February 05, 2015

Coolest Android tricks You Have Probably Never Heard of

Android if the biggest platform in smartphone world. Android tablets and phones are booming in hands of customers in various shapes, sizes and prices. Now a days there are so many companies who are building android smartphone and providing lots of options.

The operating system in your Android gadget is easily customizable. Even you can customize almost every aspect of an Android gadget.
Coolest Android tricks You Have Probably Never Heard of : eAskme
Coolest Android tricks You Have Probably Never Heard of : eAskme

Today I will show you some nifty features that probably you have never heard of. Android is the product of Google and they designed this mobile operating system with countless useful features to make your life easier.

Coolest Android tricks You Probably Never Heard of

Send straight to voice mail to someone

Android allow you to set direct voice mail for someone. To do this open contact card of that person. Tap edit and go to Additional Info. Select "Send straight to voice mail".

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Tap & Go

The latest Android 5.0 offers a new feature which is Tap & Go. You will see this when you buy a new android phone while the setup process. It transfer your data from your old phone to your new phone.

Screen calls politely

You can choose from inbuilt quick response to send when you don`t want to answer the call of someone, and you can also edit and create your own quick response.

Flashlight function

You need not to use any third party Flashligh app anymore. Android 5.0 comes with a built-in flashlight. To access this go to home screen. Go to notifications menu. Go to quick settings menu. Now you can access data settings, Wi-Fi, screen casting flashlight and much more.

Prevent premature loading

Chrome is the default browser in all Android devices. It consume data even when you don`t use it. But you can easily disable it on 3G or 4G Internet .

Go to Settings menu, go to Bandwidth Management and uncheck "preload webpages".
So this is the list of few awesome Android tricks You Have Probably Never Heard of. Try them and have fun.

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