4 Best Solution For Blog Posts Interlinking in WordPress

I f you were reading my earlier posts, then you may have seen the benefits of interlinking. Interlinking is an important factor of on page SEO. But still many bloggers only rely on related post widget for interlinking, which is not the best solution. Proper interlinking makes On Site SEO and On Page strong.

4 Best Solution For Blog Posts Interlinking in WordPress : eAskme
4 Best Solution For Blog Posts Interlinking in WordPress : eAskme
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WordPress allows you to interlink posts in different ways. Today I will share best ways to interlink blog posts.

Benefits of interlinking articles:

    Crawling & Deep-Indexing: It helps search engine to crawl and index articles effectively.
    Bounce rate and more page views: It help to reduce the bounce rate and increase pageviews.
    Passes link Juice: It passes link juice.
    On page SEO benefit: It also helps in On-page SEO.

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Best WordPress interlinking plugins and tricks:

SEO Smart link Premium:

SEO Smart link Premium : eAskme

This plugin automatic interlink blog articles. It automatically links tags and categories. You can set rules for automatic interlinking.

You can create unlimited interlinking. It is best for blogs with huge content. It is a premium plugin with caching feature. This plugin cost $149 but it worth every penny.

WordPress insights plugin:

WordPress insights plugin : eAskme

This is an old plugin. This plugin adds a search box in post editor section. It help users to serach anything on your blog or web directly.

Download Insights plugin


Mentionable : eAskme

This is an interesting plugin, as it adds Facebook style mentions to internal links in blog post. It is a plug and play plugin to add internal links.

Download Mentionable

WordPress default search & interlink:

WordPress default search & interlink : eAskme
WordPress default search & interlink : eAskme
WordPress offers default feature to  interlink blog post. Select text and click on Hyperlink. It will show you published post for you to choose.

Final Words:

I recommend SEO smart link and Insights plugin for Wordpress blog. Mentionable also sounds very promising. Mentionable is good for blogs with fewer posts.

These are the 4 Best Solution For Blog Posts Interlinking in WordPress.

What is your strategy for blog posts interlinking?