July 15, 2018

Ayboll Guide – Native Advertisement Program For Bloggers

By Sonia
Why you have a blog? 99% times answer is to make money online. When it comes to blog monetization, it is an uphill task. There is a very thin line between making good money and annoying your audience. When ads become intrusive, you lose readers.

Ayboll Guide – Native Advertisement Program For Bloggers : eAskme
Ayboll Guide – Native Advertisement Program For Bloggers : eAskme
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Today I am going to talk about on good solution. Ayboll allows you to balance monetization with readers non-intrusive experience. You just need to install Ayboll on your website and it provides links to content that your readers might find interesting. Your readers will click on the  “link” or “article” and you will get paid for every click.

I have checked their platform and also seen payment options.

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How To Use Ayboll Native Advertising:

Create Your Ayboll Account:

To create account on Ayboll you just need to enter your email address and choose a password. Now you are ready to create widget.

Ayboll Review – Native Advertisement Program For Bloggers : eAskme


The next step after sign-up is to create a widget. It is absolutely free to create a widget.

How to Setup Ayboll widget.


Enter URL of your Website where you want to install widget.

Name of the widget

Enter a name for your widget.

Ads Rating

Choose between safe, moderate or 18+.

Widget header title

Enter title such as “You May Like”.

Columns and Rows

Select columns and rows you want to show on your website. you can select maximum 5 columns and 3 rows.

Widget style

Light or dark, both are responsive.

Install Ayboll

Click on create and you will get install code, enter code on your site and your widget is ready.


You cna edit or delete your widget anytime from "My Widgets".

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Ayboll Review – Native Advertisement Program For Bloggers : eAskme

Ayboll Dashboard

Now get familiar with Ayboll Dashboard.

You can get a clear overview of your earning on dashboard. You can see revenue of today, yesterday, this month and last month. You will also see current balance and withdrawable balance. I like to mention that Ayboll has a hold on earnings for 60 days.

In next row you will see CTR (click through rate) and RPM for today and yesterday. The last row shows number of impressions and clicks.

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Revenue Summary

You can easily track CTC, CTR, RPMand revenue on the revenue summary screen to analyze the individual performance of each widget. You can easily compare by platform, country, website or day. It allows you to analyze the widget’s performance.

How to make money using Ayboll?

Ayboll pays per click, but only authentic clicks. Their algo checks authenticity  of each click and the user behavior. They only pay for high-quality unique clicks. Ayboll pays 50% of all revenue to their publishers.

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What are the payment options?

Ayboll offers three payment withdrawal options such as wire transfer, Paypal and Skrill.

You will get paid once in a month between the 1st and 10th. Threshold balance is $100. You need to claim your earning. There is a 60 days hold on payments.

Wire transfers will cost you $25 per transfer, but Skrill is free. As if now we do not have information about Paypal withdrawal charges.

Will it slow down your website?

Ayboll has itself answered this question. It said that widget is “designed to load “asynchronously”, which means it loads independently and has no effect on your website loading time.

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Sign up for Ayboll Ad network

Ayboll seems a solid way to monetize blog or website. It is a non-intrusive way of advertisement. It also helps your readers to find any interesting content. You see it is really easy to setup and really easy to use, so what are you waiting for, try it and share your experience with me.

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