Debt Consolidation vs. Refinancing: Which Will Work for You?

The economic situation in the U.S is far from ideal and most households and businesses are grappling with ballooning debt. According to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and the Census Bureau, the average credit card debt in American households now stands at $16,061 according to a report aired on CNBC in December 2016. The average household debt in total, including mortgage and auto loans, stands at $134,643 according to the 2016 American Household Credit Card Debt Study.

Debt Consolidation vs. Refinancing: Which will work for you? : eAskme
Debt Consolidation vs. Refinancing: Which will work for you? : eAskme
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In this prevailing situation, it is understandable that both business and household owners are seeking quick solutions to get out of the debt rut. Debt consolidation and refinancing are the best known solutions to spiraling debt today and credit counseling agencies are always at hand to guide you on how best to exploit these strategies in managing your debt burden.

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In most cases, consumers are servicing multiple debts including student loans, auto loans, mortgages, credit card debt, taxes and many others. In such a situation, it is highly likely to default and this leads to more financial trauma. Refinancing and loan consolidation can help avert such a situation. For companies consolidation your debts also helps avoid bankruptcy and loss of reputation.

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However, it is imperative to understand how each of these financial strategies works in order to make an informed choice. This guide will elaborate some of the pertinent issues surrounding handling debt through refinancing and consolidation.

Avoiding Debt Relief Scams

A quick search on a search engine for debt solutions will give you thousands of results and this is where things get tricky.  There are also millions of financial experts out there promising to wipe off your debts within no time.

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It is no wonder then that a similar search for debt relief scams will also give you thousands of results from consumers who have been duped into such scams and ended up being financially devastated. In every financial decision you make, always make sure you are fully armed with the right information to avoid these pitfalls.

Debt Consolidation Explained

Consider a situation where you have multiple debts including credit card bills, auto loan, student loans, and unsecured personal loans among others.  In such a situation, servicing all these debts can be a daunting and tedious task. You have to follow up with multiple creditors and sometimes you will inadvertently fall behind on repayments.

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You will also have to deal with collection agencies that are best known for their persistent and sometimes irritating calls. Debt consolidation works by enabling you to bundle all your loans into a single loan.  A debt consolidation company gives you a larger loan to settle all the multiple debts and you will henceforth be dealing with one single payment.

Debt Refinancing in Brief

While this is a similar financial product to debt consolidation, the goal here is primarily to lower your interest rates. Debt refinancing can involve transferring your debt to a home equity loan or to a 0% or lower interest rate credit card.  A refinancing company can also offer a new loan at a lower interest rate and better repayment terms.

Say, for instance, you are servicing a mortgage at, say, 15% interest rate but the interest rates in the market have fallen to 11%. You can leverage these better terms by negotiating with a refinancing company which will offer a completely new home loan at a better rate. Debt refinancing gives you more leeway to negotiate the best rates in the market.

What to consider in Debt Consolidation and Refinancing

While debt refinancing and consolidation are considered the best financial strategies to get out of debt, there are some things to consider before making your decision. Below are some of the factors which you should consider:

1.    Ask about the type of debt consolidation being proposed

In some cases, debt relief programs lure consumers only to change the terms later. It is important to note that in debt consolidation, there are no negotiations with your creditors and instead, all smaller debts will be fully repaid and you will have a new bigger loan to service. Debt consolidation is not debt management or settlement. If a debt consolidation company mentions these two strategies, keep looking.

2.    Take time to do the math

However promising the interest rates offered by a debt refinancing or consolidation company may be, never rush to sign up. Take your time to consider how much you will be paying at the end of the day. Refinancing and consolidation should alleviate your debt burden and hence the interest rates must be lower and the payment terms more flexible than those of your current loans.

3.    Research the loan company

The loan provider should be licensed and must have a good reputation. Go online and read reviews and testimonials from other consumers before choosing one company. Ask for referrals from other business or household owners who have used these services before in order to identify the best lender.

4.    Avoid companies promising to wipe your debt

It is important to appreciate that the loan agreement is a legally binding contract. As such, there is no way out of it other than by repaying your loan. Scammers will promise to negotiate with your creditors but this will only ruin your credit score further.

