June 12, 2017

Not to Do List of SEO

When it come to blogging people talk a lot about how to make it big, famous, How to get huge traffic, How to get millions of visitors, How to make money blogging, How to use adsense etc. We see millions of people already answering about same things. But what usually everyone forget is that before starting a blog or anything we also should know what not to do.

Not to Do List of SEO : eAskme
Not to Do List of SEO : eAskme

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Because many people don`t care to know what not to do in SEO, they make mistakes get failed in blogging and SEO. If you want to make things better for you its advised to have your own list of What you should not to do in SEO.

What is Not to Do List of SEO ?

After seeing issues bloggers specially newbies face in blogging I decided to write this article to make everyone know that stop doing those mistake that can hit your blogging career. For this we have created a list that we call a not do do list of SEO.

Not to Do List of SEO:

Depends if it is a site you care about or if you are trying to churn and burn. Assuming it is a site you care about...

1) Stay away from bad links.

2) Don't buy anything from Fiverr SEO-related. (see rule #1)

3) Don't buy anything from the Warrior Forum that is SEO-related, more specifically link-related. (see rule #1)

4) Stay away from anyone offering "network links". If they are selling them publicly, the chance of getting sniffed out by Google goes up exponentially. (see rule #1)

5) Stay away from article marketing, profile links, spammy blog comments. (see rule #1)

6) Don't SPAM

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7) Don't use duplicate content

8) Never buy Autosubmission SEO

9) don't exchange links

10) don't buy directory links

11) don't do exact match anchor text linking too often

12) don't advertise on sites with low reputation, spammy content or sites that have links to poor quality sites

13) don't buy links from sites that openly sell links

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This not to do list of SEO, tells what should not to do in SEO. Keep yourself and your blog safe and make blogging your fulltime career. Do share any suggestion you have in comments and if you want us to add something do suggest that also.