June 15, 2015

Google's Future Algorithm Updates

Please note. This article is based on future speculation or prediction and not a fact.

Ever heard the word "Mobilegeddon". Everyone is talking of about lately. Since Google changed its search algorithm. As Google is starting to penalize sites that doesn't provide a good experience for it's mobile users. But as of late there was another update that has gone unnoticed. Which is why many feel it's name is fitting. Phantom.
Google's Future Algorithm Updates : eAskme
Google's Future Algorithm Updates : eAskme
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For Google users it matters because it will affect search efforts in the future. Just so you can use it and plan accordingly.

Change forecast for Google algorithm:

Most important point to remember is that that for Google. Search is the highlight and pinnacle of its business strategies. For Google it's important that everything is healthy and protected too. For Google search is all about user experience. Last thing they want is to have unhappy search experience. Most important they don't want you, the user to change to an alternative search engine. So they will go on continuing to focus on ease and how relevant the search is.

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For sites this means that the quality of your content will continue to rule.
Thanks to creating it's artificial intelligence will continue judging quality articles. Beginning with Panda, Google made owners of websites and SEO experts focus on good quality articles.

But human factor wont be ignored either. As tweets are beginning to to start with search now. It is well known clear fact that social signals will start to affect rankings. But not yet clear if it will remain long term.

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Usability for mobile users will become very important
With Mobilegeddon's purpose it became clear that incentive sites should provide better user experience. It has been mentioned that Google will start to separate desktop experience from mobile experience. The last update affecting rankings for mobile searches. As Google is advancing it became clear that a separation would only be natural.

Another trend that has become important is the usability improvement for conversational searches. When introducing Hummingbird in 2013 an update was made to change how keywords works. It became more adaptable with how people use search. For Google, it has become important how to predict intention, optimizing search results and relevance to target specific keywords.

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How ever the changes will start gradually:
As you may have noticed the changes is slower and gradual. As within last month Phantom is starting to affect users.  But Mobilegeddon didn't affect as many people as expected.

This new trend will continue as Google is becoming more careful and strategic about how these changes will affect them.

It is still in experimental stage:
When you consider social signals and Twitter, You have to think this trend may be short lived. Also important to remember that the search team has proved they aren't afraid to scrap features that doesn't live up to their expectations. It happened with Google Authorship and may happened for their partnership with social signals and Twitter.

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Reasons for this:
Google knows it may harm their own products such as G+, but they know it means relying on other external parties for data. They know that social signals aren't very reliable and is notorious for falsifying data. So this new algorithm may become so developed that they wont have to rely on social signals. But Google can just as easy follow a different strategy and ensure that it's interests are protect by acquiring Twitter. Reports has already surfaced of a merger that is imminent. Google knows that it will be very good as it is a strong signal and that search algorithm  will rely heavily on social signals.

Preparing for this algorithm update
The safest prediction is that Google wont alter it's policy on being very secretive about all the changes of how Google works. But that doesn't mean that for the users wont be able to do anything to prepare for these changes and use it to the best of abilities.

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Stay focused on high quality content
As many websites know that producing content isn't enough. So if you find that you struggle with it. It is a good idea to talk to someone who can take over for you. The money spent will mean you gain new customers. You may also want to consider someone who has a good understanding of SEO. Even if you do produce engaging content on a regular basis. Remember there are many others doing the same thing. Using optimized searching might be the difference between success and failure.

Improve user experience and be engaging
Firstly Google is going after websites that has no mobile version. Remember that Google has all the useful information visitors and how they interact with your website. with the help of analytics.
so they will know if visitors found that the website was a good experience or not.

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Vital statistics is very important so keep an eye on that. Examples like load time, time on page, bounce rate and other vital points. Since Google will continue providing different experiences for desktop or mobile users it will be keeping track of all performance on all these points. But that doesn't mean you have to focus on all platforms. Focus on  the content that is relevant to the business goals of your website.

Planning for the future
With all that is said it isn't really hard to prepare for these updates of search algorithm. Just remember to focus on providing information that is relevant and the visitors must feel it was a good experience for them.

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If you are aware of these changes that is going on, how visitors browse and search. You will find it isn't hard to achieve your goals. As even the trend for mobile users having an improved experience has been focused on by Google for a few years already. So this change with Mobilegeddon wasn't surprising. Not many can predict what changes will be introduced by Google. So it is wise to remember to have a mentality of constant  planning for any future changes.