October 05, 2015

9 Popular IFTTT Recipes To Automate Social Media Marketing

By Sonia
Are you struggling to stay on top of your social media replies and updates?

"YES", Don`t worry, you are not alone. Because of hundreds of social media networks available for marketers, it is really hard to keep track of all of them without any help.

9 Popular IFTTT Recipes To Automate Social Media Marketing : eAskme
9 Popular IFTTT Recipes To Automate Social Media Marketing : eAskme
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IFTTT (If This Then That) is a free and powerful automation tool which helps you save countless hours. IFTTT uses recipes feature to help you easily automate the process not just for social media, but for many more.

You may want to share articles across social networks or save posts and link for reading and you can even add reminders to Google Calendar,  IFTTT is there to help you. Rather than spending hours everyday on social networks or rather than hiring someone to do the job, it is better to use IFTTT for such process.

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Now let’s see how you are gonna automate your social media accounts on Facebook, twiiter, Google plus etc using IFTTT recipes.

9 Social Media IFTTT Recipes To Simplify your workflow

Save Links to Pocket

Do you want to save a tweet which you like on twitter? O yes, IFTTT offers you Save Links to Pocket recipe to save link from every tweet you favorite on Twitter to your Pocket account. You can even change the service where the link is saved.

Save Tweets to Google Spreadsheet

Yu will so so many variations of this recipe. All of them allos you to save your tweets into Google Spreadsheet. This helps you create searchable archive for tweets.

Favorite Tweet to Add to Buffer

This is one of the fastest and super easiest way to keep Buffer queue topped up always. You just need to favourite a tweet and it will be added

Update Google+ Page Using Facebook Posts (via Buffer)

Buffer allows you to easily share posts on social media accounts. You just need to link your buffer account with Google Plus page and you need to turn on the recipe to automatically add Facebook updates to Google Plus.

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Curate Content in Spreadsheets

If you want to curate content than IFTTT can help you managing your content in Google Spreadsheets. This allows you to save content to Google spreadsheet.

Share New Blog Post on Facebook or Twitter

As a blogger, you must be aware of 80.:20 rule. 20% time for writing and 80% time for promoting. IFTTT give you feature to automatically share content on popular social networks such as Google+, Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin etc.

Add Fiverr Orders to Google Calendar

If you are a freelancer who work on Fiverr then you will love this recipe. This allows you to add Fiverr orders to Google Calendar.

Tweet When You Get a Positive Fiverr Review

If you want to advertise the positive review to the world, then IFTTT is there to help you.

Post Instagrams to Pinterest

It takes time to Manually upload images to Pinterest but with IFTTT make it easiest for you. This recipe pushes Instagram photos to Pinterest account.

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Do share how you automate teh process of social media marketing. If you have any question, feel free to ask via comments.