Facebook Introduces New App Riff for Creating Videos with Friends

Here come a new product from facebook, Riff. Now what is this new app? Riff allows you to collaborate and create videos with Facebook friends.

Facebook Introduces New App for Creating Videos with Friends : eAskme
Facebook Introduces New App for Creating Videos with Friends : eAskme
It s easy to start creating a video, then add a hashtag and upload it. Your friends can view your videos and if they like they can send it to their friends.

This is a way to help people share their views and opinions via video using hashtags.

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The idea behind Riff is to create chain so the simple video ends up being a collaborative between group of friends:

Riff highlight popular videos from other users on Riff. If lot of your friends are not on Riff, still you can view content from other people. This could be helpful to get inspiration if  you don`t know how to start using Riff.

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Riff is available for both IOS and Android devices.

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