October 03, 2019

3 Practices that Differentiate a Great Digital Marketing Agency from Others

By Sona Mathews
A lot of digital marketing agencies came into being with the rise of the internet. It provides an effective and cheap platform where businesses can connect to their prospects and customers.

As billions of people use internet from every corner of the world, it is important to use right filters to reach relevant audience.

While many digital marketing agencies claim to be best at what they do, we’ve seen many experts of this field outperform others.

3 Practices that Differentiate a Great Digital Marketing Agency from Others: eAskme
3 Practices that Differentiate a Great Digital Marketing Agency from Others: eAskme

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Here I’ve shared the practices used by successful agencies that make them better.

Be sure to look for these qualities when finding a company for digital marketing of your business.

Programmatic Advertising

Display ads are one of the common practices used by every agency to spread awareness and bring easy traffic to the website.

They always work and are really appreciated by most clients when they see traffic coming to their pages.

However, you have to pay for each click on the ad.

Whether you boost a post on social media platforms, publish website banner ads, or show ad on search engine result pages, each view or click comes with a cost.

It means that every person that clicked or viewed it but didn’t convert was an unnecessary expense.

According to people at Summon.co, a Programmatic agency who are based in Central London,this cost can be reduced with a few practices.

They use programmatic advertising to target the right kind of audience by using their online behavior and circumstances.

This means that people who click or view your ad are more likely to become a lead increasing your return on investment.

Creation of Audience Persona

Most new or small digital marketing companies don’t understand the concept of audience persona.

They believe backlinking, PPC, and Social Media Optimization is all it takes to run a successful digital marketing campaign.

Successful digital marketing gurus would disagree with this notion. Audience persona is a sheet that defines characteristics of target audience of a campaign.

There can be more than one personas for each campaign, and there could be same personas for different kinds of clients and businesses.

Knowing who you are targeting makes each strategy more powerful. Your message will be more effective when you know who you are talking to.

Besides, reaching out to irrelevant people will only waste your investment.

Expert digital marketers conduct interview and surveys to learn as much as they can about their audience.

It takes extra time and resources, but it pays off in the end.

Effective Content Marketing

Content is called King in digital marketing, but most people are unable to digest its concept.

You can reach your audience with right practices, but what you will tell them also has its importance.

They get to read and hear a lot of stories every day, so they are most likely to ignore what you say. A wrong message might even grow hatred towards your brand.

Only professional content marketers know how to make your audience remember you and convince them to take a step forward.

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