March 05, 2015

Set Preferred Domain Setting Using Google Webmaster Tool

URL canonicalization is an important part of SEO. If you do not redirection from non www to www or vice-versa, then it will be treated as duplicate cope by search engines. Google allow you to solve this issues in various ways.You just need to set preferred domain, which you can do by setting 301 redirection or use canonicalization. Today we will discuss one more way to tell Google your preferred domain. In WordPress you need not to worry about this.
If you not sure that you have redirected already then you can check it by opening your site or blog by entering url with www and without www. If both return same url in address bar then you need not to worry, or else check below steps.

What is Preferred domain setting?

This is the way to tell Google which URL you prefer would like Google to index. like or  If you don`t do this then chances are Google will penalize you for copy content.

Lets see what Google talk about preferred domain :

Set Preferred Domain Setting Using Google Webmaster Tool : eAskme
Set Preferred Domain Setting Using Google Webmaster Tool : eAskme
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How to set up preferred domain using Google webmaster tool?

You just need to verify domain ownership of domain with both www and without www. It verify same meta verification to verify ownership, when you submit your website on Google webmaster tool. Login to your website dashboard and click on gear icon then click on site settings.

Now you can set your preferred domain. Add both www and non www URL of domain.

If you have already set proper 301 redirection then you can skip this step.

Final words:

It is necessary to tell search engines which domain style you prefer. Do share with us which domain you prefer? and How you set this? Don`t forget to subscribe newsletter to get updates.