August 30, 2019

The Top 13 Movies About Social Media to Add to Your Watch List

Are you looking for some motivation, inspiration, ideas or just pure entertainment? No matter what you are looking for, there are popular social media movies for every single person with different interests.

Movies are one of the best ways to spread the idea and motivate people to understand the situation and how to deal with that.

Even, I am not different when it comes to watching movies about social media.

The Top 13 Movies About Social Media to Add to Your Watch List: eAskme
The Top 13 Movies About Social Media to Add to Your Watch List: eAskme

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There are movies about social media that I love to watch not only for entertainment but also to get some inspiration about how to deal with terrible situations.

What motivates me can also motivate you!

Keeping that thing in mind, I am sharing a list of my all-time favorite movies about social media that you must watch.

These movies also explain how social media networks has affected our lives.

You will also find some horror stories where social media connections have spoiled the lives and how social media companies are collecting data.

And, Here is the list of best social media movies of all time for you.

The Top 13 Movies About Social Media to Add to Your Watch List

The Social Network:

This is one of my most favorite movies based on social media. In this movie, you will watch Mark Zuckerberg's journey from the idea of Facebook to the rise of Facebook.

The Social Network explains why sometimes you need to make a tough decision and what challenges you have to face when running a business online.

This movie had won the best-adapted screenplay award, best film editing award and best original score award.

The Circle:

The Circle movie is based on Dave Egger's book name "The Circle." It tells the story of search, social company, and monopoly.

It takes you to the world where eyes are always on you. Cameras are recording your lives, and it is mandatory.


Catfish is an American documentary film.

It tells the story of a man who develop romantic relationships with a woman on facebook. He tries to find out that the women is different online than what she tells him.

Terms And Conditions May Apply:

If you want to know how businesses like Google and Facebook are using collected data, then “Terms And Conditions May Apply” is for you.

It takes you deep into the world of data collection, use, and how it can hurt your life.

#chicagoGirl: The Social Network Takes on A Dictator

Chicagogirl is another documentary based on social media.

It tells the story of a teen Al's Badatneh. In this documentary, you will find how she use Facebook, Skype, and Twitter from her bedroom to help fight the Syrian revolution.

She exposes the acts of outrageous cruelty in Damascus and Homs.

Ingrid Goes West:

How far can one go to live an Insta-worthy life or Instagram lifestyle?

If you want to know, then you must watch "Ingrid Goes West."In this movie, a social media influencer and Insta star Taylor Sloane befriends Ingrid Thorburn.

But, Thorburn is a stalker, and he can do anything to be besties with Instagram stars.

We Live in Public:

This is the best social media based movies to learn the impact of the internet on humans.

In this movie will help you understand the effects of media on day-to-day life.

American Meme:

American Meme is the Netflix documentary based on social media.

It analyzes the lives of DJ Khaled and Paris Hilton. It also talks about whether social following and re-posting bring happiness or not.


What if you get kidnapped and your only hope is a laptop and audience on social media?

What will you do?

Christina tells you what to do.

She wakes up in a room with a laptop and social media only.

It is a great experience to find out if the audience will help her or not.

Me and You and Everyone We Know:

Are you trying to find the meaning and connection in the virtual world?

If yes then "Me and You and Everyone We Know" is for you.

It is the story of the people who are walking around modern notes, social media, and online romance.


Have you ever thought about the negative side of social media?


Disconnect is the perfect movie to uncover the negative side of social media life.

No matter what you do, someone is watching you.


"Unfriended" teaches you why you must upload the content on social media responsibly.

It is a horror movie that shows the consequences of uploading your daily life on social media.

Someone uploads a video of Laura in which she is drunk and commit suicide.

On the death anniversary of Laura, the friends of Laura are chatting, but suddenly the social media account of Laura joins the chat.

After that, a group of friends is tortured to find the answer that who had posted the video.

Friend Request:

Friend Request is another horror movie based on social media.

You and I may never have thought much when unfriending someone and that what Laura did.

Marina commits suicide after being rejected by Laura, and her spirit comes back to take revenge and destroy Laura's life.

Final Words:

These are the movies based on social media that not only entertains you but also teaches you the essential lessons about social media networks and social media life.

To be on the safer side, always use social media wisely.

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