August 31, 2015

Google Search Can Influence Election Results : According to Researchers

Now Google search can affect the 2016 elections. That is according to researchers at the American Institute for Behavioral Research and Technology.

Google Search Can Influence Election Results : According to Researchers : eAskme
Google Search Can Influence Election Results : According to Researchers : eAskme
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The study they have done is called Search Engine Manipulation Effect or for short SEME. According to the recent study opinions those who are 20% or more who are undecided can shift.

If Google shows more positive results than negative results on search algorithm it can means an improved opinion of a candidate.

Having this influence means that presidential elections will be won by a small margin. Researches say it is a dangerous amount of power for only one company to have.

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As SEME is basically invisible there is no real regulations anywhere worldwide that could prevent Google from abusing such power. It is seen as a threat to the democratic governments we have.

Google's reply said. For Google is it the very cornerstone to having the relevant answers and has been that way from the start. Abusing the search results would mean undermining the trust people have in our results. And the trust in the company too.

So what Google is saying is this. Even though they have the power to abuse election results. It will not be used, as Google isn't willing to risk it's reputation.

But it is something to think about. If Google's search can influence such a big decision as to who is fit to run the country, just think what else can be affected by Google's search.

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So if you want to find out about your business, then Google search will give you a glimpse of whether your product is seen as positive or not. Something to think about

What do you think about Google having such power? Is there anything you will like to share. We appreciate hearing from our readers.

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