February 03, 2015

How to Start With Social Media Presence?

SEO and Social media goes side by side. If you also focus more on readers rather than search engines then Social media is the right place for you. Everyone have this common question that where to start their social media presence. We already know that Facebook, Pinterest, Google Plus and Twitter are the most profitable social media websites to start.

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If you are a small business or Blogger or website then here is the list of Social media sites for you. It is really necessary your business brand site on these sites.

What is Social media Presence

Social media presence is putting your steps on various Social media sites. For example, by creating Twitter profile or Facebook fan page, you are creating your presence on these social media sites. There are many other websites like Stumble Upon, Google plus, Pinterest etc. which you can utilize for your social media presence.

When you show your site on these sites, you will automatically connect with many readers and customers directly. It will help you to understand their interest. You can also use social media  for your social media marketing purposes.
Companies can hire any local seo or social professionals or marketing agencies but if you are individual then you should read this post thoroughly and follow all these steps for your  social media presence.  So let`s see what you should keep in mind.


You have to select username on all sites. Make sure it represents your brand. For example, EASKME have presence on all the sites with handle.

    Facebook: @eAskme
    Twitter: @vhowtodo


Use a unique and quality image which represent your site and should use same image on all social media profiles. Use logo and create it with good color combination. Focus on maximum size allowed for the logo.

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Profile bio:

Your profile should be mirror of yourself and your brand. It should speak about your work and why others follow you.

Give your site URL or profile URL to let viewers know more about you and your business.

Now See the List of Important Social Media sites:

Here we will discuss about all major sites, it is really necessary to have social profiles on these sites.


We already know that Facebook is No. 1 social networking site. Facebook allow you to create group and Facebook pages on your own brand name and connect with people who like your Facebook page or join your group. When you updates status on Facebook page of your brand, it also show to all of your followers on their timeline. So create your fanpage and claim a custom username which match your brand.
Eengage with the followers of your fan page with status updates, Videos, Images etc. Share trending topics of your niche, give free advice and you can even run contest. Your focus should be on getting more and more fans for your page, which actually become follower of your brand.


Twitter itself is a micro-blogging site. With 140 characters, you can target your audience. You can easily create your profile on twitter within a minute and start getting followers and engage with them.

Google plus

Google plus is also a famous Social networking site among webmasters and Internet marketers. Google plus also have a big impact on SEO, So you should have a Google plus Page. I personally recommend everyone to have a Google Plus page for your brand.


LinkedIn is a social network of professionals. But provide quality audience because of its professional nature. You can just sign up and start sharing.


If you are a blogger the you may already know abotu Quora. Quora is one of the best question answer based social network. Join Quora, ask questions and reply to the questions of others, this will not only help you gain huge traffic but also help you gain good number of followers.


We all need an author image to show below articles or in comments, Gravatar is the best tool for this job. WordPress blogs use Gravatar image by default.


DISQUS is a famous 3rd party commenting system. Many big sites using DISQUS.


Youtube is world’s No. 1 free video hosting website. Videos are the best and easy way to brand yourself. It will also help you rank better in search engines. You need video marketing to rank high your videos.


Pinterest is also a most popular social networking and in recent reports it is said that Pinterest is taking over twitter user base. You can easily use Pinterest for marketing or brand promotion. Sign up for Pinterest.

There are many other sites like Tumblr, Vimeo, Foursquare, Instagram etc.
Web presence is very important for any blogger. If till now you have been missing out your social media presence, then in 2023 you should start your social presence. There are so man sites where you can create your social media profiles.

Do share what other sites you use to increase your Social media presence?
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