Google News Lab Launched : A Place for Reporters on the Web

Google recently announced the launch of a new site. It is intended to be home for reporters on the web. Google explained by saying that journalists have a future effect on media. This way dealing directly with journalists. Google said that they want to collaborate with entrepreneurs and journalists by helping to build the future of media.

Google News Lab Launched : A Place for Reporters on the Web : eAskme
Google News Lab Launched : A Place for Reporters on the Web : eAskme
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  • They want to give easy access tools to journalists
  • Allowing Google data for journalists
  • Also taking advantage of opportunities that is available in the media industry.

The tools that is being referred to was already part of announcements made last week. That includes WITNESS Media Lab and Youtube Newswire. Also a part of it is First Draft Coalition and Google Trends.

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All of these can be found at News Lab. With this in mind Google also partnered with Matter, The media accelerator and Hacks/Hackers, the global group of journalists and developers.

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News Lab is not just for the US alone but other countries like the UK, Germany and France is also a part of it. By working together journalists and technologists will be making the world a place that is much more informed.

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