To find the best refinancing and Las Vegas consolidating companies, check whether they are registered with National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC) and the Financial Counseling Association of America (FCAA).

To Refinance or Consolidate?

If you have several loans, you can easily consolidate to settle them and only have a single loan to service. If you have a single large loan with a high interest rate, refinancing is ideal to help you negotiate a lower interest rate and a better repayment package.


Handling multiple debts is not an easy affair but you can consolidate or refinance to get some relief. These two strategies work best if you also create a new financial budget to avoid falling into the same debt trap in future. It is advisable to choose the best financial company to work with to avoid falling for a scam. More importantly, take time to go through the contract you sign and get clarification on any clause that is not clear.

Author Bio

Isabella Rossellini is a financial consultant specializing in small business enterprises (SMEs). She has written articles on how a companies can consolidate debt to avoid bankruptcy. She boasts many  years’ experience in the industry.
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What Are Verifone Credit Card Terminals?

Verifone terminals are among the best credit card terminals on the market today. Numerous models are available depending on your business needs so you can accept credit and debit cards easily and securely. Review three of the safest, most efficient Verifone terminals currently offered to help you determine which option is best for your commercial goals.

What Are Verifone Credit Card Terminals? : eAskme
What Are Verifone Credit Card Terminals? : eAskme
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What Are Verifone Credit Card Terminals?

Verifone VX 520

Verifone VX 520 : eAskme
Verifone VX 520 : eAskme
This Verifone model processes credit and debit cards at incredible speeds to dramatically increase how many cards you can process per hour. Features include an expandable memory, outstanding encryption and decryption abilities, ease of use, and optional battery operation. The credit card terminal also offers alternative payment options thanks to integrated NFC capabilities, such as Apple Pay. Value-added additions make it possible to accept gift and loyalty cards.

Verifone VX 520 is a highly consumer-friendly credit card machine featuring a fantastic range of connectivity options, including Ethernet and dial-up. It is also incredibly secure because it comes with a V/OS operating system, one of the safest systems in today’s market.

Verifone VX 680

Verifone VX 680 : eAskme

The Verifone VX 680 is the ideal portable credit card terminal solution, perfect for delivery drivers, entrepreneurs selling their wares at festivals and fairs, and anyone else who needs to take their POS system with them. The credit card terminal is small, lightweight, fast, and graphic/video compatible. It also comes with built-in GPS connectivity so you can track your employees where they go. This portable option accepts chip, stripe, and contactless credit and debit card payments. It features GPRS or 3G connectivity for your convenience.

Verifone VX 675

Verifone VX 675 : eAskme

This Verifone model is the smallest wireless credit card machine currently on the market. Its sleek design makes it easy to fit in hands of any size. This machine was created with tamper-resistant construction and backwards compatibility for easy training and management. It accepts PIN-based debit cards and credit cards quickly and securely via a vertical mag-stripe reader.

Find the Verifone solution for your business needs! Contact Merchant Account Solutions today to learn more about the best POS solutions.
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Best Ways to Improve a Website or a Blog

Your blogging away but somehow the readers aren’t showing up. If you’re struggling to generate enough traffic or keep people engaged with your website or blog, then it might be time to change a few things. Here are some of the best ways to improve your website or a blog without starting over.

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Best Ways to Improve a Website or a Blog : eAskme
Best Ways to Improve a Website or a Blog : eAskme
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Clarify your topic or purpose

Websites with a clear topic or a purpose succeed better than sites that are a bit about everything. It doesn’t mean you only have to write about one topic – such as cars – but you do need a direction to your blog. Perhaps it’s to connect people with a motoring background or interest or collecting the best stories about cars.

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If you feel your blog doesn’t yet have a purpose, sit down and think what are the things you seem to write about the post. Now, consider these with the topics that generate the most views – find the common thread and start clarifying your blog’s message.

Add real stories and use real examples

Whenever you are adding content to your site, make sure there’s a real world angle to it. You don’t want to be talking about things you can’t connect with real life. Why? Because we enjoy reading stories that we can relate to – if you just make things up with no connection to reality, people will find it hard to relate to it. So, always find an angle in something that you have experience in or use other people’s examples as your guide.

