February 26, 2015

Twitter Official WordPress Plugin, Not Updated in 5 years

Twitter Official WordPress Plugin, Not Updated in 5 years. This official WordPress Plugin combines various features which were available through third party apps till now such as ability to embed videos and ability to embed tweets directly to Twitter.

Twitter Now Has An Official WordPress Plugin, Lets See What It Does : eAskme
Twitter Now Has An Official WordPress Plugin, Lets See What It Does : eAskme
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Don`t think at any time that Wordpress didn`t had embed tweets feature till now. WordPress already had this feature but that was not from twitter.This new official twitter plugin for Wordpress allows you to embed and customize twitter videos and tweets to blend in with the your site design, Which is actually a very good news.

Benefits of Official WordPress Plugin:

Till now the embed tweets features of WordPress make you stuck when it come to change color. New Official WordPress Plugin allows you to customize font colors and backgrounds as you want. Now embedded Twitter cards also include link previews.

Official WordPress Plugin embed tweets faster than any other tool available online. Such as this tool already have the ability to embed tweets with video.
But currently if you want to use this new feature on WordPress, you probably have to wait for the next major update to WordPress CMS. Currently you can use it in theory, but soon it be live on WordPress.

Here are more features of Official WordPress Plugin:

Tweet Button: A sharing button include the URL of the post, share text, hashtags, site and author Twitter accounts.
Twitter Analytics: You can easily track the popularity of your content.
Follow Button: This help you to convert visitors into followers.
Twitter Advertising: Track actions Twitter ad effect on your site.

Click here to download official Twitter plugin for Wordpress.

I really impressed with this new launch and I believe it work better than other third party embed tools.

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