The Most Important Google Search Algorithm Updates

Search engines are getting more focused about quality of websites. Google is the major search engine, which is keep rolling out updates to its algorithm. These updates help Google to filer spam and bad sites . These updates also fight against spammy links and those sites lose their ranking and traffic.

The Most Important Google Search Algorithm Updates: eAskme

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Here we are showing a very valuable infographic which recaps the major updates released by Google. This inforgraphic also help you to make a good startegy to save your sites from these updates.

Here are the guides to help you to save your site from Panda and Penguin penalties.

Most Important Google Search Algorithm Updates: Infographic

The Most Important Google Search Algorithm Updates Of 2014
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Final Words:

It is sure that Google will keep rolling out new updates also to make search engine provide better results to its users. So you should focus on the best strategy to make your site shine in Google search results.

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