Be consistent with your content creation

There’s nothing worse than finding a blog you like and not having it updated regularly. It’s not fun to have to second guess when you can find new content – ultimately, it might lead to people stop visiting your site altogether.

The problem is most people set unrealistic schedules for their blogs. Yes, you might want to blog daily, but do you actually have the time or the creativity to do so? It’s OK if you can’t commit to a busy schedule – just be open about when you are blogging and the visitors will appreciate it.

Don’t just write

Your blog shouldn’t just be about written content. While this can be the main purpose, you do want to occasionally treat your visitors to other things. These can be YouTube video, infographics or even a podcast. Just make sure there is enough variation to entertain different kinds of visitors and to keep people engaged and interested in the content.

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Include images to your site and make them professional

Even the most interesting posts need supporting images. An image can tell a thousand words and capture people’s attention – by noticing a cool image, you might feel more compelled to read the rest of the story.

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However, you don’t want to just add any type of images to the website. First, they need to relate to your site and the specific posts you are writing about. You want them to be personal and unique, not feeling like you’ve just attached them from a stock photo site. Then, you must ensure the quality is good and that the editing adds a layer of fun and purpose to your photos.

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If you haven’t purchased a professional photo editing software, you should. Adobe is a good pick and you can find savings code for it with OZCodes. There are also tons of guides online to help you make the most of it.

Add a forum to your site

Good websites are able to engage with the users. But more importantly, you don’t just want to gather the e-mail addresses or read responses under the blog posts, you also want the visitors to talk with each other.

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Adding a forum on the site is a good way of guaranteeing this. Your forum will ensure more people talk on the site and it can even give you great topic ideas. You can use software like vBulletin to get started.

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There’s just one thing you need to remember: forums need constant moderation. If you don’t have time for this or you can’t get anyone to do it for you, leave the forum for later.

Establish goals

Finally, it can be a good idea to give yourself more focus and purpose by having blogging goals. By setting goals, you know how well you are doing and what are the areas you might need to work on.

Your goals should be realistic, fit your website and be easily measurable. For example, consider setting goals like:

•    RSS Signups
•    Social shares
•    Social followers
•    E-mail mailing list signups
•    Number of comments
•    Traffic on site – specific posts

If you find your blog struggling, you should check out the above points and implement them on your blog. It will help you create better content, engage with your audiences and ensure your blog has a professional feel to it.
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The Importance and Benefits of Mobile CRM

CRM has become a vital part within the process through which companies nurture their relationship with each individual customer and are able to provide quick and effective solutions for any issue that might present itself during the entire collaboration process.
The importance and benefits of mobile CRM : eAskme
The importance and benefits of mobile CRM : eAskme
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That being said, there are many benefits to CRM solutions, the best of which being the fact that they help businesses stay connected to their customers. While any PR rep will tell you how important CRM is for the evolution and prosperity of a company, we will take the time to look over the benefits of a mobile CRM app. Many might think that regular CRM and mobile CRM apps are the same thing, and while that’s not entirely false, there are some differences that need to be highlighted. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why mobile CRM is so important.

On the go solutions

During business hours, you might not be sitting behind a desk in an office the entire day. A lot of businesses require that personnel are dispatched on location for various projects or concerns. Visiting the location of a potential business opportunity or meeting representatives of an already acquainted business collaborator, there are various reasons for which you might leave the office.

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Having a mobile solution that allows you to take your CRM with tools with you and have the ability to take action based on real time readings at any given time is incredibly important.

Multiple platforms

It is important to assure presence from a CRM standpoint across multiple platforms because it reinforces the idea that you aim to be as connected as possible to your customers and that you care about their problems. From both an image nurturing perspective as well as one that looks at how your CRM solutions can get better, having a mobile answer is a very good idea.

Integrate social media

Now that we’ve looked at a couple of the benefits of implementing a mobile CRM application into your repertoire, it’s time to mention something you should focus on when creating or choosing your mobile CRM app.

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Social media has an incredible grip on today’s marketing and the way in which companies interact with the public. It’s best if you make sure that the CRM app has integrations with all the major social media outlets and allows users to seamlessly access and view information featured on these platforms.

