August 31, 2015

Facebook Just Launched M Personal Assistant for Messenger

It was announced that Facebook will start to roll out a digital assistant service with messenger. It is named M. It is able to complete tasks and find requested information.

Facebook Just Launched M Personal Assistant for Messenger : eAskme
Facebook Just Launched M Personal Assistant for Messenger : eAskme
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It is called to mind that its like Apple's Siri and Microsoft Cortana. But with one difference. Cortana and Siri takes voice commands and M is created to communicate via text message.

In a given example M is asked to recommend an item. Then later on M is asked to purchase that item for the user. But with all that in mind. It is done as chatting to a friend.

M is empowered in a way that set it out as different from any other assistant that works digitally. As it has the ability to reserve hotel rooms, make purchases, booking flights, by recommending things and the list goes on.

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As it is powered by artificial intelligence, not even mentioning that its trained and supervised still. It can complete requests that requires thinking. It can make recommendations that is based on one person's specific requirement. Also it can help to navigate to customer service lines if its needed to complete a given task.

M will be seen shortly to a very limited number of people in the bay area. Says a company spokesperson. But they want to build it into an upscale service.

it is created with iOS and android in mind. It will be coming out in the next few months.

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What is your opinion of this new feature? You think it will be interesting. I personally am very curious as to see what M can do. You have a thought you want to share with us? Feel free to comment. We appreciate comments from our readers.