February 06, 2018

What is The Difference Between SEO Keywords and Queries?

Are Keywords and Queries and Keywords same or not? If you are one of those who are confused between keywords and Queries? Then this guide will help you to easily understand the difference.

I have seen this many times that most of the bloggers still confused about what is the difference between keywords and queries and that is why they always mix-up queries with keywords. Let me make you clear about this that both are different in some ways.

This difference is really minor which makes most of bloggers get confused between these two things.

Today I am going to tell you the real difference between SEO Keywords and Queries.

What are the Queries in Search Engine Optimization?

To make things clear to you, let`s take an example. Suppose you are a user who want to search something on any search engine, Now to search something you have to enter few words in search engine and press enter or click on search so that search engine can give you best results according to your query.

Now let’s take another example. If you want to buy ‘Blue shirt’ online then what you will type something like that,

SEO Keywords vs Queries : eAskme
What is The Difference Between SEO Keywords and Queries?
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So this image says that Query is what user type in search engine to find something or anything. As a marketer or writer you can never predict the query of a user.

The only way to catch they query is to use keyword.

What is Keyword?

Now let`s see what is a keyword. The keyword is a specific thing which users are looking for. In the second example,  user was trying to search Blue Shirt.

That means your focus should be on Blue Shirt keyword. As a SEO or marketer your focus should be on what user trying to search online.

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Keyword is related with SEOs and marketers and Query is related with users. If you want to be a successful marketer then I suggest you to focus on both things.

Why both?

Because keyword always lies in user query and if you want to use it in your blog post or webpage then you have to find it first.

Now you know that:

    Marketers use keywords
    Users use Queries

Users never know what keywords are they just type what they are looking for. But it dosen`t mean that users are just dumb. You should know that users are very clever these days, they just don`t know about keywords.

Same issue is with marketers, they also don’t know what users are looking for. To find right keywords marketers or SEOs have to research all queries.

So here is the definition of both:

    Keyword: What marketers are targeting
    Query: What users actually type to look for anything in search bar

How to Convert Keyword into Queries for profit and traffic?

You want to know importance of keywords, I have already shared a guide about it. Keywords are the basic need of any SEO campaign and they will help you to get ranked. But keywords are not the reality. It represents what you want not what users are actually searching.

Now the question is What kind of traffic do you want? Do you want traffic from queries which users are searching?

Expert says that user queries are the source of traffic.

How to find Keywords from Queries?

If you look for any successful blogger then you will know that they always look for queries rather than just keywords. So, start looking for user queries.

You can also use Google Search Console to find queries which your site is getting.

Go to Webmaster account 
Go to ‘Search Traffic’ 
Here you will see list of Queries. This is the best way to find the best possible keywords of your site.

Google auto complete is also helpful when it comes to find queries. Google search bar always show some suggestions. Google auto-complete feature algorithm shows suggestions depending upon the popular search trends.

How it Works?

There are two ways to market products. Make you targeted Keywords useful according to related queries. Then research queries and find best possible keyword from it.

Let’s take an example to understand these better. If your main keyword is ‘Blogging’ then user queries may be like this.

    Blogging meaning
    Blogging ideas
    Bogging quotes
    Blogging books
    5 great Blogging tips

Now if you get queries from Google search console and you see that your site or blog is getting visitors based on query ‘how can I be successful’.

This query helps you to find out other relevant queries:

    how to be successful
    Tips to be successful
    how to be successful online tips

Final Words

Now you know that there is a difference between Keyword and ‘Query’ and both are very important. I hope now you can easily find out keyword from queries.

If you find this information helpful then feel free to share in comments.