January 01, 2019

What Is Domain Authority (DA) ? – Secrets Uncovered

If you are in the world of SEO, then you may be familiar with the word Domain Authority score. But many bloggers still do not know what domain authority is, what is the importance of domain authority and how to increase domain authority.

So today I will share a detailed guide to show you what is DA and how to check domain authority score.

What Is Domain Authority (DA) ? – Complete Guide For Beginners: eAskme
What Is Domain Authority (DA) ? – Complete Guide For Beginners: eAskme

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Domain Authority Guide

What Is Domain Authority (DA) ? – Complete Guide For Beginners: eAskme

Domain authority defines how well your website will rank in search engine.

In the past, there was Google PageRank, but now domain and page authority plays a significant role to rank a blog in search engines.

So I am sharing this topic today to make everyone understand what domain authority (DA) is, and why you should start focusing on domain authority.

What is domain authority?

Moz (SaaS company) is a famous company, and they have created a new metric to rate websites on a scale of 1-100. This new metric is known as Domain authority.

Here 100 means the best and 1 indicates the least. It tells that websites with higher the domain authority will rank higher in search engines.

Domain authority is a competitive metric against other sites.

To check this, you can compare DA score with your competitor`s website, and you will see that which site has better DA score that better in search engines.

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Domain Authority consists of 40 ranking signals including a number of linking root domain, number of links pointing to your site, MozRank, and MozTrust. 

Domain Authority measures the authority of the entire domain and page authority is a measure of an individual page.

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How to check domain authority? 

What Is Domain Authority (DA) ? – Complete Guide For Beginners: eAskme

There are many online domain authority checker tools available online which help you to check domain authority of a website.

To check domain authority, you can use the following tools;
Moz open site explorer is an official tool to check DA score of your domain address or sub-domain address.

8 Tools to check Domain Authority

These are the most popular domain authority checker tools.

If you are using FireFox or Chrome browser, then you can install MozBar extension to check Domain authority and page authority of any website or webpage.

Domain authority ranking factor consists of over 40+ signals, but there are a few things which you can start doing from now on to increase your website domain authority.

First, let's understand what makes a good DA by understanding

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What is MozRank:

MozRank of a site is measured based on the link profile of the domain. Domain authority calculated for how many links pointing to the webpage.

Quality of linking page also an essential factor.

Quality pages linking to your domain will give you good MozRank.

MozRank is measured on a scale of 0-10. Ten means highest. 3 is an average MozRank for a webpage.

What is MozTrust:

MozTrust measures how closely your domain connected to a trusted website. Moztrust also measured on a scale of 0-10. You can gain high MozTrust rank by getting links from high-trust sites.

Factors which affect MozTrust:

  • What websites you link to
  • Domain registration info
  • User data signals
  • Domain age
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How to improve the domain authority?

How to Increase the domain authority: eAskme
How to Increase the domain authority: eAskme

High domain authority means that your site is ranking well in search engines. Domain Authority calculates how competitive a site is in Google search. So when yo building links for your blog, then focus on sites with high Domain Authority.

You should work on two factors:

List of Ranking Factors Which Have Maximum Impact on DA and PA (Page authority):

What are Pillar Articles

Days to expiry of domain name:

You can work on it very quickly by purchasing a domain name for 3-5 years. You domain expiry date tells the story how serious you are about you domain name or business.

Gain more links:

Gain quality backlinks as it improves your Domain Authority score. Always focus on building one way high authority links.

To build links you can follow some of the most effective strategies such as;
  1. Create link worthy content with the help of Eagle Eye Concept
  2. Create Infographics
  3. Use Video marketing
  4. Write guest posts on high authority blogs
  5. Participate in expert roundups.

Diversify link profile:

Rather than getting hundreds of links from just a few sites, try to get links from various sources.

Get links from multiple domain extensions, different geo-locations,  and references. All links should be relevant.

Internal link structure:

Create a strong interlinking between your posts. Link each post to 2 or 3 other relevant posts.

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Remove bad links:

You have to get rid of bad links pointing to your site. You can use the Google Disavow tool to get rid of bad links.

Gain Authority in Your Niche:

Write the quality article. Publish 2-3 high-quality articles every week.

Write on hot topics and become news breaker. Writing on the relevant topics will help to reduce bounce rate.

On site SEO :

Optimize your site for search engines. Make sure that search engines can easily crawl all essential pages of your website, have good navigation and provide better user experience.

Things to focus on On-Site SEO:
  • Noindex archive pages
  • Create a Sitemap file and submit to major search engines like Google and Bing.
  • Meta title and Meta description
  • Maintain proper heading hierarchy.

Optimize Website speed:

Google has made page load time an official ranking factor, so you should seriously work on it. Make your site load within 3 seconds.

Branding and Social Media marketing : 

Social media always plays a vital role in ranking content in Google search engine.

Create your brand profile in all major social media platforms.

Add social sharing buttons so your readers can easily share what they like on your blog.

Tip: Domain authority get an update once or twice every month.

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Final Words:

I believe that know you completely understand the importance of Domain authority score. It’s time to start working on domain authority and keep checking your DA score regularly.

Have any question? Feel free to ask via comments.

If you still have any question, feel free to ask me via comments.

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