August 11, 2021

Web Hosting Factors to Consider for SEO

By Sona Mathews

Can web hosting affects your SEO? Which web hosting is best for SEO?

When it comes to web hosting, the internet is filled with a lot of misinformation.

It is essential to ask: How web hosting affects SEO? What are the features that make hosting valuable?

Web hosting is itself a massive niche. It is also a most popular affiliate niche.

Web Hosting Factors to Consider for SEO: eAskme
Web Hosting Factors to Consider for SEO: eAskme

It means that people are getting paid for what they write or claim about the quality and effectiveness of a web hosting service and its SEO benefits.

Every time I search for web hosting answers, I found sites filled with affiliate links.

So, I decided to write a completely unbiased and link-free post about hosting to reveal the right side of the best web hosting for SEO.

Remember: Web Hosting plays a minimal role in SEO.

Web Hosting Factors That Can impact SEO

You should consider the following factors when choosing a web hosting service to improve SEO.


Page load time is the ranking factor. However, it is still questionable that how much impact it has as a ranking factor.

If you choose a small web hosting plan without the required bandwidth for your website, it will affect the speed—plan matters.

Big websites like major news publications do not want to host on shared hosting with limited bandwidth as such a plan will not support increasing traffic needs.

You may want to go for VPS hosting, Dedicated server or cloud hosting plan.

These hosting plans work better for optimizing your site with better speed for SEO.

Hosting Limitations:

Be aware of hosting limitations. There are hosting services that can even block your access to .htaccess files. That is kind of weird.

Also, there can be limitations on the number of redirects and domains you can use.

Such restrictions will not directly impact the SEO but can cause issues if you are trying to do something related to such features.

This is the reason why people choose reliable web hosting services.


Location matters when you think about legal and international responsibilities.

If you want to run business in Russia or China, you should host sites in these countries.


Uptime is an important feature of web hosting services.

Even if you are using a CDN service, still you should check the hosting uptime.

It will ensure that your site will not go down.


Always choose a web hosting service with maintenance support.

Your hosting may not affect the SEO directly, but it can affect many other user experience metrics like site speed.

If you can do these, then you will be on the right path to success.

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