April 27, 2015

How to Become an A-List Blogger: Brainstorming

I have already shared about how blogging is a passion. It take lot of hard work, proper strategy, planning ad implementation to become a professional blogger. 

Every blogger start his/her career as newbie blogger, learn thing and move step by step to be an A-list blogger. Today I am sharing what popular blogger thinks about to be become an A-list blogger.
How to Become an A-List Blogger : eAskme
How to Become an A-List Blogger : eAskme

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Becoming an A-List Blogger (Patricia Anthony)

A-List bloggers are an elite group of bloggers who update their blogs daily, generate a huge number of backlinks and traffic and have a big list of subscribers.

Becoming an elite blogger takes planning and commitment, and requires you to:
  1. update your blog weekly
  2. publish high value content
  3. consistently generate content marketing ideas that peak your readers' interests.
  4. develop a unique voice within your niche market
  5. Have a highly efficient system for creating content that your subscribers and prospective readers crave
  6. Optimize your content for search and social media
  7. Build and nurture your community of readers to ensure that they return regularly 
  8. Building a list of highly engagement email subscribers that return regularly, comment and share your content.
There is no magic formula for becoming an A-List blogger. I think it takes learning, publishing regularly and conducting content marketing experiments to see what works best with your own audience. The first step a newbie blogger can take towards becoming part of this elite group of professional bloggers is to become part of the community of some A List bloggers in their niche. It's a good idea to subscribe to rss feeds and newsletters of A list bloggers within their niche, read and comment regularly. If you maintain a critical eye as to what strategies select bloggers are applying which contribute to their success, and incorporate these into your own content marketing strategy, then gradually you will begin to climb the content marketing ladder of success.

The obvious benefit of becoming an A List blogger is that it increases your authority in your niche and supports branding and monetization due to high volumes of traffic and reader engagement

How to Become an A-List Blogger : Walk the walk (Philip Turner)

Be a do-er, not a talk-er. Be someone who does things, discover things for yourself instead of secon-hand in books and reading other blogs.

Become an expert who people look up to, who people reference and link to. Walk the walk.

Use your expertise to help others. In doing so the depth of your own knowledge increases. You get as much out of it as they do. The people you help will not be competitors because you BOTH gain from the help you give.

Become An A-List Blogger (Steve Counsell)

I suppose the definition of an A List blogger is for your blog and your personal brand to be very well known, followed and read by thousands of people from all over the world.

To get to that situation from a newbie blogger is a long slow process and takes consistency and regularity of writing. There's a need also to appeal to a need from very many people.

Your blogs need to be engaging and details. They need to lead people on a journey or a process that they can benefit from. The primary thought in your mind should be "am I providing real value tommy readers?" and if your answer to this is truly YES then you will over time head towards that "A List" status.

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These are really useful tips and advice for bloggers to turn from newbie to A-list blogger. I will keep updating more helpful suggestion on how to become an A-list blogger.

Three key tasks of a A-list blogger (David Leonhardt)

An A-list blogger is somebody who has invested time and effort into three key areas of blogging: creating truly original content, never-ending promotion, and strong networking or engagement.

The content goes without saying, yet many blogs are filled with the same reviews, tutorials and standard advice as so many others.  Nothing wrong with that, if that's what your readers want.  But that's not the route to being an A-list blogger. An A-list blogger is a thought leader.

But the work does not end when you hit "publish".  That's when the promotion begins.  You need to make sure you reach the widest audience, which is why posting on social media and urging others to post on social media is so critical.  That is also why it helps to use Viral Content Buzz and Triberr, and why you should have private tribes and mastermind groups.

In between posts, it also helps to keep on networking.  That means posting other insightful things on social media, commenting on other blogs and guest blogging on other highly-regarded blogs.

I do all these things, but I am not an A-list blogger.  Why?  I publish weekly.  That doesn't make me a full-time blogger.  You will never be an A-list anything without a full-time commitment.  But my goal is not to be an A-list blogger.  My goal is simply to create incredibly compelling content that will get shared and will boost my reputation and build a potential client base for my business.  It would be nice to bask in the fame, the glory and the bikini-clad groupies that A-list bloggers have, but I have other priorities in my life.  ;-)

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