October 06, 2015

How Meditation Can Help your Life and Learning?

It is familiar with every human on this earth that you may start feeling worse rather than satisfied with your day when the sun is about to go down.

All of the longing and craving of the whole day and so many hours you have spent looking at computer screens leave you drained by the end of the day.

There is no time to reflect on anything and no room for introspection.
How Meditation Can Help your Life and Learning?: eAskme
How Meditation Can Help your Life and Learning?: eAskme

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You may have faced many monkey chatter and self-criticizers throughout the day.

You may have taken so much in the whole day that you may feel hard to regain the same sane and mindfulness you had in the morning?

If you also wonder how successful people still stay sound and mindful even at midnight, the answer is "Meditation".

These are the days when the effects of meditation are scientifically proven, and it is widely recommended to keep your life happy and healthy.

Who doesn't know Baba Ramdev, but I am not pointing at him.

My point is that there is a huge trend where people are inclined towards meditation to make their lives mindful. Vedantism has been advocating meditation since 1500BCE.

Padmasree Warrior Oprah Winfrey, Jennifer Aniston, Lena Dunham, Steve Jobs, 50 Cent, Rupert Murdoch are a few famous names who have been advocating for years.

They practice meditation daily to keep their life mindful. This keeps them staying sane even when they handle nuances of the day.

Meditation: The silent retreat you need:

How Meditation Can Help your Life and Learning : eAskme
How Meditation Can Help your Life and Learning : eAskme

Meditation is an Art:

'Meditation is suitable for everyone; everyone must try it. You might have read this line so many times.

The benefits of meditation are well known, and they compel you to do meditation.

Silence is the food for the soul; after heating in the whole day's chaos, your soul needs to spend time alone to feel the inner side of yourself.

A silent retreat is a practice that takes your time and space.

Meditation asks you to focus on one thing and concentrate on your breath.

Meditation is all about calming your mind, body, and soul. Meditation is a simple yet powerful tool.

You are never taught things, such as feeling sorry for your past. Living in the present moment or worrying about your future. It is not easy when it comes to living in the present moment.

We all have cravings because of increasing anxiety levels and stress. We usually forget about our inner selves.

Meditation brings our mindfulness back to us. It helps us in regulating every emotion. Meditation helps people in being self-disciplined.

Scientifically-proved benefits of Meditation:

You should know what a thing you don`t do for yourself before raising your head about your expectations.

Meditation is never meant to mend your relationships and does not make you behave better.

Meditation comes with the approach of ‘Less is More’.

Now, let’s stick with the topic and see the scientifically proved benefits of meditation and how meditation will help you.

Get more focus:

Meditation improves mental focus.

Because we are running for multitasking and living in the digital world and multitasking, it is expected that we can lose focus in the present moment.

Sometimes you can`t even concentrate on the tasks you are in.

A lack of focus is the primary concern all over the world. Meditation is here for you.

The University of Washington report says that meditation was born to make people better and focus on a single task.

Become self-disciplined:

Self discipline meditation benefits:

It takes a lot of discipline when trying to do and get successful.

Recent studies prove that meditation also helps people to improve their self-discipline abilities.

It gives you self-control. Consistent meditation brings self-awareness, self-confidence, and self-acceptance into your life.

Meditation also makes you more aware and conscious of yourself.

Become more healthy:

Studies say that Meditation helps reduce the risks of heart attack stroke and helps people recover quickly from infections.

Brings peace of mind and clarity:

Psychological Science study says that meditation brings peace and clarity to people's lives around the world.

It brings self-awareness which helps people achieve peace of mind and brings clarity.

Sharpens the consciousness and mind.


The UCLA study report says that meditation has helped people preserve their brains better.

With improved focus and concentration skills, meditation helps people to improve memory recall and retention.

It makes you quieter:

Till now, you have seen some of the benefits of meditation. I recommend when you start meditation, always start small.
Remember "Less is More" when it comes to meditation.


Take a few mins out of your busy schedule and connect with your inner soul.
Within a couple of weeks, you will see the benefits of meditation.

Are you meditating already? What challenges do you face? What is the best way to meditate, according to you? If you have any suggestions or questions, please share via comments. Shout out your thoughts and comments below.

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