March 02, 2015

Google to Separate Google Plus Into Two Separate Services [update]

Google a company or a word which has changed lifestyle of millions of people around the world. Google is known as unpredictable and popular for inventing and launching new things. They always do something which noone has expected.

Update: Google plus is about to shut down. You should start using other Google Plus alternatives.
Google to Separate Google Plus Into Two Separate Services : eAskme
Google to Separate Google Plus Into Two Separate Services : eAskme
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Today Google want to do one more thing that is Google to Separate Google+ Into Two Separate Services.

Bradley Horowitz, a Google executive confirmed last night that some changes are coming to Google Plus, and he be in charge of two new branches of this social network.

So it is clear that The Photos and Streams products which are two components of Google Plus will be broken down into separate services.

Sundar Pichai, Google’s senior VP of products also explained the changes in more detail at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Pichai said that Google Plus is being split into Photos and Social sharing as these are the two main main components of this social network.

By breaking Google Plus into two components Google is going to focus its efforts on improving photos and social sharing. It is also clear that Hangouts will also be separated from Google Plus.

Although it is clear that Google Plus is going to be separated into two parts, Google still haven`t given any detail about when you can expect these changes. I also don`t know what will be the future of Google Plus as if they break Google Plus into two components.

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I am waiting for Google to say more about this and as I get any update, I will update you also.