February 13, 2015

Now You Can Decide Who Manages Your Facebook Profile After You Die

Have you ever thought of, what will happen to your facebook profile when you will pass away? Chances are most of the people never had this thing in their mind till now. But now Facebook bring a new feature, Legacy Contact feature.
Now you can choose who will manage your Facebook profile after you die by choosing a legacy contact. Once Facebook has been notified that individual is died,then his or her account will be memorialized.
Now You Can Decide Who Manages Your Facebook Profile After You Die : eAskme
Now You Can Decide Who Manages Your Facebook Profile After You Die : eAskme
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Now you can decide a legacy contact which will be able make changes in your profile and write on your post. A legacy contact can also accept new friend requests.

It may allow your legacy contact to download profile information, photos and posts. Other settings will remain the same. That means legacy contact does not have full access to the account.

If you do not want to set a legacy contact for your facebook profile then you can choose option to be permanently delete you account if you die.

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How to select A Legacy Contact:

  • Login to your facebook account.
  • Go to settings
  • Choose Security Settings
  • Go to Legacy Contact at bottom of the page.
  • You can choose to send your legacy contact a message after selecting them.
  • You can choose either to give them permission to download your information or not.
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So this is just easy. It is not a mandatory to set up a legacy contact.

Its on you if you want to set legacy contact of your facebook account, usually people set their husband or wife, girlfirend or boyfriend as legacy contact.

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