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This will also allow you to gain instant access to the social media content pertaining to any lead’s profile. For situations where you are away from the office and need that information ASAP, being able to access it on the fly is very important.
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How to Improve Your Blog Layout

One sure fire way to increase your blog conversions is by improving your blog layout.

Most bloggers have a tough time presenting a clear, simple design that turns visitors into subscribers. Even more bloggers struggle to turn subscribers into customers and clients.

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How to Improve Your Blog Layout : eAskme
How to Improve Your Blog Layout : eAskme
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If readers can easily navigate through your blog you can expect:

●    More list subscribers
●    More traffic
●    More sales
●    More blog comments

Readers want a pleasant, seamless experience on each visit to your blog.

Follow these tips to design a dazzling blog layout.

1: Align Your Blog Top Down

Align Your Blog Top Down : eAskme
Align Your Blog Top Down : eAskme
Align your blog top down to build a powerful brand and to improve your blog layout.

Get rid of anything that does not fully align with your core message. Do your Adsense ads align with the message of your blog? If not, trash Adsense, because nothing is worth diluting your brand message and cluttering your blog layout.

All pages, posts, sidebar ads, widgets, header and footer sections need to align fully with your blog topic. Do not confuse readers. Do not give people a reason to bounce from your blog quickly. Say 1 thing to 1 specific person. Align and shine.

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Start at your domain name. Slowly analyze your blog header, brand logo and tagline. Peruse your latest posts. Scan your sidebar.

Head from north to south.

Does everything on your blog align? Good.

If something seems out of place simply remove the element.

Streamlining is more about making your blog lean and mean and less about throwing the baby out with the bathwater. Unless you blog needs a complete overhaul just prune the blogging hedges to craft an eye-popping, mouth-watering blog design.

Every 3-6 months I go over my blog with a fine-toothed comb for in-depth streamlining sessions. I toss out rubbish like old, dated blog posts and ditch any backoffice crud/unused pages, plugins and widgets. Unused tools weigh down your blog. Trash the trash to speed up your blog and to create a more appealing appearance.

2: Pictures Please

Pictures Please : eAskme
Pictures Please : eAskme
Post pretty pictures.

People love eye candy.

I publish 1-3 pictures from tropical paradises on every one of my blog posts. You can simply use free photo sites to stock your posts with attractive, related images.

Pictures give your blog layout an extra kick. Think of images as a turbo boost for your blog and brand.

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Post images of yourself on at least your about me page. Go from words on a screen to a living, breathing human being your readers can connect with.

I greet my readers with my smiling grin. Anybody who visits sees I lay out a pleasant, cordial welcome mat to folks who stop by my blog.

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Consider using Canva to spruce up images or perhaps to craft compelling artwork which complements your blog posts.

3: Put Yourself in Your Reader’s Shoes

Put Yourself in Your Reader’s Shoes : eAskme
Put Yourself in Your Reader’s Shoes : eAskme
Sometimes we lie to ourselves.

We may be attached to a particular design or specific layout but our readers have a different opinion.

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I recall one trusted friend who said my the blog design on my old blog “looked like crap”. Actually, he said something worse. I felt hurt. I became defensive. Which meant I believed what he said was true.

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How to Keep Readers on Blog for Longer Time

I licked my wounds and opened up to feedback. After asking more readers of their opinion I needed to upgrade. A few days after this revelation one dear friend completely overhauled my design and I drove more traffic and profits by feeling clearer and more confident with my blog design.

Put yourself in your reader’s shoes. Ask them for their feedback. See yourself visiting your blog as a third party. Be honest in your assessment. Make necessary changes.

4: Pay to Play

Pay to Play : eAskme
Pay to Play : eAskme
Pay to play.

Hire a web designer to create a sleek, professional-looking design.

Nothing looks worse than an amateur design. In today’s age of improved graphics and skilled designers you better pay someone to create your theme, at best. At worst, pay for a premium theme.

Invest in your blog. Dig into your pockets to brand your blog and yourself effectively. Few bloggers regret paying for a professionally-branded, eye-popping theme.

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Design effective logo
How to Start a Web Design Project

If you are blogging on a shoestring and cannot afford to have a developer craft a bespoke theme simply drop $50 or less on a solid premium theme for your Wordpress blog. Premium themes are cheaper than ever these days since so many bloggers - and premium themes - exist.

