June 25, 2015

Useful Twitter Tips for Bloggers

If you are a blogger. You will know that Twitter is a great source of traffic. So with that in mind I am sharing tips for benefiting with Twitter.
Useful Twitter Tips for Bloggers : eAskme
Useful Twitter Tips for Bloggers : eAskme
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Useful Twitter Tips for Bloggers

First impressions last. 
When visitors come on your Twitter account. You want it to look professional and clean. Use high quality pictures for profile and cover image. A great example of a clean Twitter page is CNN's twitter page. Their profile image is a simple image that is used as the avatar. It is high quality. The cover image is easily readable. So think of that with your cover image as well as avatar image that you use as profile image.

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Using the correct information. 
Be very straightforward. What do you do? Who are you? Your location? What do you provide for those who come on your Twitter page? Just a few things to consider when you make your Twitter account. Also you have to remember to provide a link to your Website/Blog that is easily available. Remember the reason you have the Twitter account is for creating traffic to your website.

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Reaching out to other Twitter users within your community and niche is the next thing to make sure of. Twitter can be the ultimate social media platform for having engaging conversations. Follow others that has the same niche as you. Spend time on their tweets and reply or retweet. If people do respond to your tweets, it s a great idea to reply to their tweets.

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Reaching out to those who influence.
Who would be considered influencer? They are the people who have a big number of followers. If you do tweet them. Or even respond to one of their tweets. They may give you a response or mention you in their tweets. Hence you get exposure and may get more followers for your Twitter account.

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Tweets count.
Remember that when you Tweet. You can either help your Twitter image or hurt it.  So think before tweeting. Best to stay away from tricky topics like politics or religion. Unless it is something you are covering. Don't be self centered either. Remember that your tweets should be about your followers. So make sure to offer them something that is useful to them and also valuable.

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Twitter as research tool.
With Twitter you are bombarded with information. It is always filled with new information and news. It is a great idea to take advantage of this. If you use Tweetdeck you can personalize columns to show certain hashtags or lists in Twitter that you have created with the idea of Tweeting a specific group of other Twitter users.

Asking questions
You can ask a question here and there. This can result in a great engagement. You may even receive personal responses. You can use it on your blog. Say you asked a question on Twitter the other day and what responses you had. Make sure to feature the people who did reply to you. Make sure to share the link to that tweet.

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Making use of Twitter parties.
So what is a Twitter party? It is a date set aside that there will be a big conversation with guests and followers. With the use of a unique hashtag. Example. You can say that in a week's time you will be discussing #....... Will be asking questions live. It is important to make use of the specific hashtag when having the conversation.

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Using scheduled tweets.
Remember that sharing to many tweets or even too little can affect the balance of your tweets. If using too many you will annoy your followers and the wont follow you. Hootsuite and Tweetdeck comes to the rescue here. As it will allow you to schedule tweets for you.

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Promoting your Twitter account on your blog/website
Remember to make sure that your Twitter account is promoted on your blog. But that isnt just for Twitter.Promote your social accounts on your blog. The links between your accounts and your blog is symbolic.

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Contest idea.
Consider a contest that can create or drive engagement on Twitter. Give a small prize to one of the participants. You may even get a sponsor that can do that for you.

With all these Useful Twitter Tips for Bloggers, you may find that your followers will grow and your traffic increase. Do you know of any more suggestions? Will love to know if this worked for you.

Happy tweeting everyone.