September 03, 2015

Now landscape and Portrait Mode are Here for Instagram

Instagram just recently introduced one of its best features. If you are an Instagram lover you might agree fully with these words too. Now with this new feature you can post in your preferred orientations, whether it be landscape, portrait or the traditional square photos. What does this mean for the users? You can now post your videos without cropping them. Selfies can now be posted in portrait mode.
Now landscape and Portrait Mode are Here for Instagram : eAskme
Now landscape and Portrait Mode are Here for Instagram : eAskme
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Almost one of five pictures or videos aren't posted on square format. Says Instagram. So with help from other third party apps. Could post without cropping images. Now Instagram users have the chance to accomplish what they desire without the need to crop it. Making third party apps unneeded.

Although the company does admit that They realize it wasn't easy to share content like that on Instagram. But now that is issue is resolved.

So how does it work?

Now you tap the brand new format icon, left bottom, adjusting orientation.
Now choose your filters.
When you shared the full version of your preferred media is now in portrait or landscape format.  But it will look much more natural that it would have looked with the use of a third party app.

Now all the filters can be used for all preferred media types. There is different filters for videos and others for photos. These changes is major for Instagram users.

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But with the use of wide screen video comes lots more opportunities/ Yes even when third party apps was used in previous times. It was still a tiresome process. Now it may just be another video uploaded with any hassles.

So for Instagram lovers it means that now with this new feature you can finally tick off landscape/portrait mode of your list for most wanted features. But note that profile image will stay square.

Are You A Serious Instagram Addict?

What do you think of this new feature? You think it is exciting? I think it just changed the way we share on Instagram to a much more pleasant experience. You have a thought you want to share? Feel free to comment, we appreciate comments from our readers.