5: Study Clean Blogs

Study Clean Blogs : eAskme
Study Clean Blogs : eAskme
Study a blog like Blogging Tips Dot Com.

Zac Johnson’s authority blog is clean, clear and I dare say, crisp in its delivery.

See the lack of fat or filler? Zac and his designer got together to publish only what’s necessary.

Study clean-looking blogs from your niche. Take cues from successful bloggers to improve your blog layout.

Your Turn

What tips can you add to this list?

Author Bio:

Ryan Biddulph is a blogger, author, world traveler and founder of who's been featured on Richard Branson's Virgin Blog, Forbes, Fox News, Entrepreneur, John Chows Dot Com and Neil Patel Dot Com.
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How to Acquire More Instagram Followers and Make Your Business Sustainable

With an active user base of more than 500 million per month, Instagram has very quickly emerged as one of the leading social media platforms. While many would be inclined to think that it would be more apt for businesses to make their presence felt on Facebook or LinkedIn, many businesses have spotted a lucrative opportunity in Instagram’s photo-sharing orientation and achieved remarkable successes. However, Instagram marketers are constantly bugged by the problem of having to keep on increasing the number of their followers. Some practical tips:

How to Acquire More Instagram Followers and Make Your Business Sustainable : eAskme
How to Acquire More Instagram Followers and Make Your Business Sustainable : eAskme
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Stick To a Niche You Are Passionate About

It is generally seen that Instagram accounts that are dedicated to a particular niche and only post contents that are specific to that niche tend to be more successful. Be sure to set up an Instagram account that deals with only a specific subject or else you will find that you are wearing yourself out chasing too much at the same time. Also, by sticking to a specific niche you can develop domain expertise that will be apparent to your followers and this additional authority will also encourage others to follow you. Generally for an Instagram account to be successful, it helps if the subject can be visually depicted, which is why some of the most notable successes have been seen in the travel and lifestyle sectors. However, many marketers without that advantage have been very successful in depicting their businesses through innovative imagery.

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Be Regular In Posting

The only thing you can be sure about is that the attention span of the online audience is exceedingly fleeting so when you set up an Instagram account, you cannot just wait to have interesting content before you post them. You need to generate arresting photo content that will keep the interest of your followers alive and you must also post regularly to maintain the interest levels high. Posting regularly does not mean that you flood your Instagram followers with a large number of posts every day. The best way is to perhaps just indulge in a post every day so that your followers can have something to look forward to and soon this becomes a habit that will lock them with your business.

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Even though it can be difficult to post content all the time, when you do post, you need to make sure that the photographs are relevant to your niche, are interesting, and very importantly, are high-resolution and of good aesthetic quality. Remember, Instagram members are accustomed to seeing high-quality content all the time, and expectations run high. It is useful to have a bank of user-generated photos to not only fill up the gaps but also build a higher level of engagement and loyalty.

Use Photo Captions That Not Only Fascinate but Also Motivate

While it is true that every picture speaks a thousand words, you would be losing a golden opportunity to capitalize on the power of the imagery if you were not to use supporting captions. Make sure that you captions add value to the photo and act to motivate and inspire your followers to take some action that is in line with your business objectives. It may sound very cliché to talk about motivational content, however, there is no ignoring the fact that it is this sort of content that drives engagement and ultimately, sales.

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Use Hashtags Properly

One of the most useful features of Instagram is the hashtag that allows users to locate the content that they desire. However, it is vital that you know how to use the hashtag, and identify the hashtags that will give your content better exposure and drive user engagement. Even though there is no physical limit on the number of hashtags that can be used in a photograph, you need to employ them strategically. It is been generally observed that around three to five or at maximum seven hashtags are sufficient as long as they describe your content appropriately, and are close to how searchers frame their queries. Resist the temptation to use the more popular ones because your content will get lost in the millions of search results, and try to use ones that are less popular but are relevant all the same.

