CPAMatica: Find Great CPA Offers For Dating Niche & Others: eAskme
CPAMAtica allows you to usee custom domain name as tracking link and for this purpose you have to configure settings

When you are about to promote an offer, always check the details like device type, targeted countries, restrictions etc.

If you have any doubt,always contact your dedicated account manager to clear your doubts.

It is really easy to start with CPAMatica. Even a newbie can join this CPA network.

Before joining the CPAMatica network, always read terms na conditions to understand what is allowed and what is not allowed.

Join CPAMatica

Do share how you like this post about make money online? Are you already an CPA marketer? Which program works best for you. Which program you want me to review?

If you have any question, feel free to ask via comments.
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Should You Join Affiliate Marketplace or Direct Affiliate Program?

I have already shared about many affiliate programs to make money online. I have been asked one question by few readers that which affiliate system is better, Affiliate Marketplace or Direct Affiliate Program.

Guide : What is Affiliate Marketing and Affiliate marketing FAQ
Should You Join Affiliate Marketplace or Direct Affiliate Program? : eAskme
Should You Join Affiliate Marketplace or Direct Affiliate Program? : eAskme
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So today I will answer about both type of affiliate systems and also discuss that which affiliate system is worth using.

Direct affiliate or affiliate marketplace

Which is more beneficial to join between Affiliate Marketplace or Direct Affiliate Program- an affiliate program offered by the affiliate marketplace or a direct affiliate program offered by vendor?

Usually you have seen that all big companies as GoDaddy or Hostgator and BlueHost run affiliate programs on various places. This helps these companies to join more affiliates to their programs and this also helps them to get free and easy marketing. As an affiliate marketer and professional blogger, it is really important for you to choose between Affiliate Marketplace or Direct Affiliate Program and decide which affiliate platform work best for you. In this affiliate guide, I will discuss everything that will help you to choose the right platform to connect with any affiliate program.

Important Tip: Remember that only a few companies offer affiliate programs via a 3rd party marketplace and in-house affiliate programs. These companies generate great revenue because of their brand value.

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Joining Affiliate Marketplace vs. Direct Affiliate Program

Minimum payout:

Payment threshold is one of the major question to consider before joining any direct affiliate program. High minimum payout will make you wait longer to get paid. But when you sign up for the marketplace, their minimum payout is actually the total revenue you have earned with all affiliate programs that you are promoting. Usually a low traffic website generate less sales so it make no sense to join direct affiliate program than affiliate marketplace. SO in this case your choice should be affiliate marketplace.

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Ease of Using Affiliate Software and Tracking system:

This is also one of the major factor that you should consider. There is no doubt that Hostgator has most popular affiliate programs, but affiliate software is uo-to the mark. There are many affiliates complaint that have same issue. In such cases such it is recommended to join an affiliate marketplace rather than joining direct affiliate program.

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How I know all this?

I have joined Hostgator’s affiliate program via, and there is no invalid sign up or charge-back so far. I am getting far better conversions than I was getting on in-house affiliate program.

Payment method:

Payment method is also one of the considerable factor. Many companies still pay via check. There are some problems with payout via check. Sometimes you may not receive check and then you have to make re-issue request.

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Commission on Volume or Single sign-up:

This is also one of the important factor which you should consider before deciding which affiliate program to join.  Usually affiliate programs increase commissions, based on number of sales. But this feature mostly available only in the in-house affiliate program.

Remember: You should negotiate commission amount with affiliate manager if you are generating considerable amount of sales.

These are the most important factors which you should consider before making your decision to join Affiliate Marketplace or Direct Affiliate Program.

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I also recommend that you should learn from experience of other affiliate marketers or else make your own judgment.

Do let me know any other important factors which I may have missed. How do you choose which affiliate program to join?

If you find this article useful, do share it on your social network.
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