July 16, 2015

Finally Google's buy button has arrived

s mentioned in a previous article. Google was going to add buy functions to their list of functions and features. Feel free to read about it here
 Finally Google's buy button has arrived. The new feature to buy purchases on Google was released. Also it has enhancements that is noted.
Finally Google's buy button has arrived : eAskme
Finally Google's buy button has arrived : eAskme
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What does that mean for mobile shoppers? Now there is a buy option on Google. When you click on that option you will be able to complete the transaction. You will be taken to the product page of the retailer. Also you have the option to save your purchasing information on your Google account, should you wish that.

But please note it is still in experimental stage, so only a limited amount of retailers are part of that experiment.

For retailers that opt to sell their products via Google will only be charged for the clicks on their shopping ads and links to the product page. All other things are free.

Also now retailers will be able to invite their customers to join the mailing list while they are busy with a purchase in Google. All this while Google offers security through the transaction. So it is advised that retailers take note that communication with customers stays their responsibility.

1. When someone swipe on Google ad carousel now there will be details and information about the products. Things like availability and price. 

2. Something else that is newly designed is the products ratings and reviews that will be triggered when using words like "reviews" "best" "recommendations" and more.

3. Now ads will include links to products on retailers products.

LIA's will be shown first now. also when products are available, and local shopping queries.

So what do you think of this new "buy" feature that Google has released and made available? I think it can be good for customers and retailers. What is your opinion on that? Have you tried it yet? We would love to hear from our readers about your experiences