December 11, 2014

What is The Blog Bounce Rate and How to Decrease Bounce Rate

We see everyone talking about increasing blog traffic but they all miss one important factor which is Bounce Rate. This factor matter a lot, if a site getting thousands of page-views but most of the traffic is leaving just by visiting one page that means that page is low in quality. So today we will discuss about the Bounce Rate factor.

What is The Blog Bounce Rate and How to Decrease Bounce Rate: eAskme
What is The Blog Bounce Rate and How to Decrease Bounce Rate: eAskme

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Decrease Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is one of the important factors for the success of a blog or site. It is hard to maintain a good bounce rate but it is not impossible. So we will discuss about some working tips to decrease bounce rate.

Bounce Rate :

If I have to analyze the visitor activity of a blog, then I always check bounce rate as it is important. Bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who landed on your page, but leave soon without going on any second There are many visitors who bounce soon after landing on your blog page. It’s totally depend upon you that ow you attract and welcome your visitors to other blog pages.

so lets see some tips:
  •     Lower bounce-rate, is better.
  •     High bounce rate is bad
  •     Bounce-rate and Exit rate are two different things

What Is Bounce Rate ?

See the following to understand bounce rate:

B.R = PageViews/Visitors
  •     B.R: Bounce rate
  •     Visitors: Total number of people visited your page
  •     PageViews: Total number of people viewed one page only.

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Now understand it in simple way:

Suppose if a post gets 1000 visits and 500 people leave without going on any other page. Than bounce rate will be:

B.R: 1000/500 = 50%

How to decrease Bounce rate:

In Google analytics you can easily check bounce rate for a particular time frame. If you have made some changes than you should also check the bounce rate before and fater that change.

Design and load time

Design is the first impression of your blog. When someone visit your blog page, the very first thing he notice is the loading time and design. When you promote your bog on social networks you should always focus to lower page load time of your blog to keep visitors on your blog. Always use professional and smooth theme.

External site opens in new Tab:

Make all your external links open in new tab, so you visitor don`t go off from your site or blog.

Easy to read articles

Always write articles in points. Do not write longest articles like newspaper, as it will make your readers bored and also hard for them to understand the topic. Make your article easy to read for your visitors. Use proper headings (H2, H3, H4). This will increase traffic to your blog via social media sites.

Related posts

Related post widget comes to help when your visitors are looking for similar articles. There are so many related post widgets and plugins available that you can easily use on your blog. I always like to post related post widget at the end of the post.


We all like easy navigation, so your blog should also have easy navigation to its all parts. If your visitors can`t see something then they can`t go there.

Relevant links and Search Box

Always have a search box for your blog and add it on the location of your blog where everyone can see it easily. It will help your visitors to search articles on your site.

Internal linking:

We have already talked about importance of internal linking. Interlink your posts with each other according to relevancy. If you have seen my earlier posts then you know already that I ma linking my all posts with each other. It also increase search engine ranking.

In WordPress you can use SEO smart link premium to auto inter link post with your desire Keywords and WordPress insight plugin to find related post. This is a highly recommended tip to decrease bounce rate.

Bounce rates describes that if visitors find your site useful or not. Use above mentioned tips to decrease bounce rate of your blog. If you do have any suggestion feel free to share via comments. Don`t forget to subscribe eAskme feed.