July 01, 2015

How to Optimize Business with WordPress

If you’re running a business, you know you need a website to connect better with the customers. A website, unlike your offline store is accessible 24/7, it gives your customers information about your products and services, they know where to reach you and it increases the growth of your overall business by helping you achieve sales and make profits.
How to Optimize Business with WordPress : eAskme
How to Optimize Business with WordPress : eAskme
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However, every year, around 14,000 websites are launched which is an amazing number which seems to constantly grow owing to the speed and depth of Internet penetration around the world. With millions of websites active around the globe, you need to make sure your website stands out and is yet simple and effective to use from the customer perspective.

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If you do not have money and time to spend on a website, or if you already run a website but it’s as good as dead, then WordPress is the answer to all your confusions as it’s a free and open source web publishing system that helps you build a website that is customized to suit your requirements. Around 17-20% websites around the world are powered by WordPress and this is because WordPress empowers it’s users with a can-do attitude that they can create something simple and effective which would have a powerful impact.

If you’re running a website for business purposes, make sure to keep these points in mind to let WordPress better optimize your business and make your website into a powerful tool customers cannot overlook:

Preview Live Themes
If you’re a successful business that keeps coming out with new schemes and offers, it’s often hard to convey this to customers on a daily basis via emails or telephones and SMS. This is where you need an interactive and active webpage to educate your customers about whatever changes you make to your business. With WordPress, you can preview the theme or changes you make, while your customers still view the current and existing page. This allows you to customize your message accordingly, make required changes and make it live when you’re sure of it. This is a great way to get the word out to your customers about great offers and promotions you run!

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Tweet Away
Another great feature you can use with WordPress is that you can easily integrate your communication on Twitter by embedding tweets on your website. If the CEO has an important announcement to make, if you want to highlight some great offers you’re running tweet away and copy and paste the URL in its own separate line and you’re done. Now your users can easily catch all your communication on your website without having to go to various social media channels to find out what’s cooking.

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Show it Off with YouTube
Tweets and words sometimes suffer a shortcoming that they cannot exactly express everything you want. This is where you can show off your creativity through Youtube Videos which can easily be embedded as well with zilch effort and your customers have a more engaging platform to hear from you and get to know more about you. Be it a latest commercial, an informative video or something entertaining; don’t hesitate to keep your customers well engaged with your business model and what you’re doing for them!

Use The Power of Blogs
With WordPress use the power of blogs to attract more customers through your website. Through blogs you get to add more content about the website and product, write engaging posts and develop a better rapport with customers. The better the content quality, the higher will be your quality score and better ranking on Google search. Hence this has a direct relationship with your SEO and content can do wonders for your business if it captures the attention of customers. Make use of this to the fullest as WordPress is very friendly with search engine.

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Mobile Websites
With more and more increasing number of Internet users, it is imperative your website is mobile compatible as well as most users would just whip out their smartphones to know about you. WordPress lets you customize your website for the mobile community as well including tablets so your customers don’t have to always use a PC. This will greatly increase your business reach and will also help it’s visibility with the Google geographic search which will show it to customers near you. This is a great option from WordPress that would go a long way in simplifying your business needs and customer expectations.

Hence having an active website is important for any business and if the website is rightly managed, you may not even need an offline store which would further help you save costs. Hence optimize your business to the best with WordPress tools to give your business the boost it needs!