June 07, 2015

How to Find Guest Bloggers to Write Guest Posts on Your Blog

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How to Find Guest Bloggers to Write Guest Posts on Your Blog : eAskme
How to Find Guest Bloggers to Write Guest Posts on Your Blog : eAskme
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This question is asked by Vimal:

    Hi Gaurav, I am a newbie blogger and I want guest bloggers for my blogsite. Can you tell me how exactly I may get guest bloggers?

Guest blogging comes with it`s own advantages and disadvantages. Guest blogging has much more advantages than disadvantages. Usually many bloggers have started guest posts on blogs.

The biggest advantage for guest authors is the free traffic, subscribers and backlink you receive.  Today I will discuss various guest blogging points that work for everyone. To increase guest blogging opprtunity on your blog, your blog should be appealing.

Where to find guest bloggers for your blog

Find Guest Bloggers

Build a community:

Blogs with active community are the main attraction for guest bloggers. Nobody wants to write for a blog without active community. An active blogging community means people participating in your blog, active commentators and quality blog posts. Great bloggers blog for fame and reaction, which usually comes with comments and traffic. If you have a quality blog and good traffic, but your blog lacks a community, the guest posting idea on your blog can`t be appealing.  The very first thing you need to start guest posting on your blog is to create an active community.  You should start commenting on other blogs and this will attract readers of other blogs to comment on your blog and help you build an active community.

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Link love within the article’s body or at the end of the article

This is known as one of the biggest benefit for guest bloggers. It allow them to get follw up traffic and quality backlink. Most of the blogs enabled guest author bio box, which usually get unnoticed. Always add a link at the end of guest post like this:  “This is a guest post by (Gaurav) who blogs at (eAskme)". If you would like to write an article for eAskme, read our guest posting guidelines.” This passes link juice to guest poster and it make your readers aware of guest posting on your blog.

Landing page for guest posting guidelines:

Always have a dedicated landing page that blog allows guest posting. This page work as a landing page and ensure that it includes all the information guest posters need to start guest posting, and benefits of guest posting on your blog. Check out the eAskme guest blogger landing page.

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Interact with guest bloggers:

Interact with guest posters, review their post and if you reject  When you reject any guest  then send an email to guest poster telling the reason why you can not accept post and how he can make his guest post submission better. This will help you win hears and gain more followers who love to write for your blog.

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Also follow your guest bloggers on Facebook, Twitter or other social networking sites.

Love love and love

Give as much love as you can to your guest bloggers. That love could be in the form of brand awareness, exposure or traffic. Other than just adding a backlink also add Gravatar to help guest author to showcase brand.

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Accept only quality guest posts

The very serious issues that you can face is that you can receive tons of low quality guest posting requests. Those are the writers who are just seeking link love from your blog. This is you job to make guest blogging better on your blog. Reject low quality posts. Only accept high quality content.

Make it viral: add revenue sharing

You can also gain more exposure for your guest blogging  offer by running revenue sharing system. You can allow them to add their adsense codes to show ads. Always give such appealing offers to guest authors.

These are the tips to help you to attract quality guest bloggers. It will take some time to but result  will be great.

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Do you know of any additional tips to help bloggers attract quality guest authors to their blogs?  Feel free to use the comments section below to share your thoughts and ideas.

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