June 15, 2015

Why is WordPress the Best Platform for SEO?

No doubt that WordPress will be dominant with its core installations, theme developers, ease of use and it;s open source plug-ins.

Sure, WordPress has come a long way since it was released in 2003. It started as a simple tool for bloggers. But is now arguably the leading  content manager system that the world has.

As 23.8% of all websites in the world Is WordPress related. Websites such as CNN, NASA, Forbes, TechCrunch, Ebay, Best Bye, GM, The New York Times, IZOD and lifenadtimes.com, which beings to Jay Z. All these are powerful sites. Matt Cutts from Google even calls it is fantastic piece of software.

Why is WordPress the Best Platform for SEO?: eAskme
Why is WordPress the Best Platform for SEO?: eAskme

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If you do use WordPress you will know why it is a poerful platform. it's free, very easy to use and has loads of plugins if you want to customise your site for your requirements.It doesn't mean that content management systems like Drupal or Joomla isnt good alternatives. But WordPress is exceptional when it comes to SEO. Even if you used Wordpress before, or maybe you want to start using it for personal or business purposes. We will be giving a few reasons to use WordPress you want your website to be a success.
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Starting with the most important one. It is a free download. If you use 5 minute install method, All that is left is some tech savy to get your website running on a host provider. Starting with unzip, fill out the WP config file, remember you need to set up a database before starting and yes its also easy as click and point. Upload the files and you can start.

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Many web hosting providers even made it easier by offering a one click installation. That is it. Just sign ip for your preferred hosting, login, one touch click and you good to go. In your browser you can start this process. No php files needed or wanted.

Open Source for Customization.
Next thing to remember is that WordPress is an open source. This is why WordPress is a very powerful CMS. Any developer can create a plug-in or theme and share it with the community on WordPress.

If you are looking for a theme that is well designed with SEO standards that is current. There are plenty to choose from with WordPress. Literally thousands, free and paid versions.

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If your site needs to perform certain SEO functions. There too. Is thousands to choose from. Your WordPress site has almost endless capabilities. Just because it is an open source of the WordPress community. Because of this you are allowed to update your site easily so you are on top with Google's best practices. As to use an alternative propriety CMS that may take months or even years to update to WordPress standards.

SEO out of the basic box.
Many prefer WordPress because it is preffered over its rivals as it has the ability to handle on page SEO reasonably well. We could reason that SEO is just to complex, with hundreds of different factors. But when you consider everything WordPress installation will easily manage the basic coding without any knowledge whatsoever.

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The use of Permalinks
After finishing the installation the next thing you will do is start on the settings tab. Choose the drop down menu. You will find the permalinks section there. You will see that your permalinks is default settings that will display URL's with a few odd numbers and characters. Which means it saves where your post or page is stored.

Below that you will find different options. Go to post name. (Good for most installations) Thats it. All that you need to make sure that your URL is optimized. Now it has the ability to customize the words you start when you edit your page or blog.

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Title headings and tags.
Next we work on basic SEO needs, as it is found in the content editor. Starting with the title. It is usually coded in H1 or H2 tags but it just depends on the theme you chose for your site. Just below that you will see the URL structure. Again it is very editable without the need of handling a line or even a code.

Content optimization.
Then you will find the area where your actual content is.Visual Rich Text editor will allow you to be use bold or underline words. To use hyperlink or any other external or internal web pages. You can add additional tags for heading. Or upload images. But never forgetting that you can add content as a whole that will be easier to use for crawlers by search engines. All of this elements that is basic SEO is built in with WordPress.

Considering site speed
Alternative platforms can be detrimental to your SEO needs. site sped is one great example. Google has been making it very well known that the time your site takes to load is an important factor to your website.

Now with WordPress this isn't a problem. The most basic or standard themes loads efficiently and fast. But do remember you can affect site speed if you load tons of videos, heavy images or use too many scripts and more. But even for that there is plug-ins available for  like WP Super Cache or Autoptimise to help improve site speed.

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Optimized for Mobile.
If you read our previous article then you will know Google is considering mobile user experience.  So if your website isn't optimized for smart phones or tablets. You may lose placement that you would have if your website was isnt optimized for these products.

Many started freaking out with this announcement, except for WordPress users. Why is that so? Because all they needed to do was use the plug-in Jetpack. In just a few minutes they were ready to comply to Google's mobile standards.  With paid themes from the market place like Envato it was very easy as it was already bult in for years. Maybe it can be considered to be one of the best reasons why SEO from WordPress can be a dream come true.

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Themes and plug-ins versatility.
Many argue about their favorite CMS. They may say their CMS is easy to customize. But if you are a skilled developer that is great. But for the rest of us we need something easy to use and to develop with great ease.

As there is already thousands if WordPress developers. You find a variety of options to customize your WordPress site. As most plug-ins or themes is already a feature with WordPress

Any kind of Website themes that is optimized.
Now think of themes. Many may think that WordPess is just for bloggers. But that is far from the real truth.

With Wordpress you can create any kind of Website. You can find your preferred theme. Also you can transform your installations that will allow you to build on it. If an E-Commerce site is what you have in mind. It's so easy with WordPress. Forums? No trouble at all. Directory site? The list of options continues.

Consider the plug-ins.
WordPress isn't a sophisticated super ranking platform. That can only be used by those who know SEO so well.For the basic blog may be all you need. But as many may not b lucky enough to fight this good fight. We were fortunate enough to take advatage of the many different types of plug-ins available.

Free WordPress Theme VS Premium WordPress Theme

For example the Yoast plug-in which optimizes all the technical stuff like robots, xml sitemaps, canonicalization issues, all many won't understand. But there is other plug-ins too like Broken Link Checker, SEO tool widget, Redirection plug-ins and many more. The list is endless. If there is a plug-in that you need now or later. That is the advantage of the WordPress community.

Last thoughts to share.
For over a decade WordPress has been taking over the world of web development. With lots of developers, designers and also SEO professionals. Consider the theme developers, the open source community, the plug in developers. All these people ready to help those who arent experienced. So we know that WordPress will stay dominant with SEO and CMS.