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Setting up an Instagram account for your business is no rocket science, however, the real battle is to find enough people who are interested in you and will remain loyal to you because of the value they find in your posts. It is, therefore, vital to focus on a niche about which you are passionate and try and understand how and why your followers should follow you. As long as you post regularly, consistently, and with the intent to delight your followers; you really can’t go wrong.
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How to Make Your Brand a Star on Instagram

A picture is worth a thousand words. With this in mind, Instagram's increasing popularity is not
unexpected. Even if the network is still behind Facebook according to the Number of users, engagements on Instagram are more frequent and the users more connected.

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How to Make Your Brand a Star on Instagram : eAskme
How to Make Your Brand a Star on Instagram : eAskme
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How to Make Your Brand a Star on Instagram


How does your brand fit into this?

More than any other social network, Instagram can help you raise your brand awareness and help you
create a loyal number of followers you can easily convert into customers. Though great content you can improve your reach on the World Wide Web, no matter if business is selling dresses, fixing AC units or kitchen remodeling.
Many companies tend to neglect Instagram as an advertising platform in favor of Facebook or even
Twitter. Thats where they are wrong!

In this article, we are going to give you teach you how to create a loyal following through great visuals, interaction and thought-out content.

Visual Appeal

If you plan on selling a product or raising brand awareness through Instagram, the first thing you need to develop is  a great visual appeal.

Instagram is more personal than any other social network, and this has to reflect in your images as well.

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Stock photography won’t cut it on Instagram. You have to come up with a way to give your images a
personal touch, something that will set your brand apart from the competition.

The content you share also has to be valuable to a user. Create images that inspire by using inspirational quotes or post infographics to provide some fun facts
But most importantly, be authentic. Nobody will follow your brand if you simply copy everything from a competitor. A little insight into how competition is handling their campaign is a good thing, but to really stand out you have to provide fresh, authentic and unique content.

Get the Timing Right

Timing is just as important on Instagram as it is on any other social network. Some days  are better than others in that your posts will get more views and engagement. For Instagram, Monday and Thursday have proven to be in the lead.

Similarly, the time of day you post can make all the difference. Generally, 8 to 9 in the morning and 5 in the afternoon are the best times to share your content.

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With 600 million users and over a 100,000 posts shared each minute, timing is crucial in breaking
through to a larger audience.

#Hashtags and @mentions

Hashtags and mentions are the staples of every effective Instagram marketing campaign. Both can help you reach a bigger audience and more importantly, get the audience interested in your products. With a good hashtag strategy, your post can go a long way. The optimal number of hashtags per post should be three to four. Avoid hashtag stuffing since it can make your post look generic. Make sure to add a geolocation so you can reach the audience searching for or within your area. Before posting, do a little competition analysis to see which hashtags they are using. Base you content on the most popular hashtags in your niche, as well as trending hashtags. Finally, make sure to mention anyone involved in your post, as this can help double your engagement.

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Track Your Traffic

Traffic tracking on Instagram is as important as it is for your website. Sadly, Google Analytics cannot track conversions the same way on Instagram. That's why you have to be resourceful!
You can track the traffic by introducing a shortened URL and tracking it through Google Analytics. That way you’ll know how much traffic Instagram has directed to your site. By tracking everything that happens on your profile, you’ll get a better picture of what types of posts work with your audience and what posts don’t. This way you will begin to notice patterns, trends and plan your futuremarketing steps accordingly.

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 Use Tools

The main reason why many marketing experts don't use Instagram is because it does not provide them with the right tools. Instagram was designed with people not brands inmind, although that is rapidly changing.  However, there are tons of useful apps that can help you improve your Instagram game. For example, Repost lets you regram other people’s images. Regraming pictures from your followers is a nice way of encouraging your followers to interact with you by spreading the word about your brand and mentioning you in their posts. Twtrland is another handy tool that can help you with competitor research. While it started out solely focused on Twitter, the app added Facebook and Instagram analytics as well. This app can help you view how often your competitors post, how much engagement they are getting, what are their most popular posts, etc.

Developing your brand’s identity on Instagram is a good way to stay ahead of you competitors,
as this network has yet to reach its full marketing potential in the coming days. Being the first to use this resource towards advertising your products and services can, therefore, be extremely beneficial. If you follow all the tips we provided, your Instagram game is going to be on spot and deliver tons of great results!
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